Friday, November 30, 2007

window dressing faux pas?

i just can't stand it when i saw this window display. it is totally unbearable! revolting!!

what was on the window dresser's mind when he/she was arranging the shirts?

untucked shirts? i am still ok with the skewered ties but a no-no with the shirts.

working shirts are supposed to be smart and this display here does not give one that impression. the two sleeves are already in the invisible 'pockets' and the end of the shirt is out for all to see?? wtc!

someone has to go in that shop and tell them straight in the face. hint...i think this boutique is in the pavillion.

*on a happier note...i finally get to use the words faux pas...aaahhh...pronounced as foh pah. ;P

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

fries and choc sauce

i am dreaming of chocolate sauce and french fries!!! strange combination huh? but i tell you, just dip anything in chocolate, they will just turn out perfect!
why fries? well, have just finished deck the halls on computer and in the movie, one of the characters said that christmas was about chocolate milk, french fries and all the things you did not plan or organised.
and suddenly, i was craving for fries and chocolate sauce! it must be the semi-starvation (no junk food) i have been putting myself through these 2 days and the sugar craving is coming. i am salivating just thinking about it.
so is anyone going to try this combination and tell me if this is good? i can get fries here, but chocolate sauce??
i am gonna stuff myself with all these christmas movies and get the goodie and warm feeling inside. christmas movies are good for the soul. haha.
u just can't go to the malls and get them although they have decked the malls with all the fancy decorations. gosh, i want winter now!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

my first movie screening

some protocol first, thanks to ah seng, thanks to myfm, i got to watch enchanted FOC on last friday night.
my partner? not some young kid as planned...but my pregnant friend. gosh, i was kinda worried that she would be too tired and i might jeopardise her health (after dragging her to midvalley and now movie??!!). luckily she was up to it, after all it was free, or else i would be back in tm already.

the crowd at 8.45p.m. outside the cinema. since it was free seating, better queued to get good seats. and some deejays were there. the group on the left of this photo was the deejays and their friends group. sissy. with their canvas toting gucci bags and the cross-legs stance and oh...those squeeky talking noises...i was glad when the queue started moving. i am cruel huh?

before the movie started they had prize-giving for main prizes of the contests held in conjunction with the movie and the radio station. someone walked away with 2 nights stay at le meridien kl and another with diamond paved bracelet (!!!).

and the movie was good. it was very entertaining and funny. and oh...patrick dempsey...he is so mcdreamy. those who watch grey's anatomy will know what i mean. he fits the role like a glove. but the 'princess' (amy adams) is kinda 'old'. do i say this here. blame it on my own preconception of how old a disney princess should be. i thought she should be younger...but then again...patrick dempsey is not a spring this case, cock either.

kien and i had a good time although we had quite chatty 'neighbours' sitting on both our sides. on her side was a man who kept telling the plot to his gf. mr know-it-all. on my side, was a guy who boasted about his travel experiences. oh, i have stayed at le meridien before. oh, is this how timewire building looks like. mr trying-to-impress-gal. i wished he could have just shut up and take more actions instead. very obvious that he was trying to get the girl. then just shut up and use that romantic moments to hold her hands!!! hhhmmmhhh! so irritating.

obviously i am not someone who will talk in the cinema hall when the movie is played. that is watching movie mah. and i am glad that i watched enchanted for free. anymore of this freebie??

few hours at the gardens

yea...i finally check out the new mall...well just one of it. the gardens at midvalley.
and sigh...what a disappointment. it is not big, not suitable for window shopping and only suitable for those who can afford it. how sad after all the hype.
the isetan and robinsons there are not big. this isetan is like 1/3 of the one in klcc.
i guess the gardens is what you can call a destination mall. you go there when u know what you want. definitely for those higher-end shoppers. but anyway, you can always make your way back to midvalley shopping mall to do the rest of your shopping...just like what pikkien and i did.

the design of the mall is not bad actually. i like the top. how the slates let sunlight get in.

they have ample places for shoppers to rest. here you can see more ppl milling about than doing any actual shopping. curious ones like me i guess.

