Friday, July 31, 2009

h1n1 update in tm
upsi- the teacher's training uni here is closed for 1 week because about 30 of their undergraduates (not sure whether it is the real no) are confirmed cases.
however, i heard stories that those quarantined students (all of them right??) still went to town albeit wearing masks. some even headed back to their hometown. don't they understand what is quarantine???
everyone must be more vigilant. another death was reported in malaysia just today. it happened to a primary school student. i think it is all local transmission now. try to stay as far away as possible from ppl with flu symptoms and take your supplements to stay healthy. i am not paranoid, but just taking precautions.

well, tomorrow i will be seeing someone in mask. hehe...the dentist again for scaling. aarrgh....can feel the pain in the gum already. sure horrible.

oh, on the radio on the way back i heard- there are 11 roadblocks in kl because of the planned isa marches tomorrow. go fight lah these two for and one against. what the radio did not say is there are many other roadblocks around the country as well. i entered tol plaza in bidor, they were there. i entered tol plaza in tapah, they were also there. dun tell me they were there just for routine checks. you could see them there everytime there are some demos planned i.e. the black march in ipoh. just get used to it lah.

ok...need my sleep now. will turn into a panda some time soon if i continue losing my sleep.


ok, i couldn't be bothered to label all the posts i put up, hence i have removed the additional 'whatever thingy you call it' on the left.

updating the blog is more like a spontaneous action and not a well-planned one. so after i finish typing the post, i only press publish post.

sleep is coming back a little. and i know why. the pace in life has slowed down a bit since the kids are sitting for their tests now. all my 'extra activities' in the afternoon and night are cancelled.
a normal day goes this way- work, afternoon 't', jogging, dinner, night 't', sleep.
i guess that is why my brain has no time to rest before i sleep. and the fast pace just overlaps into my sleep time. all these are now accumulated from one month of non-stop toiling. i can't wait for the short break end of next month.

3 more weeks. and it's a friday today, a 31st as well, so let's go baskin robbins. have decided to get some home this week. a treat for dad. not that much for me because i have a teeth scaling appointment tomorrow and u know that you are not supposed to eat something cold after that. i doubt that the ice-cream will still be in the freezer when i get home next weekend. dad has a big appetite for ice-cream.

more and more ex-collegemates are on the www now. everyone with their own things to write. and i feel closer to them than before. last time everyone used to be in different groups but here on blogs, everyone can visit any blog they want and leave a comment. the physical barrier is no longer there. will we be as chummy when we meet in person? ooh....please dun misunderstand me. all you gals are wonderful ppl. it's just me. i am not really a talker and the rest will definitely blow me away with their gifts of the gab. the blog has been an outlet for me to just express some views and sort of a journal of my own life. i am happy that i am still keeping in touch with all these collegemates, finally. thank you for sharing your lives with me and the rest through your blogs. keep up the good work.

ps: still a 'sock' writer at heart. i think it refers to someone who writes behind a facade.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

chomp chomp

yup, i got my kfc meal as promised. not those fried chicken but a zinger burger and large fries. but damn it. i ordered a LARGE fries and not a small one. just when i wanted to eat, they decided to help me control my portion?!!!! i expected a lot of fries to be peeking out from the top of the box and not just that few. hmmh!!! tsk tsk! and please dun mention the yellowish vege you see under the burger. makes you wanna lose appetite huh?

anyway, the smell of those transfat was good and the dripping mayonaise too. so although it was not as hearty as expected, i was still full.
maybe the pic will put me off kfc meal for a while. but wait, there is the pizza hut in tm to try. hehehe...grandma says she hasn't tried any before, so why not get one (or 2) for her to try. lol.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

potions needed

my sleeping potion yesterday but it did not really work. it only made me light headed and slightly dizzy and i fell asleep with scenes swimming in my head.
i want to be knocked out! i want to get my sound sleep! sleep is eluding me again...and i dunno why. am i too stressed?i doubt it. my brain just does not wanna rest.

i need another potion to curb the appetite too. i feel like sinking my teeth into a thick piece of fried chicken now. pms. this i know for sure. i have a feeling this will go uncontrollable so the trip to kfc for lunch for that burger is definitely unavoidable. the only solace is i am going jogging again later in the evening. so whatever guilt i feel for consuming those fried stuff will be assuaged. waaaaa!!!! the joys and perils of being a woman.

