Monday, July 30, 2012

all things kitty

i am having a headache now and i have been sulky the whole day.

was disturbed in my sleep and i only managed to sleep at 2 plus. at first it was too hot and my skin started to get i was scratching away.
then i decided i would have to be selfish and switched on the air-conditioner. no earth warrior then.
after the room had cooled, a mosquito came to bug me, attacking me on the face. one lucky slap, and the mosquito met doomsday.

only then i started my descend into slumber land.

i will try to get a nap this afternoon. this headache is definitely going to stay with me if i don't take one.

today, i will reveal hello kitty collection from swarovski which i got.

a coin purse. i don't know how i am going to use it yet.....well, we will see. i have 2 pouches stlil idle and unused. gosh, i am turning into a hoarder.

my birthday present from sis and her family. it is rm40 cheaper than in malaysia and i have someone telling me to help her get one already. my sister bought it at costco. how i wish there is a costco in malaysia. they sell better things than tesco, giant and carefour.

this nooka watch, hello kitty limited collection, is not mine. just saw the deal on dealmates. going at 30% discount. will look cute on girls....but not on my wrist of course.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

just the opening for me

i am satisfied to have watched the lighting of the cauldron of the olympics.
gosh, i wish i can babble about the olympics the whole week long.
but i guess i can only boast about the opening ceremony....and if lucky, the closing too. what day will it be on???

there is no tv in bidor and when i come back at the weekends, the tv is only showing bits of updates and all the updates coincide with all my classes. so frankly, i have not seen any olympic news at all since the opening. how pathetic. i can only rely on the daily newspaper for it. i hate it!!!

the lighting of the cauldron was really unique. all those copper petals coming together to form one giant flame- unity. but my question is- don't they have to keep the fire burning througout the whole game? so how are they going to keep the copper cauldron burning in the middle of the field? will it be transferred somewhere? i guess i will only know once they start using the olympic park for athletics and i can see the stadium. there is a giant torch outside the stadium right? will the flame burn there?

this is the time when i wish we have astro service. i heard they have a special channel for olympics and you will only have to pay rm50 once to subscribe for the entire olympics period. haiz.....

well, i will be keeping the spirits of olympic in me then and work out while thinking of all the athletes who are fighting for glory in london. have to throw myself into work too since there is only one week before trial exam. i wonder if the kids are anxious at all.

a pair of ear-rings i got for mom. another similar one was given to aunt. should have got a bigger one. this is a bit small but they look demure on the ears.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

the five-ring event has begun

and so the olympics 2012 has officially begun!!!

woke up at 4a.m. to catch the opening. i set the alarm for 3.45 but somehow it only rang at 4...and phew....i made it just as the bell was rung signifying the start. well, if you have watched it too, you would know which bell.

i stayed glued to the tv till 7a.m. when i had to go back to work on a saturday. yes. it was the prize-giving ceremony day and everyone had to be back.

i will have to watch rerun of the opening on tv again because i did not get to see the lighting of the torch!! aahh!!! i guess that is one of the highlights of all olympics. everyone is trying to outdo each other in this last segment and earlier, i saw a footage during news, and boy, it was magnificent. all the copper dunno-what which were brought in together when the athletes marched in were combined to form a humongous torch. a sight to behold. hope they are not going to edit lots of this part.

they can edit the part of athletes marching in hahaa.....i really watched all countries walking in. some ppl might choose to skip this part but i think i have to give due respect to all those who have fought to qualify for this big game and their customes are always a curiosity to me.

as for the ceremony, well, i have mixed feelings about. it is quissentially british no doubt. on one hand, i was awed by how the stadium was transformed especially the placing of the meadow and all those chimneys and not to mention the manmade hill where they put all the countries' flags. beautiful but at the same time, i was quite bored and did not feel entertained. it was a sight to behold, really.

my favourite part was the industrial revolution segment. it really blew my mind away seeing how all the mechanics work to form the olympics ring and the fireworks later. i was practically gaping once i saw the lighting of one ring and how it slowly raised to the sky. my wow moment.

however, i do not understand the national health service (nsh) segment. that seemed awkward in olympics. i mean, you can pay tribute to them in another occasion, but the olympics? weird. the mary poppins that floated from above were the only familiar thing to most people i think.

the swinging 60s where all pop songs and dances came, was only so-so. mr bean's appearance? well, he was funny but not enough to leave a deep impression in me.

i couldn't stand the 2 commentators from malaysia too. they sometimes came up with stupid remarks and kept mentioning london bridge when it is tower bridge. haiz....

ok, i got to go now to watch the rerun. it is going to be an olympic month starting from now. woohoo!! can't wait to see more athletic feats and records broken and all sweats and toil bear fruits for those who train hard. i will exercise hard too in the spirit of olympics!!!

erika pendant in purple. my first purple piece from swarovski and am i glad i got this iconic pendant from the brand at 50% discount. wakakaka.....

