Sunday, February 27, 2011

feeling like ke-dollar_sign-ha

can you guess who ke-dollar_sign-ha is????

hahahaa....i learnt this from watching glee today. this is how the principal pronounced ke$ha's name.

yup and that is how i feel right now...instead of like katy perry.

tried 3 of the nail lacquer colours i bought and this is the result:
this green matte is on the toenails and i felt like shrek after putting it on. the matte effect is really there. it is very powdery and looks cakey. imagine if they have it in neon colours and can glow in the dark?? they should have all the lacquers in matte in neon colours.

next up- the finger nails.
this is katy perry's last friday night. it is not as blue as expected but the glitters do come in larger quantity than those cheaper lacquers. i have put 2 layers here.

and this is after i put on black shatter. wakakakaka.....what do you think of the effect??? cool huh? so you think i should feel like ke$ha or katy perry???? katy perry reminds me of all candy colours. this is kinda 'thrashy' to me but in a cool way.

excuse the beads of sweat on my hand. it is a hot day.

the texture of black shatter is thicker and not as fluid as normal nail lacquer. the effect comes almost immediately and it dries fast too. when it is dry, it leaves a matte effect. but i put another layer of nail strengthener on top so it glosses now.

it is quite tricky putting on black shatter as it does not glide smoothly on the nail. i listen to my friend's advice of only putting a thin layer and according to her, i can play with the brush strokes too- vertical, horizontal, criss-cross,etc. then the shatter effect will be different.

now i am wondering how long they can last on the nails.

oh how i wish all these pieces are in english pounds instead. i am almost all set for my trip to yogjakarta come march 15. i have 1 million and 700 thousands there (rm600 only). should be enough for 3 full-day trip.

so so, anyone gonna try shatter and share here???

Saturday, February 26, 2011

colour my nails

yippee!!! new nail polish is here!! i just placed my orders on tuesday, and the package arrived all the way from kuching on thursday. is that fast or what??
you want yours too?? go to
i get no commission from doing's just that i am happy with the service and the prices offered make me happy too.

the colours from left to right are: gargantuan green grape matte (matte collection), fiercely fiona (from shrek collection), last friday night and black shatter (from katy perry collection) and dulce de leche and 2 bottles of mini nail strengthener for my cousin and her friend.

can't wait to try them on.
the matte nail polish sounds like trouble. according to the small piece of instruction given- matte by opi does not wear as long as original nail lacquer. do not use base coat, top coat, drying products or hand lotion when wearing matte. do an all matte nail.
waaa...i think i am colouring my toe nails with this instead. yup, that is the plan.

the fingernails will have katy perry's collection. i hope the results are good enough for me to show them here.

my cousin and i are wishing that my sister is here with us now!!! i don't get the nail polish thing without her. she was the one who started it, buying all the nail polish and emery board and stuff. without her, i don't think i would ever start using nail polish. we are hoping that the next time she comes back, she will 'invest' in some nail lacquers and will share with us. muahahaha. i wonder if she is colouring her nails over there.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

to rice or not to rice?

it had been a very tiring week with all books coming in and so many side activities to take care of. i really feel the strain everyday at the end of the day. sometimes, before it hits evening, the brain seems to have lost so many cells that it wants to shut down.
and all the burden is not only in the workload.
the diet too has gone on the heavier side.

nowadays, lunch is at the canteen-rice accompanied by 3 dishes.
and at night, i was force-fed with more rice. as shown in the evidence below.
it was brought to my house and i was warned to finish every grain. well, to show my gratitude and appreciation, of course i finished everything.
now i am feeling all the guilt and remorse of eating so much rice!!! i don't want to eat rice!!! i can feel the tummy and hip area getting fleshier. oh no!

personally, i dun think i can get a lot of nutrients from eating rice. try googling the benefits of eating rice and i tell you, you don't really find a lot of useful information.
in one of the articles i find, it says that rice is a good course of complex carbohydrate and a good source of protein alternative for meat in a vegetarian diet.
ok....i don't need more carbohydate in my life and i am not on a vegetarian diet.
more information- rice helps in the proliferation of healthy bacteria thus helping in good bowel movement. but we are already eating fruits and vegetables right? so we do get our fibres for the bowel movement.
so my point is (personal view)- i don't see any benefit in eating rice.
i am going to insist on taking less rice starting from tomorrow. even mom and grandma at home do not talk about my habit of not eating rice with the cooked dishes.