Monday, July 27, 2009

ok..update on australia.
i left the movie where it was all dusty and barren and dry.
and i continued the movie when it rained. so i guess you got to see lush, green and water flowing scenes. however, the land to me still looks barren ;)
anyway, hugh jackman is a hunk of a drover.

done with the drill

i feel freaking hungry now and yet i cannot put anything in my mouth until the next hour.
yes, i made that trip to the dentist to have some filling done. 2 teeth and it costs me rm125.

forget about those government servant's perks. how many civil servants have the time to go during the fixed visiting hours at the dental clinics in the district? even if you made those visitation time, you will still have to wait for the next few months for the next appointment to have the actual filling done. this happened to mom.

so i am happier now that the problem is solved. going to the dentist has never been a scary trip. i just have to remind myself that whatever pain i am putting myself through is only for my own good. so there goes the fear.

and what do you think of when you are on the dreaded chair with the drill in your mouth?? whatever it is, don't close your eyes. that way, you will only be focused more on the pain you have. i prefer to let my eyes wander everywhere and analyse whatever patterns that i can see above me. haha...that will take my mind off the drill and the pain. and luckily the dentist has his radio tuned to mix fm. so at least you can hum along to the songs inside.

thank goodness that the bad flu i had yesterday did not follow me today. i was keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard that my nose would not itch and i had to sneeze on the chair. phew! i only sneezed when i left the clinic. imagine the embarassment of sneezing. ok i can't imagine the scene.

now i will just take a nap in an attempt to forget the hunger. then it is back to watching australia. i am done with the first hour of the movie. ain't that bad. but if it is an attempt to lure more tourists to visit australia after watching that movie, i dun think that will work. you only see lots of barren lands, canyons, sand, dust, cattle, horses.....well you know the list. how many ppl will actually go on that walkabout in the outback?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

yasmin ahmad, R.I.P.

sob sob....really....i really feel so sad for her passing. she is such a genius. i will miss her advertisements. no more those wonderful touching adverts and movies that capture the essence of being a malaysian.
she is a GREAT loss.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


i can see clearly now the haze has gone....well, i wish i could sing that song longer.
unfortunately, the clear blue skies and the rolling mountains were only visible for one day- friday.
it rained heavily in the morning and when the sun came out again in the middle of the morning, it was sooo beautiful. everyone missed the blue skies and the fresh crisp air as they gazed out of the windows. today, it is back to hazy day.

drove to ipoh on friday and i did enjoy the scene all the way because of the hues of colours suddenly visible.

harry potter and the half-blood prince was the order of the day....and yesh! i was soo glad that the review was right this time around. this movie was marvelous although it has nothing much to offer in view of the plot development. but the director managed to make it an exciting and dark movie nonetheless and i enjoyed the 155 minutes in the cinema. yup, it is longer than transformer 2 but heck, it din feel that long. sorry transformer, you lost. it took a while for me to get back into the story but i could still remember traces of them. those who din read the book might have a harder time following the movie. i can't wait for the final installments. they have to be good. i want it to be good. twilight saga can never beat this potter franchise on the silver screen. go potter!

and oh, it was sort of a belated birthday celebration for me from queen. i got free dinner, free movie and gift. ain't bad eh.

only the two of us and we ordered 3 slices of cheese cake. crazy leh?? how am i going to burn off those calories>?? yoghurt cheese, lemon cheese and rasberry cheese. my favourite- yoghurt cheese. will simply melt in your mouth. tg malim will have a secret recipe restaurant soon. so die they have vip card??

chicken cordon bleu....both of us shared this one.

and this is the gift, a torch light key chain. my carkeys are now hanging in the ring.

this is the light from the torch.

last but not least, a postcard from audrey. the rest dun be jealous ah. all the way from cambridge. such a sweet woman. thanks so much. makes me remember the time i was in cambridge. miss mathew should remember as well. i remember i bought postcards of almost the same view in different seasons. as for those arms, i bought a tee-shirt for jiaen with all those arms printed on it. do you still have the tee??
one more thing i remember about the of those college facilitators who is a filipino. i can't remember his name but i can still remember how he looks. cute and big...with a girlfriend though. miss mathew- what's the name??
those were the days.
will i make a trip down to memory lane?? i doubt it. it is not in the plan at the moment. money's not enuf and pounds are also rising.

