Sunday, April 27, 2008

sushi go round

i nicked this from yeelin's page. siew told me about this game. it is addictive and i played for 1 hour. quite a tough game and you need to memorise all those ingredients for the sushi. aaahh...feel so tired now. there are many more games at

just go there when you are free...i warn you first. dun blame me if you cannot finish your work.

see me with flowers

let's talk about flowers. the thing that makes a girl girly or not. eeewwww....
this comes from someone who does not really like flowers. yeah, you heard me right.
i don't detest flowers but i just don't like them. don't give me flowers for any occasion... except when i walk down the aisle which is compulsory to have one. hahahha....not contradicting myself here am i?

an article in the paper yesterday made me wonder why people love receiving flowers? i mean, they are beautiful, and heck, they are expensive (!) but that is all. you plant these beautiful blossoms just to cut them off and let them die in your hands?

i found one personality quiz and what kind of flower would suit you...and the result came out this way:
You are an idealistic person who treasures personal relationships. Emotional and easily swept off your feet, you enjoy surprises and are always eager to explore new opportunities for love. If your needs and desires are met, you are loyal, devoted and faithful. Romantic personalities are often expressive and have a flair for charming others because of their optimistic attitude.

so the above is yours truly, and the flowers that are for me? - bouquets of roses ;(
oh of all flowers! roses!!! no way.

they are definitely not flowers i like. i go for more individual that can stand alone and yet look beautiful without mixture of other types. i love tulips and lilies...gimme white ones please. they are just so pure, serene and romantic attached to their green stalks. i just love looking at them. therefore going to holland to see the big fields of tulips is one of the trips i want to make soooo much.

i thought i would love the 'sunflower' since i was supposed to love anything with the word 'sun' in it. hahaha...but when i scrolled down the glossary of flowers, the sunflowers just din capture my heart. it is those white stalks instead. i a hypocrite or what? i am contradicting my own statements right? hahahahaha.

p/s: to take that flower personality test, go here. to see the names and pictures of flowers, go here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

of marriage and younger man

a few of us single colleagues got talking about marriage and having children over dinner yesterday. it was just 4 of us, three females and 1 male.
what transpired?

no one opposed to the idea of being a single parent. one said it was our right to choose what we wanted to do with our body. and i of course said, the experience of being a woman would not be complete without the experience of giving birth to a life. who cares what the community says.
but getting married just for the purpose of having a child? hmmm...that is a nono. if a marriage is meant to fall apart, it will. i am an utter romantic, i will only marry out of love. marriage is not a necessity. so what do i do when i am old? well, i dunno whether i will live to that old anyway.

oh, and woman should marry younger man younger. hahaha why? well, it is quite a known fact that woman lives longer than man right? so if a woman marries a younger man, then she does not have to suffer the consequences of living a long solitary life after the husband dies. makes sense? but i wonder what the man thinks of marrying an older woman? it is always the other way.

call me a fool, but i will wait for that right man to come along. how do i know? i trust my intuition. that heartbeat, that pulse will never go wrong. (keep my fingers crossed)

Friday, April 25, 2008

drive with me?

hey there,
anyone interested to go for that drive into the sunset with me?
you know like those in the movie?
go in that convertible, let the wind blow into your hair and you just drive along the coast and finally you reach a secluded place by the beach.

this is the journey which has been playing quite often on my mind and the yearning is still there.

2 friends are going to silhanouk to chill for the weekend...oh...bring my restless spirit with you. hope you guys will enjoy that guy-bonding trip. hahaha...

i will see the beach...soon...and i know i am going to be all moody, emo and melancholic when i see the beach and hear the waves. though it is nothing like white sandy beach and crystal clear torquise sea, it is still sand and salt water. teluk batik to be exact. from monday to wednesday.

dreamt about my ex-boss from england yesterday. he is here in malaysia at the moment but i haven't given him a call yet. i think that dream is a signal for me to make that call. will call him as soon as i get home. will i meet them? i am very busy with i feel guilty now for not calling and for not being able to meet them.

