Monday, August 31, 2009


ok...can't stop myself from talking about 1 malaysia although i am sick of it.
just read in the paper how one of the mca big shots said it will take us malaysians some getting used to the concept of 1 malaysia.
i will say bull shit to that.

in our hearts, we have always been at one with malaysia. when i was a kid, i remember playing every evening outside in the playground with kids from the neighbourhood. malay kids from the malay kampung and indian kids from the houses around the playground. who cares what race we are from? we had fun together challenging each other to jump from the monkey bars, we fought for our turns at the swings, we glided down the slides one after another and we played galah panjang on the badminton court.

in primary school, i went to a vernacular chinese school in standard one but later was moved to a national type school in standard two. i guess i have to thank my uncle for that suggestion. i made friends from difference races again and we all stayed as one when it came to games, bullying the teachers, playing truant, having our meals together in the class or canteen and competiting against each other in class and on the field. my two brothers went to vernacular school till standard six, but come secondary years, they had no problem adapting to friends of different races in national school. all 5 of us finished in the same secondary school and heck, all the teachers knew us or relate one to the other and compared us. well, we are very different but our teachers, be it chinese, malay or indian remember us. we did not discriminate our teachers nor our teachers us.

in my tertiary education years, i made friends from all over malaysia and i think i have more friends from the east. i love the togetherness we had as one group regardless of our skin colours. everyone had to eat the same lousy canteen food, everyone waited for the mcdonald delivery motorcyle, we partied together (well, i am not good one here) and everyone went on the same stage to receive the scroll after 6 years of more fun than toil, i believe. we still keep in touch with each other- from the east, the west, to some selected corners of the world.

do we question doubt or question the differences among us? frankly, no, NEVER. it never crosses my mind that you are an indian or a malay or a kadazan when i am talking to you. in my heart, you are all FRIENDS. and we share the same languages that include love, integrity, care, friendship, compassion and trust.

so can the politicians or policy makers stop hammering another nail to the already beautiful wall? sometimes, one nail is enough to hang a photo. when you take the nail out again with the excuse that it is already old and worn, the crack might worsen the situation and the picture might eventually fall and break. do not change something for the sake of showing ppl that you are doing something. sometimes, it is best left alone. continuous hammering will only show to others the flaws and remind ppl of the differences which they have never thought of.

we have always been one and we will always stay as one as long as we call ourselves malaysians.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the wild things

where the wild things are by martin sendak is one of the greatest picture books ever written (that's what all the sites say) and it is only 10 sentences long.
i only get to know about this book last sunday when they showed the trailer to the movie before the movie up.

curious, i decided to google it and voila, i found someone who actually read it and showed all the great illustrations on youtube. this was done like few minutes ago...too much time in hand...

and i thought, hey, it is one of my friends daughter's birthday all the way in england (that will be fely's nia) i dedicate this story to her. i hope the pics do not scare her.

and this movie trailer, i dedicate to all who love fantasy and yes, all who still have that wild thing in them. let's watch the movie when it is released ok.

so this will be me, in this tee shirt....ok..coincidence again. and yes, i am wearing this tee right now while typing this. cheers to wild thing.

food for merdeka

hello and good morning. this is the sight that greeted me when i got downstairs...or to be precise, before i even reached downstairs. his tail was wagging nonstop and he put his snout there in the door....just whiling the time away. he was in that position for a long time all of us stood in front of him and watched him. very cute indeed.

and now, let me present to you all my '1 malaysia meal'. well, call it coincident yeah, these are what i have today. a majmuk meal...memang muhibbah. what better way there is than to use food to wish the country a happy birthday.

although i dun have a flag flying in front of the house nor on the bonnet of my car, deep down i know i am still a malaysian. however, these few years, i have found it harder to express my love for her freely. everytime i thought of it, there is always a big boulder blocking the way.

we have been free for 52 years...but i think the freedom is only from colonialisation. but look closely- we are not totally free yet from racism, discrimination, prejudice and inequality.

we are celebrating the state that we are in but not merdeka in the total sense. i find it ironic that we have to shout merdeka every year when it comes to this date. yes, we know we are free from the british reign, but if the merdeka only means that, please reserve the cry. i will wish the country happy birthday instead of happy merdekaday.

anyway at least food does not discriminate the person who is eating. so i had roti canai for breakfast, lemang and rendang for lunch, and mom's cooking for dinner.

and for dessert, we have something imported- world class chocolate and rum and raisin. globalisation is part of merdeka right?
so there you have it, my dedication to the country on this day in this year.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

u stimulate me?

you know you are remembered in the holidays when you got an sms at 10p.m. from a 15-year-old boy asking:

is there such a thing like 'u're stimulating me'? ...........hahaha.....the brain starts to turn into another direction huh??

anyway the answer to that sms: that sounds so sexual .....well that was the first thing that came to yours truly's head.

