Wednesday, April 28, 2010

midweek filler

can't leave my blog idle for too long...or no one will bother to check things here anymore ;P

above are some souvenirs from where else but korea. i love all the FOOD!!! seaweed and instant noodles. those korean ginseng candies are so so. i wanna go to korea too!!! anybody?

i am still recovering from a bad cold i caught on sunday. on sunday and monday, i could have sneezed the whole house down if i wanted to. it was just so horrible. felt like taking down my nose and throwing it into the dustbin. haha...
anyway, went and get some flu medicine from the pharmacy on monday afternoon and the sneezing stopped after 2 hours. phew! it is wednesday more runny nose or sneezing. there is only some phlegm left with nowhere to go...neither up nor down. so the voice is still rather low and muffled.

managed to run 3km non-stop yesterday. unbelievable. i thought with my slightly blocked nose, i would be gasping for air. but no, i jogged all the way back to my house to beat the rain too and i did not gasp at all when i stopped. woohoo!!
could it be the fitline drink that i am taking? well frankly, i feel that i can project my voice better now. let's see how long this extra endurance in me can last.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

well, bn won the hulu selangor seat.
'nuf said.
these are the things mom brought back yesterday from the dinner. they had an 8-course meal.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

all choked up

flags flags flags....everywhere. they greeted you by the side of the road as you make your way out of tg malim tol plaza. you can't miss them. i hope they will be responsible to tear them down as well. imagine the amount of paper and cloth used to 'decorate' the big area that made up hulu selangor?

the by-election fever is at its height tonight and bn even has a 1 malaysia grand finale at bukit beruntung. that sleepy town is getting a great wake-up call this month. let us see when it will fall back to sleep again.

now, my mom is having a banquet style meal with the prime minister at one of the chinese associations' hall in hulu bernam. i heard the police siren at around 4.40p.m. well, the pm was on time. the time printed on the invitation card was 4.30p.m. and mom left the house at 4. the attendance is by invitation only and you have to show a pink card. there is going to be a lucky draw too i heard. 80 tables are prepared and they will be served halal chinese food.

why why why?? how can i miss this banquet?? urgh...i can't cancel my scheduled class! this morning, anwar had a sarapan pagi bersama anwar behind the police station. then later tonight, there is a talk by lim kit siang too.

and did you see the headline of the paper today?? millions given to felda folks!! janji dikotakan?? what were they doing ages ago when the janji was made? there is no such thing as hutang lapuk in an election. all eyes will be on the result which is expected to be known at 11p.m. tomorrow night.

pamphlets and brochures and newspapers are sent to the house almost daily. sis in australia got one too showing her voting area and number. too bad, she is not here to make her one vote count. my brother is back. yes! there will surely be a lot of merry-making at all the polling stations. fiesta time!

byelection is a good thing huh? all those windfalls. we should have more of that. both parties are really fighting tooth and nail to win. even the kids know what is happening. sigh....i still wish i can vote. another thing now....
this is my yummy lunch of chee cheong fun with a piece of stuffed fried beancurd. it tastes as yummy as it looks. i think this is the best chee cheong fun in bidor similar to the famous one sold in teluk intan. it is drier than the teluk intan one....but that means it is less oily. however, i still find this a bit oily when you reach the last few pieces at the bottom of the container. see, we are environmentally friendly too. we refuse plastic wrapper and use our own container instead.
actually not 'we' is carmen's and she was so thoughtful to add that piece of stuffed beancurd as well when she bought the ccf. i did not have to pay. it is her treat. bliss! and they are really making me FAT!!
one piece of banana cake and an egg tart delivered to me in the afternoon by karen. they are part of dinner.
mom made stewed chicken feet and pork. to resist??

