Saturday, May 31, 2008

all about books

have i got enuf books to last me a year???

let me see....the trip to the bookfest at kl convention centre yesterday made me rm300 poorer. well, that is quite a reasonable amount since i got 9 books and and 3 photo albums...and i finished reading one book there. hahaha..will get to this.

there are quite many books...english fiction for me to choose from, hence it is easy for me to find them and grab them at the same time. i din bother going into the chinese halls but i heard there are quite many books as well. after all this is the biggest book fair in south east asia.

i finished reading the bridges of madison county by robert james waller there while waiting for my 'entourage' to finish browsing their chinese books. it was by accident that i found the book but it was purely intentional when i decided to pick up the book and finish it there and then. one of the greatest love stories ever and the story still lingers with me. my only regret is i have to browse through the words on the pages quite fast and not have the time to let every word, every phrase and every quote sink in. this is one book i would like to read again in the comfort of my own room without any disturbance. the powerful love felt by the 2 characters really moved me and if i were not in a big exhibition hall, tears would have flowed for their story. actually tears welled in the eyes but din make it out of the eyes at the hall. this is one love story everyone should pick up and it is easy reading as well because it is less than 150 pages.

the nine books i got:

  1. lord of the flies- william golding
  2. me and mr darcy- alexander potter
  3. the no. 1 ladies detective agency- alexander mccall smith
  4. the old man and the sea- ernest hemingway
  5. on chesil beach- ian mcewan
  6. the remains of the day- kazuo ishiguro
  7. middlesex- eugenides
  8. the glass palace- amitav ghosh
  9. vernon god little- dbc pierre

the boxes of photo albums i got as well. love the covers of the albums. and i do develop my digital yes i need them. but i just have a storing problem at home. well, they make good gifts as well...if i can't finish using them.

off to suria klcc after that. as busy as ever after office hours.

i was supposed to help cousin from germany get the watch on the left, but she replied me too late. she wanted a watch that can tell two times. haha...i picture messaged her when she was still in bed at germany time. by the time she got back to me, i had left parkson pavilion and was in parkson klcc. yes, went to times square to develop photos and checked out jeans at pavilion first. parkson klcc did not carry the model on the left. i have to go back to parkson pavilion to get it for her. in germany you will have to pay 90Euro (rm400 plus) for that, here in malaysia, rm368 and 10% discount.

will be off ofr the cancer relay thing in a few hours. hope it is not a disappointment. my legs were aching from one whole day of walking yesterday, luckily we have osim usqueeze. haha...that massage yesterday helps. so i can walk exercise this holidays.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

relay for life 2008

i have committed myself to a relay walk/run this weekend. it is all in the name of cancer. i did not know anything at all about this event when i got that sms from chailih asking if i was interested to join. my immediate answer was 'yes' because i have a lot of time to spare. then jet saw me surfing and he said he wanted to go too. and jet went and asked wei, wei said, count him in. so now 3 of us are going on saturday.

i questioned the rational of doing it as an over night event because if you want to promoted healthy living, a sleepless night is definitely a no-no on the list right? but when i read that 'cancer never sleeps, and that cancer patients suffer more than 16 hours of sleeplessness' it changed my perception. how selfish i was in thinking of losing my one-night sleep.

hmmh...i like to visualise things to help me prepare better, but i can't for this one. so it is going to be something new.

just keep my fingers crossed that there will be no rain and the vendors there will sell food and drinks at reasonable prices. i better prepare some myself.

so anyone want to pledge support to the event in the form of cash donation?

go to to know more

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

finish your work!!!

i am too overwhelmed by this whole idea of having 2 weeks of holidays that i have totally forgotten i have papers to mark! yes, 3 stacks waiting for me and they are still in a plastic bag in the corner of the room, untouched since i got home on friday.

it is too late for marking now (i hate to do it at night) so tomorrow it is work. i prefer doing it in the natural light. there is no turning back because now everyone who reads this will know i have work undone. and by saying that i will do it here, i have no choice but to do it.

been doing nothing since the holidays started except sitting in front of the computer. i will go blind because of staring at the screen for too long. and it is dehydrating. one ulcer is in the mouth already. why am i torturing myself? pikkien said that this is not a holiday holiday for me because i am not going anywhere. so everyone relates holiday for me as going away? hmmh...i will not complain because i know there are ppl who envy me. so that should make me feel lucky.

