Saturday, July 28, 2007

fruits galore

fruits fiesta this weekend. durians, rambutans, mangosteens, local lychees and cikus. all are given by neighbours and friends except the durians. mom bought them for rm10 each. but it is worth the price lah. i am already full after just opening one 'side' of the fruit. no one to fight with me because everyone is scared of getting stomach discomfort. plus dad is down with a bad cough. so the durian is still in the kitchen waiting to be finished tomorrow. the mangosteens are juicy and sweet. yum...think purple...think mangosteen...oh and grape jelly! hehehe..
those overseas will hate me for posting these photos...but can't help from sharing because these fruits are really good, quality wise. anyway, makes you glad that you are malaysians eh, being able to enjoy all these fruits we call local. foreigners will not understand the love for this pungent king of fruit unless those who have been 'baptised' through their own personal experiences. well, got to enjoy them while i still can. after all, the season is going to end soon and i only eat them in the weekend. burp!

grandma's tattoo story

grandma gave a history lesson on tattoo during the Japanese Occupation today.
she told me that the Jap tattooed on people's hand as a sign of identification. and when the jap finally left, the people tried to get rid of that mark on their hands. how did they do it? they scratched and scratched and finally got their hands infected to get rid of it. ewww...that was so gruesome. i lost my appetite for a while thinking about the infection and the wound.

why suddenly that talk? well, she saw the tribal sun (finally...accidentally exposed) and went into a short but not fearsome fit. i guess she was ok with it as i told her it was a sun. even those brave women have their eyebrows done. that is surely painful. salute them...all for the sake of beauty. definitely not my reason.

finally...autobots, roll out!!!

i had one of the most entertaining fridays there had been in a while!

woohooo!!! i managed to catch the elusive 'TRANSFORMER' at last!! and to add sugar to the coating, i also watched THE SIMPSONS.

the transformer was awesome from the word go. i found myself gaping at the scene and i had to remind myself to close my gawking mouth to prevent saliva from dripping. hehehehe. the robots are really out of this world. it is every boy's fantasy comes true...yeah, and the hot megan fox too. who wouldn't want that body? that ab? and oh, the gorgeous josh duhamel!!! AAA...why are all the GIs in the movie so attractive and macho?? okok i get is a movie. man, fergie is one lucky woman. (they are engaged)

the first word (correct me if i am wrong) uttered on screen...already made my spine chill. that was optimus prime speaking right?? aaa..nostalgia. too bad they cannot get all the original voices for the movie except optimus. the robots do have a sense of humour too. as for the fight...errr...i was lost in the tangles of metal. they could have added more colours to the decepticons. the only two robots with colours are bumblebee and optimus. so i only watch out for them. but still, it is one hell of a movie!!!
this is one movie i will pay to watch again. i normally dun say this but with exception to some great movies only. i will pay to go and watch TRANSFORMER again...when time permits and i can get a ticket. another movie which i have watched a few times is Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni. that is a must watch too.
oh, what about the simpsons movie? hahahaha...that is a really funny movie. although it is only 90 mins, the lines are really funny ..after all, they are the simpsons. some die-hard fans in the hall even clapped when the movie began. i guess they have waited long enuf. non-fan will enjoy themselves too.

i am glad i caught these two movies at one go. don't want to make too many visits to the cinema, kill two movies with one go. i am a satisfied movie goer now, truly. transformer will remain on big screen for quite a while. that's for sure. it has been playing to packed houses for one month now! brother in china will be keeping his fingers crossed that they will still have it in october. hehehe...movies in china are all dubbed into mandarin. i cannot imagine optimus prime in chinese. haha...autobots...guun chut chu *roll out*.haha. jet told me to 'shut up!' when i texted him that i was watching the movie. the poor guy is still waiting for the chance to get the ticket to watch whenever he makes a trip down. i hope he will get it soon. i don't mind accompanying him if i have the time. hehehe....i am still so overwhelmed by the movie. definitely the best movie so far this year!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