Thursday, April 22, 2010

no pain no gain

i feel so so so tired now. not because i have a vigorous run earlier...
not because i did a lot of work nor is it because of the oppresive heat of the sun in the morning....

gosh, i can't believe was because of GOLF!!! this is beginner's golf i am talking about here.
learn to hold the club properly, learn to swing, learn to hit some ground and learn to sail the ball. difficult can that be? well, to me that was hard. harder and more tiring than my 3km jog. i feel all energy has been sapped from my body and i was only at the driving range for slightly more than 1 hour. and many balls did i make fly? haha.....less than 10. darn it!

the session took place at the batang padang golf course after a downpour in the evening. this is my first time getting a grip of the club in my hand, and of course trying to hit a ball with it. that is the hardest part! am i repeating myself?

my body is not aching....but my finger and shin especially are screaming in PAIN!!!
i think the left part of the body will soon ache and go numb tomorrow.
ok....the pic on the left is of my left shin....i doubt you can see anything much there. but if you look really closely, you can see a hump forming. i hit myself! well, to be exact, the golf ball i was trying to hit and fly in front ....flew and hit my shin instead. ouch....double and triple ouch! it was a hard hit and the ball bounced off as soon as it hit the bone. luckily i was wearing long pants. i dare not imagine the consequences if i was wearing shorts. that spot will turn blue black in a few days and it is the size of a golf ball of course. i hope i won't walk with a limp. i can feel the pain all the way to the bone.
and the finger? well, because of the friction, a little patch of skin has come off. now i know why ppl wear gloves to play golf....and long pants too.

the body needs to rest now. how i wish i can go to bed the moment i shut down the computer. NOO!!! piles of work are waiting to be marked. i am having a slight phobia of driving range now. let me get over the fright and pain from today first before we discuss the next trip to the course.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

soup for the figure

has this all of a sudden become a food blog??
just can't help it.
my stomach is so full now.....a lot of liquid instead of solid.
at around 4 p.m. i had a dragon fruit. then of course i drank a glass of that fitline mix.
for dinner i had vege soup, an omelette and some long beans. another dish that came in the tiffin today was steamed herbal chicken, but i had that already for lunch.
then someone brought me this for supper:
any guess what it is?

it is papaya and white fungus soup. there are also chinese wolfberries (kei ci). very healthy huh? i think the soup is laden with protein which is good for the skin. the gal who brought it said her mom made the soup for her so she would have a good figure...hhaaahahaa....but if you look at her figure, you would know that the soup has failed. this gal has the nickname 'olive'- popeye's wife. so one can imagine her figure lah. she is lanky, long, tall and thin. but all these do not bother her at all. she is used to it already. i am touched by this kind gesture.
thank you.

kids kids go away

urghh!!! when are the kids going to leave!!!!????
it is more than 40 mins since the class ends but they are still here! and their excuse is the rain!
i want to take my nap. it is so cool and i need that nap.

anyway.....hare are some photos to prove that i am actually drinking the fitline products.

first thing in the morning, a big glass with empty stomach. there goes my coffee. well no withdrawal symptoms....i am not a coffee addict anyway. if one has the energy to start the day, one does not need coffee.
just finished this an hour ago...tasted very lemonish but i hate the after-taste. the same with the glass i take in the morning too. i feels powdery on the tongue and i quickly chomped on a krispy kreme after that glass. hahaaha......
as for getting rid of that lemonish taste on the tongue, i took some pistachios. i guess it is just me making a fuss. hahaha....they are all fruity anyway. well, i should finish this set in about one month's time.

now, i am kicking the kids form the house!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

on this monday....

what's for lunch today???
i had mine at delicious in midvalley megamall. it was so-so only lah. i remember it was better in 1 utama. maybe it is what we ordered.
oreo smoothie and beef bolognese spaghettini
this is mine- fish and chips and lime juice. it was quite filling because the piece of fish is kinda big.

i went to midvalley with the sole purpose of watching the movie ice-kacang puppy love. we (quin and i) reached the cinema counter right at 11.15a.m. and the movie was scheduled to start at 11.15. haha....but we still managed to go in and the movie ticket was only rm7 for early bird. phew!

ok ...want my review of the movie? i was obviously very excited to see ah seng on big screen and his voice was already heard in the first 10 mins of the movie. the movie is a good effort, a commendable one from ah niu but the plot got kinda draggy and boring half-way. there were too many cliches and many scenes were quite predictable. but i like the cast although some were very inexperience and appeared with blank expressions....and that include ah seng too. i guess he got cold feet .... his face was botoxed with nary a line twitching on his face. the eclectic casts got everyone in stitches and many love identifying who's who on the screen. lee sinje was very pretty. gary chaw really stood out in his role. fish leong too. nicholas teo and penny tai do not deserve to have their names printed on the poster because they only came on screen to sell their smiles for few seconds.