Friday, July 27, 2012

and the olympics begin....soon

it is going to be a red letter day in london and gosh, how i wish we were in the time zone.

i am preparing myself to sleep now. telling myself that i am tired and i need the rest.
then the alarm clock will be set to 3.45 a.m. so that i can wake up to witness the opening ceremony of the biggest sporting event in the world- the olympics.

i guess i will be struggling in front of the tv too even if i manage to get up. mom plans to wake up too. and to make it worse, i have to drive back to work once the opening ceremony ends...i estimate it to end at 630a.m.
damn it, it is a working saturday for me!!!! there is the prize-giving ceremony to run. someone had called me the head of production crew. hehee.....not a bad title eh.

another bracelet from swarovski...this time a red one. i have one in blue too.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

not so 'fast'

there was no fasting for me today....but i had breaking fast instead. hahaha.
actually i did not plan to fast due to the training i would do with the kids in the afternoon. hmh....come to think of it, i should have fasted.

this afternoon, i did not join them in the exercise- circuit training or intensive interval training. i was there correcting their poses and monitoring them with my hawk's eyes. so there was no cheating at all and they could really feel the strain on their muscles.

so in the morning i had a really nice tau sah peah offered by my colleague. then i had one dragon fruit after lunch time. yup no lunch for me today. i obsessed with fasting?? i am going to fast again tomorrow. i hope i won't hurt my body with what i am doing.

so after that training session....well, their training session, we walked to the ramadhan food bazaar. we collected rm11 from fine today, their bad mouths for using vulgar language....and we used that money to buy half a roast chicken and a long roti john.

i also got my dinner here, a piece of spiced fried chicken and roti telur.
unfortunately, everything sucked! nothing was good. that made me come to a conclusion that ramadhan food bazaar is so over-rated. things here are not cheap either and i have a feeling that they might be slightly more expensive than usual. hence, it would be my only time there. the food really left a bad taste in my mouth.

so with all the food we got, we broke fast at the hall right on the badminton court. it was much more merrier eating in a group.


ok to another thing now. i had my heads full of htmls and tutorials on ways to faster mastering of my quests in cafe world. haha....i even got personal tutorial from a youth in indonesia since he is also using mac. the moderator of the group i join is from the usa and his helper is from portugal. so it is a worldwide co-operation to run those cafes. hahahaha.

after a lot of tinkering, i managed to get hold of the way and now am teaching my friend. phew. i don't think i will be able to call it a night if i fail to learn. it would be such a long long night then.

time to call it a night. it is ok to sleep late tonight. after all, it is friday tomorrow. i will wake up with a smile on my face and tell myself that it is friday.

and what better way to celebrate this friday with my new ysl ring? huge? nah....rather avant-garde. i should have got a bigger ring size to fit the middle finger, my favourite finger to put on a ring, but i did not want to pay extra for that bigger size. hence, i have to settle with the ring finger i guess.

hope you are looking forward to your friday as much as i do.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

blue crystal for liquid fast

no milk,
no fruit,
no potato chips.
yup, i successfully did my liquid fast today.

it was easier than i thought. the hunger did not come at all.
but of course that was after i deduced that HUNGER IS ONLY A STATE OF MIND.
yup, everything is in the mind baby.

feel so happy with myself. if you ask me if i get thinner in these 2 days, well, sadly the answer is no. i dun think i am losing weight this way.

oh, i also went jogging just now and did not think of hunger.

tomorrow there will be some fruits for lunch. i need the energy for my circuit training at 3pm. then i am going to reward myself with a trip to the ramadhan bazaar to shop for foooooood with the boys. i think i am going to pig out there.

this fasting thing might be a regular feature during my weekdays. let us see how determined i am.

a very striking ring indeed although it is void of any particular motif or pattern. will just stand out on the finger without screaming for attention. there are still many colours out there to yearn for. let's wait for the next sale ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

miss polly for fast

i am counting on little miss polly here to get through the day.

yup, i am fasting today.
have been drinking only and have a packet of milk on standy ;) that will be my cheat

the hunger has not come, but i know it is going to get horrible at around 4pm.

yesterday, my head was already spinning and my limbs were getting weak and even the eyes could feel dizzy when it was almost 5pm. and yesterday, i had some potato chips in the morning and a dragon fruit in the afternoon. what will today be??

i guess the sugar level took a dip and all the symptoms just appeared.

gosh, as i am typing this now, i can feel the head getting heavier and soon the dizziness will come.

ok it is raining now. there goes the plan to go jogging. i think i can bear it, hunger and sports.

i can't stop fiddling at my miss polly pendant ;) it is really cute.

