Saturday, April 28, 2007

my lovely hyun bin

i finally found the time and the urge to start watching the not-so-recent-anymore korean hit series 'my lovely samsoon'.

now i know why sisters, cousin and basically korean drama lovers like it so much.

yeah, it relies on the formulaic plot i.e. girl meets boy/ boy meets girl, both find faults with each other, under some circumstances have to work together, start falling for each other, then come the third party(s), some unexpected events let the cat out of the bag and finally a happy ending.

what the heck, add a a little bit of humour and it works!! plus, in samsoon, you have the unladylike and brash demeanour. oh, not forgetting the cute hyun bin. can't help falling in love with his character.

ok..have to go back to watching. only at episode 5. still a long way to go...but who wants it to end??!!

new mileage

Fate just keeps on intervening with my exercise plan.
it rained yesterday morning after i have laced my running shoes and started for only 5 minutes!
what is this!!! it did not rain on any other mornings before this, and suddenly the sky opened for the rain to fall on the chosen day! haih....
and yesterday, it rain in the evening too...twice a day! the sky is crazy. even while i am typing now, thunder is heard here comes the rain again.
yeah, on the right is my pair of new running shoes. the first time i am wearing mizuno. it does not feel as snug as my previous nike nor as soft on the sole...but will not give up on the mizuno first. after all i have only worn it for a day. hope it will be more comfortable after a few runs.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


lethargy is setting in due to lack of exercise. can't really seem to get a good rest. what happen to sleeping soundly?
let me count...i have not exercised for about 2 running, no real sweating. plus, it has been raining without fail every evening. so how to put on that pair of running shoes and go sweat it out?
keep my fingers cross that it won't rain tomorrow morning. yeah! it is a public holiday. seven a.m. has been earmarked for jogging. been a while since i run in the morning. next week has few more days for this purpose. more public holidays. yeah!
so what are you guys doing on these days??

am i in deep shit?

What is the purpose of a survey form?
are you supposed to write your name down and be identified?
well, i filled one and was singled out for the comments i made. what is wrong with giving constructive criticism? according to the surveyor, i might be in hot soup for giving my opinions and not heaps of praises for the programme.
well, too late, that is what i think and the form has been submitted. changing whatever i have written would mean changing my stand.
the others i am sure feel the same but no one dares to voice out. someone voiced out support for whatever i wrote earlier when the surveyor mentioned my comments. is it a bane or boon to be out-spoken? or am i digging my own grave?
i just feel a streak of rebelliousness running in me. can pms do that to you?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

are you inspired?

Where or when does inspiration come to you?
lately mine comes at night when the silent creeps in and the whole world seems to be quiet except for my wandering mind. be it in the bedroom or the toilet, things and ideas will crop up. but to what extend the idea will work is another matter and of course you have to find that someone who is willing to listen to you first.
being away from work has created an emptiness in me where i have the time to think or not to think. ;P no worries about work the next day aaahhh...
this will come to and end soon...

p/s: do you bloggers find that since having a blog, u do more thinking like things u wanna publish and feel detached when u do not log in for quite a while?


question for mechanics out there.
i just need someone to answer my curiousity.
question: is it advisable to mix petrol from different
petrol stations or should this be avoided?? why??

thank you in advance to whoever is helpful enough to answer me.

Start building that foundation...

a good foundation in whatever you do is the essence of my opinion.

i am feeling so bored here in this course. everyone is busy typing away on their notebooks while i am reading the morning paper page by page. yawn! well, i have finished all my work! and i am even ready for my presentation. the rest says i will be the only one doing the presentation. muahaha....better get it over and done.

the mind had been working non-stop thinking of presentation and typing everything down while the trainer was giving his talk in front. eh, i also did listen to whatever the trainer said and did the tasks given. i guess i just have the ability to multi-task.

the assignments given is quite a breeze because i went through the same drill last time in college. we really had lecturers who scrutinized our work till the last full-stop and were demanding in our work quality. thanks to all these training and lecturers, i have never been left behind in any class i attended thereafter.

looking at some colleagues, i really feel sorry for the customers under their care. some of these colleagues know peanuts about what they are doing and just give lackadaisical treatment to their customers. sigh. these are the products of one year of training only in the field whereas we received 6 years of specific training. (do i sound like blowing my own trumpet now?)
well, just trying to vent my frustration at the weaknesses in the current system.
i also do know that, there are others better than you out one has to be open to new ideas and be ready to accept criticism and suggestions. i will keep that in mind and not turn to my stubborn as a mule side ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2007


what is sport??

isn't it an event where an athlete has the opportunity to test and showcase his ability in the particular event?

but why is there so much back-stabbing happening outside the field as well? it is really disheartening to see adults doing all these and influencing the young ones with their malicious accusations. rumours being spread around and lies created to harm the reputation of the certain party. sports really do turn out the devil in you. well, at least one knows who the devils are now because of competition.

i found a quotation from the star today (22/04/07) by Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie, former world record holder for long distance.
Sport is just to show your ability, your effort, but outside of sport, why

how true. hope the devils will come to their senses and the innocent ones will be cleared of any unfair treatment. i want fair game!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mi is back!