response: oh my god...XXXX said that to me....
answer: maybe what she meant is motivating ha ha ha
response: said i was stimulant...oh my god, i hope she doesn't mean it....
answer: if you were the stimulant then that means you stimulate her. hahaha still funny
response: said i stimulated her feelings... O M G
answer:ok acc to dictionary, can mean to rouse to action or effort by encouragement or pressure. eg to stimulate his interest in maths. so i guess it is acceptable.
response: she says i excite her
answer: you excite her? wow. so is orgasm next? ok this is like going x rated dy
response: Holy Shit Miss the hell could you say that.... [now now nowadays already know what the O means ok.]
answer: haha it is a word right? well hope whatever stimulant you are to her will not turn emo or physical lah. spiritually still acceptable lol
response: ya la yala... we just misunderstood what she meant la
aswer: you better correct her. lucky you ha ha i still can't help laughing
response: frankly speaking...i myself find it funny too...haha
answer: so thank you for sharing

ok...i hope i dun sound like a sexual predator there. i am still laughing thinking of this 'sharing'. well, you know what kind of relationship i have with those kids then. they know i won't shut them up when they have questions. gosh, sometimes i can't even answer them but hey, at least i will check it out for them. at least my session is very lively and i dun talk to the wall. some colleagues envy me too for having them all preppy on the seats eager to listen to me. mua hahaha... they never know what is coming from me anyway.


ok this plate of lalas aka clams is dedicated to those in australia. i know how much you guys are missing this. who misses this the most?? jet or siew?? or yee??? i can smell it from upstairs. i think i want to be the last to have lunch today...let everyone get their share first, then i finish the rest and lick the plate clean. that way i am sure i will have the lion's share because everyone is so considerate and worried that those who eat last will not get any. wahahahahaha....

talking about siblings....i want to ask some opinions from my friends in sarawak and sabah. my siblings and cousins are planning a cousins trip next year in january. it will be almost 4 days and 3 nights and we are thinking of flying to the east. so there will be 7 of us in this trip. what can we do if we go to kuching or kota kinabalu??? is it easy to drive around and will we get lost?? is there any place we can stay for two or 3 nights with activities provided like maybe national park???

another option is a driving tour in peninsular malaysia....dunno whether to go north or go south.

red is for everyone

i can't help from posting this up. i am very bad....
it is about red lipstick.

"i feel confident and sexy with red lips," says local model XXXXXX. "however i rarely wear red lipstick in Malaysia because it is not a norm. i believe malaysians should stop catering to society's expectations and live up to their own. women should wear red lips if they want to. what better way to feel most womanly [than] with red lips," she says.

hmhh...she must not be wearing red lips when she is saying that. isn't she catering to society's expectations by saying the above???
and oh, i do wear red lips. but that lipstick nearing its end gotta get a new one.

shooting off target

omg....what did they ask in the second paper today??? being the lousy me who still could not get special privilege to be exempted, i had to sit for 2 papers today. the first one was ok...well, at least i think i know what they want in the 40 questions and answers lah.

as for the second, what did they ask in the first few pages?? they were all greek to me! couldn't understand the question, the answers pun...mana lah erti. those questions on computer application i can answer lah.
i give up man. so i have to prepare myself for remedial classes in november i guess. gosh, what kind of world is this. so demoralising.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

today's tasks- accomplished

today, i had 2 tasks.
first one- bring beanie to the vet.
second- go to a dentist.

so the first task started at 9a.m. on a bright morning. we got everyone together- mom, dad and uncle...all checked and ready to go. the muzzle was already in place and we set off. not one less. going one some super big mission.

when we arrived, the vet was having his bath, so we waited for a while and i went to get my newspaper.
inside this tiny office, was where the actions took place. sorry, no photo or video during the process, my hands and energy were needed. beanie was carried onto a table and everyone got into their positions. dad took hold of the hind legs. mom and i the front legs. uncle kam the neck and head. the vet, well he had to clean his infected ears using alcohol swab, putting ear-drops, performing 2 injections- one deworming and one anti-parasite.
phew...the dog only whined or kicked up a fuss when his ears were swabbed especially the infected one...poor doggiiee.....what to do...have to clean the pus. eww.... mom's arm was scratched when she accidentally let go of one leg. poooor mom too. we paid rm20 for the injections. cheap huh? i wonder how much they charge in those special vet clinics in kl.

doctor's instructions- go and buy antiseptic spray for his ears. but the question is, are we going to hold him down everytime we want to spray him?? so in the end, we din buy the spray. mom went to the pharmacy and asked, it costs more than rm40.
i guess next time no more hosing while bathing him. that might be how water got into his ear. how are we going to clean his ears??

ok....mission two started at 10a.m. we headed to dental clinic in menara manulife. this is the only dental clinic which uses the bicon implant system that uncle wants. i have made more than 20 calls yesterday and only this one gave me a positive answer.
so after much prodding and aaawwwwing and poking, they could do it for him...but wait....what is the price??? man....a whopping rm21k. tooth implants are no cheap deal i tell you. he needed 4 implants and 6 teeth. so he told them he was going to think about the price and call them later if he decided to do it. we said goodbye at 12 and reached home by 1.
now uncle is making call to his friend in australia to make an appointment with the dentist in shanghai. he will most prob go back to shanghai because it is like half the price quoted here. so now my task is complete. there is nothing else i can help.
ooohh....perhaps...bringing him for a meal at kfc. haha...actually he wanted to stop at kfc sg buloh rest area, but he only told me after we had passed on the way back. dun worry...will do it this week.