but at the moment, i feel so hungry. no dinner? you are right there. the fussy eater in me is kicking in. pumpkin fried rice for lunch and dinner! gosh...yuck. yeah, i skipped lunch too but for lunch i had instant noodles. had yoghurt and a few egg rolls at dinner time. there is nothing much to fill the rumbling stomach at this time except white bread. sigh.

might as well hit the bed. yawn!

summer blockbuster 3

watched indiana jones.

verdict? funny because it is indy after all. that character is sure funny lah. but i dun like the 'treasure' which was revealed at the end. anti-climax habis. puik! i won't spoil it for those who haven't watched. the music alone is enough to spend chills to your spine. haha...the indy music.

but i still think the one with sean connery was is the last crusade right?

and cate blanchett as the russian...hmmhh...there is no russian for that role ah?

p/s: and this is the most expensive ticket i have paid for a movie. rm12. i must have been away from the kl circuit for a long long time. no wonder you can go broke if you work in kl. paying rm10 to watch ironman on the first day of its release in ipoh was already high. i thought kl was still charging 10 as well. outdated.

Sunday, May 25, 2008



Now I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

Your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you
To a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

Baby I have been here before
I know this room, I've walked this floor
I used to live alone before I knew you.
I've seen your flag on the marble arch
Love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

There was a time you let me know
What's real and going on below
But now you never show it to me, do you?
And remember when I moved in you
The holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

You say I took the name in vain
I don't even know the name
But if I did, well really, what's it to you?
There's a blaze of light
In every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I did my best, it wasn't much
I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you
And even though
It all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

a new man in life

hey, has anyone heard of this guy- leonard cohen??
man, he is a talented one...a poet, a writer, a singer and a song writer! he is a gem.
ok, he is old...but good things will stand the test of time right? your preference might be different from mine but who knows, you might like him as well.

why do i suddenly bring him up? well, i have just discovered him! was on you tube actually looking at the season finale of american idol 2008 and one thing led to another. i remember the song hallelujah sang by jason castro got quite good reviews so i gave it a try. but was just ok...that is after you have listened to the version by jeff buckley which simon and randy said was their favourite version. it was really brilliant. and this song was actually used in shrek 1...i can't remember it at all.

but of course, you still need to go and check out the original from leonard cohen. he is really a genius. his lyrics and songs are all very meaningful. his style is quite folkish but that is what makes listening so easy. go to youtube and listen to other songs by leonard cohen as well. i like what i hear. am thinking of buying his greatest hits album. i hope i can find it in malaysia. will try tower records tomorrow.

from shrek 1. sang by rufus wainwright.

leonard cohen's.

jeff buckley's. this is the one that shot to #1 on itunes download after jason sang the song on american idol. what a pity that this talented musician is no longer here. he drowned while having a swim in the wolf river.

p/s: don't raise the alarm. i have not suddenly become pious. i just like the song...and leonard cohen's work.


i hate not getting enough sleep. no, it is not those puffy eyes and grogginess. it is the running nose that i hate. it comes without fail everytime i wake up after getting less than 6 hours of sound sleep. so that is why i had been using packs of tissue paper on saturday. i think i am dehydrated but i have been downing myself with bottles of water as well.

i was in slim river on saturday morning. i had to attend a camp and to give a talk to those kids sitting for exam. luckily the flu stopped the moment i was given the microphone and throughout my session. i think i did well from the expressions and the attention given on those 150 faces in the hall. so i was quite happy despite feeling weary. then the flu came back as soon as i sat down after handing over the mic and it was non-stop fluid loss till night comes.
so the next time you see me with a running nose, you will know the reason.

i am still exhausted and the weather is so gloomy outside. rain again and rolling thunders. but i guess it is good to drive away the haze.

i need my rest. friday had worn me out. yeah, the isetan member pre-sale and this time around, memang only one day. so you can imagine the crowd lah especially after office hour. i shudder thinking back. but luckily i was not in the packed places i.e clothes and shoes section. unbelievable right? i din go into these sections. even mom asked me why i din go to see shoes although she knew i have so many pairs. hehehe. just din feel like getting more clothes and shoes. anyway, i bought a pair in ipoh 2 weeks ago ;P

any indulgence? i got a bag and a watch. the watch was not planned and not in the shopping list. another armani watch...almost similar to the one i have except this time it is in chain. what the heck, they give extra discounts for members and my cash vouchers paid half of the amount.