an almost-accident

just something which crops up.
on the way home from kl yesterday, i saw an almost-accident. it almost happened, but it did not.
a red satria was travelling in front of me driving around 110km/h. well that is the normal speed on the highway in a normal circumstance lah. but as it was raining in torrents previously, you can say that the car was going slightly fast. okok...i was going fast as i was tailing him as well but not close behind. what a relief!
brother was already sitting there with his eyes closed when the actions started. the car started swerving into the left lane and then to the right again and then did a 360 degree turn(anti clockwise) and almost hit into the divider when it stopped. luckily it made a full circle, it could have driven straight into me if it did not keep turning!!! the scenes were unfolding in front of me like in a movie screen. phew!! brother woke up as i think i made some noises and he managed to capture the actions as well.
luckily no damage was done. the red car had been quite stubborn occupying the right lane and refusing the budge for other faster vehicles to overtake. i think that would have knocked some senses into the driver for the rest of the journey. this will be a reminder for myself to drive carefully and to handle the car with care. to others...the same message goes to you too!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

what an expensive book harry potter and the deathly hallows albeit at a more expensive price ;(

mph did not announce any refund for their customers who have preordered so i still had to get the book. popular announced that they would give a refund to customers who felt their price was too high as reported in the chinese daily.

so what did i get for my 109.90? the paper bag, mug and the book. cheh!!! kinokuniya gave away quil writing pen with every purchase and 30% discount i think. borders also have discounts for early birds.

i definitely was not one of the early birds if mph had anything on at all. i only collected my book at 3p.m. and i did not even do it personally. i was in the car, and brother dashed in to collect the book. then less than 3 minutes, he was out again with the bag while my car had only managed to inch less than a few feet. haha.he said there was no queue at all and there was still a big pile of books waiting to be collected. i wonder how much loss mph and the other 3 bookstores which did not sell the book today incur. it is their principle lah to stand by what they have decided but tesco and carrefour are the ones laughing to the bank now. someone who did her shopping at 101 mall today saw long queues at tesco and everyone coming out with a copy. i got rm50 sponsorship to buy the book...belated birthday gift. so at least i dun feel so 'dumb' for getting the book at the full price.
will start reading after this and i hope it is not going to disappoint like the last book. it is not as thick to begin with, so will be able to finish faster.
good night for now. the more-than-RM100 book is awaiting.

my life is a mess...and i am ok with it ;P

i just can't help from posting this mess.

i was just playing with my phone, when i unlatched the camera shutter and this was what i saw on the screen. it looked quite nice to me, so i just snapped it.

i guess that is basically my life scattered on the table. it has never been the prim and proper and spick and span type.

you can see bills (obviously just arrived in the post and unpaid boohooooohooo), a book i am reading, someone's shampoo bottle, hairband for those loose hair and a battered dictionary rescued from a flooded bookshop (FOC).

back to the book. it is one by mark haddon entitled the curious incident of the dog in the night time. someone lent it to me. it is such an entertaining book that all ages will be able to read it and laugh with the protagonist who is just a teenager but a rather special one. he is autistic so we get to see things in his perspective instead of our normal ones.

i had just finished jonathan strange on thursday night and i still had time to spare before my bedtime. so picked up the aforemention book instead and couldn't put it down. although i have got my harry potter and the deathly hallows in the afternoon, i just did not feel like starting the book with the other book laying half finished. so i just continued reading and finally finished it at 9p.m. tonight. i guess i am just afraid that harry potter would not be as entertaining as this one and i will be disappointed. better to finish one book before i start another. that sounds ideal, but life is always not like that. just like the mess you see on the table. before you can clean it up, more things will come and you will just have to learn to cope. hehehe...why do i smell a hint of procrastination here? bad bad...

Friday, July 20, 2007

i am losing money even before i get to read the book!!! what kind of magic is this???!!!

i called and asked how much we have to pay when we collect the book tomorrow...and the price still remains the same. it is going to be sold at rm109.90 for us who have pre-ordered and as promised earlier, we will get the free mug and a goodie bag. my brother was there laughing at me saying that i paid for those goodies and they were not free. yeah, i agree totally.

bravo to tesco for lowering the price to 69.90. who says a book has to be expensive??
i am sure many will get the book from tesco tomorrow. who says the early bird catches the worm? it seems to be the opposite now.

hmm...i dun think i will go to the store that early tomorrow. will wait till they receive loads of complaints and see if the management decide to do something to compensate us the over-charged ones. can i ask for a refund??
at, they are selling for US$18 and i checked waterstones, they are selling for about 9 pounds. so if you convert the prices to RM, they are less than RM65!!! so tesco did the right thing and they could still earn a profit at that price.
waaaaa.....but here i am bawling my heart out over an overpriced pre-order. this is definitely a bad start to the last potter book.

