Wednesday, July 30, 2008

midweek ramble

it is wednesday again and it is time i post something. weekend and wednesday is the norm for me. i am quite free now until 10.30a.m. yup just come in and sit here from 7a.m. till 10.30a.m. then only my day starts. aahhh...bliss

what is this colourful piece? just an autograph i was requested to write. i was quite liberal with my use of colours here eh. but what the heck...i love colours! and the idea to do this just came once i was given the piece of blank white paper. hence i got to work as soon as i had the time on that day itself. and voila, the result as above. childish or not?? but i think it is sooo sweet and birght. hahahah.

i am on these green pills almost daily now. the weather is really hot hot hot and dry and i had to do a lot of talking these few days, so the throat is really dry. the pills are what i count on. so far the sore throat has not attacked yet. taking them is like a prevention as well since i will be eating more DURIANS when i get home this weekend. hahaha...i am almost sure that the weekend's diet is going to be durians again.

another thing i take daily now is yakult, the probiotic drink. i dun even have to buy them myself. everyweek, we have a yakult man sending the drinks to our house. it is just like the yakult lady concept they have in japan. and the price of the drink is actually cheaper from the retail price. 20 cents saving for a pack of 5. we buy 4 or 5 packs a week. now, even grandma and grandpa take. granma said it helps in bowel movement. some websites claim it has this function lah. but some also said its sugar content is slightly too high. so i guess i better tell them to drink more water as well lah.

this is beanie's new collar. his old one is too tight already. he is really growing and he gets all his meals on time. breakfast, tea (papaya) and dinner. mom and i had a hard time putting this collar on his. he was twisting and bitting. we had to force him down. the pink is not nice got one. so sissy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

is this your sperm?

well, this is the real thing u see under the microscope. but of course it is clearer and the tails are actually longer than what you see here. they are really some active little things. hehehehe...proves that whoever donated this one, has healthy sperm. no alteration or any hanky panky here. it is how your sperm will look like.

*music provided by monty phython.

my attempt at creating a movie with window movie maker. oklah kan.

a fruity weekend

well, since it is the local fruits season, i have yet another fruity weekend of rambutans, durians and mangosteens.

a fruit diet is good for detox right? but i think the fruits mentioned above are not what dieticians have in mind for this purpose. my brother will be fuming again knowing that he missed the durian weekend. hahaahha...come back lah...that is my only advice. dad will surely prepare them and this year,i have been eating all good ones only. i think with a lot of species crossing, it is difficult to buy not good ones nowadays.

to get rid of the 'heat', my only solution is taking more of grandma's green herbal pills and drinking more water. my colleague asked if grandma made those pills for sale as she found them effective to cure her sore throat. grandma said it was a lot of trouble making those pills. hmmhhmm..i better get the formula from grandma and start earning some side income selling the pills huh.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

retreat on friday

this is going to be a lot of photos....lazy to write...nothing much to write anyway. just a little retreat at sg klah hot spring in sungkai. the hard boiled eggs...yummy. out of this world! the only hard boiled egg i eat.

it is quite a way from the main road...9km into the felda. entrance fee for adult is rm10. now they dun have separate fee for the hot spring and the cold water park. just rm10 for both. but we managed to get a discount. the cold water park opens till 7p.m. and we reached there at 6.30p.m. so we asked lah for a cheaper price. we paid rm7. and they threw in 2 durians too. hehehehe...there were a few near the counter, and again they went and asked lah. so they said...take lah these durian kampung.

they put signs saying thank you for not bringing outside food...but damn...we brought loads...and they still allowed. just eat at the designated places only. no problem dude.

cold water park.
hot water...renovated already. now everything is cemented. last time still soil.
bathrooms and toilets.
entrance to spa

the cafeteria. only one stall is open.
egg boiling corner. 100C

yummy!! scrumptious!!!
agar-agar, kfc, durian, 2 bottles of 100 plus
chips, mangosteen and there was one more salted chicken. oh there were five small packets of fried mee hoon too. 8 of us went together. we bought 20 eggs.