friday nite...what does one do in a small town?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

i wanna fly

how gloomy the weather is right now.
rain is dripping from the roof...drip drip drip...and the sun is hidden behind clouds.
the thoughts and mood are no less different.
melancholy, down, disappointed.
that masters application done 2 months ago is a goner. sorry, your name is not on the interview list. and the 2 friends whom i encouraged to apply and whom i informed to apply, well, their names are on the list. no hard feelings there. just my luck. everyone sent in the same application and my name is not there.
i will get over it, no worries, but the melancholy is here now 'coz i have just received the news when that friend checked online.
i wish to go somewhere far now. somewhere where i dun have to see work, somewhere i dun have to see colleagues. the mind is wandering now. dun pull that string and let me float to my heart's content.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

good bye gold coast

ok this is looong overdue. it is time to say goodbye to gold coast after this batch of photos.

it was the last day in gold coast and we just had it easy...well...if you call waking up at 4a.m. to catch the sunrise easy. crazy huh? another crazier gal sook hua woke up at 2a.m.! that was crazy. i only enjoyed my mcdonalds breakfast by the sea. hungry ah waking up so early.
and sunrise? what sunrise? lots of clouds only...but it was a good walk nonetheless. the water was really warm and before 7a.m. we could see people making their ways to the beach for their water activities and joggers as well.

this is surfer's paradise for you. i love this pic. see how all the buildings are reflected on the water.
and this is the other end of gold coast. this is towards the broadbeach side. totally different from the surfer's view.

sun was already up. no baywatch guards.
then we spent the rest of the day at a mall, pacific fair just for some last minute shopping. not mine but wei's.
so those planning to go to gold coast, do go ahead. remember to bring your sunnies, your sunblock and that tattoo of yours. hehehehe...wherever you turn your head, there is bound to be a tattoo in your face. i think that is how you identify them from gold coast.;D
taken from the plane.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

centre of attention again

my first time bringing the puppy for a walk. what a torture, he had to be pulled to walk to the playground opposite. soooo lazy. and there he attracted the attention of a group of kids. well, one of can see him patting him, is already a fan of beanie. those on the swings were screaming as beanie got closer. so funny.
the boy....just refusing to budge from the front of the house. in fact, he led be back to the house after just one round at the playground. then it was tug of war again to the playground. usually mom is the one doing the job. so i guess he is not used to me.
yeah, this is him again showing us faces early in the morning. the reason? we are not the one feeding him. when grandma went out, he just gave a glance. when i went out, also another 'i dun care' glance. but when mom got to the he jumped down from his resting place and started pacing up and down. he does know who feed him and that is all matters. dad also gets better welcome than me....b'coz he also feeds him from time to time. you glutton!!!

bye bye fridge

remember the antique refrigerator which has the deceiving look of a washing machine? well bye bye....after more than 30 years serving the family for three generations, it is time to go. i think it is still workable although it has stopped functioning for a while. i was just not bothered to have it repaired.

so rm30 exchanged hand and the fridge was gone from the corner.

then for rm210, we got a second-hand sanyo. well, the sanyo looks sturdy and reliable. i hope it will still service me for many years to come. rm210 is not bad lah.

ahh...the urge

oohh....i dun have anything but just the urge to go shopping. it is stronger than ever. i guess the stress from work just makes one wanna escape and what is the best for a gal? shopping of course!!!
ahh...the yearning to splurge...if only i have the financial means. i wanna splurge on a watch and a designer's bag. but what the heck do i need that bag for? i also dunno. i mean, how often do i use a tote or a shoulder bag? so that is like a waste of money. but the watch is different. i can wear it and its frequent use will make up for the price i pay for it right? but ...better be rational for the rainy day then only use the extra to shop. difficult.
dun think i have any overseas holidays plan next. at the moment...there is none. dunno where to go end of the year and no travel buddy. how sad. so can save lah.
and i have my eyes on ed hardy tee .. i read they have a store in bangsar but the pricing i am not sure. online stores no problem. can always get someone to buy in the states....but still haven't found the one that i really like. i check them out when i went to gold coast last time. it was ssoooo expensive there. a kiddie shirt sells for A$70 plus plus. the price online is better.

