Monday, December 31, 2007

happy new year

in a few hours' time, it is bye bye 2007 and welcome 2008.

so is it that time for resolutions again? i think i have enuf with resolutions this year (07) and i will only make 1 for 08. a greedy one that surpasses all resolutions. haha.

for 08, i want to be happy!

yes, that's it. that is all i ask for. why burden myself with too many requests.

for others, i hope all family members, friends, and everyone i know will be happy too.

have a blessed year ahead and live life.

bless him

atticus can be annoying at times when he does things just to get on your nerves (which is like most of the time) but i never thought he could be sooo sweet as well.
this is my first present from him! kitty mobile has got into his head as well. he bought this at kinokuniya on saturday without my knowledge. i was there with them as well but i got to the cafe above with aunt to order coffee first while atticus and his father were to get a book for atticus. when they got to the cafe, atticus put this small package in front of me.
isn't he sweet?? now everywhere and everytime he sees hello kitty, he will excitedly point them out to me. i am a lucky cousin eh??

07 in retrospect

07 is a good for me i think. let me recap this so i have something to look back many years later when my memory fails me.
  1. turning 30
  2. getting a permanent symbol on the back a.k.a. tattoo
  3. having a 'sammi year'. concerts and idol chasing.
  4. love my travel. hong kong, beijing, singapore and cambodia.
  5. getting to know jason
  6. the blog continues to survive
  7. body is still healthy
  8. best friend got married and many friends have babies
  9. a smooth 07 life is not that exciting eh when i can't reach 10 while recapping a whole year's events. or i just do not blow things out of proportion.

but i am glad that no bad stuff happen that makes me remember them till now. the only grudge i have is the fragile throat which gets sore and inflammed quite frequently. and the inflammation all leads to fever and sickness which i hate. i hope next year i will know how to deal with it.

look who i found on the paper today???
click here.
i am not that close to her and she does not remember me that well compared to my other 2 sisters. she always asked mom about them when they met in the market...but never me. hmmm...maybe i spent the least time in her tutorial class.
what she is doing now is so admirable. backpacking in thailand??!!! wowow...i dun even have the courage to do that. i am glad that she is enjoying life despite her illnesses. she is really courageous. i guess sometimes you just have to be wacky to do the unexpected. i salute you.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

tata holidays

it is tata to the one-month holidays in a few days time.
highlights of what i thought was going to be a mundane holidays?
  1. working with brainstore and earning some dough while having great fun at the same time.
  2. watching loads of movies, and tvb dramas. aaah...miu kiu wai. hehehehe
  3. watching sampras vs federer
  4. many trips to kl and me shopping during year-end-sale
  5. meeting siaw wee and sangeeta (ex-collegemates) after 6 years
  6. going jogging at the palm-oil estate
  7. ah seng
  8. clearing some spaces in the house
  9. resting my voice by doing as little talking as possible sitting at home

hmm...not so bad lah hor. time passes very fast anyway. am just glad that i am given the chance to enjoy life.

wanna flirt??

man, people actually do flirt online! and what more with facebook's application of flirtable people and people you are interested in, it is easier to flirt. just click on 'ok' and voila, you have begun your journey as a flirt.
i got a few 'interests' hahaha...and since it is a social network site...i am gonna click 'ok' on some just for the sake of fun. i can always igonore later rite?
what do ppl look for in their flirtable friends? all they have is photos you put on facebook and that's it. man, for all you know, those photos and details given might not be true at all!
does internet networking really work??

he is legend

found: relaxing in the tropical climate in slim river after his bout of zombie fightings.

now: fairer and more relaxed. the time spent in the dark has contributed to this fairer complexion. poor dog is smaller now due to all the strenous tasks. looks somewhat malnourished.
dress code has changed to surf shorts and slippers and bright yellow shirt. just right for the weather. the smile says it all. aaahh....zombie fighting days are over. and now let's relax in the sun and enjoy the greenery.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

walk with you

it pains me to see one of my favourite people suffering because of family problem. and still in his teens. the angst of being in adolescence and the fear and hope of what the future might bring or might be make it harder to face all the challenges coming your way.
tears actually fell freely and i wished i could offer some kind of help. hugs and all the courage needed to make life less painful. i will be ready to do that if only you ask.
u guys know i dun go emo easily but i guess i just care about him.
a teen's life should be as troublefree as possible i think. let them live happily and let them feel blessed. but of course, reality appears in a different form. those who survive will emerge a stronger person but what about those who drown?
i am ready to be the float that will help and guide you through the choppy waves.
i know you are strong and you have done well so far. hang on there ok?