Monday, July 23, 2012

good thing comes in a bow

it is time to reveal the second piece of goodie in the sack now.
now, this piece of silver jewellery has travelled around the world quite a bit.

my sister in australia who travelled to the united states earlier this year helped me get this. and then from australia, it was brought back to germany by my cousin to her mom, my aunt.
then lastly, the ring was passed to dad when my aunt's flight from germany landed last week.
what a relay eh. 3 different continents, 4 'runners', one ring. hahahhaa

it is such a dainty ring. i like the twisted silver because i also have a tiffany key pendant in the same twisted form.

the ring fits me although it is 1/2 a size smaller from the usual size 7 i wear. for chunkier rings, only size 7 can fit the middle finger.

so do you like the simplicity the ring offers?

of course i do, a lot.

now to something else. i am preparing myself mentally to fast tomorrow, well i will still drink so there is a bit cheating there.

this morning, i have only had breakfast consisting of 2 pieces of toasts with cheese. then when i got to school, my colleague showed me a big bag of ruffles potato chips, gosh, how to resist??
for lunch, i went to down to the canteen, but it was just to pack my dinner in my tiffin. i did not have any lunch.
i have cut a dragon fruit to have when i get hungry. but till now, i still don't have the need to open the container to take a piece out. but i will definitely have to finish the cut fruit before dinner time.
the cloudy weather and soon-to-come storm is definitely helping me to curb hunger too. so let's hope the weather will continue this way tomorrow when i start my fast.
wish me luck.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

to abstain and to shop

i am going to take my own sweet time to reveal all the shopping loot hahaha....
the longer i can prolong it, the longer i can store the excitement. kekekeke....
after all, it is already the beginning of the holy month for muslims around the world, and what better practice there is than to practise patience and abstinence.

it is another excuse i am thinking of to do some cleansing of the soul. in fact, i am wondering whether i should try fasting once or twice just to see how it feels to go without food for the whole day. i might get a few more ppl to join me to make it merrier. i don't think i can do it alone. going without food should not be a big obstacle, it is the drinking part that will be unbearable since i have to do so much talking. i am having slight sore throat at the moment too, so if i am to do a fast, it will only be solid food fast. liquid must still go in. hmmmmhh......i guess i can still still cheat hor if i only do solid fast. i mean i can take yoghurt drink, fruit juices, milk, etc to make myself full. hahaha....

and talking about the fasting month, which is also known as the month of abstinence, it puzzles me when i see people lining up buying packs of food at the food bazaar in the afternoon. shouldn't they be practising moderation instead? what i see is gluttony instead. it is not an excuse to feast right? hotels and restaurants are cashing in this month too with so many buffet spreads being advertised. ok i am not trying to preach here. i gues they are big enough to know what they are doing, so indulge if you want but in the end, it is those who fast sincerely with the purest intentions will reap the rewards.

so when will i do mine?

before i make up my mind, let me reveal the first batch of stuff i got from germany. it was more like co-operation from 3 countries to get the things. my cousin from aussie had to squeeze her time to go online and fight with all the others who were trying to get into the busy website wherelse my aunt in germany had to wait for the postman to come with the goods, while i was in malaysia supervising the purchase. so i guess i had the easiest job.

these are the 3 items i got from h&m and marni collaboration- a tote bag, a swimsuit and a tee. the tote is really roomy and large, and i still dunno how i am going to use it or when. the swimsuit is purely vintage in its design and yes, it fits me although it is eenie weenie loose around the collar. will do some adjustment there. the material is not elastic though so i am not sure whether it will restrict movement in the water. as for the tee, i got mine in S but it is still loose. so i am going to wear it as a loose tee lah. so no more shopping for tee this year....well, unless h&m and maison martin margiela have another tee that interests me in their coming collaboration in november. hheehehhe.

don't think i am making any more purchases this year. no bag, no more accessories. i have done enough. i am saving for my holidays down under now. with the high exchange rate, i do need to save lots. i still haven't bought my flight tickets yet though. so i can't say it is 100% confirmed. will try to get it done as soon as the cash flow is encouraging again.

ready for second posting of some jewellery tomorrow???