only for the feet here. it is quite near the source of the hot water.

big pool of hot water.
tents...30 of them i heard. there was a group of school kids here.

we left at 9.30p.m.

to keep or not?

these two just got in today from jenny. she went to germany and aunt gave them to her to bring back for me.

so what do you think? i am definitely keeping the pink heart...i wanna collect all different colours crystal pendant by swarovski. far i have blue, pink, purple and yellow. jet told me that the purest is white...haven't found any nice one.
as for the brooch...i got it because there was a discount and i thought it could brighten up a dull shirt. but then again...the design is slightly oldish ...ok i know i am not exactly that young anymore. i just dun feel as old as the design. might keep it as a present or sell it. dunno whether there is any taker or not. it will be rm255...and all i can tell you is the price is definitely cheaper than what you can find in the market here. the pearls on the brooch are really nice.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the other version...why women believe men love them

this just came in from warrior of light newsletter too. this is to appease the men after what was publicise in the previous newsletter. ;P

We men love women because they still feel they are adolescents even after they grow old.

Because they smile every time they pass a child.

Because they walk down the street erect, always looking straight ahead, never turning round to say thanks or return the smile or compliment we make when they pass by.

Because they are bold in bed, not because they have a perverse nature but because they want to please us.

Because they do everything necessary for the house to be tidy and perfect, and never expect any recognition for the work they have done.

Because they don’t read pornographic magazines.

Because they don’t complain about the sacrifices they make for the sake of the ideal of beauty, facing up to waxers, Botox injections and menacing machines in gyms.

Because they prefer to eat salads.

Because they draw and paint their faces with the same concentration as Michelangelo working on the Sistine Chapel.

Because if they want to know something about their own appearance, they ask other women and don’t bother us with this type of question.

Because they have their own ways of solving problems, which we never understand, and that makes us mad.

Because they feel compassion, and say “I love you” precisely when they are beginning to love us less, to make up for what we can feel and notice.

Because sometimes they complain about things that we feel too, such as colds and rheumatic pains, and then we understand that they are people just like us.

Because they write love stories.

Because while our armies invade other countries, they remain firm in their private and inexplicable war to put an end to all the cockroaches in the world.

Because they cry their eyes out when they hear the Rolling Stones singing “Angie”.

Because they are capable of going to work dressed like men, in their delicate little suits, whereas no man would ever dare go to work wearing a skirt.

Because in the movies – and only in the movies – they never take a shower before making love with their partners.

Because they always manage to find a convincing defect when we say that another woman is pretty, making us feel insecure about our taste.

Because they really take seriously everything that is happening in the private lives of celebrities.

Because they manage to fake orgasms with the same artistic quality as the most famous and talented of movie stars.

Because they just love exotic cocktails with different colors and delicate little ornaments, while we always have the same old whiskey.

Because they don’t waste hours thinking about how they are going to approach the pretty young man who has just come on the bus.

Because we came from them, will go back to them, and until that happens, live in orbit around the feminine body and soul.

And I would add: we men love them for being women. As simple as that.

sharing...why we love men

from paulo coelho's warrior of light (a text message he got from a friend):

We love men because they can’t fake an orgasm, even if they wanted to.

Because they will never understand us, yet even so they go on trying.

Because they still manage to see our beauty, even when we ourselves no longer believe it.

Because they understand equations, politics, maths and economics, but not the feminine heart.

Because they are lovers who only rest when we have had (or pretend to have had) pleasure.

Because they manage to raise sport to something bordering on religion.

Because they are never afraid of the dark.

Because they insist on fixing things that are beyond their capacity, and dedicate themselves to this with the same enthusiasm as an adolescent, and get frustrated when they don’t succeed.

Because they are like pomegranates: most of them is impossible to digest, but the seeds are delicious.

Because they never comment on what the neighbors might think.

Because we always know what they are thinking, and when they open their mouth they say exactly what we imagined they would.

Because they never dreamed of torturing themselves wearing high heels.

Because they love to explore our body and conquer our soul.