p/s: it is ok if you guys reading this dun understand what i am trying to say. i think i am still affected by what i read earlier, so just take this as my babbling session then.

cam whore!

this is the ultimate cam whorring! and no one else does better than our very own atticus! taken during dinner and he was having the best time posing for the camera! thanks to my ever handy k800i. MUAH!

hepi hepi hepi

woo hoo hoo...they came back after christmas, but it was like they brought christmas with them. i got presents!!! i was already gleeming with joy with the box of cherries, but our sweet aunt ginny whom i know is not big on shopping, will always manage to get things for everyone everytime they come back to malaysia! she is so kind!!!

this shirt is from sass and bide! ok, you can't see the brand name on the shirt, but what the heck, it is sass and bide's! ernny also got one i think, yours is light blue. hahaa...sorry i got to choose the brighter colour first.

hmmm....someone in australia might have told aunt ginny about the craving i had for chocolate sauce served with french fries not long ago. she got me this bottle of haigh's chocolate sauce! can u imagine someone bringing you a bottle of chocolate sauce all the way from australia??? i am still thinking how i or what i should eat it with so i do not waste even a single drop. just looking at it makes me drool. is it an expensive bottle??

AHAHAHA...and my craze for sammi cheng popped out as soon as i noticed the best before date. it is sammi's birthday: 19 aug. mom was there and she said, 'you don't go crazy lah'. HAHAHA but i am sure the content will be empty by then. hmmm....maybe i can do something with the bottle. AHAHAHA

oh, and these bags of roti boys are from kl lah. atticus had it when they were in kl and they brought all these back for breakfast the next morning. by the time i woke up, there was only one left. phew!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

how'dy mate

selamat datang to malaysia again! uncle's family is back again after christmas in this annual tradition.

and i am a happy woman because of the big box of juicy sweet cherries they brought home! AHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!

gonna go into kiasu mode and eat as much as i can. before they are given away to so and so. sob sob!!!

and this is Atticus!! he just couldn't resist the temptation of red bean ice-cream potong at the airport as soon as he landed. you've got to admit, he has observant eyes. he could spot the nelson's kiosk when we passed by and his eyes zoomed into the ice-cream potong advertised. HAHAHA!! and so he bought 3, for himself, mom and dad. i din want any. his most expensive ice-cream potong so far. rm2 for one! next on his list are roti canai and rotiboy. way to go boy!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

treasures from the junk

the cleaning job is almost coming to an end. however, there are some problems now. not all things found are suitable for the rubbish bin.

take this metronome. it has been with me since secondary school years and i have stopped playing piano for donkey years. this metronome is in very good condition (made in germany mind you) but i dunno what to do with it. i wanna give it away, and i have asked a few who play the piano if they wanted it, but everyone that i asked already have one.

next is this cute troll. i have decided to keep this. i bought it for a friend when i was in high school but when i looked again at the colourful hair, i just fell in love with it. yeah, since it is a lottery troll, it gives me another reason to keep it huh.

last but not least, this big piece of junk. this might be the case of one man's junk is another's treasure. i dun need this 17" CRT monitor anymore after the new computer purchase. now, what am i going to do with it?? i have no idea how to dispose this (being environmentally conscious ;P) i wanna give it away, but who wants this?? the monitor is in good working condition but i dunno if it will still be if i continue keeping it in the box. any taker?? it is FREE!!! just tell me!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

in lurve!!!

