Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a dizzy-ing day

have been floating and groggy and feeling under the weather since yesterday.

the sinus acted up with the immediate change of the weather on monday afternoon, and i started sneezing non-stop. the heatwave just came and the temperature rose drastically. my nose started getting twitchy and i sneezed, hard sneezes which came out from the depth of the abdomen. i am not exaggerating ah. i even got a sore throat because of that.

yesterday, went to midvalley mall bringing the flu with me. it was horrible walking the malls with an irritated nose.

and i hate those ppl who do not understand my condition when i said that i was sensitive to the sudden change of weather. don't tell me that i am not drinking enough water. don't tell me that i am not exercising enough. don't tell me that i am not eating enough supplements or healthy food. i know my nose and it has rhinitis hence it is sensitive to environmental changes!!!!

ok back to midvalley. got myself a dress from somerset bay. a flowery sort of vintage baby doll dress. haha...i love dresses!

lunch was at delicious and i hated my hainanese chicken chop. it was too oily. i loved what the others ordered.
ok...not this one. the tomato soup is not soupy enough, it was too thick and not smooth at all. yuck!

my horrible hainanese chicken chop. too oily.

lamb shank. yummy.

another lamb dish....this is the best.

nasi kerabu.

enough of midvalley now....let's go to things that happened today.

the alarm rang at around 3 am this morning. grandpa had diarrhoea. he opened the door to go to the toilet. everyone woke up because of the alarm but i did not go down to check because i already heard someone going down. i was having difficulty of my own when my sinus also acted up when i went to bed and i couldn't sleep well.

so i heard that uncle stayed downstairs for about 30 minutes and saw grandpa going to the toilet a few times and he changed his pants a few times too. it was really bad for grandpa.

and this morning, i was again woken up by another sound. no, not the alarm because i don't think dad turned it on again after that. it was a knocking sound from downstairs. tak! tak! tak! tak! when i was really alert, i quickly got down from bed and ran downstairs.

and the sight that i saw was a pitiful one. grandfather was lying on the floor, flat on his back, his hands holding the walker and knocking it on the floor, hence the sound.

i quickly ran upstairs again to get mom and dad and they jolted up from bed when they heard what i said.

in the end, they managed to make grandfather sit up, then put him on a small chair and he finally managed to stand up again.

it was around 730 a.m. at that time. grandfather could have been too weak from all the toilet runs that he fell or he was too stubborn to use the walker to go to the toilet in the morning. from what i saw, it was more likely the second scenario. he always refuses to use the walker or the walking stick when he wakes up in the morning to go to the toilet. he would rather sway from left to right and to grab whatever he could on his way there to support him.

anyway, he is better now. mom gave him chinese medicine to take to stop the purging. he had his breakfast, lunch and dinner without any complaint. mom also rubbed ointment on his bloated stomach to get rid of wind.

but he refused the durian we offered him. yup, we had durians for dinner. dad got them from ulu yam since uncle is back. i told him that his wish came true because earlier he asked me if there was durian.

hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. i dare not take my flu pill that i told dad to get from the pharmacy now since i swallowed some herbal pills to get rid of the heat from eating durian.
i took one of the pills (zyrtec-d) this afternoon and i can still feel its effect now. it made me sort of dizzy at the beginning, but not really sleepy. then i felt weak in my limbs....till now. maybe it is the side effect. will see how my sinus go tomorrow, have to make the problem go away by swallowing the pill since there is nothing i can do to change the weather.

Monday, May 28, 2012

it's the baby's fullmoon

it is my nephew's fullmoon today and his uncle (brother-in-law's brother) brought a roast chicken and 2 red eggs over.

from ayamas of course.
see, one roast chicken which will be eaten at dinner and 2 eggs.

wow, the kind of packages they have nowadays to commemorate special events. i wonder if kfc will come up with something too since chinese usually give chicken for special occasion. nowadays, you have ppl bringing buckets of kfc on all souls' day for the dead ancestors.

today is a freaking hot day. with the fan blowing directly at me, my scalp is still emitting beads of sweat. without the fan, i will be all drench. the beads of sweats just come out as if i have just finished a work-out session.
the sky seems dark outside, please let the rain come. how am i going to get my sleep and wake up refreshed for my trip to midvalley tomorrow???!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

a productive saturday

what a nice saturday i had today. i hope yours has been good too.