hahaha...toilet also cannot escape the camera. be prepared to pay rm5 if you wanna go to the premier toilet. come on...rm5!!! even the one in klcc is only rm2. just for 5 mins of business??
i like the sink, err....or no basin concept. whatever you call it.

that's it. i only took 3 photos. i was not enthusiastic and was not fired-up in the few hours there. had lunch at the food court in the lower ground floor. i guess it does not qualified to be called a food court also lah. they have the cold storage there and some restaurants.

my next time will be when i need to play guide i guess or when someone discover a nice eating outlet here. foooodd!! yummy.
talking about shopping, the year-end-sale (YES) is around the corner. 1 dec will be the official day. it will be officiated in the pavillion this time. one whole month of bargains! shudder..better train the self-control now.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

good news...ooiiii!!!

i think the words are big enuf for you to read for yourself hor. he he he
my best friend did not know how to reveal the news to me via a phone call or even an SMS! she smsed me to see if i could go online. and as soon as i signed in...the two lines on the photo appeared.
what kind of announcement was that...har har har!
congratulations to her. actually this session was like more than a month ago. i had to keep the secret too from friends. i guess she did not want to jinx it or wait till it is stabilised. hard keeping this good news.

clash of times

went frolicking in kl for what was initially supposed to be a 2 days trip turned into a 3 days one instead.

first up in the agenda was clash of times: pete sampras vs roger federer's exhibition match at stadium malawati, shah alam on 22 nov, 8p.m.

the results of this match was already anticipated way ahead as they had an earlier match in korea on tuesday and federer won in straight sets.

but just being there in the same hall as these two tennis greats was just awesome. i went there for sampras but i think federer has captivated my interest now. hehe.

it was 99% full except for that 1% in the most expensive section. i was sitting way up there in the dark side of the hall but it was ok...the stadium was not that big anyway. 12,000 capacity.

federer's fans won over sampras'. many foreigners were in the crowd and his fans were all in red shirt with a white cross. bells were tolling as well. swiss.
i am somewhere in the darkest level...the third tier...first row. phew.
welcome dance. before that jacqueline victor was performing. she is our first malaysian idol.
federer and sampras got ready to start the game. before that each of them hit 10 balls each into the audience. no luck.
federer serving. his serve averaged about 170kmh only.
follow through to a serve. he still got it man! pistol pete.
that was how fast his first serves were. all around 210 and the fastest was 217.
resting. he is really lean and slim. i can't see any muscles at all! ok... i know i was far...but he is really not bulky. he is good. and the rolex on his wrist...never failed to shine each time light reflected on it.
the prize presentation ceremony by the agong. the deputy prime minister and his wife were there. so was the sultan of selangor and selangor's menteri besar.
the match lasted about 90 minutes and it was way better than nadal vs gasquet. pete tried to be funny at times and federer was dead serious.
oh, the next time anyone want to go for any event, make sure you eat before you go. or else you will be paying through your nose for food inside the stadium. rm10 for a hot dog in bun.
*pete sampras won the last exhibition match in macau on saturday (yeah!).

Saturday, November 24, 2007


found out about this website from one of the mags i bought. do you believe that your birthday can actually be represented by a colour?
and it gives you a detailed description of your inner qualities too.
go to and click on your birth month and day.
my birth month is july and the colour is coral blush...with a tinge of silver (yea for the silver! my fav!). it is soothing, nurturing and receptive.(you figure for yourself what they are)
and my
the colour for july 7 is persian jewel (whatever that is) and i am (ahem..) intelligent, seductive and sensitive. (ahem...;P)
i have a great sense of humour, know how to read ppl and situations with profound accuracy, highly emotional and sensitive, have developed a strong protective layer, not easy for ppl to permeate the shield, sensual, and ppl find me extremely seductive (gulp!).
ho ho ho! so how true is the reading? kinda true except the last one...i guess i can start working my charm now with what i have and if i find the right person. 07 is still here...maybe there is still time to make that resolution (u know which one) comes true. he he he ;P

Thursday, November 22, 2007

morning chaos

usually the morning wake-up alarm at home is the sounds of construction of a house at the malay village behind our housing area. the sound of hammers, drills and machines have never failed to wake me up.