the one thing i really love is the cinematography, how the camera angles are put and and how certain scenes are captured so clearly. they can be very good stills.

another thing that stood out in the movie was a BAG!!! haha....can you believe it...that was what caught my attention. it was the red tote lee sinje was carrying in the last scene of the should be a fiery red bottega. what would i give to have that bag. hahahahah....
ah seng was labelled the first gossiper in the end credits. i waited till his name appeared in the end before leaving the cinema. those gossipers should have more lines kan since they are called gossipers? the scenes where everyone was busy buying numbers reminded me how ironic that situation is if applied to ah seng's real life. well, you will only understand this if you know about ah seng.

oh, another thing i noticed about the movie did not feel 'old' at all although ah niu wanted to portray the past. lee sinje in her bright ultraman tee shirt? not old enough.
but i love the setting. really rustic and quaint. reminds me of tg malim too and my childhood of playing marbles with the boys in my neighbourhood. and yes, like lee sinje in the movie, i also won those marbles!! wakakakaka!!!
i think i will give the movie a 2.5 star out of 5.

today is the first time i left the mall before the sky got dark. there was nothing to look phew! no money spent except on groceries at carrefour.

there were many traffic police on their way to tm on the highway with me. i heard the trunk road all the way to kkb is congested. what an exciting time for these places.

a big poster from bn greets you as you exit tg malim tol plaza....and many more flags from bn and pkr along the road all the way to sg bernam bridge.

this is a video from sg bernam bridge to the junction of my house. check out which party has more flags in this area.

tonight, lim kit siang is coming to give a talk at 7.30p.m. at koo chew association hall. wanna go, but can't. the only reason why i am still here is because of the heavy rain outside.
i know mom, dad, aunt and uncle are all going.

i think bn is having one in the srjk (t)'s field. poor thing....everyone is gonna get wet under the canopy. pkr can score better places to give their talks here.

let's have something to chew before heading back. i am thinking krispy kreme glazed doughnut or wat tan hor....both available in the kitchen now. ;P

Sunday, April 18, 2010

to be fit and eat at the same time

have i decided to become a health freak and embrace a totally new and fit diet??
well, taking care of one's health is the right thing to do and it is also one's responsibility although i am doing it quite reluctantly with the set of drink mixes above.

aunt recommended me to take them. burnt around rm500 in the pocket i tell you. her friend from slim river brought it over yesterday. grandmother has started to take the drinks weeks before. according to aunt, grandma feels more energised and alert now. well, grandma needs her energy now because grandpa has not been feeling well with stomach discomforts almost everyday. he went to the doctor again yesterday. and he specifically requested for wei to take him there. well, everybody in the family knows grandpa loves wei the most. what is it with most grandfather and their first grandson?

anyway, back to my fitline health drink. i have not started taking them yet. i am supposed to take them in the morning and evening but once i open them, i have to keep them refrigerated. that is the reason why i am not opening them yet. i will bring them back to bidor, then only i will start. gosh, that means no more coffee in the morning? i am wondering if i can still start my morning with my cup of coffee, then i bring a tumbler of the health drink i mixed to work?? they taste like very diluted juice, aunt let me try before. i guess my vertigo scare prompts her to make me try these products. if it is good, there is no harm. well, so far i heard from those old folks (grandpa's friend included) and they said they feel better. haha....i am old too. and guess what grandpa says? he blames the drink for the stomach discomfort. that is my grandpa. as obstinate as a mule and won't put the blame on his own insufficient diet.

now from healthy, let's move to some bad but yummy thing.
i opened this can of love letter yesterday....and now, the tin is only half full. it is very addictive and i like to peel it layer by layer using my tongue. i have it while reading newspaper, have it while watching tv and have it in front of the pc. no wonder it dwindles so fast. but i also have wei to share it with. i think i am going to be sick of love letter biscuits for a while after i finish this tin.