the day started with a cup of coffee and a one-ringgit burger from kfc, thanks to this voucher i cut out from the star on friday.

go and find your friday's paper, page 9.

the burger is really yummy and definitely worth the rm1 price i paid kekekeke. it is very rich so definitely not for those on diet.

reached klcc at 1030a.m. the place was rather quiet today for sale period, both parkson and isetan has sales. i saw many cars heading north on the way south this morning. so i guess everyone is going away from kl because it is the holidays.

had a faboulous meeting with my ex-housemate whom i have not met for more than 10 years. gosh.....i am really glad that we met up. we chatted non-stop at ben's where we had our lunch. i really do love the place. i had rack of lamb today...well, the rack of lamb is kinda small for the price i paid ;(

and this was the dessert- red velvet cake with cheese. i love it i love it i love it. it is not sweet at all and the texture of the cake is just right, not too dry nor too wet. heaven. my first taste of red velvet was at portobello market in london and that was a good cupcake too. i think it is slowly becoming my favourite losing preference for chocolate nowadays because i find it too sweet.

did most of my shopping in isetan because of the vouchers given once you spend above a certain amount. today they also gave rm5 voucher for every rm100 spent storewide (except cosmetics and facial products).
there are the things i got.

comfort food....ruffles. am going to be fat this holiday. the marmalade jam is for grandpa.

indian mango, really cheap. rm3.90 for one. mom said the night market here sells it at rm5 each.

bread...lots of them, rm25. tried getting those wheat bread dad wanted, but sorry couldn't find any. have seen them in the loaf though, but that is in pavilion. my dad really knows how to eat hor....and he is very picky nowadays...he only wants healthy thing.

and all the chocolates here?? they are my dad's. he called me in the afternoon asking if i were still at the mall just to ask me to buy chocolate....and specifically those with more than 70% cocoa content. so i think he will eat to his heart's content with all these bars that i got.

2 discounted esprit tee-shirts for mom and aunt since they complained that i did not get for them last time. they are more expensive than the one i got last time at rm35 each. mom is taking the one on the right because it fits her better. so aunt, yours is the one on the left. both are in L.

helped my aunt to get shiseido cream. that pouch and samples are the sales assistant's gift to her.

lots of biotherm eh? i think there are more samples and gifts here. i bought only 5 items. again, thanks to the good rapport i build with the sales assistant. won't lose out by being friendly. i even got my arms massaged and i smelt so nice after visiting her too. i purposely waited for her to be at the counter before i made my purchase.

last but not least, it is time to change my running shoes again. this pair is at 40% discount. really comfy although the colour is not totally to my liking. it looks too pro for this amateur.

reached home at 530pm. not really tired, it was quite a relaxing day.

need to go and read the newspaper now. don't want to keep it till tomorrow.

Friday, May 25, 2012

beanie XXXXXXXX me

ouch ouch ouch and more ouch ouch ouch.
the dog moXXXXed me ;( i better not type that full word here in case my page is spammed later.

he just grabbed my legs and then you know did that thing. use your imagination. and i was in shorts!!! he already did that this afternoon when i got home from work, but i was in long trousers then. he in heat? or is it me?? do i have a smell??

the damage is done...not only on my legs....but also on the umbrella that was hanging on the pingpong table. the cloth is all in shreds and the ribs are all jutting out dy. so goodbye dear umbrella.

ouch ouch ouch. the scratch is long and the beginning is kinda deep. haiz....what a memorable first day of holiday.

the holiday begins with some shopping

and so..........the holiday has begun and the winner of american idol 2012 has been crowned.

ok, i know both are not related.....just want to add some drama lah. matter who won, jessica or phillip, both of them deserved it. i had a feeling that phillip would win too because he has evolved so much and has his own style wherelse jessica, you still cannot figure out what kind of singer or style she wants to be or do. well, she is just 16, opportunity abounds and she will definitely get a contract. i wanna see her do more rock.

back to the holidays. it will be 2 weeks this time around and it is going to be kinda different. i am going for my first volunteer job. yippee!!! quite excited about it but at the same time nervous too since i am considered quite a newbie in the camp. imagine that, a newbie. the other facilitators have been facis before and some have joined the camp as participants too. wish me luck.

but that camp will only start in the second week. the first week will be spent watching series and movies and some jogging. aaahh....what a life.
oh, not to mention shopping too. i have got 2 planned visits to the malls ;S
the first will be tomorrow to klcc while the second one is an invitation to follow two ladies to midvalley. go lah. bad for the wallet.

