Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hk day 4

choi kin hk.

woke up at 5.30a.m. because our flight was at 905a.m. we took a taxi instead of the shuttle bus to the train station because the price quoted by the taxi driver was reasonable. it got us to the airport in 30 mins. that was good because we did not have to lug the bags here and there.

before the sun rose, hk airport was already bustling with activities. i was green with envy. we had some food before going into the terminal. a pork chop, 2 sausages, a piece of cake, macaroni with ham in soup and milk tea. we shared. i love the macaroni in the hot soup. it was just so comforting to the tummy.

and luckily we had them because the food in the plane was horrible. one of the most horrible i had ever seen and tasted. we were in a smaller plane. it felt like in a play school when i saw all those multi-coloured seats as soon as i entered the plane. and there was no individual screen! so much for watching another movie. they showed district 9. both of us had chicken with noodles...but urrgh...u just look at it. i din feel like eating as soon as i unwrapped it. luckily there was still croisant and ice-cream. the flight seemed shorter because i caught some forty winks now and then. i guess i was really tired.

got these at the duty free, a bracelet and necklace set.
jet and ah seng came to fetch me. then we sent ah seng all the way back to ukm campus.
back home, i got a huge warm hug from atticus.
he got me this kitty radio from a garage sale. have not tried it yet.

and this is what i got him. nice towel huh?

this bangle was waiting for me. well, ordered it online and i love it. well i love coach bangles.

twins? soon to be married neighbour and brother. both got the same shirt from cotton on together.

peach and cherries. all the peaches were already missing since yesterday. it was so sweet. well, at least i managed to bite one. cherries were still aplenty. haha...can last me till 2010.
well, i have to go and pack for tomorrow's meeting now. so have a good weekend and drive safe. no violent revellers please. enjoy yourself without causing damage and harm to others. be a responsible party-goer. happy new year ;P

love mi hk day 3

day 3 started at 8.30a.m. today, only rachel, chingching and i. we went to search for a place i saw in a local travel programm. it is on duddell street in hk island. this flight of stairs is kinda famous. many of the older generation's celebrities had filmed their music videos on these steps. and these 4 gas lamps, they are the only remaining ones in hk. they are turned on automatically from 7p.m. to 6a.m. daily.
next to this flight of stairs, there is a starbucks coffee. but this starbucks outlet is slightly different from the others in hk. this one is decorated in the 60s style cafe. it was very quiet when we reached so i had a chance to go to every corner of the shop to take photos.

this shop also serves 3 special pastries- pineapple bun coffee flavoured, coffee egg tart and hazelnut and coffee roll. you cannot get them in other starbucks. the pineapple bun was very good. it was so soft and with the butter, it was heavenly. that is my fav among the three.

we then wemt to apm, a mall in kwun tong. it is quite new and kinda big. but the building layout is kinda strange. it is quite difficult to go explore every shop without making a u-turn. the place was full of locals because it was a saturday and a public holiday.

the mall decoration here is quite messy but andy lau came to launch it i think. see the white and black doll, those are andy's dolls.
chingching and i have sweet do you resist these beautiful mochis? those under the glass display are fake ones. we got 6 of different flavours and they were all equally good. it is better eaten cold. all mochis have fillings and cream in them.
lunch was at red ant was at 3p.m. the portion was very filling and i could not finish mine. it was the baked rice.
did some shopping here and these are what i got:

new mizuno running shoes. nice or not? wanted to get nike's but they did not have my size. nike was on sale. this pair of mizuno only had 10% discount but it should be cheaper than in malaysia. not more than rm250.

jet asked me to help him look for a backpack...and i got one from quicksilver. 50% discount and it is new arrival. it is less than rm100. what a deal. fav lou por peng, wife cake. they have this brand in apm. i dun like the other brands.

then before going back to the hotel, went to yung kee in central again to takeaway a roast goose to bring home to malaysia. man it was expensive. hk$420 for one goose. dad did not scold i guess it is acceptable lah.

no proper dinner again that night. chingching and i had dumpling in soup takeaway and that was it. anyway, we still had mochi and i was still very full from the earlier lunch.
and here are the photos taken in the concert hall that night. my seat was also quite far...sob sob.

there were less signs this time around. last time, fans from different parts of the world would hold up light signs informing her what country they were from.

this platform was dropped from the roof.
ok not a very beautiful shot but she could really shake hard. ;P
special guest- andy hui aka ex-boyfriend of 10 years. sammi was kinda awkward but andy was all right.
oh....this photo and the following few are in a sequence. sammi was getting ready to make a back fall down to the hole.
this third show was not as good as the second one. her voice was again hoarse.
well, that ended my adventure at love mi 2009. went back to the hotel after watching her come out of the stadium again. then it was packing and packing and packing. gosh. had to use jet's new bag too. we slept at around 1a.m.

healthy activities around tm

been going out two afternoons in a row. well, aunt and uncle are health conscious so they cannot take to sitting too long at home.

so yesterday we went to proton city lake and had brisk walk cum jogging session. jet did 4 laps while we did 3. now, the ankle and shin is feeling a slight sore.
then just now, we went to sg bil which is about 17 km from town. we reached there when the mossies were at their most active period and i felt as if i had gone to present myself to the hungry mossies. only atticus and ginny went into the water. well, there wasn't must pool area for a swim anyway. the place was very rocky. there was rubbish strewn around on the banks as well, so it was quite a sore for the eyes. but the water was still clear and cold.
tomorrow, is new year's eve aka the last day of 2009. well, i have to go to work. why can't they have that meeting today?? scheduling that meeting on 31st must have spoilt so many ppl's plan to really enjoy the last day of the year. maybe i will suggest this for next year.