here are some snapshots of beanie taken today. well, actually carmen has been so besotted with beanie that she talks about him everyday after her last visit. she reminded me to take his photos because she wants to put them on her table. gosh....if she is really that crazy for beanie, how can she work seeing all his mugs spread on her table? she would be dreaming of the time when she was stroking him in tm.

as if he knew i was taking his photo. he just acted cool only when the camera phone was pointed so near at his face. i wonder if carmen knows how super duper CUTE beanie was when he was still a puppy? hmmh...will send her those photos as well. i am a proud beanie owner.

now to something which i hope to be related to me but is not. waaaa!! the by-election in hulu selangor. the election fever is really everywhere. there are flags of pkr everywhere in ulu bernam and on the way into my housing area ah. i have received flyers about anwar's sodomy case. there are talks being held almost daily everywhere in hulu selangor. yesterday there was one behind the police station. i heard 1000 extra police officers are stationed in hulu selangor now. i hear police escort sirens almost daily these 2 days i have been back and also helicopters. kuala kubu baru should be the happening place now. even the sleepy kalumpang is getting its fair share of fame with politicians visits. lucky ppl....donations and upgrading work are thrown in as well.
i have to kick my brother's ass to make him come back next week to do his duty to vote! he said he did not want to come back wor when i asked him yesterday. that idiot. told mom what he said and mom also scolded him. let's hope he change his mind.

tomorrow is sultan perak's birthday...... yippee!! holiday!!! i am going to midvalley to watch ice kacang puppy love, a new local movie. heard it is a touching one. hmmh.....don't want to put too high expectation yet. the main reason why i am going is to see ah seng in his auntie role. i have a feeling that the movie is romanticizing life in a sleepy hollow and making it very sentimental in the process.

let us just see.

Friday, April 16, 2010

happy things...first part of the day

i feel good today. i woke up with a good vibe. i slept well, er...albeit with a dream. my neck feels better, not as stiff and i don't get my headache anymore....keep my fingers crossed first.
i feel thin....ahem.....check it out yourself


workload is light at work today.
a parent told me that her son took me as his idol...waa....what a compliment.

jason (my 14-year-old friend from miri) whom i have not met for many years since our trip to beijing is planning to meet me when he comes in the next june holiday. he mailed me on facebook. i hope i don't jinx the meeting by talking about it now.

i have finished filling my income tax form for 2009 and i don't have to pay any tax. yahoo!!!

and i can go home early today. no activity in the afternoon here in bidor. it has been a while since i go home to tm so early....12.40noon.

so i hope you guys have a happy weekend too. i am going to have a longer one because it is perak sultan's birthday on monday. i should be heading to pavilion, kl on monday if everything goes well to see ah seng's big screen debut on ice kacang puppy love. so let's rejoice for a happy weekend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i'm not going to continue yesterday's post about food now. i know i have promised to show you stuff i had yesterday, but what i ate is not that important right?

something unexpected came up and i felt more compelled to write about it.

one of my kids' mom passed away yesterday morning. this news came as a surprise to his group of friends and me too. no one knew his mom had been sick for many years battling kidney cancer. he is a sunny, chatty, and inquisitive boy with a razor-blade sharp tongue. i have never seen him sad.

yesterday was also the first time i went to pay my last respect on my own and a christian one too. the only experience i have of a funeral is when my great-grandmother passed away when i was in secondary school. i have followed my parents to relatives' funerals before but i was only tagging along and followed their instructions. yesterday, i went accompanied by quin. i was kind of apprehensive because i would not know what to do when i reached. who would i see? what did i have to say? how much bereavement money do i have to give?

but luckily it went well. i met parents i knew and quin was quick to lead the way to sign our names at the guest book. and it was also quin who asked for joshua...yes, that is the kid. i doubt his dad knew who we were but i told him we jog with him. his dad called him out from the house and joshua was just finishing his dinner.