holly muggle!

the coming few hours are longingly awaited by all harry potter fans around the whole. however, in malaysia, it might not be so. major bookstores in the country have decided to stop the sale of the much awaited book in the series of 7.
mph, harris, popular and times have decided not to sell it because 2 hypermarket (one is tesco, i am not sure if the other is carrefour) have decided to price the book at only rm69.90!! the retail price of the book is supposed to be at rm109.90. i went and checked mph online and found that they are only selling the book to those who have pre-ordered the book (yes i am in the list!!!). phew...what a relief. all activities related to the promotions tomorrow have already been cancelled. no news whether kinokuniya or borders are selling or not.
i wonder what the next move will be. before the sale there is already an uproar. the book is really gaining a lot of publicity.
if i have not preordered the book, i would have made my way to tesco tomorrow morning too. man, 50 bucks is a lot!!!
anyway, i can't start reading straightaway even after getting the book. so please do not mail me or tell me any spoilers!! let me just go through the book at my own pace (as fast as i can) and i hope every fan out there will get to enjoy the book in peace.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

time and money saving measures

woke up withe a throbbing headache. i won't be surprised. i slept at 10 and woke up at 6. that made it 8 hours of sleep...and not forgetting the two hours sleep i had in the afternoon. added all, it made 10 hours of sleep yesterday.
can't help it, can i? there is so much free time. after reading for one hour from 9 to 10, my eyes just could not take it anymore.
a colleague had asked me if i wanted to join her to go to jusco's member day sale today. tempted, but no thank money.
this saturday isetan is going to have its member day sale...aaaa...that one have to go because aunt wants to go. i hope i will get the transformer tickets so i can escape into the cinema for 2 hours and not shop during that time. anyway, i do not have anything i need, so i am sure i won't buy anything. strong will. will get my harry potter this saturday too...luckily someone has decided to give it to me as a birthday present, save some money again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I love jelly, I love jelly, I love jelly. I just love all sorts of jelly except those made from coconut milk because you can’t really have a lot of those and not feel nauseous.
Is jelly healthy snack? I would like to think so ;P the only snag is its sugar content I guess. Agar-agar or jelly, just give me and I will thank you. I have 2 packets of fruit flavoured jelly here…but one is almost finishing. There are 10 pieces in one packet and I think I had eaten 6 just today. The rest will be gone by the day after tomorrow. Have to replenish the supply next time I go to the supermarket. They are not kept in the fridge as the antique fridge is out of order (sob sob) but for me, they still taste good. Just typing this is making me drool. Luckily I have brushed my teeth, or another will go into my mouth and I will have one less for tomorrow. hehe

no more kitty...except...

Ok…enough of hello kitty stuff. I have to officially renounce my preference for hello kitty merchandise. I have had enough!!! They are getting too much and have invaded too much space. My sole intention was to decorate the car with kitty accessories as the car theme, but people have mistaken the intention and been presenting me hello kitty gifts here and there which I could not put in my car. So they are here in the room and some are gathering dust. I am not being ungrateful here, but I better stop this misconception before someone wastes more money getting me more stuff.
The latest gift I received was the above musical coin box. I am sure it is not cheap. And inside are packets of cookies I can devour when I need a snack. I still haven’t touched any and so the coin box is still in its plastic wrapper.
This will be the penultimate merchandise!! Hahaha…I still need that keychain for my car keys. It is just so difficult to find the real official sanrio hello kitty keychain. When I get that, the kitty mobile theme will be complete. No, I am not going to paint my car pink.

brrrrr....i am freaking bored!!!