but today, it is a different story. the sounds of constructions were muffled by the discussion of mom and grandma behind the house. i could not hear what they were discussing from my bedroom until they decided to call brother jet to 'join' them. JET!!!!!!! they yelled all the way from downstairs.
then curiousity got the better of me and i got off bed.
and the whole story unfolded. hahaha...what a funny one.

above is the illustration.

mom actually got up on the wall today to cut the branches which had overgrown and overshot to our side from the malay village. while she was resting her hand, of all places she put the parang on the open pipe hole where water from the roof flows to the drain. that was when the chaos started. the parang slipped from her grip and it fell into the pipe and all the way to the bottom. ho ho ho!

how do you get the parang out now??? she tied two poles together to make them long enough to reach the bottom of the pipe and hooked a metal hook onto the pole. tried as she might, she could not hook the parang out.

then dad also came and he suggested tying strings with a noose at the end. jet lowered the noose a few times and did not get the 'hook' until mom muttered a buddhist prayer...nam mou o li tou fu...and lo and behold...the noose got the parang and they pulled it out!
miracle?? i dunno.
the episode ended then. phew! what a relief! i think it lasted for about 30 minutes. what a way to start the morning. and as for the prayer said can buy lottery today. haha. granma said....see if you believe in it it will work.
will not be hearing the construction tomorrow as i will be in kl. will update when i get back.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mags refuge or revenge?

revenge of the fashion magazines!
the harper bazaar subscription has stopped for 3 months now since september and i have not read any fashion mag in these 3 months.
so now it is time for revenge. i got all these 3 mags at one go and i have already finished 2. i am really famished.
it is not a good thing really. reading them makes you become materialistic and brings you those unnecessary temptations. not for the weak-hearted. just remind yourself that what you have is already more than enough and those that you see in the colourful spreads are only for those with more money than they can spend. i feel like i have sinned. hohoho!
no more magazines for another 3 months i think. cleansing period.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

purely homemade

gosh, nothing beats home-cooked lo mai kai. what is the translation in english?
steamed glutinous rice with chicken? haha
and the best to go with it? seaweed soup with minced chicken meat with an egg added. yum yum!
although the homemade lomakai is totally different from what you get at the shops, and sometimes frankly not as good...but still it is the taste that you have got used to.
i guess the same goes to other food as well. they are the tastes you have got so used to and sometimes after a long absence from home, and you get back to it, the tastes of food would be just as you have remembered all along.... or mom has never improved in her cooking at all. hehehehe. they never leave you. this is what makes coming home so nice and welcoming.

word solution?

i need help.
anyone out there using windows vista?
the word document i transfer from windows office is changed when i put it in vista. it prompted me to open the document file with adobe reader. wtc??!!
what is the similar programme to word in vista?
is it microsoft works word processor?? will i be able to open the word processor file via windows programme??
i am now starting to test the system. heck, there is no excel programme...or they have it in other name here?? how now??

Saturday, November 17, 2007


view from 23rd floor. kl convention centre.

went down to kl for a while today.
place? used to be mni twin towers but now called etiqa towers.
purpose? was there for an assessment for a part-time job which would be during the 3rd global knowledge conference.
post? a minute-taker, someone who will decipher the ideas generated on paper and transform them into the computer. must be able to read all sorts of handwritings and translate them to readable format.
assessment? filled questionnaires and did a typing test. i scored man! haha...i was the fastest with the least mistakes. i typed more than 600 strokes in 2 mins while the rest were around 400. not bad eh.
did it get the job? wait for their mail at the end of the month. ooowww...wish me luck.
some of the free stuff for you to take. i did not really take photo of the place because it belongs to global knowledge partnership. ppl were looking.the book is not for taking ah. rm50 please.

organisation? brainstore. an idea generating company from switzerland which offers solutions to problems. they are one of the participations of the gk conference.
wanna join because of the new experience. it sounds fun getting to work with a team of strangers and dealing with ideas. it is something new.
jet and his 2 friends also came along. they applied for the post of stewards...which i also filled in. haha...need back-up mah.
cousin zhong in new zealand also applied for the post of idea visualiser. but he did not go for the assessment today. he is still in nz...but he is almost sure of getting the job. the person in charge wants him soooo much. zhong sent his sketches via e-mail and he was just so impressed. haha. some ppl just have the talent in arts.

ah seng is just soooo cute. was funny driving him down to kl.

jet and wong waiting for the session to start. we arrived early. but the assessment started late. malaysians with their malaysian time....not really also lah...there were a few foreigners as well.