despite his young age (14), he looked very calm and brave. his eyes were red but there was no quiver in his voice when he spoke. i saw his fist softly clenched when he first came out but he relaxed after a while. we chatted and joked and then we were joined by his classmate. my anxiety was sort of unfounded then. i guess the news of his mother's death was not something unexpected in the family. he told us that the doctor had said his mom would not make it and that was why they brought her home since last week. young kids can be so brave. he was not keen on coming out of the house if we did not call him out. he said the reason why he din wanna come out was because he did not like being patted, hugged and touched by the adults. i also had the urged to do that and i think i patted his back too when i first saw him. i guess he did not want sympathy. i left after about 45 minutes.

i have colleagues who went this morning, before the burial service and they said joshua looked very sad.

well, i hope joshua will be strong. afterall, his name means 'god is salvation'. i will not pity him because he does not need my sympathy. i want him to turn out well. i want him to be strong. i have faith in you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the mess for vanity

did you read my blog yesterday???
well, if you did, you would remember this photo below....and my assortments of accessories on my wrist.
aint't the owl pewter charm charming?? get that piece of bracelet on my wrist....look at the mess i have brought to my bed.......
like a tornado has hit my room. i was searching and searching and searching in every corner i could think of in the cabinet where i put all my accessories. then i was opening this box lah and then that box. finally.....after like more than 5 mins of frantic search....i finally found the bracelet in a box.....under my novel which was on top of the cabinet. it was totally covered. man! the price of vanity huh? just to look rugged and cool. well, it is a good excuse to reorganise the storage unit anyway. hahah...
well lucky tummy again. my dearest colleague called me at 6p.m. and told me not to eat my dinner because she has prepared dried wan tan noodles for me. she knew i had the caterer's food. anyway, i only had a fish left to eat for dinner from the caterer. i had 2 dishes in the afternoon already (the caterer provides 3 dishes and 1 soup). still it was a very filling dinner. i had 8 wantans ah....waa.....and they were scrumptious. are you salivating already???

well, i am going for more good food today......wait for my update....

and in the meantime.....can you dear blog readers....please ...pretty please..... CLICK on the nuffnang ads on the left sidebar of the blog. PRETTTIIIIII PLEEEAASSEE.....
one click will get me 5cents. haha....lama-lama jadilah bukit. click and then go and shut whatever that pops out.....ok mou???????

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i feel.....

i feel sloppy in my loose black trousers and sneakers. i choose to wear a pair of pants to work today because yesterday i was sweating like a fish and i could feel droplets of sweat flowing down my thigh to my calf. eeeww...UGLY. the weather today is not as humid as yesterday's. the pair of trousers is loose because i have lost weight but i don't want to buy a new pair since i can't really wear trousers to work. another reason why i am still keeping the trousers is because i have no one to give it away to. time when my sister comes back...maybe it will go to her? if she continues putting on weight lah....hahaha....i hope not lah.

i feel free-spirited in this blouse. love the gradual darkening of pink on the blouse....ombre pink. someone commented i was striking.
i feel good. knowing i can earn enough money to buy things i like. hahaha....instead of calling myself spendthrift lah. my toywatch and tous ring.

i feel rugged, and tough. this is the ensemble i feel like having on my arm today. thought of mixing my tiffany bracelet with these too, but it is too bright and white. so we have 2 bangles and 2 bracelets here. from left to right- set of 3 bangles from reject shop, pewter owl pendant leather cord from thailand, dolphin clasp bangle from perlini silver and thomas sabo leather cord and peace charm.
i feel greasy and dirty. UGLY. but after all the 'grease' has gone on the piece of blotter, i feel dry and clean...slightly.

i feel all right but not totally. the neck still feels like 100 tonnes and i can feel some floating sensation in my head. i am walking steadily but i am still not going to try jogging. i will go for brisk walk. there is no nauseous feeling or any bad sensation below the neck. it is the NECK now.
hope it will get better?? still taking the pills prescribed.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

just in case you missed this. check out this taiwanese boy's rendition of i will always love you. i think the grand prize is in his pocket already.


