Tuesday, March 30, 2010

look at me....what do you think??

this is the first time a hairstyle has left me and some around me dumbfounded.
this is also the first time i have my fringe cut this way.
this is the first time i have a retro bob.
so is this the right style for me?

those words are comments i have heard regarding the hairstyle.
when i had short boyish cut, they told me to have a ladylike one,
when i think this made me more demure and ladylike, they told me i am no longer stylish and cool.
oh, it is so difficult to satisfy all.

i myself am having some getting used to this hairstyle as well. hahaha....still can't believe that the face i am staring at in the mirror is mine. it makes my face more rounded and i am less fierce...even if i try to put on a ferocious look. that is why i try to avoid the mirrow now.

well, at least there are some good comments thrown at me too. the hair colour suits the style and of course i still don't have to comb my hair.

now i wonder how long it will take before i have to go and trim my fringe. will i keep this style till it is longer and really make it chinadoll bob? do you shudder at the thought?

i will have to get used to ppl's when they see me. heck, i even have the whole class clapping their hands when i entered. i could faint. i told them i did not know whether to cry or laugh by their reactions.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

goddess in the making getting her tiffany

i am having a headache now. it is not often i have one nor can i remember when the last time i had one, but i do know that i hate the one i am having now.
in fact i think i went to sleep with a headache and woke up with one even more intense.
could it be because i slept very late (1a.m.) or too much food and many malls on saturday?

all my classes are cancelled this weekend because of one vip friend- yunli who is back from england with hubby, matt. well, i am sure the kids also benefited from this break because many chinese families are taking the weekend to visit graves in conjunction with chingming, our version of all souls' day. mom visited her parents' graves today when her brother and family came. we will be doing our round next saturday.

ok back to yesterday. yunli and matt stayed at prince hotel, conveniently located within walking distance to pavilion and klcc. i drove down at 9.30a.m. and only guessed my way to the hotel. phew! luckily i managed to get there without getting lost. my instinct and sense of direction worked together to get me there.one interesting sign we saw on our walk to pavilion. how many are there in kl?

our first agenda was to head to pavilion. strolled around a bit and i played tour guide. got myself 100euro at rm448. am just buying them when i see the money changer. cannot buy a lot ah. 4.48 is low.

went to gsc for alice in wonderland in 3d. yunli bought the ticket on friday. this 3d experience was a better one compared to up. you could really see things flying your way. but some background really faded in 3d and you were wondering whether to take off the glasses or not. all the negative reviews i heard from friends were unfounded luckily. the story unfolded just as how i imagined and i think it stayed very close to the books. bravo tim burton. you did not disappoint. to watch in 3d, you have to pay rm5 extra.

after the movie, it was lunch time at 2p.m. my destination: lot 10 hutong food court. that is the only food court i am going to when i am there i guess.

i had the hokkien mee that i wanted to try. it was cooked using charcoal fire. i paid rm9.35 including tax for this plate. the original store is in petaling street if i am not wrong. so my verdict? i expected it to be very very good, it was only good for me. they used very thick dark soya sauce and lots of lard. i feel they were not generous enough with the cabbage and meat.
yunli and matt loved the place and matt called it unique. we also met yunli's friend janice there. she works in ambank in the i.t. dept. nope, she does not know my cousin.

after that, we decided to walk to klcc because they wanted to go to kinokuniya. only matt got a book. i din want to look for any book although i was tempted to buy a few. i still have so many untouched at home!!! damn, when am i going to finish the enchantress of florence by salman rushdie?

tea time...it was ice kacang at little penang cafe. i was very full. it was difficult to finish the bowl and i was the last to finish.

then it was back to the hotel to put down the shopping bags and wait for yunli's uncle to meet us at bukit bintang. janice did not join us for dinner.
yup, dinner was at jalan alor. i think i have only been there twice and it is my second time. it looks quite different already. all the hawker dishes are good. we had beef kueyteow with ginger and garlic, belacan lala, kailan, grilled chicken wings and grilled stingray. my favourite is the sting ray. the chilli sauce on top was delicious.

by the time we left, earth hour had already started...but i dun think anyone in jalan alor care. all the lights were still on. kl tower's were off.