Friday, November 16, 2007



why bother with the photo then if what you see is not what you get???

the stranger on the phone...

Have you ever wondered who the stranger on the other end of a phone call is? Haha.
I have just received a call from lamer and it was a guy I talked to. no name given. I bet he was just a temp worker hired to update their database because now, you can even buy lamer from home. Not online but you just e-mail them your order, bank in your money and voila, they will deliver the items free of charge to your house (applicable to those in west malaysia only).
ok back to the voice. he was polite and soft. the right voice for all the lamer tai tais.

and then i got another call. this time from the insurance company. this time it was a female and her name was ayu. how ayu she was it is up to you to imagine but she sounded really like a pro. all her words were fluent and she knew her products well. the product she is promoting? credit card by ocbc who is giving special deal to great eastern customers. blek! you know i rejected the offer la and she was really gracious about it. really a pro. sometimes these telemarketers will just show their 'disappointment' when they did not manage to seal the deal. but this one, i could not hear that. so it was nice chatting with her although she woke me from my nap.

i dunno where this post is getting. just shows that i have nothing more interesting to write and have to post something like this as soon as i finish the calls.

Monday, November 12, 2007

energetic morning

this morning i woke up in a feisty mood. grrrrr!!!! i am alive and kicking!
then the next thing i knew, i looked up at the ceiling, i saw a cockroach and 2 spiders there making webs. wrong time to mess with me pests!!
i went down to get the mop, and then it was thumping time.
first to go, the roach, aiiiiyaaa!!!! toing..fell down flat to the floor and a few more shoves with the mop, it was bye bye! this is the type which was passive and won't scurry around.
the 2 spiders were easier. steady on the chair, and one thump, 2 spiders so flat that even their mom won't recognise them. haha.

u think my room is dirty? no lah, these nasty spiders would just make their way into your corners sooner or later. just take care of them when u see them k. if you dun do it, they will web their ways into your lives...then it will be a mess.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

one week of misery

i have been AWOL and now i am back.

the mind was not functioning at its best, so it was best to avoid typing the wrong thing.

what happened to me?

monday: started stock check. worked my ass off the whole day. and that night, i did not catch even a wink of sleep. the mind was just super alert and just refused to switch off.

tuesday: felt like a zombie but work was work. continued with my stock check. i was the only one doing it. someone asked me, wasn't there anyone in my department who could help? well, in return i asked, did you see anyone offering at all? finally i managed to finish everything on that day. the boss' deadline was 9th nov...but 8th was already a holiday, so ello the deadline should be 7th wasn't it? even boss was stupid and did not know how to check the calendar. that night, sleep early and like a log but only for half the night. at 2a.m. woke up all of a sudden because i felt chilled air getting into my nose and as soon as i sat up, i sneezed. that was it, the nose just became runny and i struggled to get my sleep back then.

wednesday: went to work after all the morning sneezes ended. the body was really strained already by then. walked around the workplace like a zombie this time. all the energy was drained already. then after work, fever, flu, and sorethroat all came in one full package. no more activities for that day. just stayed wrapped up from neck to ankle. i wore 3 layers of shirts to keep myself warm. those who saw me asked, was i sick? i answered, hell no, i thought it was cool to dress like a hip-hop artist. gosh, wasn't it obvious?