and the bag...the pictures here. wanted to get one for work...a big one. was actually looking for document bag until i found this one from liz claiborne. the red caught my eyes. so attention seeking. but it is really big enough for my newspaper, pencil case, water bottle, books and whatever i can think of stuffing in to bring to work. i just keep my fingers crossed that i don't break my shoulder by overdoing the stuffing. again...i dun have to pay for the bag. hahaha....more cash vouchers! oh, the bag has 30% discount. never buy things at retail motto.

the bulk of my load comes from the facial stuff i helped aunt and cousin to buy and mine too lah. that is where i get my cash vouchers from. the others vouchers are from 2007 rebates.

i wanted to help jet to look for his winter clothes and sweaters too but that idiot did not want to follow me!! i actually found some good bargains from nautica and timberland (60% discount for members only!) but he was not there!!! many men i saw walked away with timberland paper bags. i called back and asked him to get me his shoulder measurement, and he gave me the wrong one!!! the one that he gave was too broad...sigh...i also dunno how they measured him. hence, all jackets that i picked up were too small. when i got back, i measured him again and found that whatever i picked up suited him perfectly!!! damn! so frustrated! now i have to make another trip to kl again tomorrow. but there will not be the extra 10% discount lah. will go to midvalley this time. get him to buy those from FOS hhmmhh...serves him right.

so i better rest now for another trip. there is still the isetan in the gardens where i can do my shopping. hahaha...but i am not keen on clothes except for summer dresses. i have got my eyes on a coach's carly bag...but of course i won't be getting it here lah. will wait for the opportunity to come.

looking pathetically at us everytime we are in the living room. he used to be able to sneak in through the gap, hence the wire there. now he can only rest his head in the hole.

he likes to sneak into the house too whenever the door is ajar. but luckily he does not go amok once in. he treads with caution. hahaha....i found him lying there in the house by the door and turning his head left and right...surveying the territory. then he slowly inches his way in still on all fours making more progress. it was so funny. he thought i was not looking. he is really everyone's bundle of joy.

wear white if you wanna be sexy

malaysia's school uniform sexy?
aiyoh...their imagination is really running wild.

so now, everyone is not supposed to wear white if you don't want to be labelled sexy? go to any boutique now and you will see whites on the racks...after all, it is summer now and white is one of the essential colours.

the white cloth for the uniform shirt is not thick enough? my goodness, do those people know how hot and humid and stuffy it is in the classroom? students have to wear that white shirt, and on top of that, their pinafore. our classrooms are overcrowded and the heat in the afternoon is really a killer. everyone just can't wait to go home and strip of their pinafore. you have seen school girls just wearing their white shirt and shorts once they reach home right? so they are now guilty of committing seduction in their white shirt?

another party suggesting camisole to be compulsory underneath the white shirt. aiyoh...not hot kah? i have seen many in baju kurung wearing camisole but it is not common for those in pinafore. only those pervert will go and peek from the side to see the bras.

i wonder what those ppl at the education department will do now? to respond or not to respond to this allegation?

some said sexy uniforms are those worn by japanese school girls. well, you have the sailor top and the short skirt. only the skirt is sexy because some make theirs short. the top is just a top (which is not transparent). i am sure the schools in japan also have their regulations stating the permitted length of the skirt. it is only those perverts' fantasies of school girls in their short and transparent uniforms. the idea of innocence i guess. so now the top uniform in the fantasy list is no longer the white nurse uniform but school uniform?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the sale is here

all senses in the body are tingling now.
i have heard unofficial confirmation from isetan staff that isetan pre-sale for members is going to start tomorrow. gosh...i am like mentally preparing for my shopping marathon. hahahaha....

it has been a while going for all these pre-sale stuff. the last time was with cousin en after her persuasion to go. that was last year right?

helping aunt and cousin to buy their facial stuff...then i get those cash vouchers. incentives for shopping. zooming straight to kl after work. it is going to be a tiring friday but i am sure full of shopping esctacies.

anyone has 100% confirmation about the sale? anyone else going??

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


ok, i have started reading my last lecture and i have finished chapter one (mr yee, happy?).

the title of the chapter is a wounded lion can still roar....if i remember correctly.
and it reminds me of the political situation we have here now.
a wounded or retired lion has indeed roared but is its roar still as loud as it was previously? how many would actually listen to an old lion who is now out of the community? would the roar end up a whimper in the end? the lion's community now is really pathetic and sooner or later they will not travelling in a group anymore. extinction? i don't think so, they are strong beasts but how many will still be left at the end of the year? i am waiting to see the show.

p/s: not all lions are aslan (narnia). aslan's roar can wake all the sleeping creatures who have slept for more than hundreds of years in the forests. unless you are placed on the pedestal, i think sooner or later we will get that 'last lecture' from this lion.