OMG i am so infatuated!
i see him before i go to sleep. i think of seeing him as soon as i wake up.
AAAAA!!!! this is not going to last for long. it will end by new year i am sure.
man, he is andy lau's age but dang!
his cool charismatic appearance can make all women weak at the knees. grandma agrees, mom agrees, i agree, cousin en in her 20s also agrees. this is definitely the man every mother-in-law wanna see their daughter brings home. hahaha.
when he smiles, the wrinkles which formed around his eyes just add to the attraction. i can melt just thinking of it.
who is he?? he is here. just dun gimme nasty comments about him ok. he is the 'one' at the moment.

Monday, December 24, 2007

ho ho ho merry christmas

although i am not a christian, but let me just send my greetings to all since the festival is filled with peaceful and harmonious wishes for all.


oh, below is my christmas lunch. ppl have turkey with cranberry sauce but i have fried chicken breast with dunno what white sauce. hahaha. this was a good meal i had at chilli's bar at klcc today with jet. the other meal was big beef burger. his fries were good and so was my mashed potato. i am not really a fan of mashed potato (low-carb diet you see) but hey, this dollop you see on my plate was good! yummy! but too bad, both of us could not finish it. servings are really huge. wish everyone has nice meals too yeah!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2nd tag

i've been tagged. second time.but the rules are different this time. still i will try my best to adhere by the rules ;P

1) Link the person that tagged you & post rules
2) List 8 random facts about urself and tag 8 more people
3) Add a black & white photo of urself

here goes:

the person who tagged me.

random facts about me? die lah...
  1. i am already 30 but ppl think i look younger ;P
  2. i love shopping
  3. i am moody
  4. i can be deadpan and this leads ppl to think i am arrogant...or maybe i am
  5. i am not good at expressing myself. no gift of the gab here
  6. i love travelling. oh so much!
  7. i am a coward
  8. i am bossy

tag 8 more ppl?? can't think of so many. but i know yoonming is good at this game so here's to you dude. the rest...just go and do it lah if you are up to it.

black and white of me.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

high school musical 2: ok

gosh gosh gosh. i sat through the whole high school musical 2 and i actually found it not bad! dun hate me for that ok?

yeah, i can't believe this either. 9 out of 10 people had told me that this second installment sucked big time although they had loved the first one. so it took so long before i found the right 'mood' to press play. the movie was very colourful (it was summertime!), a lot more dances and songs and of course, still as cheesy as ever for the prepubescents out there.

after some thoughts, i found the reason for my acceptance of this movie (i sulked at the first one). it all boils down to my 'expectations' or pre-expectations of it. and i guess this applies to others things in life as well. the least we expect something to be good, we will be surprised when it all ends well because of the low success rate we put to it.

for all the HSM fans out there who loved the first one, of course they expected the second to be better. but too much singing and too little dialogue sort of put them off and another reason might be, some of the fans have actually grown up and they did not realise that whatever excited them last time did not do the trick this time. poor things.

so i guess starting from zero when judging is always the best. it is easier to add the stars along the way than to take them out one by one disappointed. is this how an optimist think? then i want to be one. no more prejudgement of anything. no more listening to what others say before seeing and hearing it myself. at least i know i won't be disappointed.

dong zhi/ guo tong/ winter solstice

today the position of the earth is believed to be the farthest from the sun and is also the shortest daytime on earth.

today is also the day the chinese celebrates winter solstice by making glutinous rice balls. as the name suggests, the rice balls are made by adding water to glutinous rice flour and then rolled on hands. some even have fillings in them (crushed peanuts, redbeans, black sesame, etc). but the ones we make at home are just the plain ones and this year, we made the least 'tong yuan'.

previously we made those very little ones and cooked them in ginger syrup soup. but this year, we only made the dry ones which we boil and later drain and eat with blended peanuts. frankly, not my favourite. siew (sis) is not around, hence there is no point making so much. she is the one who eats the soup ones. and this year she is in australia and brother wei is not even coming back for the weekend, it makes the whole festival lack so much significance.

by celebrating this day, it also signifies the end of the year and the new spring is just months away. it is time to say bye to another year and welcome to the new one. we will leave this for another day.

p/s: if those overseas do not have the ingredients to make them, just buy loh since you can already find them in supermarkets. and get that extra ginger to put in while boiling the soup.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

seek n throw

oh, i just so love to throw things out!!! call me the thrower if you want.

i have been getting rid of things here and there these few days. check a corner here or there, pull things out, sniff sniff, think use, throw! TONG!!!

and of course i get scolded if i am found out by the others 2 women in the house (mom and grandma). anything that i deem useless and not worth keeping, i chuck. but for them, dun throw first, we need to keep them for spares or when we know what to do with them in the near future.