so that is my day. sigh....what am i going to do this evening and night?? read for the test tomorrow? i have no faith in their marking. so will only read so that i myself know more answers. whether i pass or not, depends whether i am lucky or not lah.

preparing to see the vet

a lot of heavings involved. i think his heartbeat accelerated by 100%. he could sense it already.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

calling for dentist

looks like my trip to kl for my own leisure and to go for some 'lunches' is in the bin.
i am busy looking for dentist for tooth implant...and i glad that i have finally found one that uses the system my uncle uses. a huge sigh of relief.
been spending the whole day in front of the pc going through list of dentists in kl and calling them one by one if they have that system. i have only found one....and it is at damansara heights, menara manulife. i dunno what kind of price they are going to charge but for consultation, it is normal lah around rm30-50. so that is where i am heading tomorrow.

on thursday have to go back to bidor for that stupid test in the morning...dun think i have mood to go anywhere else.
i din even register with lunch actually because i can't figure out when i will go down to kl next with these tasks to do (bring dog to the vet and get a dentist). talking about the vet, still can't get through him, might be in some farms attending to cattle and goats somewhere in the area. my uncle will not let me get away if i dun bring beanie to the vet this week.

ok now to lighter stuff...let me rejoice on the stuff i did 2 days ago with dad, cousin and wei.

we had our dinner at canton-i in one utama. dad said he wanted chinese food, so i checked the guides what restaurant they have and i found canton-i. i love it when i had it in sunway so i am sure dad would love their barbecue glazed pork.

so these are what we ordered: stir fried beef hor fun, plain congee (dad and en), prawn in cheong fun, black pepper udon, hk kailan, roasted pork (sooo crispy), bbq glazed pork and roasted duck. the bill came to rm107. my treat.

then we sent en back to her house and wei joined us for the movie. i tot he wanted to go back early for work on monday so i din ask him when i booked the tickets. anyway, it was quite a full house for this 3d show. many kids and young ppl. i think dad was the oldest in the hall.

well as for my 3d experience, it was nothing out of this world. some parts at the beginning was really good on 3d but later, it wasn't that obvious anymore. maybe it was not a very exciting movie (like things flying to you from the screen, etc) or maybe because we were seated right at the back of the cinema.

so here is dad posing for the camera with his 3d glasses on.
and look at what i have found?? i can't help comparing them. as soon as i see the poster of up, it reminded me of jason (a boy i met on a trip to beijing years ago and still keep in touch with). doesn't russell remind you of jason? or is it the other way round?? hmmh....jason has the same kinda voice too. and look, the same body shape and size too. hahaha....i sent jason a copy of the photo above, i wonder what his reaction would be. can't wait to get a reply from him.
oh the was funny, heart-warming too. and no subtitle, but dad could understand lah from his laughter. russell is really funny and those dogs too. i just dun like the death in the movie. no, it is not morbid or what, but it is a kid movie, why can't death be spared and turned into something comical as well? for me, that death just does not fit in.
ok...then we left the cinema at midnight and reached the airport at 1a.m. it was raining....the plane had already landed but we were made to wait another hour before we saw uncle coming out. sigh....they were delayed because of the rain. hey couldn't come out from the plane and just waited till the rain became lighter. dad and i was wondering if we got to the correct airport and i even called all the way to germany to confirm. i wonder how much that will come up in the phone bill. well, we finally reached home at 3.30a.m. and i got to bed at 4a.m.
so i guess this might just be the most exciting day of the week for me this holidays.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

up up up in 3d muahahahha

pooor dogggiiieee....
ok we have no choice. his ear infection is not getting better and wei has got some gel which might help him...but it has to be applied into his ear through a pump.
so we got the muzzle as well so we won't be bitten when we try to apply the gel.

and the mission?? FAIL big time! he kept on turning and twisting and wei alone was not strong enuf to hold him down. mom also helped but to no avail.
i am keeping my fingers crossed that uncle kam's arrival on monday is going to help us clean his ear. beanie will be soo excited to see uncle kam again. after all, he spoils him big time by letting him into the house and tickling and cuddling him.

so tomorrow, dad and i are going to fetch him at lcct...well more like monday morning. his flight arrives at 0050 on 24 august. at first he does not want anyone to go and fetch him. he said he would take the bus. but the thing is, we know that he is arriving and not go and pick him up? how is that possible? grandma would nag till the house comes down lah. dad said he would go but i have something else on my mind.

so i made a plan instead. tomorrow, i am going to go to kl in the evening, with dad of course. then we are going to have dinner with cousin en. i am going to buy dinner for dad and en. well, i owe dad a piece of steak (will still bring him to the olive in genting) and it is en's birthday today. so dinner's one me lah.
then after dinner, dad and i are going to watch UP (yippee yippee yippee) in 3D at 10p.m. en is not joining because she has to work on monday. this will be my first 3d movie. i hope they have subtitle in chinese to help dad understand better. he knows we are going to watch this animation.
after the movie, we will head to the airport. i think the timing will just be perfect.
i have to pay extra rm5 per person for the 3D show and i also bought twin seats for us. haha....wanna try mah. i have to pay extra rm2 per ticket for the twin seats. so all in all, i paid rm37 including rm1 booking fee. (10+26+1)
this will be my first movie for the break. more will be coming soon.