I am freaking bored!!! It is only 9.20p.m. and I have been bored for the whole afternoon and the boredom does not stop till now!
Why can’t they just let us do our ‘after office work’ and put their energy in catching the real culprit in the workforce? Please do not mention the taboo word here if you know what I am talking about. Just keep that as a taboo. The operation is quite active at the moment, so everyone is staying low or invisible.
Colleagues have been quite anxious too and a few like me are bored to the bones. The void is like undergoing cold turkey and I have all sorts of profanities I want to shout out. Time is just wasted without doing anything. What happen to ‘filling sixty seconds with distance run’?
I took an hour nap…practically had to force myself to do it because it was not a norm at all. Or else I do not know what else to do in that 60 mins. When I woke up, was about to pick up my pen to do some work brought back from office, but the urge to escape from the house was uncontrollable. Took the car key and drove out. Went brisk jogging (well faster than normal pace) and let it all out. Gosh, it felt good to have heart pumping minutes and sweating it out.
I was worried about tackling two books at a time next week, looks like the worry was premature. I think I can finish my jonathan strange (less than 300 pages to go) and start my harry potter next week. Will go to kl again on Saturday to pick up the book. The book will start selling simultaneously around the world. So in England, it is at 12 midnight, here in malaysia is 7a.m. no, I am not going to be one of those who will wake up early and wait at the door. I will get my sleep first before going to collect the book. Don’t think I will start reading straightaway anyway. Have to accompany aunt and cousin to go shopping again. And if possible I want to watch transformer!! It is just so hard to get tickets in klcc. Brother queued last Sunday, and there was no more ticket. You can’t even do online booking for that movie (or harry potter) for klcc cinema. I guess the demand is too great for these two movies. Still wondering how we can get ticket this Saturday. Will reaching at 10a.m. be suffice to get me those elusive tickets?this won’t be the last of my entry for this week since I have so much free time in my hand. Just wait and see what kind of lunacies creep into me in this cold turkey state.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

harry potter and the order of phoenix

strictly for the fans......and fans of the others great supporting actors and actresses of the show.
my brother almost fell asleep watching it, and a guy sitting in front of him actually slept!
those in the same cinema as i, took opportunities to go to the toilet when the dialogue got too bored. and the bloody air-cond was so cold. why do they have to put it so cold in the cinema?? i had jacket on and i was still freezing!!!
those who did not read the book will again find it difficult to understand the development of the plot. and daniel radcliffe is no longer harry potter. i cannot see harry potter in him now. he has grown so adult. and his body... i mean harry potter is supposed to be maltreated by dudley and his family right? but his body is solid longer the small skinny boy who does not get enough for his meals. his solid body looks like to have spent a few days in the gym every week without fail. so it is kinda hard connecting him to the role.
however, there are a few highlights in the movie as well. the first has been mentioned...the supporting characters were good and the roles fitted them like gloved. luna lovegood, professor umbridge, sirius black and belatrix lestrange. these are the characters to watch out for. and the mean tricks pulled by the weasley twins were out of this world. the opening scenes were awesome as well. but someway in the middle it slowed down and picked its way up again at the end.
another irritating thing while watching a movie is having people discussing the actions on screen right after it happens. i hate it!!! why can't people just keep quiet and watch the movie?? if you want to discuss it or give any comment, do so when the credits are running. i such a fussh movie-goer? i just want to watch the movie in silence and pay attention to all the lines in case i miss any.

and i still yearn to watch transformer!!! it is awesome according to everyone who has watched. don't pull it down yet....i still have't watched. and i can only think of next week or the week after next before i can make a trip to the cinema.

of present and surprise

why do some people bother asking you what present you want and later decide not to get it for you?? the excuse given is, 'no lah, no more surprise.'
then for goodness sake, don't ask in the first place.
i admit getting a present for someone is quite a tedious task. you will worry if the present you get will suit the person or whether the person will like it.
therefore, i won't hesitate asking unless i am very sure the present i buy is something that someone will definitely like or find useful. do you feel 'pai seh/ bad' telling others what you want in case others might think you are greedy for their gift? i dun think that it is impolite when you are asked, at least the giver will know he or she is giving you something you want and not something that will be stored for years until it is time to get rid of them.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

random quote

It is the right of a traveller to vent their
frustration at every minor inconvenience by writing of it to their

Well-said by Jonathan Strange from the novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

now i know i can't stop ranting about my travel experiences. hehehe.