my head is still floating but it is heavier now.
i did not drive my car back from bidor this afternoon just in case i feel dizzy again on the highway. instead i got a colleague who is coming back to the same home town to drive for me.
anyway, i went to the doctor already.
he checked my blood pressure. told me to lay on the bed, he knocked my wrist, pressed my neck and told me to swallow saliva at the same time, scratched my soles, checked my ears....and the diagnosis- nerve system imbalance.

these are the pills i got- merislon and prochlorperazine. common pills to treat vertigo. pandai-pandai sendiri go and google.
the answer from:
Vertigo, or dizziness, refers to the sensation of spinning

Friday, April 09, 2010

i am floating....

for the first time in my life yesterday, i could jog slanting to the right like a crab walk.
no, it is not something to be proud of. i was veering towards the right side and hitting the bushes. 2 more steps and i would have landed in the drain. i still cannot fathom what went wrong. all the weight on the body seemed to have shifted to the right at that moment and i was so light on the left. i did not feel dizzy nor did my eyesight go blur.
i stopped immediately then and only brisk walked. i dared not start even a light jog.
there are many questions on my head- was i too exhausted? low blood pressure? low sugar level?

then later that night, i attended a farewell dinner for a colleague at a local restaurant here. the food was nothing to shout about. a friend bought me a lime herbal drink to cool the heat in the body. how nice. i was still feeling rather weak but as the night continued and they started the karaoke session, the energy came back and i enjoyed myself. no...i did not sing. i enjoyed watching them sing and laughing at the jokes they cracked. it made me feel better.

here is one photo taken there.

i bet you have no problem finding me. ok admit it, i look sweeeeeeeeeeet right?? everyone was so jealous of me in that photo and they requested to retake another one. that retro bob ain't that bad. cute?

anyway, back to the real world, after the dinner ended at around 10pm, it was straight home. and damn it! headache came...although not a very severe one and i could not sleep last night. what the hell is freaking wrong???

now, i am at work, i feel my head is like a helium is floating....with only the neck which is holding it. i can feel the two feet on the ground, i just have to make sure i don't lose my balance again when i walk.

let's see how things will progresss today.

*not related to this post but more to the previous one. spr called me and told me they are going to change my voting area to hulu selangor but i still cannot vote this time. i will only be able to do so after another quarter of the year. damn! i am destined not to vote.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

monday's thrills and spills

my stomach is still very full from 2 dinners i had. my colleague is really spoiling me. i had my usual food from the caterer- pumpkin soup, long bean, fried fish and minced pork cake. then my colleague's son brought me 'chee cheong fun' with gravy and toppings she made herself. gosh, how could i resist. so i finished the whole container of chee cheong fun lah. luckily it was not a very big portion. her son said her mom couldn't stand seeing me thin. she wants to make me fat. i feel bad that i cannot give her anything back because i don't cook and i don't bake. so luckily i have some haribo sweets and filled the container and returned it to her. chinese kan? we are taught not to return things empty-handed to ppl who have given us something.

anyway, to wait for digestion to finish its duty, i am using the time to blog lah.
this will be on some of the things i did on monday at sunway lagoon. many years had it been since i last went? i have lost count.

so karen, carmen and quin took the bus down from bidor on sunday evening and reached tm before 7p.m. we went to proton city for a quick jog because carmen wanted to try jogging on the track there. we could only finish one round. by the time we left, it was only us and a group of foreign workers in the dark park. kinda scary. i dunno what we would do if they were to disturb us. there were more than 10 of them. but they came in peace and ain't no troublemakers.

dinner was at leong kei...and it sucked. many ppl came back for qing ming that weekend and the place was full. we even had to stand for about 5 mins before getting a place and we waited 30 mins for our food to arrive. they had run out of hor fun so we ordered wat tan mihun, mihun soup and lor mee. none was good. we also ordered a roti pisang from the indian shop next door because our stomachs were growling already.

beanie has found a new yeelin in karen. hahaha....he did this everytime he managed to 'grab' hold of her.