and to accompany me at home, i have got myself 2 magazines today.
it has been more than a year since i bought any magazine. i am serious. trust me. it will definitely be another year before i buy my next issue of female. i am just curious of their contents after one year gap.

and i also tried kfc's new pokkit at its introductory price of rm2.60. it is soooo small!!!! guys will definitely need more than 2 to make them full. i will definitely not pay a cent more for it. so you know what you are getting when you buy pokkit after reading this.
i have cut out a voucher for kfc's breakfast burger too from the star today. rm1 for one burger with cheese and egg. not bad right. will get that tomorrow and show you all the size. the burger will definitely cost more than rm1 in the end with tax and my petrol money. kakaka....will get the burger while on my way to fill the tank before leaving for kl.

ooh....and what better way to welcome the holiday with a big big parcel sent all the way from italy! i was saying i wanted to look for a working bag right? and i found it 3 days ago.....when the words 'FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE JUST FOR THIS WEEK' screamed at me. and 3 days later, the bag has arrived safely. fast eh?? it is dhl express after all at no extra charge kakakaka

don't you love parcels????

and don't you love the process of unwrapping it???

am quite surprised that the bag turns out to be roomier and has more compartments than i thought. definitely a suitable bag for work where i can chuck a lot of things.
two zipped compartments and 2 sides for you to put your things. what more can i ask for.

yup, that is the brand of the bag, hogan by karl lagerfeld. what hogan you may ask. yeah...i know. the only hogan i can think of was hulk hogan the wrestler hahaha. it is the name karl lagerfeld that got me actually. ok, i am a snob. but hey, the bag is really practical and it is at 50% discount ok. and it is black. i am in a black phase now.
rather than getting a ubiquitous coach bag, i might as well get something more elegant and cheaper right.

so this is the bag. it has a shiny metalic sheen. is it leather? no it is not. just the handle and the rim and the magnetic clasp. the rest is nylon so it makes it light. they have the full black version, but i like this one better.

this is me with the bag on my shoulder. just the right size. just so right with the outfit too kakaka. when shall i start using this bag?

so if you want to buy any bags from europe, i recommend this website- they have all sorts of designers and you can compare the prices since some same bags might be posted there by different stores.

and before i end this post, let me just share this oh-so-cute photo of my nephew who is going to be one month old on sunday.

he is oh-so-happy. all these photos make me wanna fly over to cuddle him. wait lah.....will have to wait for the right time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

thank you for the music

this is a tribute post to robin gibb of bee gees who passed away yesterday. thank you for making great music. you will always be remembered.

Monday, May 21, 2012

slowly full speed marking slowly getting myself out of the rut.
giving myself a lot of pep talk and spent the weekend at home doing nothing but just enjoying the weekend.
yup, that means i did not mark any of the papers i have. hence, this week, it is full speed to marking.
that is going to steer my mind to the right direction.

am going for a movie tonight. yeah! going for dark shadows. last week, went for avengers. superb superb cast. love love robert downey jr. the movie is more about the journey than the destination. well, everyone knows all the superheroes are not going to die, so there is no suspense there. it is their banters and collaboration that get everyone laughing and entertained in the theatre. dark shadows will be a different kind of movie compared to the avengers. hope i will be entertained. sitting in the dark theatre for 2 hours is a sort of escapism too. i have missed this sort of activity for a while.

going shopping to declutter and to cleanse the soul is really not that necessary. i already have too much in my wardrobe and shopping is actually bad for the wallet right? hahaha.....i also have to make sure i don't go and shop on the internet as well. it is so so so easy to do with so many international websites offering free shipping over a certain amount. however, ....will get another bag is time to change the work bag. i have been using the current one now for over two years i think and i can see certain parts are already fraying. sigh....i guess you can't take the shopping out of me. dang!!!

well, it is off to marking and marking and more marking this week.

i heard that my uncle is dropping in from hong kong later this week. how true is this?
and i have a trip to klcc lined up this saturday too....have to get that mother's day gift. i wanna watch the artist too, if it is showing. heard some cinemas are showing it in conjunction with the french film festival. hmmh....what an exciting week. yeah rite!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

dear escape,

you have been in such a rut this week that you better snap out of it before it makes it worse.