Because a 14-year-old girl can leave them speechless, and a 25-year-old woman can tame them quite effortlessly.

Because they are always attracted by extremes: the opulent or the ascetic, warriors or monks, artists or generals.

Because they do absolutely everything possible to try to hide their weaknesses.

Because a man’s biggest fear is not being a man (it never crosses a woman’s mind not to be a woman).

Because they always eat everything on their plate, and don’t feel guilty about it.

Because they take great delight in completely uninteresting matters, such as what happened at work, or different makes of automobiles.

Because they have shoulders where we can rest our heads and sleep without much effort.

Because they are at peace with their bodies, except for small, insignificant things like growing bald and getting fat.

Because they are incredibly courageous in front of insects.

Because they never lie about their age.

Because despite everything they try to demonstrate, they can’t live without a woman.

Because when we tell one of them “I love you”, they always ask us to explain exactly how.


bowling to get fit ....eeewww

a male colleague asked me to join them for a bowling tourney organised by the dictrict office to promote so call 'kecerdasan' (fitness). they require a team of 2 males and 1 female to make a team. as sporting as i can be, bowling tourney is a no-no. i am sure the ball will reach the drains more than the middle of the lane. and at the end of the day, there will be that pain in the fingers and maybe one or two chipped nails.

and getting fit via bowling?? i dun see any sweat in this sport. look at the example: shalin zulkifli. is she fit? i will shudder to have her figure. they choose bowling for those officers who sit in their offices and go bowling whenever they have the time in ipoh. these ppl have all their gears in a bag ready to go anytime. it is more for them to take away the trophy.

real fitness should be some activities on the field or in proper courts lah. then i will be up to it. then you really can see who is fit enuf for the challenge. all our officers are just preaching about getting fit without really doing it themselves. do you see any of our mps and the others working out? we only see their bellies expanding with each session and each appearance on the paper. photos of them eating at functions make the papers but none of them exercising.

everyone is just plain inactive when it comes to exercising. and i do understand lack of time is also one. but once it is drilled into one's daily habit, it should be easier. i am still going for my jog three times a week but damn it! i am cursing the plantar now (the bottom of the feet). the muscles there were twitching and pulling while i did my jog yesterday. i guess i will lay off those heels for this week and go back to flat shoes. the jogging session this evening is still on but i will keep my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

building bricks

my brother's update:
this is what he has been doing for the past week in the college. a lot of practical i think it is good. brick laying is quite well-paid there and u need a valid certificate before you are employed as one.
look at how organised things are there. the bald man is his teacher.

this is his masterpiece. i guess it is still ok gua...for a beginner. can't imagine him handling all the tools and putting this wall in one piece. ahhaa...hope it is strong enuf to meet the requirements.

so he has been complaining of back pain lah. poor thing. so what is next bro?

he will be cycling to college too which will take about 40 mins. money loh. can save about 10 dollars a day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

july is still birthday month

cards are still coming in after the birthday. it is so nice go get home in the weekend and see mails for me. is really that lonely that even a piece of paper can cheer you up.

this is a free facial offer at shiseido in pavillion.
free birthday gifts from la mer.
and ooohhh....aren't they cute??? dun think they like me to reveal their faces here. i am sure they got this specially for thoughtful. but i think the hello kitty has become hello 'jetty'. brother is too tall compared to the others.
last but not least, all the way from england from dear yunli. a very useful gift indeed... a bra (i can't post the pic here...the only present i dun want to post the pic) size. ;P it is the last thing i can think of receiving in the mailbox. she has been listening to my complaints about buying a bra for ppl like me who has nothing to fill the cup with. yes we talk about everything. it is really thoughtful of her. it is definitely warming the cockles of my heart...hahaha...being so close to it, no doubt kan?

wonder when i am going to claim all my gifts in kl. need to have some good reasons to go...august one week holidays lah i guess.

food attack

those in australia asked for durians to be sent over. so this is the best i can do lah. and the brother in kl is also missing all the durians at home...asking me how come he did not get any when he was home. my answer...ask dad and tell dad before you come back. dad is always good at searching for durians.