enzyme for health??

i think most ppl know the craze to make homemade enzyme now and of course it has not escaped from my house either. there is fruit enzyme that you can drink and of course there is waste fruit/vegetable enzyme which u use for cleaning purposes.
in my house, we have both.

mom had made a bottle of dragon fruit enzyme earlier and it is the one on the bottom left. if you care to google, there are so many blogs teaching you how to start your own enzyme and the benefits of drinking them. i have cut one out for your perusal. so all you need are fruits and brown sugar is better to use organic ones. have to tell mom this. do i really believe in this thing? well, as long as it does not harm the body and it better does all it promises to do, then why not? lol

so i tried drinking the dragon fruit enzyme for the first time today, it tasted like wine. it does have some alcohol content as it is in a way fermented sugar drink, so i guess it is not halal. it is not that bad. mom is drinking a tablespoon a day. with me planning to take it this week, i guess that bottle will not have much left by the end of the week.

anyway, mom started making the second jar today. this time it is lemon and apple slices enzyme. wonder what it takes like. so lets see if it does any good to us.

Dragon Fruit Enzyme (

Natural, pure and concentrated daily healthy drinks which made up of 21st century healthiest fruit- Red Dragon Fruit. No added artificial coloring, no preservative, no additive and 100% pure extract from quality red dragon fruit. Your first choice of healthy drinks!

Enzymes are a delicate life like substance found in all living cells whether animal or vegetable. Enzymes are energized protein molecules necessary for life. They catalyze and regulate nearly all biochemical reactions that occur within the human body. If serious enzyme deficiency could lead to organ function disruption, could not support the metabolism of our body, resulting in unhealthy life, illness or death. In fact, even you have consumed enough of vitamins, minerals, water and proteins, without sufficient enzymes, those nutrients will not be able to function properly. As a result, our health will suffer.

Metabolic Enzymes will help the body break down the old cells and generate new cells, facilitate elimination of toxins from the colon, kidney, liver and skin, coagulate blood in order to stop bleeding and etc. Metabolic enzymes speed up the chemical reaction within the cells for detoxification and energy production. They enable us to see, hear, feel, move and think.
* Enzymes are fundamental to all life. Enzymes are the natural elements for our body to keep a healthy life. The late Dr. Humbart Santillo, a physician and a pioneer in enzyme research, said that A light bulb can only light up when you put an electric current through. The same situation exists. Our body structure is like a light bulb and enzyme is like an electric current. Without enzyme, we would be just like a light bulb, a physical object without

Major Benefits:

(1) Improve cell metabolism

(2) Prevent aging and enhance one's beauty

(3) Increase amino acids in the body

The benefits of Dragon Fruit Enzyme are as follows:

(1) Improving and strengthening our body condition

- Improves liver function, alcohol drinker can see the effects instantly
- Improves and strengthens the digestive system
- Normalizing blood sugar level
- Accelerating cell metabolism
- Slowing down fat formation in the body organs and tissues
- Diminishing bad cholesterol and effectively regulating high blood pressure
- Strengthening the immune system
- Rejuvenating and reducing tiredness
- Increasing platelet production and helping to prevent bleeding

(2) An excellent beauty care and anti-aging product

- Rich in phosphorus
- It helps in the growth of cell membrane, brightens the eyes makes the
skin fairer and smoother, prevent age spots or stop them from forming
- Anti-oxidization, anti-free radical and anti-aging

(3) Dragon fruit enzyme health drink increases amino acids

wahahaha....what is the point of all those healthy drinks when you have mooncakes and cakes lying at home?? although mid-autumn festival is more than one month away (3/10), mooncakes advertisements are already aplenty. mom got me my favourite cheap mooncakes. although i like expensive stuff but when it comes to mooncakes, the cheap ones are the best.

my favourites are red bean paste and green bean paste. and you can only get these from the market. no fancy packaging or individual packing. choose how many you want, then all will go into one plastic bag. and the best thing is, it is only rm2 for one. eh, the price has increased ok. it used to be rm1.50 only last year. i can finish one whole mooncake a day. but i am telling myself to control it lah. have to be health-conscious. so today, i had 3 quarters of the whole mooncake. muahahaha....not one whole mooncake yet mah.


ok...thursday night, we had a dinner organised by the board of directors. it is an annual kinda thing but only one race is involved- chinese. sorry lah, i am in a chinese workplace and most of our funds come from the board.
we had it in a restaurant and this time they even invited datuk seri ong ka chuan, mp for tm area. well, the ppl here kinda like him. he even made it for our sports day. so that day, he came, he gave a speech, stayed till the end of the dinner and sang a song. you know they will definitely have karaoke session during the dinner. one of my colleagues were invited to go on stage too and she even brought her own cd. well, one has to be prepared.