ok, i know it all started on teacher's day but come on. it was just a small matter first thing in the morning that triggered that unhappiness. you have suspended the two boys and their posts over their absence. hopefully they have learnt their lesson....well, at least you know one has because he had apologised.

you taught the kids about appreciating what you have in one of the stories learnt this week, and you better apply it on yourself. look around you. you do not lack anything in your life. there are people around you who welcome you everywhere you go. so what if kids nowadays are distracted to prioritise in their lessons in school. at the end of the day, they are somebody's kids and you know you have done your best to impart whatever you have to them. don't get flustered or frustrated by them. i know you do not leave any stone unturned in the class and you do not give them anything less than what is expected.

you might have reached that rut in your life now as things are becoming boring for you at work. i heard a senior teacher saying that...this is teaching, it is a routine, you have to keep on repeating and repeating and the cycle never stops. you have such a strong drive in you that maybe the workplace is not really the real outlet to release it. you want to be appraised for the amount of work you do, however, all you see is a flat road ahead where everyone goes the same way and get the same promotion in the name of time. yeah, time will get you your promotion, not the effort that you put in. so why put in so much? just give only what you are supposed to give and then laze around.

or you can quit and start anew somewhere else. do you have the gut to do it?? leave the job comfort you have now and go somewhere new. what other job can you do? further studies? do you have enough money for that? you seem to be able to expand your wings better when you are being yourself in a place nobody judges you. so want to try going abroad?

just try to bear with the last week at work before the 2-week break starts next week. maybe the voluntary work will do you good. use that holiday to reconnect with your friends too. you seem so much like a loner nowadays with no social life. very pathetic but whose doing is it?

just slow down to smell the roses around you and maybe do some decluttering. it is good for the soul. i can feel so much negativity in you which is making your life so miserable. where is that sunny personality? go find the sun and shine.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a happy teacher's day?? not

it is supposed to be a day of celebration....but i am filled with so much disappointment and anger that i couldn't wait to go home.

the first thing in the morning, i was already scolding kids. people i wanted to come to help me with the photo session did not come and only one turned up. so with that one person, i had to arrange the whole photo session for the entire staff.....including getting all the plastic chairs from the hall, standing in the middle of the field arranging them and the long benches.

and the day's event started late too. it was not a well-planned event at all. masters of ceremony's script did not tally with one another's. last minute changes to the script. all the kids making damn lots of noises in the hall while speeches were read out and given.

games- many did not join in to play. the games were not that good and only allowed limited viewing. kids were scattered everywhere and the school was not like a school at all. a prefect left with his parent who came as part of the pta at 10a.m. when the gate was opened to let the cars of ptas member leave, students also ran away and went to cyber cafes to loiter till noon.

attendance was horrible. the most horrible in the history of this day. less than half came from most classes. so where is the meaning of celebrating teacher's day when you have no students to celebrate for you??? had less than 5 wishes of happy teacher's day.
presents? i don't really care about them. but if you want to know, i got 2 pens from a form 5 class i do not teach, a small notebook from a form 3 class i am teaching and homemade chocolates from another form 3 class. well, the chocolate is the swetest gift i think. they were discussing their plans right in front of me in my lesson and were having trouble deciding on the mould and stuff. but i guess they persevered and succeeded. bravo.

oh, i was voted the most sporting in the morning session. well, not really a surprise. okok...that sounded cocky. sorry. maybe that is my problem. have less expectation and everything will be all right. i only wanted warm wishes from the that too much to ask for??

well, i got smses and facebook wishes too. bless those who have left school and still remember us all the oldies...hahha. that really warms me and brightens the groggy and gloomy day.

and ooh...remember the idea i was throwing around with while talking about conducting a workshop in the camp i volunteer for?? they think it is a great idea and even suggested using paint. yipppee......i am raring to go. i wanna make one for myself too hahahha.....
those ppl doing the camp are really an enthusiastic bunch and it is really good to be interacting with them. i need their positive vibes after such a day.

well, maybe i am the problem. anyway, this is one day i want to forget. i sure won't be looking forward to the next one.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

of volunteerism and some shopping

i have been lagging a lot in updating this blog.

this is because work has been really really busy. it is the exam season now and there was just so much to do to prepare the kids for the exam. that means, giving them practices and having to mark them and return them before they sit for their papers. then there are all the computer work we have to key in for some new programmes. haiz....turning everything into 'e' something is more work for teachers.

next week should be a freer week but there will be papers to mark and i want to finish everything before the holidays....if i can.