AAAAHHH!!! that is why i have been throwing things secretly. (is there a term for this action?)
i can't stand clutters. they make me stuffy. i think the more space there is, the better it is. one can even think better.

and that is why i love those modern, contemporary interior designs. but i guess this will have to wait till i get my own abode.

salivating for next year

donut lovers! update!!!

i heard krispy kreme is coming to malaysia. let's keep our fingers crossed. can someone tell me how good it is??

Monday, December 17, 2007

so what do you think? is my daemon a rat? i thought i was going to get a bird or a bigger animal. i am really that timid huh? my daemon form is not fixed yet and you can help by answering the questionnaire about me. 12 days before it is fixed. - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
Myspace Cute Comments

droppings high

sniffing glue is akin to sniffing chicken droppings?? gross is that???
this is what i found out in the papers today.
youth will get the same 'high' from chicken droppings. so now i guess we will see more youngsters going to the market and investing their money in buying chicks to start their own coops at home. it is killing 2 birds with 1 stone eh. you get to feel high and u get to eat the meat later.

i think only the young ones are captivated by these stupid acts and they do start from young right? sniffing petrol...remember?? hehehe...i used to love the smell of petrol at the station. could this be an age factor? the hormonal changes in the body influencing their judgements and senses during adolescence?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

bring japan to malaysia

this is a market survey post. please give some input.

if there are ways to bring in stuff from japan, what would they be and what would u like to have from japan which are not available here in malaysia???

personally, as i am always looking at article of clothings, i want to have comme des garcons and bathing ape! hahaha...pricey.

some said they wanted electronic items brought in, but of course we need the manuals in english. bringing in some small robots which can be found on sale in malls in japan might find some buyers here.

comic fans will say bring in those anime figurines and music lovers said, bring in their cds.

having a sanrio store here will make many hello kitty and friends fans happy. i know some people go across the globe just to get that hello kitty golf bag. there are some really crazy fans out there!

oh, and this reminds me, i better write to cousin en about her melody phone straps.

christmas at pavilion

pavilion...aah....finally and thanks to siaw wee for that. she was my roommate when i first went to college and we met for the first time, more than 6 years after graduation! but thank god, both of us have not changed much. she is still the same and i was very happy to catch up with her at pavilion's food republic (food court). too bad another friend, sim could not make it. that woman! she has been in the peninsular for 6 months and she never bothered to contact me! she applied for transfer because she is doing her masters in UM. siaw wee came all the way here for her masters courses in the holidays with nottingham uni too. gosh, they are so driven. i wonder when i will get that knock in my head and do mine. if i am only willing to sacrifice my weekends.

anyway, christmas spirits were in the air and things were obvious from the malls decorations. luckily things are cheerier and more colourful in this part of town. pavilion is really happening and it is big! this is going to be the new shopping address in town...if only i had more money. there are many choices and brands although they are on the higher end. the parkson here is better than tangs, i think because it has more new brands or those previously unavailable in malaysia like sass and bide. but the pieces are still very little and they are the very plain ones. well, at least it is a beginning. and they have marc by marc jacobs in pavilion. the first store i think. yeah for that but nein for the price tags. a shirt which i saw online is US$68 but here in malaysia, it is RM399. almost double the price ah. WTC!

the food republic is very happening. yummy! and here you have the new craze in town. donuts. those familiar with big apple's will know what i mean. the queue was so long all the time ( i observed for 30 minutes while having my cuppa with siaw wee at gloria jeans). since i was there of course i also joined the queue later lah. man, i queued for 30 mins! however, i was slightly disappointed as it was not up to my expectation. big apple is better i think. but another reason could be i ate my jco only when i got home wherelse i had my big apples on the spot. anyone, any comments on jco??

clockwise from top left: al capone, glazzy, mango, blueberry, cheese, chocomocha

berjaya times square
pavilion's right wing
pavilion's left wing
main entrance.
the spectacular view that greets you once you enter the building. this is just awesome. i think its theme is christmas wonderland.
this tree is actually a christmas stage for carollers who came on at certain time. their singing was melodious. macam from a radio. click on the video below to listen. but the angle was not right lah because of my phone position when was recording. never mind, just listen.