they wanted to look for some dessert drinks, so it was back to lot 10 hutong. haha...not my suggestion, it was their's. see they are also hooked with the food court. and i think they went there for lunch again today.
all ytl properties took part in earth hour campaign. so it was romantic dessert time in the food court. candles were everywhere but the crowd was thin. i did not have anything because i really could not take in anything anymore. i did not want to suffer in my drive home later.

lights on again at 9.30p.m.
i started my journey home at 10.30p.m. phew! what a long day. but it was good meeting yunli and matt again after such a long time. it will be few more years before the next meeting takes place.

yunli got me this book....so i am now going to turn into a goddess by learning all the 1000 ways given lah. there were tips on ironing, what to do in the kitchen, etc. and every page is coloured with illustrations. should be interesting. i'll see if there are any tips worth sharing ah and we all can turn into goddesses together. hahahaha....

last but not least, yunli also helped me buy my first tiffany- a mini bead bracelet with a mini heart shaped lock. the beads and the lock are actually smaller than what you see here. sob sob....but still tiffany kan? the bracelet chain is quite complicated interlinks of many mini chains. even yunli's mom was impressed with the bracelet.

ok, the damage to the pocket? because yunli got it inside the airport terminal, i got 15% off the retail price. it retails for 100 pounds on the website, so now it is 85 pounds. and because the pounds have dropped to rm5, i paid rm420 for the bracelet. i thought i was going to pay rm500 for it. happy happy happy. i went into tiffany klcc to check the price too, it is rm470. the price is also quite reasonable ah.....cheaper than uk's price.

so you know where you can go now to get cheaper tiffany. so more silver from tiffany for me? wait and see lah.....escape- be thrifty.

Friday, March 26, 2010

coming soon movies

i have a celebrity friend ;P
but you really have to open your eyes big to see him. this is a trailer to a local movie which will be released in april. my friend appears at 1:13...pause to see 'her'. hahaha....he was dressed like an auntie in a kopitiam in the scene....the one sitting on the right.
i wanna watch this movie!! local movies are getting better. well, maybe he is just a 'vase' without any dialogue in the movie, but i still think he is a celebrity. hahaha...who knows, this might be his big break.

i am going to watch alice in wonderland with yunli and matt tomorrow at pavilion. i'm not sure if it is going to be in 3d. yunli bought the tickets. i hope we will still have a lot to talk about. scared since it has been ages since we last met. i'm going to have my hokkien mee for lunch at lot 10 food court too. hope it is good. salivating...


when you set your sight on something, and all the stars are aligned, you can get what you want even in a lucky draw. hahahhahahhaa

at 7.30p.m. yesterday i saw the gifts for lucky draw in our meeting. on the stage was small stand fan, yoga mat, iron, kettle, etc. the only thing that caught my eye was the toaster. my rented house here could do with a toaster. not that i am that keen on bread nowadays, but sometimes you never know what you crave.

so i began telling everyone that the toaster was mine and they could set their eyes on other things instead. hahaha....yes, i told all my colleagues who bother listening to my silly ramblings. from the front of the hall to the back.

the lucky draw was finally held after 10p.m. and boy oh boy. the first number to be called: 101....yours truly's number. if that is not luck, i dunno what it is lah.
oh i was jumping with joy.

the meeting ended at 10.30p.m. and when i met my neighbours outside the house, there were happy for me too. they heard that i would be moving to the house next door and that would mean we will be separated by one house in the middle. they jokingly said that they would miss me and we would not be able to chat that often. how adorable. they never chat with my other 2 housemates. they even called them stuck-up. i guess i am not hor. so let's give a toast to my friendly neighbours.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


gifts for a tired me

ni hao from beijing.......wit love

the fridge magnet is from a colleague while the panda is from a 14-year-old. this colleague is very good to me too. i got fried wan ton when her boy came to my house at night and once she made me delish curry noodles.
how nice it is to travel every holiday.

it's a busy week and work and there are meetings after work. i feel so exhausted even during the daytime.
the legs are feeling numb these 2 days. i dunno why. i stood too much during the weekend? i haven't been jogging too. i just dun have time for this activity now.

hope to have a relaxing weekend...but there will be some walking too. a friend is back from england and i will be meeting her this saturday. so most probably will be around klcc or pavilion.
i better rejuvenate myself. but how ah?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gonna turn godzilla at noon

i am not cruel, but sometimes it is hard to forgive and forget especially when i believe that my choice would have made a better result.