Monday, July 09, 2007

chronicles of a birthday gal...part 3

ok..the post birthday report now.
aaa....finally managed to get some sleep the night before...but also slept past midnight.
lunch...just can't help from posting this up. grandma's cooking...vermicelli rice noodles ( is it what you called min sin?) cabbage, dried scallops, chicken and egg added. nice...and not too rich. had enough of those. need something plain. ok...enuf of blogging for the day already...time to log out.

chronicles of a birthday gal...part 2


after sleeping for only 4 hours, it is time to wake up again. i slept at 3.30a.m. ah!! and i woke up when my housemate left the house at 7.30. tried to catch some more sleep but couldn't. so finally woke up and had my coffee before heading home. oh, did not forget to wish myself a happy birthday before i got out of bed. hehehe...luckily i switched off the handphone, there were quite a number of birthday wishes waiting for me.
when i reached home, saw the 'tau fu fa' lady with her cart. woohooo!!!! it had been quite a while....yum yum...this is the best tau fu fa in the world!! i have not tasted any smooth, so soft...aaaaa...a good breakfast to start the day as a 30 year-old.

went to kl with brother. then picked cousin and aunt from taman tun. went to berjaya times square and sg wang. it was the first visit for cousin and aunt to times square. well, they can say they went there on such a memorable day. hehe. they wanted to do something special.
had lunch at this place in times square. if i remember correctly, it is hk tea and restaurant. it was quite warm but the food was ok.
aaahh....refreshing drinks. on the left is cucumber something and the right is fizzy ribena lemon.
appetiser: french toast. but not as rich as the one at kim gary's.
a singing competition in progress at sg. wang. had something done own secret.

the lighted walkway in front of lot 10. it had been donkey years since i last been there. now they have a hawker centre on the right of the mall. apparently the green jade restaurant there is quite good. it is very popular in singapore for its noodles and siu lung pao.

had dinner at green lotus cafe. was supposed to go with my friends but one couldn't make it, so cancelled the plans with them. since we had time to spare, decided to have dinner around the area just to check out this place. the ambience is very cosy and zen-like. very balinese...but i found the lighting was too dark.

one of the cosy corners in the cafe.
found at the entrance...any taker? hahahaha.
inside the cafe. it was empty because it was still early. i heard the place gets quite crowded at night.
outside the cafe...the door on the right is the entrance into the cafe.

one of the sets we ordered: phuket set. the prices of food and drinks here are reasonable. had soursop applemint drink. aaahh....nice. the green curry and tom yam are good too. we only ordered two sets. the other was hanoi set. not everyone was hungry.

left the area at about 9 plus. so basically this is where i spent my birthday!!! felt very tired as i was driving back. glad it was over. goes on now. ohoh i had noodles for lunch....chinese say the birthday person should have noodles to signify longevity. so i guess i do have some years added. hahaha.
thanks cousin, brother and aunt for spending the day with me. thanks cousin for listening to my oooohhhh and aaaahhhh and ooouuuuccchhhh while she was filming away. can be photographer or videographer already lah now. hahaha...but first...always remember to put memory card in the camera before going out of the house. now she is an expert in using my k800 already.

chronicles of a birthday gal...part 1

this is a bit out-dated already. coming 2 days later to you...opps no...three days later. this was what happened on the 6th...when i had my birthday bash. yeah!!! but everything was in a daze...i remember running up and down, preparing things here and there and greeting everyone that came. i guess it is memorable in that sense. not all invited came...and i am really going to give those a good scolding. the excuse? pai seh!!! never thought of the food i had allocated for you?? we had chicken wings leftover and i had to distribute them to my guests to bring home. i am sure they make good fried chicken. oh, two watermelons too. some guests also returned with lucky draw gifts. i just had some 'presents' to giveaway. all in all, what a way to step into the 30s.
balloons yeah...i did not have to blow them. i had people who enjoyed blowing balloons volunteering. all i had to do was to buy them. popping sounds could be heard now and much air to put into the balloons ah. i got about 30 of them.
happy revellers...i have a special masquerade mask.

this cake....presented at the strike of midnight...
the above judge for yourself what it looked like after the face was finally released from all those pushing palms!!!! aaaa.....the cream even got into the nostrils and ears...okok..u dun want to know the details. they still had to eat the cake after that hahahaha.
one of the pits....haha..i had 3
the biggest pit...bbq is so convenient now.
bbq in progress.
fried meehoon, meatballs, corn, watermelon, agar-agar...not in the photo: potato, chicken curry. the drink: grass jelly...yum yum...every mouthful also got leong fun. haha
i was made to feel like a celebrity...signing party hats for those who wanted to keep them as souvenirs. hehehe...bought 50 of them...and i still have half at home.