thursday: full day rapper's clothing and 3 layers on top. i just took paracetamol and had my sorethroat lozenges. meals were just bread dry! luckily at night had rice vermicelli (min shin) with dried scallops and minced pork. aaahh...bliss. the nose was peeling and red.
friday: same as thursday.
saturday: the final day in the neck to ankle attire. grandma said there was a kind of herb that could reduce the inflammation of the throat and she went into the garden to pluck some. i was telling her not to do it lah...u know how terrible they would taste right? when mom got back, i heard pounding sounds and i was like, OMG, it was not what i thought right? so i ran to the kitchen and there, already one bowl of squeezed green herb juice ready. eeewwww...i used half of it to excuse so i did not have to down so much. it tasted quite all right because i added some salt. and the throat inflammation? is still there...but better dun tell them. sshh. maybe i did not take enuf. officially at 6p.m., i put on my bermuda pants and tee shirt again. waaa. it felt good to know that i do not shiver anymore although it is raining now.
ok have to call it a night now. dun want to get sick again. i can't take stress. work till you get sick. the head is still numb. someone help drill and drain it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

panic attack

Yesterday’s driving back has brought back a fear I had forgotten not long ago.
The panic attack which struck me during one drive home from Malacca in the evening on a very heavy rainy day.
The sky was so dark already by six and there were lots of cars on the road. Rain came in torrents and it was foggy. And to make matter worse, I was all alone. I was entering kl when the panic came. The heart starting beating fast and inside I was shivering. Being in an unfamiliar territory made it worse. I told myself to calm down and concentrate on the road. When I was back on NS highway to tm, it was better. A phone call also came during that time, so it helped me to forget my condition for a while. But it was a hell-long panicked stretch of a journey.
And yesterday, it was the same fear revisiting all over again. The sky was all dark at 6.30p.m. and it was raining. Could see the winds blowing the rains towards the windscreen hence, making the visibility not that good. I could feel the shiver coming from inside but luckily this time, it did not gather to a storm. I knew I was about to reach the tol exit so it sort of calmed me.
All sorts of bad possibilities came to mind…what if my car broke down? What if I met an accident? What if…??? Touch wood yeah but I always envisioned the worst of all situations.
So dun even let me drive alone at night especially when it rains. This is also a reminder to myself.

out of curiousity…anyone has ever experienced this sort of panic attack before??

Sunday, November 04, 2007

1 year 24 days

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

woo woo, without me realising it, i have been blogging for more than 1 year. i thought i started in november but it was actually october one year ago. how time flies.
blogging has given me an escape and the opportunity for me to write! i need to practise my writing some where besides e-mails.
and this blog has been sort of a one year journey so far. happenings in life are reported here and it helps to keep a record of my life so far although it is not out-of-this-world.
and this gives me a chance to say a big thank you too for those who choose to spend their time going through my posts (be it glancing or reading).
i won't go on anymore...or else it will be like an oscar winning speech. it has been enriching so far...let's hope this will continue till i finally lose my ability to write.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

the passing of another neighbour

it is with sadness that i write about the demise of another shop-neighbour. this time is the one on the other side of the shop.
'ngau park' as all of us call him has just passed away this very morning. he was reading his morning his newspaper as usual in the compoud of his house and left peacefully still sitting there in the morning sunlight.
his wife called to our house this morning at about 10.30 a.m. grandma picked up the phone but 'ngau sou' was too grief-stricken to talk and there was silence on the line for about one minute. then someone else took over and told grandma the news.
it is with teary eyes that grandma accepted the news. then she called dad to go over to see if he could offer any help. he is still there now. i guess preparations are underway for the funeral. his children should be coming back from the states, singapore, kl and one dunno where.
they have worked hard to provide the best for their children's education and it is with fondness that my siblings and i remember the couple.
ngau sou is a good cook who never forgets us whenever she made her delicious delicacies. food would be flying through the partition in the wall and conversations would be carried out from one side to another side by raising the voices.
they would welcome us with open arms when we rushed over to watch their small tv to catch the hk drama at 6p.m. when there was a power cut. their generator was ever ready to serve our addiction. everyone would cram in their small bedroom and all available seats would be pulled into the room. the smaller ones would even sit on the bed. we were this addicted to this routine.
i hope ngau sou would be strong to face this hurdle and may ngau park's soul rest in peace.

Friday, November 02, 2007


ming's comment on aneurysm made me inquisitive about this condition.
it can happen to anyone and i think it qualifies to be called a silent killer. how it can affect one in 15 people is scary. plus, it is more common in woman. shudder.
so what is it actually?