Friday, December 14, 2007

bye bye brainstore

the GK3 conference officially closed yesterday and thus my freelancing job was over. much fun i had at this job and the money that comes with it is good too. definitely the highlight of this holiday!

moving some of the furniture needed from exhibition hall to plenary theatre on a different level.

the finale of the ideafactory was the idea selection process which was held in conjunction with the closing ceremony of this whole conference. so we had all the delegates and participants of the conference streaming into the plenary theatre. we ran out of seats and some even sat on the stairs. these ppl are the movers and shakers in their fields and some came here for awards. so imagine my fear when i was in charge of collecting ballot sheets from those sitting on the steps of the hall. i was like 'please dun let me trip on them or make a fool of myself.' i would be the laughing stock in that hall. i ran up and down 20 times (40 if you count up and down) to collect the sheets for the 20 ideas they were to rank. it was vigorous exercise and i was bathed in sweat by the end of it. the aircond vent was just not directed to us on the sides of the hall.
inside the plenary theatre. those boards had the sheets where participants tore out after every question. each question took less than 2 mins. so imagine the frenzy and rush!

everything turned out well by the end. phew! and the participants enjoyed the activitiy prepared by brainstore.

i stayed in the hall too for the closing ceremony speech...hmmm....grabbed the opportunity lah what else. it was interesting to note that many of those who came managed to gain new co-operations and met new people. almost all hands in the hall were raised when they were asked these questions. it is good to know that partnerships were established amongst the countries in global knowledge partnership. i hope whatever they have discussed and planned will benefit developing countries and bring changes to them as in the motto of the conference.

and we all brainstore freelancers were feted to a dinner at california pizza kitchen in klcc! woohooo!!! made everyone so happy. we ordered like about 20 pizzas and everyone ate to their hearts' content.

oh....we got our own caricatures. haha....we have illustrators working in the workshop as well, freelancer. he studies at the one academy and we pestered him for one.
me, according to ah seng, the more beautiful version! he needs a punch! old and square. but zhong really put on some weight.
wong playing his computer game in the brainstore shirt. this is so totally un-wong.
ah seng holding the mic doing his fav activity. he lost some pounds in this pic. hmmmm....the face and body should be rounder. haha.

my precious souvenir from the conference. one of the facilitators gave it to me and ah seng also got one because we helped out at the headquarter. a mug and commemorative stamps were in the paper bag as well.

the lamp was so nice that ah seng and wong fought over and hour for that. bargaining and negotiating. i was laughing till all tears came out looking at their antics. in the end, ah seng still refused to hand it over but wong got the mug and stamps from us.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

shopper is back!

the shopper in me has reemerged!! yeah!!!

and this is because of a stalled transnasional bus from tm to kl!!!

today i did not have shift in the morning (mine started at 12noon) but jet and wong had at 9a.m.
they went down by bus (7a.m.) but at 8a.m. i got a call from jet. the bus had broke down and they were just after bukit beruntung.
so being such a good sister, i sacrificed my sleep and rushed to their aid!
they were 10 mins late but it was ok. and what about me??? i had few hours to spare??

so there i was sitting at starbucks coffee in front of klcc park with today's paper and yesterday's. i finished the papers at about 11 when i decided to go and check out MNG's sale. it was their first day! yippee!!! was not expecting to get anything, but since i got a nice dress last time, so i thought i was going to get another one.

there were already scores of fans at the sale in isetan's mng. and i thought i was early.

tried on 2 dresses but nope...i was not meant to have them. but i got a pair of black mary jane shoes and 2 pants! i love the pants so much. they are those wide legged ones which suited me just fine. i din have to think twice about getting them. after all everything is at 50% discount!