and i got you guys extra.....char siew pau, big pau and egg tarts from kampar. mum went there with her friend to fetch her friend's daughter home from UTAR. i dun like the paus but the egg tart...not bad. there is another restaurant in kampar which sells nicer ones which my colleague always buy for her.

ok not the top grade durian but they are edible lah. still durian. grandpa as usual has them with his rice. i finished one durian myself. i guess it should be detox again this week. imagine the toxin in my body.

and nope...this is not edible. just wanna thank a new colleague of mine who gave a big bunch of crysanthemums to me on saturday. a friend of hers brought them from cameron highlands. i think she only gave me and not to others colleagues. i was so touched. it was her way of saying thank you to me for sending her for a course cum workshop on thursday. she had thanked me on friday when we came back from the course. gosh, i felt so bashful. it was the first time someone actually thanked me for sending them for a course. but i like her attitude. she is willing to learn and always asks me questions when in doubt. she has a friendly disposition and you always see a smile on her face. i am glad to have her in my panel although i cannot say the same about the other colleague who came with her. just a total opposite.

well, when someone does not take you for granted, it puts you on top of the world. i have to remind myself to do the same to others. sometimes, it just pisses you off right when you are taken for granted? there you were offering to drive to some place for a meal, a movie or something and in return you don't even get a word of thank you. and they also do not offer to use their car for the next trip and always looking at you to be the driver. at least take turns lah. i have no problem with those who delegate or divide the will offer to pay the tol, the other will offer to pay the meal, etc. i have a paid job and you also have a paid job, so what is wrong with chipping in?

hmmm....better stop talking now...have i committed the same sin??

yum yum...gnaw gnaw...chew chew

i have to fulfil the other's requests by posting this video up. i hope this video of beanie satiates your hunger for the week. well, at least i think beanie is enjoying himself chewing on the shoe. his collection has grown by the way. there are 4 shoes in his box now.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

a piece of good toast

aahh....i have stiff neck now. am still at the work place on this saturday morning and will stay here till 2 in the afternoon. what a torture. the compulsory classes we have to attend. this saturday, it is the computer data system we have. so looking at the screen has put a toll on the neck.

and the previous night's batman session too is to blame. i sat on row J. i would prefer L but i can't complain lah. someone helped me to buy the tickets on thursday night and it was already quite full then.

i only reached home at 1a.m. this morning. i came out from the cinema at 12 midnight. it is 2 hours 30 mins movie....which i think is slightly looooonnngg.

it is a good batman movie, but i think they could have cut some of the scenes in the middle on the mafia. heath ledger was brilliant- maniacal, psychotic and neurotic in his role as the joker. he was really eerie. the cast was brilliant this time. christian bale (ooohhh aaahhh ooohhh), michael caine, aaron eckhart, maggie gyllenhall, gary oldman and morgan freeman. these ppl are totally irreplaceable. i like the beginning and the ending. i yawned in the middle (all the talk about this being heath's best performance before he died must have given those at the cutting board some pressure and to avoid critism, they must have given him all the time in the world). the stunts were great and the gadgets too. the lines were not bad as well.

do not expect this to be as dark as the previous batman (batman returns...correction...batman begins), it was a bit like cop and thief thriller drama in the middle. i would prefer it to be dark...after all it is batman, the dark knight.

i likened this movie to a piece of toast. hahahha...dun ask me why. it just came to me this morning. when u put a piece of bread into the toaster, the expectation is there for it to turn out well and you start having the hunger pang when u start to get the smell. well, that is the beginning of the movie for me. then while you are waiting for it to be toasted, it can get agonising seeing how slowly the process is. that will be mid of the movie. and in the end when the piece of bread turns out into a beautiful piece of brown toast to perfection, that is the end of the movie and the perfected toast is the one that you savour. the movie if you agree with this comparison.

my favourite is the ending when batman runs into the night accompanied by the music. it puts a smile on my face and for me, that is what batman is all about.

do go and watch it and get some food to accompany you and only start eating after the first hour so you have something else to occupy you.

p/s: a little retail theraphy also happened yesterday (oopps)- a pair of heels, a skirt, a belt, a tee and a pair of shorts. went to secret recipe for cheese cake indulgences- yoghurt cheese, new york cheese and prawn macaroni in cheese. also ordered strawberry and choc cake and tom yum kung. there were 3 of us ok. my favourite- the yoghurt cheese. simply irresistable.