so when will the shopping trip be? wait for the coming shopping carnival i guess. so now just give empty talk first. when i go to kl next, that will be shopping trip. horror!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

shitty nite

this is going to be a whining post. so just ignore me. i just need to yap.

i am just so stressed. i haven't had any real proper rest for the past 2 weeks. rest for me means having nothing related to work to think about and i can think of happy stuff. things that can make me happy and things that can put a smile on my face.

i was sick as well...two days ago. had a cold and a fever. and i have just sneezed...twice in the past few i hope it won't come back to me. the weather has just been too unpredictable for the past few days. it is a cool night and i wish i can snuggle under the blanket.

but the pressure to complete what i have started is there. why am i the only one who is suffering? shit! f**K!!! i really wanna give up but i can't. not for my! i am not doing the work for me. but why are those involved just so complacent and not give a thought to all the sweats and tears we have put in?

i am so fed up. i am just counting the days till this work is done. i dunno if i still have the fire to keep going on looking at the attitude of the rest. i can't work alone. we also need encouragement to carry on. we need to see the enthusiasm in you...that is our only energy supply.

i will not forget this suffering, this torture. do i want to put myself in this sort of trouble again next year? no. don't tell me about your wins or your loses...i don't care. i have done my part.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

not too old to learn...

look look using the pc....surfing!!!

and who is his sifu?? me lah who else. he came up to me yesterday with a list of blogs and sites published in the newspaper asking me how to gain access to them. so there began his first computer lesson. from switching on the computer, surfing the net and then finally to switching off the pc. he is ok...

just now he went online...but...aaahh....he din know that i just switched off the monitor not the computer...he pressed the on button of the cpu, and dang...the whole thing just switched off lah. then he called me...from upstairs....that was when i knew he was using the pc. i hope he will get the hang of it and all the steps right when he explore the www on his own this week.
oh, what blogs and sites he wanted to see?? all political ones. DAP and MCA reps and news sites. information in the new age dude.

now to a non-related matter. would you pay rm9.90 to have a kfc chicken rice meal??? i know i won't. 9.90 wor!!! a normal plate of chicken rice only costs rm3. why would i wanna pay so much more?? going to kfc for its fried chicken is ok...but chicken rice?? hmmm....

beanie is running again

ok dun have to worry about beanie anymore. whatever prayers you have told ppl to make on his behalf have what jet puts on his messenger.

the spots on his body have dried up and he is back to his active self and barking when u dun give him food and when u tie him up. be rest assured...the video is the proof.

aunt called all the way from germany just to ask about the dog!!!! din even bother why i was still awake late at night. as soon as she heard someone picking up the was : how is the dog? did you bring it to see the vet? is he ok?? all in one breath ah!!!!

and beanie has a new friend. this boy from one of the houses up the street comes to play with him on and off. mom says beanie even runs along with him when he cycles. the boy will cycle fast and beanie will run fast. when the boy cycles slow, beanie will jog beside him. so cute. the boy is quite cute...and i din even ask his name. week when i see him will give him a name. the boy is still scared of touching beanie. well, he is still kind and cute to come and play with the puppy despite his fear rite?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

giant drop and tower of terror

tower of terror only sounds and looks scary...but it was actually very very mild. love this one...

wei's moment at the outback show

they instructed him to go and catch his own sheep for shearing. hahaha....and as you can see, he couldn't lah.

theme park 3- dreamworld

still in gold coast...yawn??!!!! hehehehe

the last theme park for this trip.
farther than the other 2 parks and we paid the published price for the entrance ticket A$66. coca-cola coupun din work here anymore.

