Monday, November 10, 2014

no queue. save money

i am going to kl again tomorrow!! yeah!!! it is a weekday and i am going to kl for one night!!
don't worry, i am not doing anything crazy....not queueing up for anything know like the thing advertised in the advertisement below.

i am going for work.....well....mostly to sit there and facilitate when they need me. it a short break from the daily office routine. i hope i wont tire myself by going here and there after the official job is over. haha.....i do hate the cold air from the air-conditioner in hotel meeting rooms. and not forgetting the hotel room itself where i have to spend the night too. so i better make sure i get my sleep tonigh in case i don't get enough tomorrow.

oh back to the story of this advertisement. i think this is the first time i have seen h&m buying advertisement space in newspaper for their special collaboration collection. anyway, i am glad i did not go to queue. i read that some people started queueing on 4 november. crazy! the collection was only sold at 8am on 6 november.  save money save money. it will be hard to get anything from the next collaboration already if some ppl are willing to queue one day and one night for the thing.  sigh!

well i will just stick to uniqlo and their special collaborations from now on. there is no need to queue for that, the quality is good without a doubt, and one can buy online and get it delivered to the house. long live uniqlo!! and they have special discounts from time to time for online shopping as well. yippee!! and i have just made my first order on saturday night. lol. i only ordered 3 items for myself, whereas the rest of the 15 items in the shopping bag are for cousins, sister and friend. it is better to get a few ppl to shop together since free shipping comes only when you purchase rm150 and above.

another thing purchased online is my photobook. i think i have bought my voucher for almost a year from groupon and i finally get to use it when it is near its expiry date. phew! and just recently, i have bought another voucher for another photobook. i am preparing the photobook for my trip to chengdu and jiu zhai gou end of this month. there is no need to send photos to be printed now. everything will be printed in this photobook from now on. it is easier to keep as well and classy too. definitely worth doing....but just spare some time to compile and design your book.

oh, and i can start saving money on accessories nowadays too. i have started looking for some cool rainbow loom bracelet designs only and these two here are my favorite at the moment.
the ones above are quite easy to make and i can just combine with any colour i have.....they are thin and round and i can stack them up.

the one here is my favourite flat bracelet. i love the combination of colours here. but this is quite time consuming to make. anyway, it is personal satisfaction once the bracelet turns out fine.

well, time to say good night. i  still haven't packed for tomorrow. ciao.