Friday, July 18, 2008


it has been a hectic week and i am glad it is all over. i was bogged down with work and a presentation i had to give yesterday for a district programme. phew! am i glad it is all over. i had to slog over the power point presentation knowing how inexperienced i am at this. all those template stuff, custom animation, putting the points in, and a lot of scannings. it took me 2 days. luckily i am not the nervous type although i put the pressure on myself to finish the job. i just release all my tension by telling anyone who is willing to listen, so i was quite grumpy i guess.
my slot was from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and i was sweating in front. not because of nerve, but because of the heat!!! you know lah, the hall...only wall fans at the side. so poor me was trying to look crisp and presentable but the sweats kept dripping. purposely put on a red red dress ah. those poor souls (about 200 of them) were the weaker ones and one was actually dozing off. wasn't me!!! ;P
all in all, i was satisfied lah. no glitches in my presentation. in fact they enjoyed the games i played with them and there was keen competition. a pat for myself. and i got a pen and rm30 for my effort and sweat. sweet.
to reward myself...or to torture is batman tonight in ipoh. can't tell myself that i am tired...have to psyche myself that i am up to this trip. i think it is worth watching in the cinema, not because of heath ledger but the whole 'batman' thing. i am looking forward to christian bale actually. thank god katie holmes is no longer in.
there is still work tomorrow hence i am not going back to tm yet.
and oh, today is the day cousin en is flying back from england after graduating with first class honours. a big congratulations. so here is a bouquet of flowers for you. although it is not real, i think it is just as beautiful. hahaha...anyway, my brother has promised to give her a treat when she is back, ....wei, can i join??? and oh, i think we better call en's big aunt to join too...she has invited us for meal ages ago and yet we can't make it all the time. i am keeping my fingers crossed that something will work out lah. it is soo bad to turn ppl down...and she is sooo sweet and sincere.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

escape 2 in victoria

yeelin found this. hahhaa...if only...

and can u guess what eggs these are?? ok they look pretty big in this photo and they look like a melon right? what other pets do i have at home?? jet should know. his tortoises!! this is the first time i see these. they are quite thick and chalky. do you think they will hatch??

Saturday, July 12, 2008

my brother's life

this has become a place to update on family affairs as i have another regular hitter on the blog. welcome aunt in germany! waa....everyone is becoming more and more interney savvy already. she even has a mail account!
and few weeks ago, my exboss from noodles shop in england called me nearing midnight (!!!). was asleep already. and his reason for calling, asking me if i had a facebook account. aaarrgghh! he asked me to add him but since i had no paper and pen at that time, i gave him my e-mail add instead...but until now, he has not added me. hmmm...what went wrong there? i couldn't have mumbled the wrong e-mail address. i was very awake already by then.

the spongebob is from his friends given at klia when they sent him off. so nice of them. i guess spongebob is squeezed every night there on the sofa all those speculations that spongebob is gay, is proven here on this bed. hahahaha!!!

the only thing that attracts me is the piece of pizza on the plate. yum yum! pepperoni?? i guess the pc will be on a table already by now. heard that they managed to 'salvaged' a table on rubbish collection day for big items. hey, can someone pass me the bazaar magazine too???