moving on to blow a little trumpet. i managed to produce a piece of chinese poetry which is presented in duet form by two 13-year-old boys today. gosh, i dunno how to read their script, and yet, it is a success. someone came to me and said that it was the best performance among the 4 shown. waakakakakaa....kembang! of course i got help from others.
when i first approached those in the chinese dept with the idea, someone said it wouldn't work with the quality we have. i refused to budge and i found myself my two rumbustious kids, someone else found me the script and voila, the training started.
they have become instant celebrities now i guess. even the bosses gave them a pat on the shoulders and one came to me and expressed her disbelief that i could do it. wahahaha..... not be too affected by triumph or disaster as stated in if by kipling. i got it.
good night.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 in the last post not explained. kerepek cili all the way bought from johor aka tapioca chilli crisps.
the toxin from eating durian in the weekend is not out yet and i am planning to consume more.

hazy skies

the skies are so grey outside and it is only the mid morning.
the skin has started to itch and turned dry and the area above the lip is the most sensitive.
the eyes are also drying.
everything is being sucked up by this horrible haze that is blanketing us.

make-up remover used to be only for removing make-up before the cleansing ritual. but now the piece of cotton pad is all dark with dust particles wiped from the face.

plus the disturbing sleep every night now (dreams included of course), i am having hell of a time these few days. i doubt it will end soon.

but the coming monday is a relief to look forward to. it is a holiday for my workplace. yippee! but of course there is the saturday to be sacrificed at work first before we can take the monday off.
what am i going to do on monday? feels like painting the town red in kl but the condition of the wallet now does not allow me to do so after that mulberry purchase. is there anyone who wanna buy me a great lunch?? then i won't mind going. hahahaha.

on a second thought...i will have to make a visit to the dentist to get a filling or two done. i can feel a chip there with my tongue. it is llloooooonnng overdue. shall i go in the morning or afternoon?? if i go in the morning, i will definitely not be having any good lunch. so if i go in the afternoon, at least i can have a filling lunch and then only suffer for dinner.

well, still have many days before monday. let's hope i can still survive these few days.

Monday, July 20, 2009

goodbye frank mccourt.
thank you for sharing your tales of ireland and new york with us.
thank you for inspiring us with your tales in the classroom.

*frank mccourt the author of angela's ashes has passed away at the age of 78.

Friday, July 17, 2009

in the post

it is quite a busy week for the postbox...well, the only snag is there is no postcard.

firstly, i finally got the small but packed envelope from regent in hk. she sent some of the photos in her camera from our april trip to hk and a facial mask. the photo of that woman has officially become my favourite photo of the is it tres chic or what??? and this is the only one i have got in full length. finally those boots manage to make it into a photo. thanks to her candid shots without our knowledge that i get this. wahahahaha

next, after 2 weeks. my birthday present for myself this year. just a flimsy card but really a big step and meaningful one. dad is bugging me to get his as well since he lost it few years ago when he lost his wallet. i will just print the form and send it for him again. have you signed yours?

lastly, the biggest and most extravagant sent via ups and with an extra charge on duty fee. dang it! but luckily after conversion and all, still cheaper...i think...most probably lah.
actually i ordered a bayswater denim during their presale (10% extra ontop of the 30% given). they had even deducted the amount from my bill but there was no news of the item after one week. hence i mailed them and they told me that they made a mistake in their stock check. so they refunded my money and promised me 10% discount on my next purchase in the same month with free carriage fee thrown in. how to resist??? so these are what i got all the way from the uk.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

a small bayswater clutch in natural leather and a key ring. already gave me a scolding so dun talk to me about that. but the leather is really supple and of course natural. haha.
i tried to get the price in rm by calling their boutique in klcc but they dun have it in stock yet, so no price. but they told me the price of the denim bayswater (already out of stock) and i compared with the price i got in the uk, it is definitely much cheaper even after postage and duty, the price in british pounds. so i feel relieved. i lurve mulberry for their classic design and almost logoless bags. so understated. one of these days have to make a visit to their boutique and ask about leather care.
this aint the first mulberry. there is another one bought i think 2 years ago...also natural leather but bigger and boxier...and also brown. i dunno what it is with me and brown but brown leather looks the most natural. lv speedy is in brown. fossil clutch in brown. esprit shoulder bag in brown. big calf leather bag bought in hk in the photo above also in brown. is yellow in the same category? bottega sling bag in canary yellow.
luckily i have a red working bag to brighten up the muted colours. hmmh...gimme money and i will get either a blue or grey balenciaga. hahaha....
save save save. there goes all my savings. can't help it. have to eat my own words. remember me talking about no shopping earlier? shoot me. but at least i buy with discounts and not at retail price. like that is a big relief huh?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

hand in hand british musician, wife commit suicide

ok, the title sounds morbid but try reading their story and decide if you think it is romantic?
what the husband does really makes me ponder on the power of love. their story sounds like a good plot for a love story on the big screen.