yup, those cookies are for me. a very nice and sincere gesture indeed but i will hold on to what i said!!! i am not going to talk to this kid for one week!!!

it is quite difficult to supress my anger when in real time, all the anger has actually kinda faded away. hahaha. but pulling out from the district cross-country and athletics meets is silly for no valid reason at all. and i do put so much hope and expectation on her. seeing one of the kids who is slower but came back with a medal from the meet made me more pissed. i would have been much happier if the one showing the medal to me was the one who baked me those cookies....because i know she would get better result!!!

so many ppl want to have the opportunity. one should never turn it down when it knocks right? after all, it does not come often.

those 5 pieces of cookies will be my lunch today and i am going to chomp them like a gozilla chomps its victim.

Monday, March 22, 2010

the roller-coaster ride of a star-chaser

the days of a star-chaser can indeed be like a roller-coaster ride. there are the ups and the downs. the heart can leap sky high and fall down flat on the ground the next. the body must have hell of a time reacting to all these responses. hence, puffy and dark circles around the eyes, dull skin, breakouts, and messy hair are things which yours truly could not avoid during this ride.

the second night of the concert was a much better experience. first, my seat on the second night was great!!! it was right at the centre and i got the aisle seat again. woohoo!!! i was on row 7 but it still felt closer than the previous day's row 6. photos too turned out better from this angle.

the concert started at 8.15p.m. again and most of the pumped up fans were all at the centre area this time. yes, my area. so the guards were always around us telling everyone to sit down because those at the back could not see. pity those also lah for sitting behind us.

anyway, some photos first.

cute pose huh?

finally managed to get a photo of her in this outfit. love this part where she sang disco-like songs in english. this was of course the sexiest outfit in the whole show.

she sang you raise me up by josh groban to replace a gospel song in cantonese which was in the rundown in hk concert.

mc jin doing the rap.
a new outfit. again the dress looked loose on her. no butt ma. i love all her killer boots.

singing last christmas with han jin, a singaporean artist.

she wore a black spaghetti strap top yesterday in this segment but changed to this one which she wore in hk on the second night. this one was a 'safer' choice as the spaghetti straps kept falling off her shoulder when she danced.
the show on that night was a more energetic one. you could feel that they are really performing their best to execute all the moves. this was what made it good or better than the previous' night. they had already put in more effort and heart into their performance. audience can feel this kinda thing.
oh oh oh...a scuffle broke out here too between a fan and the guard. the fan was sitting on the first row and of course who could resist from standing and pumping the fist to the fast songs? well, of course except the older generation lah.
one lady in the third row stood up and confronted the female fan. but the fan ignored her and continued standing up. a few others were standing too in that same row.
actually, the stage was so high, i don't think the fans dancing in front obstructed the lady's view. the lady's nose was kinda arrogant. maybe she just could not stand some fist pumping in front of her.
then the security guard got into the picture. the guard had to do their job. he tapped the fan's shoulder to tell her to sit down. maybe quite hard. the fan sat for a while then she took her camera and pointed it at the direction of the guard and took the guard's photo. a warning from fan to guard? watch out...i know who you are??
then i think the guard went to the girl and this was when the exciting part came.
the girl got aggresive and held the guard's collars with both hands in a confrontation. woooh! it was drama in a concert.
more guards then came...including those genting executives who made their presence felt. there were almost 10 of them surrounding the girl. then some shoutings, and then they dragged the girl out of the hall. the fan resisted all the way and was seen holding to the railing, kicking and shouting.
but of course the fast numbers and the audio drowned out everything. many fans did not notice this incident too because they were engrossed in the performance. but i am almost certain that even the singers and band members noticed the scuffle down there as the lighting was quite bright at this segment.
the fan was away for quite a long time and she only came in during encore.
lesson learnt? join the fans in a big group if you want to get high and don't get aggresive.

another new outfit for the first encore. see those metal studded boots? what a killer. those spikes on her outfit were bubbles.

encore 2. most fans who went to facebook earlier already knew about this. fans were all esctatic.

and...the curtains fell after the second encore. the concert was longer this time, it ended around 10.45p.m. so i guess there were no complaints from the ticket-paying audience gua.

but wait....my roller-coaster ride had not ended yet.