on monday morning, we went for breakfast in town before heading to sunway lagoon. reached sunway lagoon at around 12 noon. there is no more outdoor parking outside the theme park now. all cars are diverted into sunway pyramid's car park. luckily it is not expensive to park there. the maximum charge is rm7.
outside food and drinks are not allowed in the park at all and they checked all bags. i did bring my empty water bottle because they have water cooler at many places. there are only 2 types of tickets- one is all parks and the other is 3 parks. we bought 3 parks ticket at rm60 because we showed them our mycards. the three parks are amusement park, wildlife park and water park. the girls paid for my ticket...err...or my wrist watch. there is no plastic band now, they give you a wrist watch where you can even debit money and use it to buy things inside the theme park. so you dun need to carry any cash with you when you are busy having fun.

we went to the amusement park first as it is nearest to the entrance. as it was a monday, we hardly see any locals except a group of malay youths. the rest were all tourists from middle east and one big group from hong kong. it was a bliss queueing up for the rides. some had no queue at all. the water park slides had slightly longer queues but they were fast as well. so you know when to go next time. oh, it is closed on tuesday.
we went on all the rides they offered at the amusement park including the small ferries wheel. carmen was screaming at the top of her voice in every adventure ride and it was deafening! i partnered her in the water slides activities (2 on one tube) and i was only laughing all the way down the slides while she screamed till the slides end. jaw hurt from laughing too much.
wildlife park. one of the cute girls from the australian dance troupe who performed at the amphitheater later in the afternoon having a python coiled around her. you can have that experience too at no cost.
some of the animals you can see at the wildlife park. surprisingly, i enjoyed myself at this park. thought i would get bored but i wasn't. it gave you a really close experience with the animals. they even have sun bear here and a cat leopard. kids would definitely love it!
aerial view of the water park. the whole place seems smaller now. maybe because they have put so many things and that makes the space a bit cramped.

we went to take shower at around 5. damn there was no water when i had nearly finished my shower. too many ppl taking showers at the same time? there was no one to complain to. those who came to take their showers later were unlucky loh.

i have planned this when i heard we are going to sunway lagoon. karl's junior in sunway pyramid. someone told me their burger was good and yes i agree now that i had tried a few. the burgers from the beef range are top-notch. i especially love the portobello mushroom burger. love the chilli cheese fries too but they put too little chilli cheese and i went to request for a top-up. still not enough for me because i like the chilli to soak the fries and make them soggy. no more mcD burgers.

and i am guilty of spending my money on another pair of sneakers which i dun think i can wear a lot. but the price and the discount are too good to resist. 50% discount and i only paid rm125. cheap hor?? and i have always wanted a pair of hi-top sneakers. those from nike are very flat and hard. this pair is oh so comfortable. i put it on straight after i paid for it. my feet needed some cushioning after walking on slippers and barefoot the whole day.

i also made another purchase at esprit. also 50% discount. it was a denim jacket....very feminine one with ribbon at the 3/4 sleeve. last piece. dunno when i am going to wear it but i just can't resist once i put it on. fit fit wor. i paid rm153 after 10% more discount with my esprit member card.
haven't heard mom's scoldings yet because she wasn't home when i reached. she went for a relative's funeral with dad in rawang. waitlah till i go home this saturday. sure an earful of them.

anyway, reached tm at 9.30p.m. then, packed my stuff and left at 10p.m. to bidor.

when we came back from sunway, beanie was wagging his tail and body non-stop. carmen had spoilt him by stroking him all the time although she still screamed like she had seen a ghost when we let beanie loose. that girl can really scream man. call her the scream queen.
however, when we were leaving with all our bags in hands, beanie sulked as if he knew we were leaving. well, i think he could see with his own eyes. that was him sulking and not giving a glance at us as we drove off. he wasn't even bothering us as we walked on the porch. how cute was he and how pitiful. poor can we not love you??

well, that is the end of this post. time to hit the bed. all chee cheong fun has been digested. mission accomplished.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

this week's knick-knacks

my head is not in the right frame of mind to write in organised paragraphs now. blame it on too much 'facebooking'. i am constantly checking my farm and cafe and ppl's posts to nick their items for the barn and cafe. i feel so much like a parasite...sucking benefits from ppl only. i hope i don't do this in real life. someone knock my head hard when i do this ok.

so let's see some random stuff i have this week.