birthday all over again

i love cakes and my housemate's birthday yesterday was another reason to have another cake this month.

another housemate and i shared this cake- black forest mousse cake. yummy. better than those plain and sweet chocolate cakes. this is lighter and each of us had a quarter of the cake each. haha....filling need for dinner. it was a surprise for her. glad she was moved.

next comes the present part....not for her...but mine. i love july. this 'tasteful' wrapping can only come from boys...and this is from the leng brothers. well, at least it is from recycled earth.

cute mou?? what is that portruding thing in front?? a paunch? diaper? xxx? it is that thingy that prompted them to give the bear to i am the one they can come to for enquiries about casket, fondle, bestiality, grope, rape, naked, and all sorts of u know what stuff. well, my rational...better than them guessing and making up their own stories. and of course, i have to thank the daily newspaper for all kinds of newsfeed related to their favourite topics. well, at least they have the motivation to peruse the newspaper now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

latest acquisition

been spending quite a lot of time in front of the computer this week, hence i have time to browse more websites and it is bad news for the wallet.
the above pendants are going at 50% discount at swarovski online shop so how can i not get them?? i love the red heart. i have seen someone wearing it the last time i went to bangkok and it is gorgeous. this one that i am getting has the word 'LOVE' engraved.
the galet pendant meanwhile also comes engraved..."I LUV U". ok...too much love already...but these are what they have.
the 3 words are kinda meaningless for me but if anyone wants to get something for that special person, this pendant or both of them will fit your bill. i dun mind letting go of the first one. but i will only get them in january next year. can love wait??

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

water, food and cupid

urrrgghhh....what a way to start this morning....

see that bottle of water?? 750ml all poured into my bag on the way to work in the car. i did not know about it until i was walking to the office with the bag on my shoulder. then i felt water dripping.. urgghh...everything in the bag was wet...except my handphone. was because the handphone pouch was in a zipped compartment which is on the top area of the bag. all books were soaked at the bottom and i had to dry them on the table. even the pencil case was wet and the pens were coated with a thin layer of water. luckily i only bring plain drinking water. i am still drying the bag on a chair now with the fan spinning above. things should be dry by afternoon.

next....what kind of foodie luck is coming to me now?? sunday was durian. yesterday....perlis laksa, fruit jelly, strawberry and watermelon. what a filling lunch. today, at the office, butter cake...well, one of my colleagues is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, so there is an early home-made cake. yummy. now i am full. but there is the looooong meeting this afternoon which i bet will only end at 5, so i still got to eat something for lunch. a container of dragon fruit is waiting. have to stick with light lunches in the weekday. weekend at home means eating non-stop.

special request from attie....please put this on your blog hahaha....
but this clip is did he do it?? smack that cupid you...
p/s: he is wearing the doraemon pyjama that we bought from hk. nice eh?

Monday, July 13, 2009

durian windfall

i craved for durian last weekend and searched as hard as my parents did, they still failed to find any to bring home.
luckily my housemate brought back one container of durian and gosh, how heavenly they were. the flesh was so thick and yellowish and the seed so small. i had three of them although i had just had dinner. an hour ago. it satisfied my craving for this week.

and today, i had invitation for perlis laksa. hmmh....what is perlis laksa actually?? well, i will know at 3p.m.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

last but not least...

a blueberry birthday cake today. the fresh cream is sooo fresh and light. everyone had two pieces except mankit...he practically swallowed every bite because he does not really eat chocolate and the cake is choc sponge. poor thing...just for me, he is having the cake.
the same went with waiquan who only had a bite of the tiramisu on friday...also because of me. he is worse...he does not eat cake. how strange.

twilight again.....update....