after all, what is a good concert without some celebration? nah...obviously not for me, but for the crew, dancers, musicians and the star herself.
venue- one of the restaurants at highland hotel.
and the star-chaser me of course waited patiently for her to appear. this was another 'up' for me. i got onto the same escalator and was in front of her separated by her assistant. managed to give her some praises about the concert and when we got off the escalator, i told her to rest well and she replied, 'i will.' ok, that was short but enough to make me happy.

the videographer is already more experienced here. haha...good shot.

we waited at the lobby after she went into the restaurant but she did not come down using the same exit. she must have left using the back door. so it was back home on a clear night. phew! thank you my driver for driving back both nights.

now, this is not the end yet. gosh, you must be wondering, what is it with these star chasers and their days??
well, the next day, early in the morning, before 6a.m., we had already made our way out of the house to the airport. i had less than 3 hours of unsound sleep but a cup of coffee and toasts with dried duck meat kicked start the engine.

overseas stars have to leave the country don't they? well, it is a 'down' ride here. we waited and waited and waited. dancers showed up, musicians came and even her assistants. but the star was nowhere to be found. fail mission this one. i could accept this disappointment because this was what happened last time.

but hey, there was something to make up for this disappointment. i saw someone else. omg- get this- wu zun from the group fahrenheit. check out his myspace. he came in his dark shades and a face mask, but damn! he was tall and i am sure beneath that glasses and mask is one of the most handsome faces! hahahhaa!!!! and he was oh so nice to all his young fans. they were of different races and spoke different languages to him. he just strolled and took his time walking into the departure gate while signing autographs and chatting with them. how lucky the fans were.

my group of star chasers could only wallow in self-pity while having mcdonalds and shared our grievances. but it was fun because we were not alone.

sigh... this officially ends the star chasing period for this visit. we left the airport at around 11a.m. and i headed to the curve. i had an eye-check appointment at vista lasik centre. my eyesight is getting blurry and i already had a feeling that it would be bad news. just waiting to confirm it.

anyway, before the bad news...something caught my eyes and lifted the emotional state to another new level.

i have got myself a pair of dark grey booties from clarks!!!! aahhhh.....heaven!!! do you know how long i have deprived myself from buying a pair of heels?? that 'fast' was really killing me. i really could not stand it anymore!!

so do you think i can resist when i saw this pair from clarks active air range selling for rm238? the leather was sooooo supple and when i put it on, man, i could see myself in so many outfits and rocking it. i must have fast for a long long time.
i dun care if my soles are going to hurt later, the pair of booties is mine!!! but i can't imagine myself walking the malls in them though. i would be killing myself that way. aahh....i love my booties.

now to the final down ride on the roller-coaster track. the eye-check result.
my eye sight has disgressed. i dunno the term you use to describe the eyes but...layman's term lah here. i have powers on both eyes, about 100 each. yes, i definitety have problems reading sign boards and car registration numbers when i am driving. it is my call for the second surgery.

so do i want to wear glasses or go under the machine? i think i choose the latter. it is almost 3 years since i did it and the doctor said he could still lift the flap up to do the corrective surgery. so do i want to do the custom lasik or standard lasik? standard lasik i will lose more eye tissues in the process. tissue loss would be minimised if i do the custom lasik but i will have to pay the difference in the price. that would mean about rm2000 more for each eye.

why oh why? why me?
what a way to end this roller coaster ride huh? i think i came off the ride feeling exhausted and in a slightly blur state now.
i need to clear the head now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

days of a star chaser

my energy is on low. really low.
i am losing appetite as well. and mom's regular friends at the coffee shop all know the reason why.
one said, 'with all the late nights you are spending, of course you have no more appetite for anything,' when i was at the shop for breakfast today.

and the reason? one word- sammi.
it is an energy sapping activity to go star chasing. crazy fans are not content with only star gazing, they want more. they want to see the star up close, touch the star, hold the star, and have a photo for keepsake.

envy and jealousy will be part and parcel of this activity too. when you see others get the chance to get close with the star, others giving better gifts than yours, others being acknowledged by the star, etc. it is definitely not an activity for the faint-hearted and for those who give up easily. it takes a lot of your time, strength, money, physical and emotional energy.

some call it stupid and a waste but others have given me words of admiration. a friend who recently came back from Australia asked about this hobby of mine and said that, 'it is good you have something to occupy your time with.' wow, it was such a praise.