Monday, May 19, 2008

summer blockbuster 2

summer blockbuster 2: narnia: prince caspian........watched.

verdict: not bad....eyes were glued on ben barnes aka prince caspian most of the time ;)

next movie? indiana jones.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

ya tuan, no tuan

my first association with the word 'tuan' came from listening to servants at the estate calling my uncle that. as the estate manager, they had servants helping out at home and when we visited, or called, they would refer to their manager as tuan. it was a calling of privilege and of status. and to them and to us, it was just that.

where did all these calling of tuans start from? could it be during the colonisation period where we referred to the foreigners as tuans? then it brings the conotation of bowing to a superior race in the country, the controlling power.

the given names of my 2 brothers start with tuans, but do they ever get themselves to be called 'tuan'? i doubt they will ever refer to themselves as that. but of course there had been jokes about that word in their name during their school days.

and i remember we referring to the principal at school as 'tuan pengetua' when we were told to write speeches in bm. in english, there is no 'a very good morning to the sir principal'. but again, is sir equivalent to tuan or is it master?

so what is the big deal nowadays? you wanna be tuan for this and you wanna be tuan for that. why put such heavy emphasis on this word? we are taught that all humans are equal and we are all brothers and sisters in the same country. the chinese will call this comradeship. we talk about unity in a multi-racial society and integrity to strenghten the country. are these all empty vessels?

it is getting sickening reading the news reports on the dailies nowadays. the more you read, the shakier you feel the ground you are standing on is. how do you tell people to work with you and to stand strong? the future does not look bright.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the four heavenly kings

dubbed the four heavenly kings at the workplace. these four are known for their fearsome reputation.

here they are seen putting up their best shot to look fierce...but are they really fierce and ferocious?

the first from the left: a petite lady and is very serious in her job.
second from left: athletic and has quick movements. so no point dodging.
third: has the loudest voice and easily turns red. so all emotions are out for you to judge.
fourth: has a stiff pose and a stiffer hand. die, must die...most common remark from his mouth.

they of course have to live up to their name. the name now preceeds their personality and of course sometimes they are misjudged and misunderstood. but it is a name that will strike fear in those they wanna scare. hence, the awesome four always win the day. ;P

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i only want affection

the gate is open
feet scurrying and bell jingling
oh here comes beanie!

left right left right
wags the active tail
getting ready to jump

jump he may
with barrels of enthusiasm
watch out for his sharp nails

quickly! reach out your hand
caress him on the head
or the body will do too

how comfortable
aahh...the body turns into jelly
and he leans against your leg

scratch scratch
rub rub
pat pat

slowly the body reclines
almost down to the floor now
finally fully stretched on the ground

time to take the hand away
one step two step
time to walk away

the ritual is over
he got his love and affection
our beanie

Sunday, May 11, 2008

no longer fei po

i have lost weight! i have lost weight!

big deal?? big deal for me!!! i am now at 55kg. not actually stick thin, but i am slim. the previous weight was 57/58kg and it has been that for a few years.

until recently, a few female colleagues kept remarking how i am thinner and i kept denying it...because i knew i would be disappointed when i stepped on the weighing scale.

but yesterday, another female colleague remarked again that i am this morning, i took a deep breath and stepped on the weighing scale. i was expecting the needle to be between 55 and 60 but NO! it was slightly not touching 55 even! hahaha...i couldn't believe it really and i stepped off and stepped on again. i finally believe it.

i hope by announcing to the whole world i won't be jinxing myself. everyone at home used to call me 'fei po'. sis name at all..just fei po do this and fei po do that.

well, just so you know, i do it the healthy way. eat in moderation (but not when it comes to desserts!) and exercise. i am not going to stop doing that...the legs still feel like elephant legs to me. well, one is never satisfied with oneself right. as long as i am healthy and can keep running those few kms lah.

i ain't gonna get on that weighing scale for a long long time again so as not to break this sweet 55 point. call it what you want but scales dun lie. ;P will make sure that i don't put on those i have lost. keep my fingers crossed.

event-filled saturday

what an early saturday night i had yesterday. i hit the sack at 10.30p.m. and slept like a log till 8 this morning. what could make me so tired and exhausted on a saturday?