the canteen operator usually gives me more rice than i can finish. what a waste. i have told her countless times to reduce the amount.
am considering bringing my tiffin carrier to the canteen so i can just order take-away....and then divide that 1 meal into 2 meals- lunch and dinner so i can reduce the amount of food intake. i think it is not a bad idea.

my discipline to jog need to come back as well!!! the target is to lose 2 kilos!!! and these are the 2 kilos i have put on mind you. damn!

some news from home.
grandma has been walking with the aid of a walking stick orginally bought for grandpa since the chinese new year.
when i see her this weekend, she is much better and more energetic. her speech is loud and clear and not slurry. so thank god.

the weather has been hot too so does that contribute to their health? they were always complaining of cold when the rain come, so the hot weather is normal weather to their bodies i guess.

but to us, gosh, it is so hot even at night. can't sleep without the aircond on but the damn aircond at home here is so noisy. i wonder why my aunt did not complain about it. anyway, hope mom will call someone to check it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a 'nutritious' day

so have your waistline expanded over the chinese new year break??

well, i think mine is still the same but after today, i might find the skirt for work tomorrow a bit tight. i better stay safe with expandable rubber waist line for these few days.

anyway, i had my first yeesang this cny- today, well better late than never. went to a retired ex-colleague's house and had a feast there.

we had raw fish and fruits yee sang. the plate was obviously too small, and with all the tossing with chopsticks, it was necessary to use that wok as the base instead. all the ingredients were tossed and they still remained in the wok. the ingredients were very fresh because we only bought this morning from a restaurant in bidor which prepared their own.
fried meatball from kampar.

the ever generous host prepared durian for us. according to the lorry driver, the durians were from bidor ;8. i think they don't come cheap as they are charged according to weight.

well, the pulps do not look that appetising kan? they are rather small in size and thin. but luckily there was one durian which produced thick, creamy and bitter pulps. those finished really fast.

and if yeesang and durian did not make you full, we went out for lunch at a restaurant in tapah too. had few dishes and 2 plates of fried noodles. need i still take dinner??

thank god for the good weather and i managed to go for a 30-minute walk. i could not jog for sure because i was still burping durian at 6p.m. luckily i managed a jog yesterday. phew! less guilty. can't be lazy this week.

dinner time?? i actually planned to just have a cup of drink and maybe a slice of bread, but NO, the kid (carmen la) refused to let me have that for dinner.

fyi, i had been having bread with dried duck meat every weekday last week since the caterer stopped catering ;(. and this week, i also brought back 4 slices of dried duck meat to last me for the week at dinner time. ok, roll your eyes.

had to finish those meat one way or another, so why not? and i don't have to think much about dinner. convenient right? but i will have to start thinking hard because there will be no more dried meat next week. what's for dinner??

anyway, i had dinner, and a scrumptiously wholesome one.
specially delivered to my house at 7p.m. by dear carmen- white rice with fried egg, sweet and sour pork and tomato and vegetable. i had to promise to finish everything including every grain of rice. since she went through so much trouble, i had to fulfil the promise loh.

this is what i will have tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. one extra piece of dried duck meat will go to my colleagues who said they have never tried it before.

i definitely need some supplements to make up of all those lost nutrients in my body kan??

anyway, something for the soul now. read about these 2 books in the star paper. don't worry, there are more pictured than words in the books and the pictures are really amazing. don't trust me?? click the two links and be amazed.

happy reading!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

cookies and post

more cny cookies....and these are goodies i got from parents of the kids. nom nom nom
did not have any kuih kapit at all in tm and i finally got a big biscuit tin full of it! hahaha....i love this thick type instead of the thin one as i feel that the thin one has more coconut milk which i don't like. well, i guess it is all in the mind anyway.

fortune cookies. i am going to have lots of luck with these 2 boxes. ong ah!

crispy and thin almond biscuits. brought the others back because i don't really like groundnuts but dad loves them.

this came in the post yesterday all the way from sabah. even the kids agree that the card is not ordinary. check out all the kites of all the chinese zodiac animals. thanks fil.

this also came from johor. yunli can't help herself from sending me these for the coming trip in may/june. many places to see and so few days! and not enough $$$. i have so much homework to do! but these guidebooks will definitely enhance the trip.

i love nail polish

do i give you the impression that i am all for non-girly stuff??
a friend teased me when i posted that i was looking for nail polish on fb. and this is a friend i have known since primary school!
this photo was taken by cousin on cny's eve when both of us painted our nails in preparation for the new year. hahaaha....
i seriously need to keep my nails longer if i want to pain them right? one can't help from noticing the fingertips being painted at the same time as well.
i need some patience woi! i do salute those people who have to do washing and yet can still keep their nails long. how in the world do they do that??