i watched the movie today and thank god it is not as good as the book. hahahaha....i dunno what i will do if it is as addictive as the book. phew!!!!
watching the movie was like watching snippets from the book. you know, kinda like cut and paste the dialogue to different shots. however, there is one part that i like....the fighting scene at the ballet studio. it was better than the book....more vivid. the rest....i had to fill in the voids in the script while they were doing the dialogues. hahaha...u know, there were so many cut lines and one really has to tie the loose ends with those from the book....only for those who have read the book.
those who only watch the movie, they can still follow but it is a bit dry.
and robert pattinson is eye-candy to watch. haha...bella role was played to a tee by kristin...but edward..hhmmm....not 'cold' enuf.
i think this first movie was quite a small production. i expected the cullen's mansion to be much bigger. edward's room was tiny too. rosalie was not as pretty as in the book. emmett not as big. and jasper...gosh...he really belongs in the sickward.
okok...i am irritating. but i just can't help it lah after reading the book so many times.

i am glad i have the time this weekend to catch a movie...or more after this.
and i also managed to run some errands in town. it is a bliss to go town when the banks are closed...more parking lots. i went to deposit some cash, develop photos, send a parcel to siawfong in taiwan, send more postcards and bought book and magazine. all done in 30 mins. rock off the shoulder now.

can't wait for harry potter and the half blood prince now. the review is good...i need that after the disappointing transformer. so cheers to the wizard. 24 july should be the date i catch the movie. keep my fingers crossed now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

still celebrating...

i have heard of ppl celebrating their birthday a month long...i will not go and beat that record but i can at least boast that i usually can keep mine up to a week ;) off.

i still got a cake this afternoon...i think this should be the last one dy. no more after this.

ok...the candles on the cake do not show the actual age, but it is not me deceiving myself...just those who bought the cake thought that i am still in my 20s. waahaha....can't blame them right.

so instead of having 3 big candles and 2 small ones, i had 3 small candles and 2 big ones. still 3 and 2. this is a tiramisu. thank god no more choc.

remedy for sorethroat...present too...from sook hua.

hello kitty on swing and light-up kitty from khaichyi. i dun think i wanna put them in the car lah...many ppl do that. so tacky.
i did not get anything for myself hor this year?? how to reward myself? there was supposed to be a bag but the online merchant miscalculated their stock and i din get mine. waahahahaha booohooohoo!!! so sad!!! still working on something...haha...excuse to shop.

postcard from estonia showing a legendary hero.

this is from finland...i think there are many finnish members in postcrossing. this shows a summer cottage where the sender spends her holidays now. so cool.
and i am thinking about durian today. have seen those photos of durian piles and i having none of them. i want some!!! last week din get to eat them because dad finished them. hopefully i will get my durian tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


the birthday day which started quite slow picked up pace in the evening. dinner was kfc..burp...aah...once in a while pigging in on those deep fried chicken is a treat. the crispy skin is a delish. so i guess i will stay away from kfc for maybe 2 months now. enuf?

i then got 3 cakes in a row...i dunno how my stomach took it...thank god the last cake was different...non-chocolate.

well, they have to remind me my age. this is one blown and eaten in kfc. 10 of us were there. there were some left and i got the cake back for my housemates. inside is choc sponge.

full blown chocolate cake. well, looking at the design, u know it is from the same cake house. the night's usual activity was cancelled. those kids....brought chips, sweets and soft drinks for a party. and boy, i had to clean up after that. the chocolate pieces were on the floor, chips too. after everyone left at around 10.30p.m., it was sweeping and mopping the floor. some exercise to burn those calories i guess.

this is the different one...yummy cheese cake. this is the most delish...but unfortunately i was too full by then. a group on motorbikes came at 9 in the light rain. they made it in time before the rain started became soooo heavy. phew!

a cute handmade yarn ball...which is now hanging on my phone. the choice of colour is based on the colours which appear on my sports shoes which i wear to work almost daily. how observant and thoughtful.

two thick note books and 2 pens. am still wondering what i can use the books for. so thick and heavy.

a necklace, which will look good when wearing a plain light colour blouse. useful.

there is definitely no escape from hello kitty. a handmade photo frame...imagine how much ink is used to print that photo.
and how can i forget the party crew. the sweets are still in my house...but the chips are all gone. and there were nonstop photo-taking sessions going on everywhere in the house. whatever ugly poses and expressions made are already captured. goodness ....everything also wanna click.

party crew no 2. mat motor who came in the rain.
and today.....
fresh from the lovely is this??? pretti right? it is an accessory box...hmmh...what am i going to use it for?