firstly, i woke up before 6.30 a.m. to make that trip back from tm to bidor. we had a compulsory in-house training course where all staff had to attend. it started at 8 and ended at noon. a hearty breakfast was provided...only hearty if you take nasi lemak. so it was not filling for me lah. will never like nasi lemak because of the smell of the coconut milk rice. i just can't bear with the smell. i only had 2 pieces of papadom (love them...and i always wonder why can't they fry more? do they always allocate only 1 piece for everyone?) a hard-boiled egg and chicken rendang. the rendang was yummy. gosh, i sounded like such a big eater.

next, it was off to ipoh. we had a function for the retirement of our vice P. his retirement would not come until 19 may but we had this function earlier. it was just a makan thingy we had at hotel excelsior. no big budget so that was how we ended at this pathetic basement function room of the hotel. i heard the food only cost rm18 per head but we paid rm25 because they provided us with a 'room' instead of being put at the common coffee house at the lobby.

but before things started at the hotel, we couldn't help making a detour to kinta city for some shopping first. u know lah women. i was on a quest to fill my tummy with desserts after the breakfast. so my mind had already settled on mcdonald cornetto's dessert sundae (strawberry- rm3.70) and big apple donut. yes, you can satisfy your craving for big apple now in ipoh at the newly renovated jj food court. sales was brisk but the queue was moving too slow. i got a chocoring donut (yummy choc)...aaahh...bliss. see the lady in black behind the counter? i think she is most likely the owner...but i had the urge to tell her to plesae wear a cap for hygiene purposes while serving the customer. so what if you are the boss? please adhere to the hygiene rules.

makan was scheduled from 3 to 6. the function officially started at 3.30. i wasn't hungry anymore so the later it started, the better. food? well, it was ok lah for the price we paid. buffet spread. we had assam laksa, ice kacang, fried cuttle fish, fried chicken, fried chicken balls, mee goreng mamak, fried rice, fried cucur, fried popiah, sandwiches, cakes, kuih, fruit rojak and coffee. as usual, i started with dessert. filled my bowl with jelly, cincau, kidney bean, cendol fruit cocktail and then only pilled on the shaved ice and finally gula melaka. my colleagues said the bowl of ice kacang looked disgusting with its mixture of unsightly colours but what the heck, my favourite toppings for ice kacang.
din try the laksa, but i had the fried noodles with chicken balls, fried chicken and fried cuttle fish. yummy. these were all i had.
many colleagues and ex-colleagues turned up, some with their spouses too but unfortunately, they were also some who din. i know some had valid reasons but the others not sure. so sad to see this happening. but all in all, it was a good first outing for us in ipoh. yes, the first one outside bidor.

the man we were celebrating. i still remembered the first time i met him. he was the one who went to pick us up when we went to report ourselves at the workplace. that was 7 years ago. he had with him a stern and unsmilling face. so deep down inside then, i was worried...would everyone be so serious and dull at the workplace? my fears were unfounded luckily, he was a really nice man with a good sense of humour. he is the role model for me and i do look up to him at the workplace despite some complaints once in a while. a responsible, dedicated, caring, approachable and friendly man, he is one everyone will speak with compliments.

i am going to miss him. i hope we won't be running like headless chickens without him. he and his wife are very hospitable too. once during the durian season, i saw him carrying a few durians into his car and i asked him if those were for us. it was meant to be a joke. then he spontaneously extended an invitation to me and a few other being the single and kuat makan ones to go to his house the same night and he would prepare a durian feast for us. he was serious with his invitation. so that night we brought ourselves to his house expecting durians but nooo....he had more durians, mangosteens and his wife even prepared fried meehoon for us. how we managed to fill everything in our stomaches, i could not remember, but it just showed us how good he was to his staff. he would always buy us chocolates everytime he went for courses in langkawi. once he went to london for a course and he did not come back empty handed. you know how expensive the exchange rate was lah. he got everyone (and he made sure that everyone got it) a key-chain of famous london landmarks. he had to get about 90 for that must have been quite a bomb he spent on those key-chains. till today, this good deed is still talked about among colleagues. being half as good as he is will be more than enough for me. and i sincerely hope he will enjoy his retirement years. too bad the PM's announcement on the extension of retirement age to 58 did not come few months earlier.

the function was filled with speeches and lucky draws. there were 46 prizes to be given away and there were only about 70 of us. almost everyone had a chance. my housemate got the last give to be given away. this clay pot. and while she was busy taking photos after that of the function, we at the table wanted to play a trick on her.

we put in the pieces of cakes and cucur no one touched on the table into her pot hoping that she would discover them only at home. but our excitement only lasted for 3o mins. she decided to throw in her lucky draw number '16' into the pot as well just before we went back. sigh. plan tak jadi. in the end her pot was filled too, but with fried cuttle fish and fried chicken.