a girly friend (all bows and pastels) from singapore shared a link with me- and i am definitely going to buy some nail polish from them. opi for rm33? can you find me a cheaper price? unfortunately, they do not have black shatter too. boohoooo!!! i want black shatter so desperately!

is anyone interested in some nail polish? do i really want to get 5 bottles in order to qualify for free shipping?? (rm150 and above) when will i finish using them?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

i want black shatter!!

oh, i so want the black shatter nail polish. no, in fact i want the whole katy perry set from opi. i am hooked by opi since i started using one of their nail polishes.
gosh, but it is so expensive here in malaysia. shall i get someone to get the whole set for me from the states?? i wonder how much it is selling for in the states. anyone???

Thursday, February 10, 2011

happy jade emperor day

it is the 8th day of chinese new year now, and tomorrow the hokkiens will celebrate their new year. the 9th day is also known as the jade emperor's day so do not be surprised if you are waken up by the sound of exploding firecrackers as midnight approach today.

and it also means that i have been staying away from the blog for 8 days. guilty.
there was no time to write during the first few days of cny with some gambling sessions with relatives and friends. then there were the house-visits as well. but this year has been quieter but i still feel as tired.

and once work started, i have been on the go. sleep also does not come to me.....has not come for few nights now. yawn! hope it will not get worse but better tonight. still positive.

anyway...some photos now..........

my cny reunion dinner dishes. not many but more than enough for everyone.

had chilli crab on the first day of cny. my friend got it for me from kuala selangor- the dead crabs. mom cooked them. i had been craving for crabs for some time and the restaurants in tm also did not have them, so one sms to my friend and he said no problem. it was free of charge too. my other friends also said they want to order for next year.

some of the red packets collected this year. the haul has been getting better la as i got older hahaha. it was more than rm400.

i got this cute handphone holder from my neighbour when she came over to give me some biscuits. she said the rabbit is not as cute as the pig. i was just looking for one.
one of the nicer rabbit packet i got. rm5 from my neighbour in bidor.

cousin en told me to put a slice of lemon into my drinking water as it helps detoxification and it makes the water taste nicer. yes maam. you can do it too. but do not drink it in the evening because you will feel really hungry when you wake up the next day.

i am signing off now by keeping the fingers crossed for some sleep tonight. have to close all the windows and switch on the aircond to block the noise from outside. the rain has stopped outside so that means there will definitely by celebrations tonight for the hokkien new year.

still not too late to wish everyone a happy chinese new year!!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

last dash for cny

some final photos to share on cny preparations.
my sis and brother-in-law already had their 'reunion' lunch today with family friend so it is kinda new year already kan?
is everyone back in their kampung yet? pity those johoreans. luckily the weather forecast says that the rain is back to normal from today and there will be no more flood alerts.
my brother is back and today the old newspapers and books have been sent for recycling. so the spring cleaning is considered done lah. out with the old and in with the new.

have a few extra things hanging at the porch this year. the neighbour saw me on the ladder hanging them and she said, "nowadays it is the female who does all the climbing and hanging. my youngest daughter hangs the big pineapples in my house." so where are the guys?? they are a pampered lot huh.

another potted plant just for cny. i bet you, the plant is going to wither after 15 days.

went out and bought these from the shop to stick on the doors.

these are old ones, recycle lah. will still use them next year.

new one.
X crackers. i don't know whether it is prawn, fish or squid. no idea at all. i don't really like it ah. quite tasteless. looks like i have to attack those crackers when i go to open houses to make up for the lousy ones we have at home. shh...don't tell those coming to our house ah. haaha....but i am sure i will have a part in finishing them lah. munching while reading is the best combination.
green pea cookie. there is actually another cookie baking in the oven at this moment. but i am too lazy to wait. i don't think we will be baking anymore. tomorrow it is pure cooking only. prayers for the ancestors at noon and the reunion dinner at night. i am already full thinking of all the food we will have.
last but not least, the sun is finally out today. i hope the weather is going to be bright tomorrow too. it is quite windy tonight, so hopefully the wind will blow away all the rain clouds and let us usher the new year with a beautiful new day.
above are some of the pre-war buildings still in tg malim and the bus station. see those 'trees' in front of the station in yellow, green and red? they are beautiful especially at night when the lights are on.