Sunday, September 19, 2010

day 3 at the expo

i can hear the thunder outside.....but let me just finish this first. i am free this sunday night, so i can delay going back to bidor a bit.

so now to the third day at the world expo. it was the day i paid to enter china pavilion! other pavilions visited were india, nepal, germany, america, brasil, bosnia & herzegovina, portugal, slovakia, czech, belarus, carribean community pavilion, canada, columbia, mexico, chile, venezuela and cuba. 19.

we had planned to go to germany pavilion first thing in the morning and that was where we headed as soon as we got into the expo area. most ppl had the same thoughts too unfortunately. so we joined the already long long queue at 9 a.m. and we only got into the pavilion at 10.30 a.m. 90 minutes in the queue. phew~ that was considered short you know for this pavilion.

so a photo with this german dude was not to be missed after standing in the heat for so long.
germany pavilion from outside. very big indeed. they called it balancity.
this is what many ppl queued to see. an lcd ball supposedly controlled by the visitors' voice volume.

inside german pavilion. there are 'factory' section where they showcased advanced german products.
czech republic pavilion
belarus pavilion
nepal pavilion showing a stupa.
the entrance of nepal pavilion showing kumari's window

canada pavilion. not as interesting as on paper.

usa pavilion. their short movies were quite interesting.

souvenir from portugal pavilion. i think they are the no 1 cork producer in the world.
portugal pavilion made up of cork panels.

brasil pavilion

columbia pavilion.

peru pavilion.

cuba pavilion. a very small one. just one room inside.

venezuela pavilion
inside n outside venezuela
chile pavilion
love the huge wooden ball they had inside. it felt vibrant too with a band playing at the foyer.

and now to china. a tout approached us and the first asking price as rmb200 a ticket. we finally bargained and got rmb350 for 3 tickets. not a bad deal. dad stayed with the tout while uncle pek and i went into the queue with our tickets to verify the authenticity of the reserved ticket. when we got through, i called dad and he paid the tout and came in.
this was the queue and the crowd but since china pavilion is so big, the lines moved very fast.

there was a short mini train ride inside and they brought us under bridges and forest.

of course you cannot have a pavilion not exhibiting sustainable energy. a lot had wind turbines while solar panels were not really a popular choice.
we stayed for almost an hour inside china pavilion. worth the money spent. going to word expo without going to china pavilion is like not going at all.

india pavilion. the top of the dome is covered with grass.
inside india pavilion.

i stopped taking photos of things inside the pavilions since most were quite dark.
so that's all for day 3.

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