Saturday, July 21, 2012

stay safe

my unforgettable birthday on gemia island, terengganu. made special with the release of 133 hatchlings. half a wish in my bucket list is crossed out....the other half of this one full wish is watching turtle lay eggs. unfortunately, no turtle chose to come ashore at the time i was there.

Friday, July 20, 2012

ok, i can't help from nicking this photo from

if i have an iphone 4s, this will definitely be the phone case. isn't it super duper cute???

goodies from germany

my aunt is like the santa claus who comes down the flight with a bagful of goodies for me.....except that she is the delivery woman and i of course pay for everything that is in the bag ;)

and so, this time around, she has got my drawstring bag filled with everything i bought in my online overseas shopping purchases, and also one birthday present from my sister and her small family.
the bag is bulky eh??

well, that is because it is filled with boxes of trinkets. i have got enough to last me the year. no more shopping till next year? is it possible? well, if i think of my coming holiday plan, then the shopping will definitely have to take a back seat. it is really time to save.

here is some sneak peek at the boxes.
the familiar turqoise and white ribbon.

my one and only purchase ever from this brand. i definitely can't afford their other stuff.

lots of blue boxes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

finally, a swim

wooo hoooo....i have finally gone swimming this morning.
was very determined to go since i felt that i was not getting enough exercise. running always leaves my soles in pain and sore,hence, i need to feel the buoyancy in water and to actually burn some calories without causing any pain to my body.

sorry no photo ah. i was charging the phone battery as it was all flat when i woke up. and you know lah, the phone has to sleep nowadays when i charge the battery, so there is no such thing as charging the battery in the car. pssss.....heard iphone 5 will be released in fall.

and so i went to bukit beruntung golf club at 8a.m. with 5 other kids. i can't remember the last time i went there, but what i realised this morning is, the club house is not in a good shape anymore. they have increased their entrance charge for non-member at the swimming pool. it used to be around rm7 only and now they charge rm10. for rm7 last time, you get a thick towel too but this time, towel is only for members and the quality is real bad. the changing room near the pool is also in a devastating state. one shower room has no lock and no water, and there are no hooks in the stalls. you just can't wait to quickly finish your shower and get the hell out of it.

anyway, i have no other alternative pool to go to, so i guess i can only look forward to the exercise in the pool and not the shower in the changing room, and also not look forward to the rm10 fee charged. will want to make this a twice a month outing. the limbs feel really tired but i feel contented having done some exercises.

some hello kitty pressies from the kids, i think i have a similar mug from last year. and that black purse, there is some money inside yo. is bad omen to give an empty purse as a gift, hence everyone forked an extra ringgit out on the spot to fill the purse before giving it to me. how cute.

right now, i am in the midst of checking and planning my parents trip to melbourne. the flight tickets aren't cheap at all to go in december, but there is no other choice since the trip must coincide with my brother's graduation.

i also want to go to melbourne to see my nephew and to go to tasmania and to go to new zealand if time permits, but can i do so much ah? i don't even know my dates yet but what i know is, my dates definitely cannot coincide with those of my parents. i will definitely go first....but how long do i get to stay there before i have to come back? have to check my schedule first. i guess that will be my plan end of the this year.

hmm....what about that one week holiday in august?? what to do?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

kind thoughts from others

my birthday presents received yesterday.
a lego notebook and a cap from my cap. i would never have thought of getting myself a cap. so it is a nice addition to my wardrobe.

then a book from an ex-kid. haha....365 ways to look and feel younger. gosh.....everyone really wants me to be young. so i guess as the number increases, the 'me' inside should not feel pressured to grow old.

am looking forward to some overseas gifts next week. yippee!!!