so this is my ensemble for that night. that piece of dress there is supposed to be the highlight lah, but mana tau, when i cropped the dress and then put it together with the rest of the accessories in the collage, it has become so insignificant. anyway, what i am trying to say here is- i looked great. muahahaha. new hair colour (hmmh..i think it is similar to the colour of the mulberry leather bag lol) and a new hair style, a few inches taller in a flowy dress...what is there to lose? even the boss said that i looked good when i care to put some effort. ouch...she said that to another colleague and not to me. when i told mom, mom said, 'she thinks you are that bad meh?' hehe...

instead of sitting down in my great ensemble, i got to parade my stuff too. lol. i was one of the 'lucky' ones whose number was called in the lucky draw. 'lucky' because no one actually wanted to be called for that number as the above was what i got. inside the box, you get- light soy sauce, sour prune sauce, chilli sauce, bean sauce, oyster sauce and charsiew sauce. well better than nothing lah. so there i was walking up to the stage in front from the back of the restaurant...hmmh...was keeping my fingers crossed that the pair of heels was not going to suddenly become loose and drop off my feet. there will be no prince charming to pick it up for me that i am sure.

a colleague of mine got a 2 days 1 night package to my gopeng resort but he exchanged it for a stand fan. aargghh....that package is worth about rm200 and the fan is less than rm100. really wanna give him a hard knock on the head. he said, 'i dun go to these places.' everyone shook their heads when they heard what he did. well from my workplace, only 4 ppl including yours truly were lucky enuf to make it to the stage. another lady colleague also got the same set as mine and a male colleague got my gopeng resort package too. lucky them. other prices were hampers, blender, more fans and more gopeng packages.

so this is one of the occasions in a small town when yours truly can play dress up. imagine, my life is sooo dull that i have to use my beloved mulberry bag for the first time here...well, i am sure ppl dunno what i am using lah. it is more of personal satisfaction. but i love that bag! the smell of leather, ooh...heaven.

secret recipe opens here

ok. in the mood to blog now. let's start with something light.
secret recipe has opened in tm today. i think today is the official opening day. it is situated on the trunk road if you are on the way to ipoh, on the left. right after the indian temple and somewhere near tmpoint shop.

so today in the paper, they distribute this voucher- buy a cup of coffee and free a slice of brownie. i wonder which is more expensive, the brownie or the coffee. stupid question huh. it is valid till end of october...but i dun think will use it. might go and check it out one of these days. heard something from colleagues how cakes are not good for us...well, i will just have to play a deaf ear when i am there. she said something about our body not being able to process or break down those dough when it goes in, hence it is not good. those talks are really useful sometimes.

we have a new shop selling organic stuff in bidor now and they give food and diet advice and counselling too. i heard that using the ceiling fan is not good and of course airconditioner is a big no-no. if you want to use fan, choose a stand fan instead. dun let those ceiling fan air beat onto your chest when you sleep.

this is the postcard from postcrossing this week. the poor sender has to send me a second card because the first one din reach me. i have stopped posting for a while. the reason being i can't find any postcard in tm. ran out of stock already. so i better get my stock when i go to kl. have to remind myself not to forget.

a week to nap

been feeling rather lethargic these few days. hence you dun see any updates from me. just too lazy to post anything up.
the sky is totally dark outside although it is only 2 in the afternoon.
the one week break has started and i dun have any activity or plan. all i know is, i have to make myself go back to bidor on thursday for the test. sigh...bilalah nak dapat band 4? and shall i study for that? those who din study, get the promotion, those who read the book 6 months before still got the same result. how fair is it?

the cpu at home is making its way into the workshop. so dun even feel like spending a long time in front of the notebook since it heats up easily. no movies to watch. damn! i have just got a few more movies into the cpu last week. all wasted.

wanna go to nap again. i am just going to take as much nap as i can this week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

clothes for your kids

i am doing some promo for a friend here.
those readers with kids can go to this website
to buy some nice skirts, blouses or tees for your kids.

if you are curious, it belongs to yunli's sis. i have checked the site myself. those clothes there are really cheap and nice. if only she has for adults. hahaha....
so go spoil your kids without breaking a big hole in your wallet.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

shoot me

was complaining that i would have a boring saturday...and of course, a boring saturday was what i had.
woke up at 9 and finished reading morning paper at 11. decided to do some marking but found those town council workers moving the lawn outside too noisy for me to sit down and concentrate. thus, i decided to check the computer for those downloads. voila, the hangover was done. thought i only wanted to check out to see the quality of the download, but my butt refused to reach the chair and i told myself, 'marking later'.
so finished watching the movie...and boy, some of the parts were really funny. but i think it is more of a guy movie thing.
then lunch. next continue marking? well, the tvs upstairs and downstairs were turned another reason i couldn't carry out my work. yes, it is a valid reason because i am the kind who cannot work and concentrate with disruptions around me.
so decided to take a nap...but failed. see, i dun nap and it is not a habit of mine. but i managed to waste another hour.
so marking started like late in the afternoon. and boy was i fast. expert bah. by nightfall, i have finished all that i wanted to mark. then i had a group of kids to attend to from 8 to 10.
at 10, started brushing my teeth and decided to catch gladiator on tv2. it was my first time watching the movie and it was good. like it. the movie ended at around 1a.m. and that ended my saturday. what a day huh....
and it is with sadness that i realised i have no friends. sigh. colleagues are colleagues. friends from my school days are all in kl and they have their own life and new friends. college mates...all over the world. i need to get new friends. friends i can meet. friends i can hang out with.