they have a part for wildlife and barnyard animals as well. the colours of the pigs are just so beautiful. my first time seeing pigs in these colours. look more like puppies.
we ventured into this part because of sook hua lah. good for someone who visits australia for the first time. the typical australian animals can be found here.

oh, we also watched an outback show. sheep shearing lah, life in the outback. that kind of thing.
and wei was selected for sheep shearing task. hahaha...he had to put on that padded top and that outback hat. successfuly got all the wool from the sheep in one piece!
oh, my sis was also not left out. the first one to be chosen when the show began. task? knead dough to make bread for the outback trip.
dreamworld has big 6 thrill rides. of course we went on all...but i din take photos of all. go here to see them. the most terrifying are the giant drop (120m then...wooosh...back to the ground) and the claw. the rest...we have no problem already.
this is the claw
this is wipeout. you feel like you are tumbling in the washing machine and you can see coins on the ground too.

the giant drop! i had to be coaxed to go onto this. hahahaha....and i went twice after that.

dunno how this follow me back. ;D

Friday, April 04, 2008

beanie is unwell

beanie gave granny a scare this morning. usually he would got up from his sleep and started moving around her legs. but today, he did not even wake up from his sleep nor open his eyes. gasp! when granny when and stroked him, he only opened them slightly.
so when mom woke up, it was straight to the vet. luckily the vet was only a stone's throw away. dad put him on the motorbike basket, but he jumped out halfway there. another scare!
the vet said beanie is skinnier now. no longer the chubby puppy. how sad.
he gave him an injection and deworming medicine. those worms!!!!
i think we have him the wrong diet too. can give him meat, but he can only take bland ones. so no more eating leftover meat.
any suggestion? we give him rice and those dog biscuits.

sooooooo CHAM!!!!
scratch scratch and scratch only. there are red spots under his belly. some even got pus. i guess these are rashes. but after the injection, granny said they have subsided. his progress will be monitored closely.

send him get well soon messages??? :D

Thursday, April 03, 2008

souvenirs from abroad

some people have been really kind and generous to me recently.

the first was brought back by aunt from melbourne.

my dear atticus,
how thoughtful you are. but what am i going to answer you when you ask if i use your wallet? i hate to disappoint but i already have one wallet which i am going to use for a loong loooong time. how i wish you have given me a coin pouch instead. but i do love you more now and i can't wait to see you again this year. MUAH!!!

the next is from ming yang. remember the boy who won the grand prize in peace poster contest? well, he is back safe and sound and he gave a speech in front of about 600 lions club delegates from all over the world. brave boy. he also skipped school and went travelling in the states! oh how i envy him. boston, central park, niagara falls, etc. another thoughtful soul. bless your soul.
thank you for the beautiful statue of liberty, big apple key chain and the chocolates. still haven't finished yet. am planning to leave that bar of hershey last. haven't tried it before.

p/s: can anyone show atticus this? then he won't leave a comment saying that i am not writing anything about him....hahahaha

green tea bag

does anyone here drink green tea?? those from tea bags???

besides getting the healthy benefit of the green tea, there is something else you can do with the bag before throwing it.

maybe you know this already but there is no harm sharing.
i use the tea bag as scrub for the face. works ga and your face will feel cleaner and brighter after that.
just rub the tea bag on your face till the tea bag breaks and then the tea leaves come out. use the tea leaves then to scrub the face. then rinse it with water. the oil will be gone from the face and continue with your cleansing and moisturising ritual.

*not applicable to those who add sugar to their tea. ;)

more beanie

I am so so so busy ah. i am taking these few minutes just to destress from work. so many things i feel like writing but i just dun have the time to put them down.

the head feels so heavy with so many things to plan and think about. so all i want is a good rest every night and i wake up a fresh new me every morning.

anyway, enjoy beanie again. he loves it when his tummy is scratched...don't all dogs. funny looking at how their hind leg will jerk when we scratch their tummy. he is getting more daring...coming into the house. but that's because aunt brought him in in the first place. bad move. he used to stare at the door only, now he dares to step in.