so now without further ado, let me give you a glimpse of what a star chaser does.

the star chasing activity this time started on Thursday in the evening. fellow star-chaser members were late and i only started my journey up to genting highlands at 6p.m. halfway up the hill, a message came on the handphone. not good. message read, 'she has arrived at genting jor.' there goes the first hope of meeting her.
so when we reached the hotel lobby, it was sort of like a reunion with other star chasers we know. saw some of the videos they took of the star getting into the lobby and making her way straight to the lift surrounded by guards. good....she did not stop for photo or autograph. made me feel good.

but then, news came that there were not many star chasers at the airport when she landed and some got autographs and photo op. ARRGHH!!! disappointment hit the head hard. why oh why. the airport was the haunt last time but there were just too many ppl. and this time around, i have changed the base up to the hotel, and it backfired!!! see, we have to be emotionally strong not to break down.

anyway, we decided to continue waiting at the lobby to see her leave for rehearsal. dinner had to wait.
after about 1 hour of wait, we saw the guards on alert, and the van at the entrance. time to get ready.

this is a video of her leaving the lobby of the hotel into the van. a starchaser's first amateur effort at capturing the moments, let's give her 50/100.
there was no stopping or hihi to fans. surrounded by guards, it was straight into the van as you can see. i managed to pass something to the assistant who put the bag into van. so can i tell myself that the star will see the contents of the bag? i have to tell myself that.

that's her on her way to rehearsal. it was cold and wet in genting. the fog was damn thick.
i drove all the way up and all the way down. we waited till she came back from rehearsal about 11+. again...it was straight from the van into the lobby then to the lift. other fans managed to pass her gifts which she accepted. happy for them.

that was the end of day 1. sleep came hard that night and i woke up mid morning with a slight headache and running nose.

day 2- first concert.
no more waiting at the lobby to see her go out to the concert hall. that would mean going up to genting in the afternoon. heard that she left for the concert hall at 4p.m. some friends showed me the video. again...straight to the van but this time there were many more fans waiting for her.
we only went up at around 6p.m. and had dinner at vietnam house. then went to pick up our tickets at the entrance of arena of star.
genting gave a bottle of mineral water for their vip guests. very thoughtful of them.
my seat was on the 6th row from the front. we got better chairs this time, covered and cushioned and more spacious too. comfy.

concert started at 8.15p.m. great...no long wait.
i am in no mood to give a review but it was ok i guess. there were some changes in some parts. fast songs medley were made slower because of the high altitude which would be too taxing on the dancers and the singer. haha... sign of aging? well, i dun think the fans mind. fans this time were quite well-behaved but of course they rose to the occasion when their shouts and screams were needed.

this first costume has been reported many times in the newspapers as lady gaga inspired.

this mini dress really showed her small waist and the lean legs.

the top is kinda loose huh?

this is a new dress seen for the first time. it is very transparent. i wonder if she knows. this woman really needs to eat to fill her butt. she is losing her butt!!!

the dance moves here had been modified. sloooooooooooooowwwweeerrrrrrr.

the planned encore.

she came back after the concert ended when fans all refused to leave. some unruly ones threw empty mineral water bottles onto the stage. malaysians? just had a few more words then it was bye for real.

concert ended at 10.15. two hours sharp. on her facebook page, she said she is going to add another song if there is request from fans who refused to leave after the first encore. is an encore still and encore when it is planned and made known to all?

guests for the night were hanjin and mc jin.
well, i reached home past 1a.m. luckily sleep was better and soon i will be all armoured for my second concert tonight.

watch this space for more photos and videos.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

dear qahina...

dear fellow blogger qahina,

i wish i can brag that i had gone jogging again on my own today but no.....
instead, i think i am going to make you feel good that i actually decided to skip it. haha....but with good reasons/excuses depending on how you see it.

i went to pick up the 890 pieces of photos that i sent to be developed at 1p.m. today. gosh, were they heavy.
then i decided to sort my own personal photos first into my photo albums...my personal photos came up to about 160 of them. that was not tedious nor slow. no problem. settle in less than 30 mins.

then it was time to sort out these:

all these that ppl from work have ordered...their keepsake of sports day and rehearsal and training. macam sikit kan???