A brain aneurysm, also called a cerebral or intracranial aneurysm, is an abnormal bulging outward of one of the arteries in the brain. It is estimated that up to one in 15 people in the United States will develop a brain aneurysm during their lifetime.
Brain aneurysms are often discovered when they rupture, causing bleeding into the brain or the space closely surrounding the brain called the subarachnoid space, causing a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Subarachnoid hemorrhage from a ruptured brain aneurysm can lead to a hemorrhagic stroke, brain damage and death.

there are no strong signals to warn you before hand but of course there are symptoms.

Ruptured Cerebral Aneurysm Symptoms
Sometimes patients describing "the worst headache in my life" are actually experiencing one of the symptoms of brain aneurysms related to having a rupture. Other ruptured cerebral aneurysm symptoms include:
Nausea and vomiting
Stiff neck or neck pain
Blurred vision or double vision
Pain above and behind the eye
Dilated pupils
Sensitivity to light
Loss of sensation

Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysm Symptoms
Before an aneurysm ruptures, patients often experience no symptoms of brain aneurysms. In about 40 percent of cases, people with unruptured aneurysms will experience some or all of the following cerebral aneurysm symptoms:
Peripheral vision deficits
Thinking or processing problems
Speech complications
Perceptual problems
Sudden changes in behavior
Loss of balance and coordination
Decreased concentration
Short-term memory difficulty

Because the symptoms of brain aneurysms can also be associated with other medical conditions, diagnostic neuroradiology is regularly used to identify both ruptured and unruptured brain aneurysms.

the symptoms are so vague eh? i dun think it will ever get detected unless you go for a CT scan or when you faint. a normal person will not go for a CAT scan if he is not told by the doctor right? is a scan included in those annual body checks???

i am having a neck pain now...but could be due to the too much time spent in front of the computer. and hungry too. had two curry paus for dinner. sigh not enough to fill the stomach. go to sleep now to forget the hunger and rest the neck. this is where i get all the information above.

wrist again

i am a trouble seeker. played badminton on monday, then felt the wrist was strained again. but could not be bothered with it and had another vigorous one-hour session of badminton non-stop just because i felt the urge to sweat it out real good on a wednesday. well, it felt good while it lasted but then when the pain came, it was pure regret for ignoring the signals.
wearing that wrist band was just a pretense on my part. it still did not stop me from hitting the shuttle real hard.
anyone has any tips on handling wrist injury? will those balm or heat rub work?? yoko-yoko?? ok i know this for the time being and do not overwork that wrist. man, i even rested that wrist while driving and depended on my left wrist.
looks like have to depend on jogging activities only lah...but the running shoes feel really thin on the sole the heel is painful and very stiff the next morning when i wake up. another pair of new shoes soon waaaa....cry! how can it wear out so fast? or is it the leg condition?
am i getting old or what?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

hail the medieval knight

can you recognise the knight in the photo? it is roger federer posing as king arthur. annie leibovitz took the photo in conjunction with disney park's celebration. i put tis up not because i am a fan, but i love king arthur's story.
unfortunately, i have only vague memory of the story from watching tv and cartoon about it. haven't read any book about it yet. any good recommendation? i am sure there are many out there.
the other celebrities who have posed for annie are beckham (knight in shining armour), rachel weisz (snow white), julie andrews (fairy god mother), beyonce (alice in wonderland), etc.

the menace of facebook

aiyoyo....why are those messages from facebook so irritating???
there are so many little additions here and there ah!
poke your friends lah, add fluffy, send drinks, create a garden, write on wall, and the list goes on forever.
wait till i have the time, i am going to send whatever can be sent! am preparing a big catapult now.
but i dun think i wanna update on my activities there troublesome. enough with the blogging already.


Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

learnt a new acronym yesterday. what does pbsm stand for??

persatuan bujang sampai mati

hehe...i think i am one foot in the club already. but touch wood lah.

edit: WAAA!!! choi choi choi...correction lah owing to ming's warning. my leg is still not in the club. it is still wandering here and there like that of an escapist's soul. still searching and waiting for cupid's arrow to strike. hehe. phew!