Monday, July 09, 2012

what a gem of a birthday

the 35th birthday has come and gone, but the post for it has yet to come ;)

i have the least cake this year, one piece from chengyan who was with me at gemia island. she planned it with the waiter and yup, it got me by surprise. the waiter was really good at his job, coming right from my back and taking me by surprise.

so this was the cake we had. it was a big piece of black forest and that cake filled our tummies to their brim. we had our dinner facing the sea, listening to the waves and being bitten by mosquitoes at the same time. insect repellant is a must when you go.....but again, i heard it depends on the season.

this birthday was really a memorable one. thanks to the turtle hatchlings. yeah, i got to hold one in my hand and got to see their release to the sea. definitely priceless.

so now, let's share more photos taken on the island and of the resort. i am doing non-stop promo for them hor? will i get discount next time i go?

recreation centre where you can book your activities. i also saw a monitor lizard among the kayaks.

muahahaha......this can be the cover of my gemia island photo album on facebook lah.

that is pulau kapas on the background. hmm....i also like this photo ;P

the only time when the weather was sunnier. it was rather cloudy during my stay there. thank god. so no, i did not get any tan.

this is another sort of villa one can rent. i think it is the deluxe one, it is on the other side of the beach, away from the water villa and the room is bigger.

the sea water pool, but no one bothered wading in it.

sitting on the jetty.....posing for the photo. falalalalalala ;p

a big big swing at the reception building.

book corner, but none for me. most of them are in deutsche, french, russian, or some other foreign languages.

the dining area in the reception building. there is less mosquito here and you can get them to light the mosquito coil for you.

another part of the beach, called spa beach because it is near the spa. like how the hole opens up to the other side....but dun like all the accumulated dried leaves and dead twigs here.

the rockier part of the beach at spa favourite place actually because no ppl come here.

posing on the rocks ;P

this is the spa beach, where they release the turtle hatchlings too. pretty right??

the monitor lizard on spa beach. big.

everyone getting ready for the release of the hatchlings at 7pm. you can help pick them up and put them in the pail. choose the bigger ones please.

was i lucky or what? the release is not done every day but only on selected day when the hatchlings are old enough to survive in the open day. so it is definitely a great birthday due to this event.

the group who came for the release.

go go praying that you survive out there in the huge sea.

photo of the jetty bathed in the light at dusk.

collage of the turtle release

hatclings in the rearing pond.

the pond in water draining process. they check the pond at night for sights of crabs. crab means bad news because they will eat the hatchlings.

my favourite spot on th water villa. look down, it is clear water and i saw fish and crabs.

we threw some food for the fish and they all came rushing to feed. the crabs found on the rocks under the villa. of course, i used my zoom lense.

another favourite spot on the beach. a bamboo swing.

that is the mainland. only 10 minutes from the island by boat.

the side of the island where most ppl go to sunbathe and snorkel.

some bird sighting in the evening. again, the camera doing its work.

cucumber and lemon juice and the freshest fried squid i have ever tasted in my entire life!!! it is not a hyperbole. guests who went squid jiggling, sent their catch to the kitchen right after that and the cook did what he was supposed to do, and some lucky guests got a taste of this wonderful fresh stuff. the other table generously shared the squid with everyone at dinner. the squid is sweet and juicy. heavenly.

a platform for special dinner with the special one. i wonder if they get bitten by mosquitoes.

we skipped lunch and saved a bit of $$$ but dinner we had at the restaurant. tomato soup, grilled fillet, beef burger and black forest cake. i got my dinner free on the first night, my birthday treat. ;)

breakfast. we chose american breakfast and that was the plate on the right. you can have as many pieces of bread as you want and cereals and fruits too. i brought my own nescafe 3-in-1.

aahh...the bamboo swing corner with 2 hammocks . i had some relaxing time on the hammock reading alone accompanied by the soothing sounds of waves in the mid morning.

hahaa......the pair of slippers i brought along. my house slippers actually, did not bring the shoes i packed from bidor, left the whole shoe bag in the house.

the last day on the island....again at my favourite spa beach. lying on the rocks, sipping iced cold beer and reading mills and boons. bliss.

this is gemia island.....the water villas are on the other side.

my roommate for the weekend and she was the one who made my trip possible.

we were lucky as her friend was in kuala terengganu and he drove us around before our boarding time. so i got to see a bit of the town.
china town in kuala terengganu. the chinese temple which came into news few years ago as it was burnt. now it has been rebuilt but it is no longer a woodern structure but all concrete. what a pity.

got some fish crackers from this shop here in chinatown. the owner also makes fresh kaya for sale and the kaya kuih in the transparent container on top left. she let us try a piece because all had been reserved by her customers.

everything fried at teluk ketapang. fresh coconut water, fried crab, fish, squid, prawn, cucur pisang, pisang goreng, lekor and noodles. a bit too oily so definitely not for those with high cholestrol.

near the terengganu river mouth where they have beautified the area.

well, i guess that is the end of my post. so are you tempted to visit gemia island now???