a friend of mine (well, i do have those that i can still see online) suggested those social service, i.e. dating sites. he suggested lunchactually because his friends have met great ppl there. well, shall i? hehe...go to kl, have lunches....but join lunchactually, u have to pay and u have to be screened first before you are accepted. so what if i am not good enuf? that will be a super blow to the ego right? i wonder how much they charge? hmmh...all these might just be empty talk on my side. doing this alone is definitely very hard kan. what has happened to old fashion romance where boy meets girl...or in my case woman meets man?? where is cupid when you need him???

Thursday, August 13, 2009

curry for a rainy day?

thought i just wanna whet my appetite again on this rainy day.
it started raining in the morning and now at 11a.m. i still feel the chill.

the pic above shows my lunch yesterday. a colleague of mine gave it to me on tuesday night actually but i already had my dinner then. i saved it for wed and boy, i was only thinking about the bowl of curry noodles in the fridge the whole day at work.
it was really those you can buy in shop. better actually because it came with vege, prawns, char siew, chicken and fish ball.
i am so lucky to have generous colleagues ;)
and today i got a sausage and mushroom bun too when i complained of starvation mid morning.

i better repay their kind deeds.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

remember hand reflexology???

aunt called all the way from germany on sunday and told me that it worked for her.
her problem is also insomniac and by pressing point 4, she has managed to get her sleep earlier.
now, i have also taught grandma the technique and hope that she can get some sleep or longer sleep. you know the problem with old ppl, once they wake up in the middle of the night, they can't go back to sleep anymore. will have to check the progress when i go back this weekend.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

poser....i dunno that dogs like basking in the sun. he only did this for less than a minute. and as soon as i opened the door, he quickly got up and ran away.
i think some ticks or fleas have made their ways into his left ear again. sigh...he kept shaking his head to get rid of the itch. can see red bitten signs behind his ears too. hope those blood suckers will die fast. he won't let us touch his ear. i dun wanna get bitten again.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

let's drink

ok so there is no blanket ban for the sale of alcohol in selangor but 'guidelines' will be given instead.
haiz...all these hullabaloos.
i like one reader who smsed to the star and wrote 'alcohol does not look for ppl, it is ppl who look for alcohol'. i can't help but to agree with that.

so is the state government going to check where ppl are going to next?
e.g. countries that you are not encouraged to visit due to the easy availability of alcohol: germany where ppl drink beer more than water. england where you can find a pub in almost every corner. america where a pack of beer at a game is a must. ireland where stout is a celebrated drink. blah blah...

are they going to stop ppl who drink alcoholic drink in public places soon?? beer is one of the easiest to cool you down on a hot day. aahh...i still remember that cooling can of special brew i had at one of the malls in the trip to melaka few months ago after walking in the hot sun for hours. i dun really love beer but once in a while does no harm.

i spy...

it is saturday and i am blowing my nose non-stop again. i hate it.
saturday is meant to be a day when you can sleep till the sun shines into the room and take everything slowly.
but for yours truly, her saturday starts at 8a.m. what to is business. sigh. i am glad the next one is only coming at 4.30p.m. so that is quite a long break. next week will be a non-runny nose weekend i hope. class cancelled. yahoo! so what am i going to do?
either i go scaling (teeth) or go isetan to get my cash vouchers and do some shopping. i wonder whether miss mathew is in kl next saturday. will be good to meet up.

today's runny nose comes because i slept around 1 a.m. last night. was supposed to go to bed by 11 but as i was surfing aimlessly, i checked my blog's tracklist at nuffnang. so i found ppl who found their way to my blog through theirs. boy i was kinda surprised. looks like my blog has found their way to the kids at work too. a few of them even listed it in their blogroll. one even have my real name. gosh...have to tell her to amend it. still wanna ESCAPE. but they have been keeping quiet (well, no one asked me about anything i wrote here) about it so my tales here will still remain in the cyber world i hope.

that led me to read some other teenagers blog on their list too and gosh...those young adults are really pouring their hearts out and showing their love for the camera for all to see (using camwhoring will make me sound mean. lol). i felt like i was prying into their private lives and there was a tinge of guilt in me. but hey, they are public. and hence, i lacked sleep and am now blowing my nose nonstop. serves me right for prying. but it was an interesting update.