so there i sat from about 3p.m. while sorting the photos according to the owners, and referring to the computer screen from time to time to check that the numbers were correct, i reminded myself that i would stop everything and go jogging at 6p.m.
but lo and behold, at around 5p.m. the sky turned really dark and strong winds blew. wakakaka....ketawalah dalam hati aku....a good excuse not to go out of the house. who knows if lightning will come next. after all the proton city park is really exposed and there is that big lake of water there.
so i continued doing my photos lah till it was 7 plus when mom told grandma it was dinner time. mind you, i had not got up from the chair at all except to refill my water bottle. gosh....
dinner? ermm....i snacked on a bunch of grapes at around 4p.m. grandma reminded me to get up and do some exercises at 8p.m. i think at around that time too i got up and went to the kitchen searching for food.
dinner- some chicken breast meat...leftover only...so very little. itupun i finished in few mins.
then continued with the piles of photos. impossible task!!!
after the breast meat, i decided to open a packet of twisties that i got few days ago. a sucker for junk food...it is another new flavour- spicy garlic. so must try lah.
i put a spoon into the opening and scooped those pieces into my mouth because i still need my hands to be free to pick up photos. well, i did not finish one whole packet though. just half of it.
and that was dinner. close stomach.

and so....from loose pieces of photos....everything is finally in their rightful place- the envelopes, with names all labelled. and what time did i finish work? 10p.m.
am i tired? you bet. the neck and back feel so stiff.

and this task is not done yet mind you. damn those errors! i have 11 pieces of missing photos and 11 pieces of extra photos with no owners. so i guess somewhere while sorting out the numbers of photos to be printed, someone read the wrong number or someone marked the wrong space. whatever lah. i just have to send 11 more photos to be reprinted.

there goes my plan to watch another episode of greys anatomy.

sleep beckons. i have a mission tomorrow night. opps...i mean tonight- thursday. am pretty anxious about it. but can't tell you what it is yet. it might drive the luck away.

so till then. enjoy your holiday in penang and get yourself into the pool!!! that is the best exercise...not only for the baby.

xoxo....fellow blogger escape.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


discipline. discipline. and i think i am quite all right in that department.
made up my mind yesterday that i was going jogging, and jogging was what i did at around 6p.m. today at proton city park.
but i could not go far. damn! i intended to do 3 rounds at the lake, but i only managed two. the sun was still very high in the sky and there was nary a shade on the track. and those who know the track, you know how it can go uphill and downhill most of the way so the pace was kinda fast. it was grueling and punishing for this amateur. i think 2 rounds equals almost 2km. not too sure though. i hope to do the 3 rounds tomorrow. wonder if i will go alone again.

watched the movie precious. monique totally deserves her oscar for best supporting actress. you dun see monique there in that character. she was really a monstrous abusive mom.

next to my new obsession....well, maybe just for few days. i want to blame ern eik for telling me this. it is another way to spend your hard-earned money on rather unnecessary think. you tell me if it is necessary.
first, check out the pictures below.

the swoosh on the right chest is supposed to be in purple but the colour just does not show on this image.

the word ESCAPE is supposed to be in pink too...and again it does not show at the bottom of the hoodie

i lurve my nike air max 95....i put all the colours there and the word ESCAPE again is on the shoe below the swoosh. that is a total eye-catcher. i bet you won't miss that shoe on the feet. it is really striking...well, maybe some may call it ugly.

so you got what nike id is all about? it is all about customisation and personalisation. you can just choose the colours you want but not the design. the hoodie above is us$110 while the pair of shoes is us$160. they also have tee-shirt but i am not keen. they also cater to the european market but it is more expensive.
go and choose yours at http://nikeid.nike.com

now, whose help am i going to get?? but i dun think i am getting it this year. i dun need a pair of sneakers nor a hoodie now. maybe end of the year or next year. discipline!