talking about holidays....i am so happy to announce that i will be taking on my first volunteer post as a facilitator in a youth camp in the first week of june. yup, i am not getting paid and i have to guide some teens in achieving some leadership skills. volunteering for a good cause has been something i have been wanting to do for a while and when the star newspaper started one special segment on volunteerism, i caught something which i can participate in and i mailed them.

so today, i went to the briefing session regarding the kind of job i am supposed to do and some logistics briefing in pj old town (my first time in this area). so in the first week of this mid-year break, i will be taking all the rest i want and laze around at home. then come the second week, i will have to slog it out in a camp in tapah with 70 indigenous kids. there will not be much rest i think as we have to wake up earlier than the participants and to sleep after their bedtime. accomodation is not even 3-star.....and we might even have to sleep in the hall in our sleeping bags.

this will be totally out of my comfort zone but i am not complaining. i have to get out and do something different in order to gain more experiences and insights. it is a time to reflect about myself too. instead of being the strict disciplinarian and authoritarian me at work, now i have to take a step back and guide and not interfere too much in kids work. sometimes i do get too much involved in order to get things done fast at work. this will be a good time to control that urge to do everything myself. but i guess i will be thrown in a different situatioin compared to work.

most of the facilitators are really young adults....i think i am the oldest in the group who will be going to tapah. gosh.....i will kill anyone who calls me 'auntie' for sure. i hope i get to contribute to the development of the participants and make a little change if not much in someone's life.

oh....and i have to conduct a workshop session which will last 45 minutes in one of the days of the camp. the facis can choose to teach the kids some skills in that session. gosh, i have to give an answer in 2 days' time. anyone want to tell me what i can teach?? i don't think i want to teach english here. i will be bored with myself. remember, i am dealing with indigenous kids (orang asli). so what am i good at?? sports? teaching warm up and stuff? to sustain for 45 minutes.
ok....i have got one...can i teach them how to use sequins and beads to decorate clothes?? embroidery will need too much preparation....but stitching sequins and teaching it should be less tedious. well, i am not really an expert but unfortunately it is the only thing i can think of. i can even bring some examples from my closet.....

well, this is one example which is not with know who it is with ;). do you think i can do the workshop? will the kids be interested to take part in it?? there will be 10 workshops running simultaneously at they are to choose 3 workshops they want to take part in. i don't have to buy the things needed, i only have to mail the list to the organiser and they will prepare them. i can even tell the kids to bring their own tee and work on it on the spot. i plan to bring stencils too so they can trace the patterns on their shirts and stitch on the spot.

so how how?? workable?? good enough? or do you think i should do something else....i dunno what i can do. help!!!

on to something else......

the finger itched today and ordered something from metropolitan museum of art, usa. i would never imagine getting a fashion collectible from there. gosh, this is one museum i have to visit if i ever go to new york. so now i am anticipating the postman.....will share it here when i get it.

and my brother brought me a new digital watch for when i do sports. he got this from one of the running races he went for. he just paid a little extra to get the watch and made his sister happy. hahaa...

i did not try the heart rate calculation function of the watch yet. it is still in the box actually. no time to test. dad asked about the watch because he also wanted one digital watch to wear when he goes jogging. and he finally got the latest bonuslink reward booklet and used his points to exchange for one timex marathon watch. if he didn't get that, it would be a perfect gift to buy for father's day right. and now it is time to crack the head on what to buy.

as for mother's day....well, we have pooled all the money and are getting facial stuff for mom because she seldom buys any. don't tell her yet....i am only getting it end of this month when biotherm has double points promotion. the sales assistant has reserved the set for me....i called the counter in isetan to make enquiries because i am more familiar with her. and she promises me goodies too with my purchase. nice. so be good to sales assistant. they are the ones who know where things are kept, when promotions are coming and what extras they have in the drawers.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

have good jeans can go

someone mentioned that my series of photos taken in yunnan and posted in facebook was like a fashion show....kakaka.....

anyway, why can't one dress properly when travelling? does travelling mean one has to be dressed sloppily and only in baggy pants and shirts? horrible if that is all that you pack in your bag.

i make it a point to be presentable because one sometimes only have one chance to go to that place and take memorable photos. hence, dressing for the occasion is definitely essential in this case.

so let's see how far i got with my clothes in my trip and some layerings, 1 scarf, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes and a bag, oh and my pair of sunnies. accessories- mulberry bracelet and a swarovski pendant necklace....hardly visible under all those layers.