Friday, August 07, 2009

computer attack fear and distress in the previous posts have all been forgotten now....err..almost lah.

my brother in australia told me a shortcut to make my cpu forget all about the problems and restart anew. he told me to unplug the power plug from the cpu which i did and yippee...i managed to run the cpu again. however, there is an error message which came up. i just left it at that. now the pc is being defragmented and it can take hours. i am not a computer wizard so i dun really know the whole business of defragmenting. it is supposed to improve the whole system performance. i am keeping my fingers crossed that when i check the pc the next morning, it will be in tip-top condition.
but it might be a sign that i need to do some cleaning on the inside of the cpu. it has not been cleaned since i bought it.

ok on to another matter now. i went to pizza hut to collect my cash voucher. i was running errands around town, so what the heck, why waste rm5. after all i can always give it to someone else. it is valid for one year. keep as a 'souvenir' also not a bad idea.
and i saw the same shift manager who served me last week. hmmh...menyampah. she saw me also macam din see me. apatah lagi when she knew the reason i was there. only the chap who gave me the coupon was really apologetic and he apologised. but you know what, they din ask for my name or id to see that i am that person. i just said i was there to see the manager about some coupon business and was told to do so by so-and-so from the headoffice. the manager was out, so this chap layan me and i guess he called the headoffice. next time i can pretend again lah. hahahah...i din have to sign anything.

ok more postcards this week. granma is astonished why i keep getting postcards. but i think she is enjoying seeing the postcards too lah. they do come from all over the world.
from china, the sender works in the forestry bureau in fujian.

this is from japan.

the postcard says it all. do they really have such a big troop for the changing of guard? and the band??? i din see this when i was there. seeing this postcard brings me back to that almost one year in england again. gosh, it was good to earn some pounds.
omg....the thought of losing EVERYTHING in the computer is driving me berserk.
photos...oh my precious photos. luckily i have put those taken last year including my europe's hols in cd. and i have recently gone to develop those photos taken this year until july. but no soft copy. waa!!!
and those movies i haven't watched.
the softwares which i will have to download again.
what else ah? i guess i only use the computer to go online and not for work. wakakaka....

i am keeping my fingers crossed that the technician i am going to will be a good and reliable one. got one recommendation from ern eik. i dunno who else to ask. something has to be done right.
still can't believe it. the pc is only around 2 years old!!
i am sosoosooo depressed to write.
the home pc is kaput. cannot even be switched on. i can only hear beeping sound. i read the operating manual that if there is beeping that means the problem is with the motherboard.
wahahahahah!!! i wanna cry buckets.
luckily i still have this notebook from work and i unplug the modem from the pc and that is how i get my connection.
have to send the cpu to the technician tomorrow. i dun even know where to send it to. have to do a lot of asking tonight.
have lingered too long in front of the pc, gosh, time to feed the dog.
very depressed......................

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

hand reflexology

i read this from female august edition and i actually tried it. i am desperate to get some sleep you see. so which point did i press?? no. 4 of course.
first time i really pressed it hard and i could fell those nerves being jolted and messages being transmitted to the brain. ouch. too eager i guess. but it worked hahaa...i managed to get few hours of undisturbed sleep and woke up fresh.
it works the same as foot reflexology. but just be careful and not press too hard. you dunno what kind of other nerves you are pressing on. doing it on the hand is easier as it is so accessible and easy. i am going to massage point no 7 today. the shoulders are really stiff from sitting too long in front of the computer keying in marks. this week at work is kinda stressed too.

  1. if you suffer form indigestion or constipation, massage your palm in a clockwise direction.
  2. for menstrual cramps, massage the area on the palm below your middle finger in a clockwise direction.
  3. for a quick pick-me-up on tired days, dig a nail into the middle of your finger tips.
  4. to improve insomnia, press down on the sides of your middle finger's top section.
  5. to ease a headache, gently massage the knobs on the back of your hand.
  6. if you have backache, use your thumb to press the back of your hand under your middle finger in a downward direction.
  7. getting a shoulder ache from lobbing that it bag around? rub these sections on the back of your hand.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

i got THE CALL

pizza update....
i got the call....very fast eh. complaint sent in on saturday night, monday afternoon i got the call from the head office. actually it is expected kan from the previous experience?

so what the person on the line said? of course first came the apology...but he did not seem very apologetic. a bit overzealous about how they din expect the business to be so fast in the new outlet in tm. my reply when he said that was, "didn't you all do an area survey first before you start an outlet?" duh....
he also said that the outlet was too small for the crowd...yeah...on the other hand, i have heard complaints of ppl waiting for 30 minutes before they were served by the waiter on friday night. so if the restaurant is big, can they keep up as well???

so in the end is there any compensation for me...not that i care ah.
he offered me rm5 complimentary voucher! you read that right- freaking RM5!!! how generous of them. puke. and i have to go back to the outlet to collect it from the manager and mention my name. i dun feel like going just for that. what can i get with 5 miserly ringgit??
anyone wants to go on my behalf?? that coupon will be yours. just tell me first before you go and i can teach you how to do it.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

heavy on the stomach

i can't believe the amount of food and the varieties i have stuffed into my stomach just this weekend. what is wrong with me? is weekend at home meant to be a feast for the stomach??

ok fingers crossed, i am sure it is only this week.

i thought i was going to have an apple and a cup of coffee for breakfast this morning. but mana tau, when i went into the kitchen i saw these- arranged neatly in the pizza box. man all those carbs and dough...but how can i resist?? so i had those dough fritters and a 'ham chim peng' (deep fried cinnamon dough??)...haha..i dunno what you call them in another language together with my cup of coffee. burp. i wonder how long the dough will stay in my tummy before they are finally digested.