and i being one of the lucky ones as well, got my number (7) called out ...and i went back with two gifts. the food container (zirafah brand :P) was what i got. a colleague who wanted so much to get this food carrier was shouting saying what use i have for the carrier since i do not bring food to school since they know i havve my bread at home before i come. haha.a...nasib lah. and gift number 7 was given by a male colleague who already had it at home. he was the one in charge of buying all the lucky draw gifts. it is a toothpaste squeezer.
my carrier was filled with many pieces of fried chicken too. wei and jet had them back home.

so that was my saturday. reached home at about 9. had my bath, finished reading that day's papers and off to bed.

now it is almost lunch...will be meeting friends. so see you all.

Friday, May 09, 2008

snip snip

do you like going for a haircut?? i do i do ;P

haircut session has always been nice. you are treated like the king and the hairstylist goes through every strand of your hair. then there is that hair wash too with head massage. aaahh....the gentle rhythmic pressing is so comfortable.

i always come back with a light head (still drowsy after the meticulous treatment) and a tingling sensation.

however, haircut is always kinder to the guys. no matter how ugly a guy is (hahahhaha!), he is sure to come out smarter and neater after a hair cut...regardless of whatever style they get. agree mou? that is what i notice lah. and please...dun try keeping your hair long unless you are rain.

the female species have it harder with haircut. a bad one will ruin your whole month of joy. there is no use darting from corner to corner to hide it. someone will eventually notice it and 'tell' you. you will then have to swallow whatever you get. then you will pray that your hair will grow after a night's sleep so you can have it trim to a better cut the next day. cruel huh?

i am glad i dun have this experience for a long long time already. been very satisfied with the hairstylist i go to because he just gets it right for me each time. and how much do i pay? rm15 with that hairwash. so affordable.

*escape has finallly gone to trim her already long short hair. no, it is not a full cut this time around...just trimming here and there for a mid length short look. hahaha...still short.

health food for beanie

the every greedy beanie is back. this time it is healthy food choice.
choice 1: pear.
he just wouldn't let mom get out of the gate without letting him have a piece of the pear first.

choice 2: papaya
in the afternoon everyday, dad will not fail to supplement his diet with this fruit. and beanie will wait patiently for dad to scoop the papaya into his bowl. not a sound until the fruit is in the bowl. it is such a funny scene to watch.

new book

bought another book that has to do with death again. i seem to like this morbid subject. but it is not really about death in this book.

this time it is the last lecture by randy pausch together with jeffrey zaslow, an alumnus of the professor.
prof randy is diagnosed with cancer and he is dying. in august 2007, doctor told him that he only had 3 months to live. hence, he decided to give a last lecture to his students at carnegie mellon university. the talk was recorded and put online. it inspired many and then they decided to put this lecture into a book form.
i first read a review of this book in the star. i am intrigued by what a dying professor has got to say to his students. you will definitely get wise words and advice from this book...and i am keeping my fingers crossed that it is not going to be patronising.
will start reading this book as soon as i finish his dark materials...not long now.
those who are interested to hear the lecture or see the slides, you can go randy's website to download it. ....i should have done that huh instead of paying more than 30 for it. but nothing beats holding a book in hand. and i dun think i will have the patience to listen to such a long lecture. those who have watched it can drop a comment and tell me about it.
*prof randy is still alive till this days.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

a fluttering heart

egypt and turkey beckon...i wanna fly halfway across the globe to see the pyramids and the ancient histories. i wanna go there end of this year...oh, i yearn for it so much. there are just so much to see.
go to you will be blown away by all the snapshots they put there.

the problem now is looking for a suitable travel companion. sigh...
my housemate is going somewhere else end of this year. others colleagues i am not keen to partner with...who who who? sister? cousin? friends? where are you???
join travel group?? suggestions??

remember jason (the cute 11-year-old i met in beijing)? his family is going to hk, shenzhen and macau end of this year and they invited me along. but i have been to hk a few is good to get reacquainted with jason...but i dun think i wanna go to hk again. keep my fingers crossed that either i will fly to kuching end of the year or he comes down to kl.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

let's cry for the story

have you ever cried when you read a book? or have tears trickled down your face while having your face in the book? mind sharing here? what books have made you bawled your eyes out and why?