out with the old, in with the new

i am talking about that ancient filling in my tooth if you were wandering what it is.
the visit to the dentist was a pleasant one. the dentist said, 'long time no see'. yeah, then i replied, 'i was supposed to come last year and i din.'
i booked myself for scaling and a check initially, but something with one of the teeth told me that i needed a filling too.
i could feel a chip on one of the lower molars. and i was right. the dentist called it a 'defracture' and told me that the piece of filling should be from my secondary years.
so off that piece came and i got a new filling. luckily it was not as painful as i anticipated. maybe because it was not that deep. i got a protective layer for free....whatever chemical that was.
then it continued with scaling. he actually asked me if i wanted to reschedule as he was concerned about me opening my mouth for another 20 mins. it was the least of my concern...i want to get it over and done with in one session.
scaling was more painful especially when it reached those sensitive parts near the gum. mine would be the lower front. it bleeds sometimes when i brush my teeth.
luckily my stomach was not making any noise....was worried that i would go hungry at that time because i only had my breakfast at 11a.m. today and din have any lunch before i go at 3p.m.
now i am hungry...it is almost 5p.m. i need to find something colourless to eat...something that will not stain my teeth, something that is not too hot and not too cold.
i am thinking of an apple but i need to take it out from the fridge first.

and i have told myself that i am going to jog no matter what later in the evening. so i guess that apple will have to wait. the dark clouds are moving nearer and i am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't pour soon.

so the amount spent at the dentist? rm75 for cleaning, rm65 for filling.
total=rm140. one free toothbrush and 2 tubes of small toothpaste courtesy of colgate.

Monday, March 15, 2010

bored? complain about badminton lah

did anyone stay up to watch leechong wei in england open yesterday?
i did...and i felt i have wasted my time staying up.
yes yes yes, i know he won....but he won it in a very ugly fashion.
the 20-year-old japanese was controlling the game from the first serve and i think lcw won because tago made mistakes. tago was the one who made most of the winning shots, not our datuk. what is wrong with this world champion? he is not playing like a no. 1. he was almost losing!

and did you guys see the replay of the last shot which made lcw shout and kneel down clinching his fists? am i the only one who thinks it is an out ball? well, they dun depend on tv replay to call the shot so you can't make a protest there.

i hope to see more of tago. that young man really have some guts, speed, coordination and fighting spirit. he will be playing for japan in their thomas cup finals in malaysia come may i think. i will be rooting for him....if he plays this way.

lcw played like separuh mati only. urrghh...seeing him makes my stomach churn. he is like a tightly wound spring which is all tangled up, unable to find that space to loosen up. no wonder i dun like to watch singles with him playing.

hmhh...all this free time in my hands gives me the freedom to complain. i dunno what to do at home. i have sent the photos to be developed and i will only be able to pick them up on wednesday. 890 pieces of them! tomorrow's the dentist visit- what for? i still dunno....scaling or filling? both are just as scary.
so what am i going to do tonight? 1 or 2 movies?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

screen queen

i am a total couch potato today.
after the i finished the sunday papers, it has been the screen that i am facing the whole day.
i did one episode of ugly betty. one episode of greys anatomy and 5 episodes of glee. the only reason why i am stopping now is because i am missing episode 10 of glee.
but soon the eyes will move to another bigger screen.
the all england badminton open is showing now but it is not the match i wanna watch. i am still waiting for lee chong wei to play his single final. i don't even know who the opponent is. i know lin dan was beaten by bao chunlai in the quarter. hah! now if lee chong wei wins, he can say- not that i dun wanna play lindan and win fair and square, it's just that i was not given a chance.
i hope lee wins.

oh, i also spent my time watching the screen selecting the photos i wanna develop. photos from hk, and photos from penang. luckily, there were not that many. so i am done with all the photos. they will be sent to the shop tomorrow and at night i am going to pick them up. tuesday will be photo sorting time. so i still have monday to glue my eyes on the screen. next, i am going to spend with all the movies i have yet to watch.

this is the week where i am going to just be lazy at home. oh, this reminds me, i better go to the dentist. it's been a while since the time i was supposed to go and din. what is it with dental visits? they are just the scariest appointments one can think of.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

a full morning

first day of one week break.
it is noon now and i feel FULL. the stomach is full and the brain is full too.
no apple for breakfast today because there just ain't any in the fridge. so it is carb instead- two pieces of toasts with a slice of cheese and a cup of coffee. i am satisfied. biting into the melting cheese is heavenly. one has to reward oneself from time to time.
the brain is also full with information now. breakfast is incomplete without newspaper. so there i was sitting at my regular place at home next to the window where the morning sun throws its warmth and lights. i need the chi to start the day but now it seems the body is already stuffed and it does not feel like moving at all.