next up....this is now. still there downstairs. we are celebrating our deceased great-grandmother's birthday today. she of course we have to prepare a feast for her as well. i am totally spoilt for choice. frankly, i really cannot put anything else in my tummy now after the heavy breakfast. will pack some to bring back to bidor and have some for dinner.

first row: meatballs and mushrooms. steam mung beans kuih. stewed trotters and eggs. fried wantan.
second row: lotus roots and bones soup. fried fish. yam cakes. steamed char siew paus.
third row: 2 bowls of rice, chopsticks and spoons for 'friends' of my ggrandmother. fried noodles. steamed chicken. tiger stripe roll.

is your mouth drooling??

and now some beanie update.

his ears are kinda 'infected' again. gosh, dog's ears are really sensitive. i could see dry skins peeling and that was when he tried to bite me. waa...sakit nya. i tried to pull my hand back and that was when the back of the hand hit the metal grill. he had no intention to bite but merely to defer me. we really have to get something for those ears.

well, it is the end of the weekend. i hope weekdays will see me with less food and plainer choices.

it is all about balance. 2 days of heavy eating and 5 days of light ones. i hope i can keep to that. but one thing for sure, breakfast will be an apple and a cup of coffee on weekdays.
oh before i forget. this is the pizza hut outlet and the ppl milling outside waiting for their takeaway orders. business is really brisk right?? what an ugly sight. urrggh....i will always remember my bad experiences at their outlets.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

i ain't going to any pizza hut no more

why me? i think what i vouch above will be true. i will not go to pizza hut outlet anymore. 2 back to back visits have been horrible. and i have just finished filling the feedback form on their website. hmmh...i need to let the steam go. my previous visit was also a bad one, remember?

ok this is what i wrote....and wow...i can't believe that it is sooo long. one has to give all the details right.

congratulations pizza hut on opening another new outlet in tm. if i am not wrong, it was just opened last sunday.
my visit today is the first. it was for a takeaway.
as printed on the receipt, i placed my order at 1849 and it was completed at 1850. i ordered a chicken supreme and island supreme. the person serving me was the shift manager nxxxxxxx or the name on the till was nxxx.
i was told to wait 20 mins for my order.
hence i came back to the restaurant at 1811. i saw that those before me were still waiting outside so i knew my order wasn't ready yet.
when ppl in the queue before me earlier started taking their takeaway food, i knew soon it would be my turn.
however, when the lady in front of me had left with her order after 10 mins and i was still left there standing, i knew something was wrong.
hence i went in front of the counter. i was told to wait further without anyone checking my order.
when another miss l was called and it was not me, i decided to check her receipt. the time printed on the other person's receipt was 1900. that means, she had actually placed her order 10 mins after mine and at that moment she was already taking her food.
i confronted the shift manager about this and only then did she take my receipt to the kitchen to check.
she came back within seconds telling me that my chicken supreme pizza was burnt and i would only get my island supreme. would i like to wait or get my money back? the time was 1940 already then.
there was no apology and come on, my pizza was burnt?? that was the lamest excuse i have ever heard coming from pizza hut.
i decided to take my money back because i could not afford to wait any longer. i had been out for almost 1 hour just trying to get 2 pizzas!!!

saturday is definitely the busiest time for pizza hut in tm because of the night market. but making a customer wait for 1 hour and not getting what she ordered is a no-no.
i hope there would be a better system for handling your takeaway orders instead of us waiting for our names to be called. may i suggest using an electronic number system whereby the order being served at the moment is displayed on the board.

this outlet is really small and the customers waiting outside crowding the door and the counter makes it a mess. i have the photo to show if you want to see.
i am definitely disappointed. it is not my intention to pick up your mistakes but unfortunately, my two back to back visit to pizza hut has been bad. i am sure you can find another of my feedback done earlier this year in your database.

ok steam sudah hilang. the photo is still in wei's handphone. will post it tomorrow.
what do you think they will do this time???

rumrum yumyum

food again...well, why not. the appointment to the dentist was cancelled because of a flu i woke up with.
the night started being too hot and when the aircond was switched on, too cold. so i woke up at 7.30a.m. for my 8a.m. class (dang, so early right? and on a saturday!) with a big sneeze.
the nose is still running now but the sneezing has stopped.
so there was no way i was going to sit on that dentist chair for my scaling. called to cancel the appointment without rescheduling. i dunno if i would wake up with another flu next saturday. so just let it be first.
and since i dun have to go, i can just eat whatever i want. hahaha...happy lah.

i told my housemate who went to langkawi for 2 weeks for a course to get me this. u dun usually find this in the store. love those raisins and sweet rum.
i am the only one who has attacked the 2 tubs here. rum and raisin ( of course) and world class chocolate. 5 of us went to the baskin robbins outlet along tapah highway and 5 of us also got world class chocolate. it is very smooth and not as sweet as chocolate or royal mousse choc.
anyway, bro is back and i have told dad about the ice-cream this morning. so i guess it is their turns. i just had some rum and raisin before noon. i am going to have choc later. must balance the portion. how can eat one and not the other. unfair to choc.