i am keeping my fingers crossed that my duties for next year will not increase. the chance of it being reduced is nil, so i am not even thinking of that.

countdown party will be in genting highlands. yeah, i hope it is going to be good. atticus went there once and he enjoyed himself. so i am going up to the hill with them. we have got a room courtesy of uncle's friend. i hope i can come back to tm earlier after the meeting. have to make sure i work fast.

so to everyone out there, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. may 2010 be a good one. i have no resolution and i am not going to make one. i just want my year to be a good one and things will go smoothly for me.hope the same goes to everyone out there.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my favourite segments are the fast songs medley.

my video quality sucks because i recorded this using my handphone.

this is the part where she sang english songs.

love mi hk day 2

the day started at around 11a.m. regent came to the hotel to look for us and she brought me sooo many things. some of the things were packed by her mom. how do i repay them for all their generosity? they have given me things without fail everytime i go to hong kong. and i am lucky to have a guide too. it makes searching for places so much easier.
postcards from tourism malaysia office in hk. she knew i will need them for postcrossing.
a set of plates and cups from her mom.

2 soft toys from her brother.

scallop noodles with pure olive oil sachets. i think this is from an expensive range. and she also got me a box of lou por peng (wife cake) from han heong.

we then decided to go for lunch at shatin. i have always been curious of the roasted pigeon there. hence, i made it a must this trip. futhermore, it was only a few stations away from hung hom.

regent brought us to lung wah restaurant. i think this is where roasted pigeon started. the place looked old and slightly worn out but it still attracted many. we were one of the first to reach and then followed by a local tour of about 40 ppl.

we sat outside as it was breezier and cloudy that day.

the meal came up to hk$500. quite expensive huh? well, food in hk is definitely expensive but you won't get bad ones at least. the roasted pigeon was ok. nothing to shout about actually. i found that it was quite bland and not crispy enough. the pork knuckle (or is it trotter) was good. love it. the porridge was so-so. i am not a porridge lover. the shrimp tauhu was good. we were all soooo full at the end of the meal.

we then made our way to stanley, this was one place i had not been to in hk. rachel went her own way because she had been there before.
we took a double decker bus which brought us through winding and steep roads to the other side of hk island. it was nauseating in the bus and we got off the bus feeling all queasy. the journey was 20 mins from central.

ching and i decided an icecream from haagen daaz would cure the queasiness...and well it did. yummy. summer berries and rum and raisin, with almond crunch and strawberry sauce.

stanley markey where it was like walking in a maze. the shops here sell clothes, souvenir items, art works, etc. something like lady street but the prices were higher.

8 small houses ....dunno what they were built for. but i guess they are ancient.

stanley bay. lots of restaurants and pubs, and there is the national maritime museum and murray house. the place should be packed during summer. it is a beautiful bay.

went back to central after that and was dreading the journey. met rachel at central station and decided to go for cakes....expensive cakes at cova. they have several shops in hk and we went to the one in alexandra house. it is favourite of hk who n who and celebrities. it is reported to be a fav haunt of the late leslie cheung and anita mui.

the cakes were yummy though. however, i can't say the same thing with the staff. the waiters and waitresses were snobbish and not friendly at all. the smiles were missing from their faces. they only had limited cakes to choose from...the one that i wanted was not on the list. it was only available for takeout. we ended up ordering lemon chiffon, mango cheese and tiramisu. the three of them had coffee and i had starfruit juice. the meal came up to around hk$450. expensive huh? that was like our lunch at lung wah.
walked around central for some shopping...and window shopping. got something from coach.

poppy small purse. it was on sale but i guess it was still more expensive than the price they charged in the US. i just checked online, even after discount, the wallet is still cheaper in the states. damn it! i guess i can rely on for coach things in the future....not that i am planning to get another bag. but i like their bangles. the prices offered on the site are reasonable.
dinner was supposed to be dine in at yung kee restaurant...famous for its roast goose. we had to take a number and wait for our number to be called....and the waiting was going to be 30 mins. sigh. young or old, rich or poor, everyone had to wait. we cancelled that plan because we would not make it for the concert if we dined in. hence, we choose takeaway. it was still yummy and i love it.
roast goose and honey glazed bbq pork rice. hk$40.

we chomped our dinner and then it was back to the coliseum. we got different section in different corner, so we could see things from different perspective this time. our seats were on the second level...not the same as the stage level. hence, any hope of dashing forward for a handshake was totally dashed. i decided to just sit there and enjoy her singing peacefully.
but all my worry of not getting her hand was for nothing. hahaha....they had no handshake session!! woohoo!!! maybe it was to prevent her from getting any germs transmitted to prevent her from getting sick. she wasn't feeling well the previous night and luckily she had recovered to give a better show singing wise. her voice was clearer and more articulate and yeah, it was simply better.

before the show began. the piece of cloth was let down as soon as the concert started.

she was facing my side in this segment. the previous night, i could only see her back.
mc yan in blue.
2 guests that night, ekin cheng and erik kwok who collaborated with sammi in the movie feel 100%. they sang ask me. erik was sooo funny and his voice was soo cartoonish. like andy lau, ekin cheng sang his song when sammi went for a costume change and ran around the stage shaking fans' hands.

the sandwich hug.

i did not get to see all the light works the previous day. so it was a bonus that night.
our night ended at around midnight after we waited for sammi to come out of the stadium and got into her car. joey yung was there too and she came out before sammi. her fans were waiting and shouting for her. she was friendly and nice to her fans.
OMG, i can't wait to see tonight's show photos!!!! the guest is going to be leon lai!!!! yesterday was jacky cheung and gigi. waaaa...leon lai!!! i wanna see!!!!