this comes in the post. it is the first time esprit is issuing catalogues via mail. just when most companies are trying to save the earth by giving its members choices to subscribe via the web for their catalogues, esprit decides to print this big issue and post it to all their members in malaysia? we do get esprit updates online as well. is their business revenue dropping? one of the striped blazers caught my attention but the retail price is just a bit expensive (rm329.90). so let's wait for the sale shall we? haha....i do love esprit clothes as they are really comfortable and durable. my wardrobe has a lot of esprit and i wear them to work. i dun like their tees though. not unique enuf.

well, i better give myself a kick and start what i am supposed to do- editing photos!
since being appointed the head of photography club, i have been thinking of ways to make money so we can buy more equipment for the cameras or add another camera to the two we have.
selling a piece of photo for rm0.70 ain't getting me any profit at all considering the kind of editing work i have to do with each piece of photo. but seeing the happy faces of ppl going through their photos during sports practices, rehearsals and sports day makes my day. making ppl happy is a more important agenda. a lot of colleagues have been requesting for more candid shots of themselves but unfortunately there just weren't many. well, who would have thought that so many are so keen to get a hand of their own shots? the responses have been good. i guess everyone still wants shots of their memories printed on pieces of 4r paper. i know i do. i have all my photos on cds and in albums. flipping through albums is much more enriching than watching slide shows on the screen.

i love this candid shot....but i bet some kind of editing has been done to it looking at how the 2 characters really stood out in the photo. only the professional can do this and it depends on the equipment used to shoot this i think. i can't do this sort of editing so i just have to rely on good impulse and angles to shoot my photos.

ok...my eyes are going to be glued on the screen for some time still. those eye drops better be ready.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


i just had two pieces of oil-dripping fried chicken from kfc and now my eyes feel heavy.
but the afternoon heat is stopping me from taking a nap. i will just use the time i have to update the blog.

the craving for a piece of fried chicken has been for about one week now. i always have some kind of craving during pms period. women- how troublesome we are and how adorable at the same time. hahaha...are we?

yes, i know the two pieces of fried chicken are high in cholesterol and all things bad for the body, but when the craving has been a week long, why suffer. sometimes, there are things that you crave for only for a few hours or just a day. that you know can be forgotten easily. when it is for one week, go and reward yourself and forget about all the consequences. it makes you happier anyway.

i have been eating very little this week anyway and kinda healthy so this is a way of spoiling the body after the healthy streak. the choice of eating an apple for breakfast has been made into a routine now that i feel 'heavy' if i take something else. it is a good habit really and apple is labelled one of the 10 superfoods. i do feel 'cleaner' in the bowel and nope, i dun feel weak although i only have 1 apple in the morning. i grow up having bread for breakfast and the choice to change bread to apple takes quite some willpower to put into practice. but when you read and know more, you wl know what is good and bad for you. so at the end of the day, i think it is making a better choice for a better you.

don't fret, i haven't been starving myself when i said i had been eating little. it's just that my food caterer is still on her cny break and i will only get my food delivered to my house again next week. so in the meantime, i have been eating dragon fruit for dinner and some nuts. on thursday, dinner was a big bowl of ice-kacang and wafer biscuit (loacker). it's not bad at all. i feel happy when i feel light of course.

plus the frequent jogging sessions in the evening have helped in the detoxification process too. downing a lot of water is very necessary in the absurbly hot weather. i think i take more than 2l a day. thanks to my kaki joggers (well, they run while i jog), i do not have to run alone. i hope they will get to inculcate this healthy habit into their lifestyles for a long time to come.

to another matter now- holiday! i am itching to go for a holiday when i realised that i will be getting two weeks off work in september! there is the one week break, and then they are extending another week to extend the raya hols and to celebrate hari malaysia at the same time! we do really have the most holidays. so where do i want to go? i am thinking of visiting my cousin in new zealand and joining an adventure tour there! but who wanna go with me? glacier walk anybody? bungee jumping too. it is so difficult to find holiday kaki. a colleague has just said 'no'. she is saving for shanghai in nov. so one is out. i also dun really know who else to ask. cousins and siblings in australia??? do they have spring break at that time??? go check your calendar please!!!

if i dun get to go to nz, maybe i will join a tour to south korea. you do need the help of a guide in this country where english is not widely spoken. going to european countries will need too much cash and i am sure i cannot control my urge to shop there too. so going to nz or korea is quite safe on the pocket. so ANYONE????