so in less than 30 mins, i had done my shopping. the cash vouchers accounted for 1/3 of the bill and i left for work shortly with 2 extra bags. aaahhh....satisfied.

i was destined to go for this sale! i knew about it earlier but did not plan to drop by at all. now i am hooked. might check it out again if i am down because i want some shorts. it is not easy getting them for my hips. they just dunno how to lie!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

happy but tired freelancer

i created a record of sort for myself today or actually yesterday and today added.

on 10 dec, i started freelancing from 9a.m. and i only stopped at 4a.m on 11 dec. that is a record of some sort right?? dunno how to count? it is 19 hours straight!!

crazy right? but the money is good. (enuf to buy that thomas sabo ring...haha....dun worry, i am not doing that)

and then i only slept for 2 hours. then the time sheet today recorded 9 hours of work. curse that traffic jam! i could have clocked in another hour!!

however, i am not complaining at all about the job. it is fun.

let me list what i have done so far. i still have 2 more days to go before wrapping up.

10 dec
worked as a helper in the people's team from 9a.m. to 8p.m. reached impiana hotel and was delegated my task. it was easy. just cutting tags, cards, laminating and punching holes in the comfort of the hotel room. anyone can do that. and i was called the scissorshand (edward scissorshand?) for doing most of the cutting. three of us locals were in this team helping the brainstore team who flew in from switzerland.

view of the klcc from the hotel room.

brother jet also was roped in. actually he replaced cousin zhong for this task. his was more interesting. he got to go shopping for stuff needed! and they went all the way to carrefour wangsa maju, failed to find the things they wanted and then proceeded to midvalley. he did this with another local girl from tmn. tun. all expenses were paid i.e. taxi fare and food. they had sushi (jealousnya).

as for me, we went to little penang cafe for lunch.

then the next item was helping to build-up things for function in the exhibition hall 2 of kl convention centre from 8p.m. to 4a.m.

here, jet, zhong and ah seng were also involved.

however, i did not go at 8. i was in one of the brains (the brainstore team members) room at the hotel sorting out stuff and we called room service for dinner. but there was some miscommunication and dinner came only at 9.30p.m. so there we were sitting and cursing at the hotel's kitchen staff while others started loading things from lorries and stuff. we are really treated very well huh? hahha...they bill everything to the company anyway. only 2 of us freelancers had hotel dinner. lucky me.

i only crossed to the convention centre at 10 and starting working. we had furniture from ikea to assemble and lots of them!!! it was hard labour man...but not complaining. i think we are underpaid for the stuff we are doing if we convert to swiss currency.

we assembled, screwed, blowed inflatable floats, fixed, moved stuff, etc. everyone was sweating from head to toe. those who complained of hardwork left before midnight. those are really sissies who think that money is earned by sitting in front of the desk. can't even take a bit of hard labour. and there were also some irritating ones who raised their voices but did not lift a finger. i really felt like shouting 'shut up and move your ass!'. luckily, all chinese worked really hard and majority of us, freelancers that night was chinese.

we had potato chips, biscuits, water, beer and mcdonalds meal at one hour after twilight. this is another record! the earliest mcD's meal! why complain when they feed you and let your work out some sweat to replace the work-out you can't do because of bad weather? hahaha

those who stayed back till 4a.m. were given sincere gratitude and they even offered to pay their cab fare. since i drove, they paid for my parking which was just rm6. ah seng even got a job offered for today. actually his name was not listed for the build-up and first day of conference. their friend swapped with him for 10 dec and the head builder offered him another day today. that made him a very happy boy.

then it was sleep at taman tun. and i woke up feeling the limbs all numb. on my palms now was like another layer of course hard skin. there are abrasions on the palms and the thumb! sacrifice.

this morning was the first day of the conference and i worked as a minute-taker, transferring notes written on paper given by the participants of the workshop to computer. it was easy. and we got nice polo shirts! one day for each day of the conference. that means 3 new shirts by the end of it.

enuf of this. going to sleep now. my shift starts from 12noon to 7p.m. tomorrow. again, minute-taker. i wish i was a steward who ran around doing all those miniscule work of fixing, repairing and maintaining the hall. it was much more active but too bad, the pay was less. hahhaa. that is why i chose minute-taker. even one of the freelancers said she was surprised to see me sitting in front of the computer when she saw how active i was in the building-up. and..and...those just out of high-school girls sitting in front of me said i was 24! hahaha...not bad eh. made my day lah.

kl is a mess!