some books which have touched me are like:
  1. the alchemist (paulo coelho)- the journey really touches me. his bravery to take the chance and start the journey and his experiences is something i wish to do. really struck a core in my heart and i wrote to the author as soon as i finished reading the book.
  2. the road (cormac mccarthy)- again a tale on the road. the bond shared by the father and son was so strong. his love for his son and his willingness to sacrifice for him in the bleak background is unmatchable. had to put the book down and cried before i could continue.
  3. the kite runner (khaled hosseini)- the part in front of the blue mosque nearing the end of the book made the dam burst. the child who is finally found and you know he will be loved. cried watching the movie too despite knowing the whole story already.
  4. the green mile (stephen king)- watched the movie also cried, read the book also cried just as hard. the tale of an innocent man being put on the electric chair. who won't be touched.
  5. tuesdays with morrie (mitch albom)- the wise words that transpired between two grown men. everyone knows morrie is going to die in the book from the beginning, but when you get to his death, you cannot help from crying your eyes out as well. i guess it is the special bond you see the ex-student and professor forms and how the student sees the him in another light now.
  6. the chamber (john grisham)- again a tale of a man wrongly convicted for a crime he did not do. i gues innocence has a way of making people sympathise.

these are all i can remember and they are fairly recent ones ah. am i getting more emotional with age or is it just the books? ;P i think the books are arranged in the order of cry-meter. if there is such thing. from the highest to the lowest.

ok, i am waiting for more suggestions on books which can make me cry. good to cuci mata.

of losing and diminishing

i have become numb to losing. i am so used to losing that i think i am slowly succumbing to it. i don't have that winning spirit or the victorious feeling in me. come to think of it, what does it feel to be winning? i dunno and i can't feel it anymore.

what do i lose? not really me, but the things we do. there is no real sense of achievement in it when you don't get the medal or position, is there?

this state is totally unwelcomed. a person needs to have that motivation, to have that sense of achievement to look forward to the next day. when losing has become so common, it is already accepted as a part of life. slowly, you turn into a loser without realising it. how sad. it is a fact, isn't it? that is how a person slowly diminishes.

and i don't want to be that person. but i need to climb out from this rut. i guess no one can help me here except myself. shit, it is just so hard to get motivated when u are in this job.

join in the fun

how many does it take to perform the task of sawing a piece of plank? not any plank but this is a piece of hard wood plank. ;P

first you see 3. one holding the plank, one putting steadying the plank and of course the one with the saw doing the real labour task there.
next, we have to change position. he just couldn't get the angle and the force right, so it was left to the lady in yellow.
now, the dog has decided to join in as well. oh, he is of use here. we needed that extra weight to hold the piece of plank steady mind you.
and again, the lady had to finish the task. and the cane? well, the dog needed some discipline. and you wanna know how he got off? he stepped to the left, he sommersaulted (1 round) and plopped to the ground. and it gave him one of the biggest scares of his life. i guess the leash around the neck caused that sommersault. oppps....his heart was beating so loudly after than and he quickly retired to the corner. some soothing and calming and massage later, he was back on his feet. phew!

wet beanie

this is for those who have missed beanie. ain't he cute? he has grown...not so chubby anymore but still a puppy.
he has a special bath tub for his weekly bath and he is still bathed in warm water. this job of bathing him always falls to mom or jet. i dun have an inkling of an idea on how to do this.
we still dare not cut his toe nails. i heard it is not easy. so is there any volunteer who has experience there? and we need that special nail cutter as well right?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

to watch speed racer or not?

question: shall i go to catch speed racer or not?

in the previous post, i said i was going to catch all the summer blockbusters. but when i saw the trailer for speed racer, i have more than second thoughts. soooooo ffaaakkkkeeee!!! how? this is one summer movie i will skip i think.

there will be others like narnia, indiana jones, batman, ????

i am not watching the hulk. not my fav super hero. watched him when it was shown as a series on tv long long time ago. i think the series was better than all the movies now. without all those cgi he looked more real.

Friday, May 02, 2008

the drive into sunset...

back from the supposed drive into the sunset....the three days meant for a course turned out to be more of a jalan-jalan makan angin trip. of course i paid my utmost attention while attending the course but the interesting stuff only happened outside the ballroom. not so interesting also actually... what can one do at lumut, sitiawan and seri manjung??? so it was more of a relaxation trip for me to get away from glad that the course came at these dates.