Thursday, July 10, 2008

another cake

another cake trickled in yesterday ;) it was supposed to be a surprise but i knew it one day before. their peer let the cat out of the bag and their daddies and mummies knew too as they asked for extra pocket money to spend on me. so cute. i am so touched.
they are a group of rumbustious 13 year olds; 3 girls and 5 boys. you will be exhausted after spending 2 hours with them. wednesday nite is a tiring one indeed.

this is their gift...telling me to save and not to shop so much. they see me wearing my nikes and stuff, they told me not to buy them anymore and save. har har. this piggy bank reminds me of the pink pig i have adopted on this blog (see left side). there are already a few ringgits in it. they had to pay me for some books, hence the money is placed in the pig instead. we named it the 1 ringgit piggy bank. so i will only put in 1 ringgit and no coins. i will be so rich when it is full huh.

instructions on the the last pic. SHOPPING!!!

i bought them vitagen since i knew they would not have got any drinks. so everyone was happy when the session ended.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

of cakes and presents

so these are the normal stuff one will get on a normal birthday. cake is mandatory and you will be so happy that you can finish it with the gang who gives it to you on the spot. dun keep the cake for yourself. let's share it together. that is the spirit.

this one is the first on monday morning...from a became my morning break snack. the strawberry was already in my mouth ;P

nice eh? chocolate covered. but the sponge cake was so so. this came in the afternoon.

and this one just arrived yesterday.

i wonder who starts this birthday cake tradition on birthday. will a birthday be complete without a cake? or is it a gimmick popularised by bakers to sell their cakes??

and below is the most creative gift i received. what an effort. i have to solve the riddle to break the code. help! the riddle is solved now ...with some help...and i still have no idea what the code is..but of the nails did not stay on the hinge for long and i could retrieve the gift from the box. hehehehe....i think i appreciate both the locks more than the gift since they are more useful. hahaha

1- look at my face, you see no 13, and now would you kindly follow me around?

2- what is so fragile, that even when you speak of it you will break it?

creative huh? anyone who wants to leave answer for the riddle, you can do so here and i will verify the answers for you.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

what an sms day

birthday has come and it has gone.
and as expected it was a really busy partying this time but it was purely work. work, then meeting in the afternoon, then work again till night. and that was the day. voila. i wouldn't have any energy to go out to celebrate anyway. i rejected an invitation to go out at night for a drink. my eyes could not open by 9p.m. already so it was up to the room and snuggled in my bed and watched the second half of sex and the city the movie. the movie was good. and ooohhh the clothes, the shoes and the bags. they are as usual to die for. how i wish i can be carrie bradshaw in the movie but i think i am more of a charlotte.

only one cake yesterday and another slice of cake from my gang of colleague. they gave me a pressie too. and i got a few other pressies. aunt called and a friend called from singapore. nice huh? but that was all. not that i am complaining. the telephone was vibrating off its parts (on silence mode the whole day). this is the first time i finish using the battery in one day. it was nice getting about 90 smses. yes, i counted. haha...
life goes on now and the fatigue continues...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

birthday eve

ok....i am really desperate for ppl to celebrate my birthday for me since i am not throwing any birthday bash, therefore i have made a birthday cake for myself.
yeah rite :P
this is the first day cake from sunday's 2p.m. group. thank you very much. they were so considerate and did not get any candles for the cake. i think it will cover the entire cake if they did. the flavour is mocha. not bad. very fresh. we finish the cake already. grandpa and dad also got their share. phew!
heard cousin zhong will drop by today...but i won't be seeing him. i wonder how he looks like now. regards to him.

and this photo if for jet. he wants to see the dog tag. so there you have it. just that red metal there. how to make a beautiful one?? u can make your own 'beanie' tag lah...but that will just be a name tag for the dog. the municipal council won't have customised tag for you. hahahaha...maybe they should start customising dog tags and get some extra cash. everyone is thinking of cutting cost nowadays but are they thinking of ways to increase the revenue???

talking about cost is everyone coping with the increase in fuel price? is there any change in lifestyle? i have been using the excuse of expensive fuel price and not making that many trips out of the house. when i have to get something outside, i will accumulate the number of items first and only go out when i really need them. so calculative now. but i am not a fuel guzzler and i wasn't before this. it is just all this talk about saving and cutting on expenditure that makes me do it subconsciously. good lah...lead a simpler uncomplicated life.