OMG!!! She is back in malaysia again this year in June....there goes my money. please be considerate when i complain of bankruptcy. booo hoooo hoooo.....there goes my money. dun ask me what i like about her, it is one of the idiosyncrasies in life which cannot be explained. i guess it is just one thing one has taken up and refused to let go. add a dose of fanatism in me.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

with or without a boyfriend

a star reader (nazreen, mersing) today posted this by helen fielding (of bridget jones' diary fame) and i can't help from borrowing from her to put up here.
i will not sulk about having no boyfriend, but develp inner poise and authority and sense of self as a woman of substance, complete without boyfriend, as the best way to obtain a boyfriend.

i shared this with a male friend who was wallowing in self-pity about not having the right girlfriend as well and i guess this works for both genders.
this reminds me of a conversation i had with a family friend last week.
as soon as i said 'no', i still did not have any boyfriend, her response was telling me not to put my 'sight' too high. in other words, do not be so choosy.
sigh....does one just accept what comes along just because one is still single at this age??!!! sorry lo but i cannot force myself to do it. the more pressure is given, the more defiant i will get and go against what is expected of me. yeah, such a stubborn idiot you will call me. can't help it, this is me.

aussie boy doing fast and furious

rk house

my trusted car stereo

driving around is something unavoidable nowadays. it is always relaxing to drive on the highway except when there is a massive jam.

it is a time for me to unwind with the help of the car stereo and the local radio stations. i am just not a cd spinner since the tracks all will be so predictable. listening to the radio gives you more selections and fun, not knowing which track will come next. however, still no range driving lah. the risk of falling asleep is high. those couple of hours driving are fine.
happy driving to all ;)
photo 1: what a colourful mixture of colours. guess what is boiling in the pot.

photo 2: a new addition to the garden. dunno how it gets there but yup, it is a banana plant. wonder when it will bear fruits.

photo 3: snapped using kwei's k800i. nice huh??

been idle for quite a while...but actually nothing is happening much in life anyway except work work and more work.
just to make sure i have something posted every week, i am getting those photos out from my trusted handphone out now via this newer notebook with newer software versions so they are able to read my mobile phone software. the home pc is just waiting to be retired. wait till i find one way to get a cheap pc. that tm offer is so unreliable lah since there are so many hidden terms and conditions and the closed tm point shop is not helping either. so forget about it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

what a prick

am in the midst of a computer course now because i got the new notebook. teaching you how to use the notebook...programmes like adobe, powerpoint, maintenance of notebook, troubleshooting, etc.
and the thorn or the prick of this whole 2-day course is...the boss is here!!
of course i am not sitting with him. we sat at the back of the room and he was at the front.
but today (2nd day) he turns up not bringing his notebook at all! he told the instructor that it was difficult for him to catch up on the information given and he had trouble using the notebook and the softwares. what rubbish! if you have problem, shouldn't you have brought the notebook along so you can do trials and errors and get immediate correction and guidance on the spot??
i bet the boss is scared about the powerpoint presentation we had to present in front later. and he simply cooked up an excuse for not bringing the notebook thus not having to do the presentation later. that old fart!!! being here and not learning, leaving office and abandoning his work!! ooh...the sight of him sitting in front of me now (he has to share with someone today) makes me wanna puke!!! nope, i did not have any friendly banters with him...eeewwww.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

i love betty

new watchable addictions:
1- ugly betty
2- grey's anatomy
luckily they have repeats of ugly betty on saturday. i miss the actual screening time on tuesday nite. hehe...something to look forward to every saturday noon. i guess betty's job is another that a million others wish they have (ala the devil wears prada). she sticks out like a sore thumb in the fashionable albeit cut-throat office environment. it is fun to see how she goes through each episode and the sights of those beautiful clothes is eye candy indeed.
grey's anatomy meanwhile is just as entertaining for its drama and human conflict issues. each episode leaves you hanging in your seat for the next one. and this is shown on sunday at 1.30pm.
it has been a while since i follow any series. i still remember my addiction with ally mcbeal. that was like ages ago. liked sex and the city too. all the series i like seems to be headed by a cast of women...mostly neurotic. haha.