the landscape reminded me of the journey from phnom penh to siam reap. but this stretch was just a small one to lumut. i wished i got to see more of this serene greens all along the way. a sight for sore eyes. and i din expect to reach lumut so soon from bidor...only 90 mins. too bad the beach there is not attractive to lure me back.
and i drive into teluk batik resort. the pool is the nicest. the rooms are apartment style so it was quite barren and spacious. a very isolated place where mobile phone coverage is to the minimum, go there if you dun want to accept any calls or sms. food sucks at this place. i love the pool....had a dip on the first day. the only one in lucky.
this is teluk batik beach. have to cross a road from the resort to get to this beach. you can't even hear the waves from the resort. not many ppl were there. it was a monday anyway. monkeys were abundant searching for food.
on the left was my dinner on the first me choosy but they only had 4 lauks to choose from. and i got myself few helpings of fried chicken. lucky i had my mcdonalds earlier at seri manjung. that was tea time. had early lunch before i left to lumut, hence the growling stomach at four. lucky i had that fast food meal. i would be starving that night. the others course participants also complained about the food. so i was not the only one for the record.
aaahhh....and what is a trip to the beach without some nice poses. and my escapade. but it felt really good to be stretching there on the beach. my pink attire stood out huh???

day 2, got a local to bring us to makan at dinner time. first, it was to buying some local biscuit first. this is the famous one. very nice when eaten fresh. crispy and so fragrant. this one sells fillings of onions. there is another one that sells fillings with meat.
yummy seafood at kg cina (opp kg koh). there are many similar restaurants but we had ours at villa. my mouth is watery now looking at this pic. we had marmite crab, prawns, steamed fish, shell, and fish soup. add the coconut water...full.

the third day, the course early...before 12. so decided to make a detour...and what a long one it was...all the way to ipoh from lumut. again first time driving on this stretch of road. pass small towns like seri iskandar, ayer tawar, bota., menglembu,...cannot remember the rest. what did i do in ipoh? watch ironman! yeah one of the first to watch in malaysia...and in the world also. robert downey jr is da man! he fits the role to a t. brilliant. prefer the first half of the movie to the second half. plan to watch all the summer blockbusters i go. first one done.

and then i did some shopping. haha...felt so light on the feet. lalalalalllaa....necklaces that i have been looking for a while. the styles i mean. yippeeeee..two somemore...a happy gal

ok...have to go now....chao
i have written once how i felt about writing and how words are one of the most important things in lives. without words, there will all be silence and everything in us will be supressed. this week, i got my monthly newsletter from paulo coelho's warrior of light and it strikes a cord with what i feel about writing. starting this blog was initially about doing something that everyone is doing...but soon i get the hang of it and am enjoying the process of writing whatever i think of (of course not everything is shared here). it is a good outlet to just express ourselves. don't even bother if we are being read at all, the sounds of the keys on the keyboard as you let your feelings and opinions flow are soothing enough. this is my space to ESCAPE after all ;) sorry about the pun...just can't help it. ;P

and so i leave you with the words of paulo coelho........

As the pen traces out words on the paper, your anguish disappears and your happiness remains. For this to happen, it is necessary to have the courage to look deep inside yourself, disclose this to the outside world, and be even more courageous to know that one day whatever you write could (and should) be read by somebody.

And what if it’s something very intimate?

Don’t worry. Thousands of years ago, Solomon wrote the following words: "Whatever has been is that which will be; And whatsoever has been done is that which will be done; And there is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

In other words: if thousands of years ago there was nothing new, just imagine now! Our feelings of happiness and anguish are still the same, and we should not hide them. And even though there is nothing new under the sun, there still remains the need to translate all this for ourselves and for our generation.

Jorge Luis Borges once said that there are only four stories to be told:

A] a love story involving two people

B] a love story involving three people

C] the struggle for power

D] a journey.

Even so, throughout the centuries men and women have continued to retell these stories, and it’s time you did the same. Through the art of writing you will come into contact with your unknown universe and eventually you will feel like a far more capable human being than you thought you were.

The same word can be read in different ways. For instance, write down the word “love” a thousand times and each time the sentiment will be different.

Since letters, words and sentences are traced out on paper, there is no reason to feel tense. The hand that writes eventually comes to rest, and the heart of the person who dared to share his or her feelings smiles.

If you pass by a writer who has just finished a text, you will feel that he has an empty expression on his face and that he seems distracted.

But he – only he – knows that he has risked a lot, managed to develop his instinct, maintained his elegance and concentration during the whole process, and can now afford to feel the presence of the universe and see that his action was just and deserved. His closest friends know that his thought has changed dimensions. Now it is in touch with the entire universe: he goes on working, learning all the positive things that his text has yielded, correcting any mistakes and acknowledging its qualities.

Writing is an act of courage. But it’s worth taking the risk.