WTF is actually going on with KL's traffic????
i can't believe that i took more than almost 2 hours to reach kl convention centre from taman tun dr ismail this morning!!!!
there was no accident except for a minor police check opposite eastin hotel in front of the petrol station. and all the way to the city, the cars were all inching their ways through. did many people get late for work today???
i was cursing and screaming and banging the steering wheel the whole journey!!!
there i was, having only 2 hours of sleep, and 1 hour late for my freelancing job at klcc. what kind of impression was that??
and previously i was talking about malaysian time. the curse just got back to me.

Sunday, December 09, 2007 watch ah!!!??

are malaysians really that infamous for their tardiness???

oh before i continue and to make some sense...just wanna say that i got that freelancer job with brainstore who will be operating the ideafactory during the 3rd global knowledge conference from 11 to 13 dec. yeah!! extra income! from the programmes planned, this is kinda HUGE with an impressive speakers list. and the PM will be there officiating. but my job has nothing to do with the forums and stuff. so maybe i will get a glimpse of some very impressive guests and still dunno who they are.

back to tardiness. we, freelancers were told by the brainstore staff to attend a briefing on saturday at 4p.m. we (bro and friends and cousin zhong) as job seekers were of course punctual as we did not want to jeopardize our chances of securing the jobs. but 3 people were 30 minutes late and they did not show any remorse or whatsoever. when the production manager told samuel who was giving us briefing to remind about punctuality, samuel gave a very wide cheshire cat grin and said ,'oh, we are in malaysia now.' WTC!!! that felt like a slap on the face man! that was so embarassing. now even the swiss will bring this back with them. or maybe they can use this to sell their watches.

but the 5 of us will not fall into this mentality!!! we vowed that and we know punctuality is important although we do not have swiss made watches to show us the time!

lost that loving feeling...

i have lost that keen interest to shop! i can't believe i am reaching this point in life.

there i was, spreading my footprints on all storeys of suria shopping centre (isetan and parkson included) and nothing caught my attention. i was there for a big part of the day on saturday.

man, the crowd was a headache. maybe that was one of the reasons. most of them trickled over from the pc fair at kl convention centre.

even though i was equipped with rm110 cash vouchers from isetan, i still could not figure out how i was going to spend them. i looked at shoes- one pair that i wanted from nike had no more sizes, the rest of the nice shoes all came in the form of strappy sandals. a no-no for my feet.

then to clothes- sorry not interested. the only thing that got me slightly moved was accessory. saw a bracelet at perlini and a thomas sabo's skull ring. the ring was too expensive and the size was too big. the bracelet was hard to put on myself. so i left the mall with the vouchers and hoping that there would be something next time. or if all else fail the next time, i could just go to the sundry storey and spend on some stuff , ya?

can you believe that it is happening to me?? maybe it is a good thing. when i saw a nice tee, i reminded myself of the new t-shirt i still have in the wardrobe, not to mention a new skirt and a new dress too. i know what i want...a pair of trousers in blue. but there was none.

ok to another less depressing story. this is the x-mas tree in the centre of suria. it ain't the old one this year. it used to be one with a lot of purple balls. this year they even did the artificial snow cap thingy but it looked really fake. i think this is the least impressive mall decorations. u can find better ones at midvalley and the curve. saw them on papers.

the guys posing outside in front of the fountain. look at the crowd at the background. many of them were just local youths loitering on that cool and breezy evening. it was quite comfortable hanging around and we found ourselves on the ground for about 10 mins too.

and ooh ooh...just have to add this. guess who i met accidentally?? mr yee and a lady friend. i saw them first. they were almost reaching the escalator when mr yee noticed me. and the lady friend went down the escalator alone while mr yee held his step and chatted for bout 2 mins. mana boleh lah. at least both stayed there and introduce lah. long wavy hair...that's all i notice.