an hour ago...let's share...with 31 others....and i managed to cut this for all to be shared equally with a few extra pieces. i am good at cutting and distributing cakes. practice makes perfect. that's a piece down for lunch.
going back now. getting hungry...but dun think i am going to eat anything. dragon fruit will whole fruit. and oh, i still have mangoes ah. ok lah...sure full dy until dinner time.
i think that is all for birthday post. thank you all the well-wishers.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

a gift for you

anyone interested to be 'generous'??
go to to become an organ donor. it is very easy. just download the form and then send it in. it will be a gift from you to others.

happy birthday to myself

i feel old....yes, this year, i am going to admit that i am climbing the hill. 32 feels old although you might not say so when u see me (ahem).

there is no special celebration or anything. it is very very lowkey with not much fanfare. there are many well-wishers even before midnight but yesterday, i was really dizzy and the head was spinning from practising the poco-poco dance (you can find it on youtube). hence, the phone was put on silent mode already and i hit the sack at 10.30p.m. even if i dun have headache, i would still switch off the phone. hahaha...i need my sleep. i can always thank ppl in the morning. dun worry, i really do appreciate those messages more than others. after all they waited...

anyway, what is my birthday wish? i can't think of one. i am just glad for everyday that i have and every sunrise that i can still see. the pic above was taken outside my house as i drove to work last saturday. beautiful isn't it?

well, i have some pieces of cake to help me get through the day. this piece is already in the stomach. the chips can wait. shun cheng gave me this. he sort of owes me the chips for few years already. cute boy.

this is given by colleague. will have it for lunch. have to attend a meeting at 2. sigh....a long working day no doubt.

and oh, we have the poco-poco session on the field today. it was fun and boy how i sweated. i am still in the same shirt and pants haha...too lazy to change and wash another set of clothes. but i am all dry now. i dun think i stink. it is more comfortable this way. take advantage of the system.

someone wanna buy me dinner later so i am also thankful for that.
that's it for the time being.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


well this is cake no 2, 2 days before the actual day. homemade by dear jiin and of course the others had their shares in it too. very nice and fresh.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

birthday week....

happy birthday to yet....few more days....
but the wishes and cakes are already coming. i am so lucky eh? they are totally unexpected.

i received these cakes today at work, we had a carnival today. i got to pick them up myself. trying to show a little love for the country in the left one there. i really did not expect them (i just said that right?) was so sweet of them.

and what a carnival we had today. it was non-stop selling and promoting food stuff and of course the mouth did not stop munching fried wan tan, cheese hot dog, curry fishball, grass jelly, sandwich, fruits, chips, jelly and cakes. yummy. love those unhealthy snacks. and what a profit the stall i was 'consulting' got. more than rm800 profit and they had only spent rm400 preparing all the foods and drinks. well, those shoutings really did work. bravo!

postcard updates again. this is from austria.

and oh, i so love this one. the sender is from lithuania but the postcard is sent from holland. the sender was in the midst of moving at that time. don't you love the quirky illustration?? my favourite so far. i better start sending more postcards now to get more. grandma is puzzled why i get all these postcards every week now. hahaha....
well, it has been a long day. it started before 6a.m. when my eyes just opened and i really did 'work' today....until 10p.m. just now. so it is time for bed. what more can i expect for my birthday? it already has such good beginning.
p/s: thank you miss mathew for her early birthday wish. she is the first to do so online.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

today in colour

yup, i have got the notebook again...yesterday to be exact.
and what a change. they have changed the motherboard and the whole screen. my complaint was only the malfunction wifi but i get more than i bargained for. woot! happy!

i was so surprised when i saw the plastic cover on the screen. i only realised that it was new when they told me. why did they change it? i make a bigger claim???
this is where i had lunch yesterday, a new place in bidor called bali garden restaurant. surprisingly it is very cool in the hot afternoon under the atap roof. you won't be able to find your way here if you do not look carefully while on the road. it is right after esso station, then you will see the signboard. the food here is not bad.

yummy lunch....this pot cost me rm30 but i aint't complaining. it is glass noodle with crab in claypot. succulent. 2 of us had this till we are so full.

one more on food. lemon cheese cake from a dear karen. she is always so good to me bringing stuff she bakes. although she looks quite tomboyish, she is quite good at baking. i am so lucky.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

suffocating....suddenly just so much workload all in a week.
have to key in this, have to key in that. this meeting coming, that meeting also coming.
file!!! aahh....the worst headache!!!! tidy the things, make sure everything is complete...someone is coming to check!!!
so i guess this is july.