i finally get my sammi cheng limited edition love mi boxset. they released 1000, i think....and i am lucky to get my friend in hk to get it for me. then i am also lucky because kamwei, who works in singapore went to hk that week for meeting and brought it back from hk to singapore. and finally today, kwei is back in tm for qing ming and he finally passed the heavy box to me. he could not even shop in the airport terminal because of the heavy things. sorry... i bought him secret recipe lunch just now to make up. kwei flattened the box to bring all the things back. 2 boxes ah...chinching got hers too.

more things from hk. regent passed these to kwei too and poor him, these are heavier than my sammi boxsets. and sooo fragile. plates, cups, mugs and a panda soft toy.

3- lunch at secret recipe just now. i ordered prawn macaroni and cheese....look at how much oil they put in the dish. i had scooped some off the plate earlier and pour them onto the plate they used as tray. i will remind myself of this photo and not order that dish again. i think i will stick to their tom yum noodles....yum yum. kwei had that. too much calories for one day already. opps...confession. also had a piece of black forest cheese cake. guilty.

dad brought home siew's made fruitcake from melbourne. i thought she would reject my request to make the fruitcake with countless excuses. what a bad sister i am to accuse my sister of that. sorry. the fruitcake this time does not turn out as well as the first time she made it for us. it crumbles because she put too much fruits. and i think there is not enuf rum too. but don't worry, i will finish the cake for you. i think i am the only one at home who is picking the cake. i love all the fruits in the cake. but so far i have only eaten 2 small pieces. slowly lah....there are too many other temptations at home this weekend.

aah....the whole area shrouded in mist at 7a.m. on saturday morning. what the heck was i doing waking up so early on a weekend? well, my class started at 8a.m. that day. ask those crazy kids who chose this time to come to my house. mom, dad and wei woke up much earlier and joined uncle ah soon for qing ming aka all souls' day to go and clean the graves of our greatgrandparents. it is so nice to see so much mist. it proves how clean the air is still in tm and how cool it still can be in the morning in a small town.

6- kamwei asked me, "have you lose weight again?". i answered, "yes." hahahaha....he sees me every month when he comes back, so we can trust his comments lah.

7- chailih gave me a blank but confused look yesterday when he saw me, "why do you cut your hair this way?" oh no, another bad hair review. but i am getting used to that look. sob sob sob! i must have very high self-esteem to stay positive this long with all those confused painful looks or laughs.

8- started reading 'the goddess experience guide' which yunli gave me. one of the thing to do inside is to make a happy list. so i made mine and these are the things that make me happy:

9- the motor of my automatic window of my car has finally ended its life. it is the one on the driver's side. previously, it was throwing tantrums now and then and now finally, it just decided to shut itself and not come down again. phew! imagine if it gave up halfway. there goes 100pounds=rm500++ for a new replacement motor. sob sob

10- oh heartache!!! i was reading today's newspaper when i realised that i could vote for the first time...hulu selangor's reelection! the first time, i was working. the second election, i was on my way to gold coast. now, here comes my chance!! but NOOOO!!!!! i checked on spr website and found that the area i am voting for is behrang, tg malim!!! how can this happen to me? my address on my ic states hulu bernam, selangor!!! I WANT TO VOTE!!!

11- discovered some recommendations on local food in aunt cf friend, daughter's blog. or you can click her blog from the bloglist on the left- the title of her blog is 'our life'. she went on a road trip to melbourne and only ate malay food. so those in melbourne, you guys can go check her blog. there is one mamak kopitiam in qv building. have you guys been there?? good bor??

12- tomorrow is a holiday for me. it is chinese's qing ming celebration so we applied for leave. instead of staying at home, i have plans to go to sunway lagoon. it has been ages so i guess it is time to let those adrenalin loose again. 3 girls are on their way here from bidor to join me. it is their idea to go there anyway. i am only the driver and co-player. hahaha. tonight, am bringing them to 'leong kei' for the famous fried hor fun. i am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't rain tonight and tomorrow.

well, my mini paragraphs are all also quite long kan? tata now. i'm going to watch my amazing race. psstt.... i heard they are coming to penang on the next episode. can't wait for that!!