out of the 6 cakes received, this is the most delicious...yummy...fresh black forest cake

chicken breast meat on good of the supplier to make it satay style

the food spread on the tables.
this is the most horible part!!! aaahhh....rubbish!!!! the rubbish collector won't come till monday so this pile of rubbish will be rotting away and aaaahh...the smell. uuurgh!!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

still not over the hill

it is almost 12a.m. again...that means i am already 30 for one day!!! wow....i am still in a daze. yesterday and today just passed in the blink of an eye and if you ask me what i did, i cannot really tell you in just few words. there were so many things that took place, all the tiny details are embedded in me but they are moving in fast motion; as if the video player has been set to forward everything that happened in the past till now.
i can blame this on the lack of sleep. i only slept 4 hours this morning and then i started painting the town red. my eyes are heavy but i just want to force myself to post this up. after all, you only get to post something on 070707. i don't think i will live long enough to post something in 07073007. hehe.
i hope i can get all the details organized and tell you all about the celebration i had. that was fun and blurry...hehe...i did not have time to even catch my breath. still, it is a memorable one. thanks everyone...i still haven't finished expressing my gratitude to those who sms me. will do so soon.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Goodbye twenties, welcome a new world.

How do I feel? It feels great…owing to the cup full of optimism I have.
Life in the twenties have been a learning stage and the final year, or final months have seen me accepting myself for who I am. I have never felt better.
The twenties have brought me to a journey of discovery, of learning and understanding and adventures.
The teenage years were the turbulent years; years of insecurities, of being unsure of who I was, and trying to follow the crowd.
The future? I don’t know…and I can’t see. Live for the day. Live like everyday is the last day of your life. I look forward to growing and still maturing into something better.
Grow with me and lead me to the right path. I can’t do it alone.
I bow with great respect as I exit from this journey I have had and step into life as a 30-year-old tomorrow.
Thank you all who have been with me; fought with me, stood by me, pointed my mistakes to me and best of all, being there for me when I needed you. Thank you everyone!

p/s: I have heard you guys wanting to give me ‘ang pows’ because you dunno what to buy. Hahahha…please don’t, I just can’t accept them. Just come and celebrate with me. Hmmm…on the other hand, a yoga mat is welcome for that flat tummy. :P

Thursday, July 05, 2007

the bag again

Back to the ‘it’ bag mentioned earlier. The main cause why this bag is designed is to create and awareness among consumers to reduce the use of plastic bags.
However, since the maker has decided to make it into a limited edition kind of thing, don’t you think it has lost its cause? What awareness are they creating here?
If you really want to encourage everyone to use a reusable bag when they go grocery shopping, shouldn’t you be mass producing this bag to sell to the mass? Then everyone will be bringing it out and using it thus reducing the use of plastic bags (I hope).
p/s: release date in malaysia- 6 july...but already sold no date for australia yet ;P

boss' delights

Boss came back from his trip attending his daughter’s graduation in England. And look at what he brought back??
Turkish delights from marks and spencer!! Waaa….kena lottery loh!!
This is the first time he bought us anything!!! After 6 years working with him, this is the first time he bought us anything. Everyone was ooing and aaing when the ‘souvenir’ was brought in. however, he only had enough for half of his staff. There were about 80 and we counted there were only 40 pieces in the 2 boxes. Hahaha….first come first served.
The delights were too sweet and a colleague saw some pieces in the rubbish bin. Hahaha…talking about biting the hand that feeds you. Why am I so critical of his once in a blue moon ‘goodness’? just can’t help it.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

i'm not a plastic bag...but you can't get me either is just so hard to get an rm55 designer bag. sigh. well first of all you have to be on the waiting list(not any jane, sally and joan can put themselves on the list, an editor of a magazine helped), but just one fateful call in the evening tells you that the bag has been oversubscribed and there are just not enough for everyone as they only bring in 2000 to the country.
in the states, i think the bag sold out in just few hours. on the internet, you have to put your name into a draw and only drawn winners are eligible to buy the bag. it is selling for 7.50 pounds in england.
so what's the big deal about this bag besides it selling for so cheap? celebrity endorsement is one reason which propels its status. i am sure they get the bag free of charge courtesy of anya's marketing team. what better way to promote an item than to get celebrities to use them. keira knightly and jessica biel have been seen with it. someone has seen someone toting it in klcc.