this was what i wore on the first day and that means i also wore that on the flight at midnight. jeans- evisu (my preferred brand) and boyfriend long sleeve shirt from gap. that lightweight pink vest was part of a winter jacket from nike. was holding my tangerine thick cotton jacket with hoodie from nike too. bag- my balenciaga brogue. shoes- brown boots.

that same night, after checking in at the hotel, took away the vest and brought out my cotton scarf from uniqlo. wanted to bring the pashmina red scarf but since i was already having so many red jackets, what was the point. 2. all bright and sunny in spring. but still kinda cold. another pair of evisu jeans. a blue cotton buttoned vest and that same scarf. a yellow pair of hi-top reebok.

take away the scarf and you see my cdg white tee shirt with skull prints.

later in the evening, don't let the bright sun fool you. the jacket came out again to beat the cold.

day 3 at the stone foresst. legs will look longer in the right pair of jeans and in this case, a pair of skinny which is quite well-tailored. had a cacharel shirt underneath the jacket with another long sleeved striped shirt underneath that cacharel shirt. 3 layers!

see that striped long sleeve under the cut-out patterned blue cacharel shirt? i love this combination.

day 4....same old nike jacket, same old vest but another checked shirt from gap.

ran down from the bus for a quick photo session. it was really windy but the vest kept me warm. felt so western in that checked shirt. where was my cowboy boots?

day 5....a higher altitude so time to change the jacket. a pale purple grey puma jacket. slightly puffy but definitely a wind breaker.

aha- so a long sleeve white shirt underneath the jacket.

day 6- i think i had 3 layers there. a hoodie, that puma jacket and this nike all condition gear jacket. looks like i was going skiing haha.

off with the nike acg, and left with the puma jacket and the hoodie.

off with the puma jacket and only my hoodie from nike which i bought from kunming. it is not baggy but slim fitting and you can't find the label on the outside of the shirt which i like.

day heritage ancient city, a bright bright day. that turqoise bag carried my notebook. we had to board the flight at night hence everything was packed and in the bus. i did not like leaving my mac in the bus, so i brought it down and lugged it with me. still that puma jacket.

and i chucked the jacket into the bag when it got warmer in the day in the ancient city of li jiang. chilled out with my dali beer, the book i had brought along and in my officially favourite hoodie. i wore the hoodie two days in a row. i did not sweat at all ok and inside that hoodie i was wearing another piece of heat-tech long sleeve shirt from uniqlo. ok, i am scared of cold. it is better to stay all warm and covered than to catch a cold when you travel.
oh, a little peek at that mulberry bracelet i was wearing there.

hm....come to think of it, i did not bring so many clothes there did i? well, the key is to mix and match and be comfortable in what you are wearing. but never compromise style lah. stay fit!

waaaa-birthday present already

all senses were tingling as soon as i reached home from work yesterday.

a parcel from england!!! there was only one person on my mind when i saw the parcel. who else could it be but yunli.

but she wasn't supposed to send this to me until july....hehehe....birthday month! she never misses sending me something and this time, 2 months earlier reason is because they are going to raise the postage fee there, hence the early sending. i am so touched.

i am the one who is supposed to get her a present this month....her birthday!!! now, with her present already in my house, i am more pressured to go and search one for her, and frankly, it has never been easy to get her one. it will be too expensive to send her one from malaysia, so i think i am going to get her one online and just send it to her house. i do have something on my mind hopefully she is going to like it as much as i love what she sent.

kakaka.....a hello kitty tee shirt.....and it is really nice. have got another hello kitty tee someone gave me few years ago, but this one here is sooo soo much nicer. i love the colours and the prints. and you know what? the label says for 13 to 14 year-olds. hahaha....i tried the just fits me. waaa...i really cannot put on any ounce of weight or any bulk....the shirt will just go to waste if i do that.

and now i have one special occasion in my mind to parade this tee shirt for the first time. it will be my first time in hello kitty gear kakaka. i wonder if the word 'childish' will come to ppl's mind when they see me in the shirt.

yun has also included a card and a useful book holder. so now there is no fussing over those fly-away pages that get in your way when you are holding the book and this little piece here is called the invention of the year.

oh how i love her. too bad we don't see each other much. that is what happen to friends are you age i guess. well, as long as we still have each other in our hearts.

now it is time to go and do a little e-shopping.