Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy activity

reporting live from baskin robbins, tapah rest area. wireless connection: excellent.

yes today is 31 october and it is time for the 31% discount again.

not tapauing this time but having it here.

what's our (you dun think i will go alone right?) flavours?? pomegranate swirl, rum and raisin and chocolate mousse royal.

even the outlet is celebrating halloween. happy halloween you people! although i have no idea of the origin at all. hehe.

opps...extra indulgence. i am hungry ah. just had a small portion of rice for lunch.

never mind...there is a jogging session arranged after this. so let's hope i burn them.

A shop-neighbour passed away recently. Why a shop-neighbour? Well, he was the next door neighbour when we were always outside at the family shop.
He let me and my siblings play ‘shopkeeper’ roles. We were there tagging prices, arranging shelves and even managing the cashier. It was real-life ‘masak-masak’. That was how our afternoons were spent when there was nothing on tv and there were no tuition classes to attend.
He passed away last week. He suffered from bleeding in the brain. In fact, half of his brain was submerged (dunno the proper term) as seen from the x-ray. No operation could be done. He was hospitalized for 4 days and died on the hospital bed.
He left behind his wife and a son who is in standard 1 this year.
I wanted to say that his death could be prevented, but I guess it was too late now. He suffered from high blood pressure but did not go for check-ups nor seek treatment. Let this be a reminder for us to be aware of our health and the responsibility to take care of it.
May your soul rest in peace, ah kau.

spick and span

I finally found the time to sweep and mop my room. Haha…what a lazy bum. No more stray hair and dust on the floor. It just feels so nice and refreshing to enter the room. I can swirl and twirl on my toes like in the advertisement.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

clash of events

why why why??
all my plans to hit events have all met setback after setback.
and the latest is the tennis match.
mr yee now cannot make it because he is going outstation. no mr yee...i am not blaming you. i am just blaming my luck.
an eye for an eye i guess. i could not make it to BEP concert and left him babysitting 2 young gals and now... sigh, i also dunno.
have to find someone to replace that empty seat and someone to pay me that rm88 for the ticket. or, i sell both the tickets and end up reading about the match from the papers.

Monday, October 29, 2007

everyone who chooses to enter showbiz is

andy hui, hong kong singer and

nice necklace?

a fellow female colleague was so smitten by this bead necklace that i have. she kept reminding me how much she loved this necklace.
actually this necklace had been modified by yours truly. all those round beads are made of wood and the piece in the middle is clay. there were supposed to be 2 more clay pieces but they broke due to undue force put on them. the centre piece was supposed to be a little child wrapped in the leaf...unfortunately, it was one of the more broken piece. what a waste. so i took those broken pieces out and made this remaining piece of clay leaf the centrepiece.
where do i get this from? it is a present from my uncle from australia many years about 15 years ago if i am not wrong. gosh, am i such a good keeper? he got me another interesting handrawn bead necklace as well. not bad eh his taste...or his friend's.
unique ones are hard to find nowadays. so yeah, i do appreciate all the accessories i have...i mean, why get them in the first place if you dun like them. that is why my collection is increasing and not decreasing. i just dun throw them away unless they break beyond repair.
even the opposite sex is now keen on jewellery. brother always nicks my rugged bracelets. and a male friend is looking at higher end jewellery. whatever age, sex, and budget...there will be something for you.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

happy thoughts

although i have been bogged down by meetings this weekend, i still have found my escapades. little exploration to cure this curious mind. it does lift the spirit and helps to make the meetings seemed shorter. gosh, i still have to attend another one tomorrow, sunday starting at 8.30a.m. nuts!!! yawn now!

ok...escapade one. lunch at kampar. can you believe it, this is the first time i have been to kampar town although i only stay like less than 1 hour away? can't blame me wat...usually only those kaki makan will go to kampar. and i am the type who eat to live, not live to eat.

i made sure my colleague order the famous chicken in bread dish although all of them who joined me that day had eaten it before. authoritative.

this is the shop. you can see it on the main road of the old town. this pic was taken from the car. notice the hello kitty reflection on the windscreen. hehe. i still have hello kitties in my car.
the famous chicken curry in bread dish. yummy. the bread was soft and fresh and the chicken curry was tender with enough curry to dip your bread. salivating now.
this is another dish you can only get it here according to a colleague. yam noodles in claypot. the noodles are under the rich gravy with pork and yam. i am not a big fan of yam so after one small bowl, i was back to my chicken and bread.

then today, (saturday) i went to a small town called chenderiang..again north of bidor. you need to use the trunk road to see the signboard going into this almost sleeping town. it is such a serene and quiet place for a saturday lunch hour. the majestic titiwangsa mountain range backing the town was so green and awesome. from this town, you can head to lata kinjang, the waterfall you see on the way to ipoh from south. i had been to the waterfall few years ago, it is really huge.

so this weekend is not such a bad one, minus the meetings. many firsts for me and it keeps the wandering heart light. escapades are fun every once in a while. see, i can never sit still for long. oh my oh my, what am i going to do in the long holidays?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

my dell

new addition or new baby more like it since it has cost me my one month's salary.
it was delivered on thursday night at 10p.m. all the way from penang.
my new dell inspiron 530 desktop. isn't it sleek?
let us do some introduction.
Intel(R) Pentium(TM) Dual-Core Processor E2140
(1.6GHz, 800FSB, 1MB)
17" Flat Panel LCD Monitor (Analog only) - Silver color
2GB (2X1GB) NECC Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz SDRAM Memory
320GB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive with Native Command Queuing
16X DVD+/-RW with Dual Layer Write Capabilities
Genuine Windows Vista(R) Home Basic 32 bit (English) DVD Media Included

these are the basics lah. it is ok right? for someone who is somewhat computer illiterate, this is not a bad choice according to cousin zhong. and of course i got some online tutorial from kahlam while browsing for the best choice. thanks dudes. it helped to give me some confidence before i pressed that confirm order button.

now have to start learning how to use vista. maybe they have some vista for dummies or tutorial lesson online. meanwhile, brother will be the one using it, so let him get used to it first and then teach me.

hyeon bin revisited eyes got a watery not because of dust but because of hyeon bin in a millionaire's first love. yes, i am a sucker for romantic movie plus those with handsome hunks.
i first mentioned him when i watched my lovely samsoon. and today, thanks to 8tv which has taken to showing korean movies every saturday night, i have a chance to grab this movie. actually this movie was nothing to shout about. it was anything but great. just a typical korean love story. rich boy met poor girl. poor girl changed rich boy's perspective on life. poor girl had fatal illness. poor girl died, rich boy grew up and became a man. read here if you want to know the details.
but somehow the plot just fits (maybe i was just mesmerised already) and the story ended just as how everyone expected one typical love story would end.
the part which made my eyes watery was the one where the boy gave the girl her early birthday present in the form of short notes all rolled up in a bottle (messages in bottle). the girl was supposed to read one a day but she rushed to open all because she was scared she would not live to read all of them. and she did all these while she was pouring with tears. so kesian.
this part made me realised the importance of words too...sincere thoughts which ought to be relayed more often instead of bottled up. why can't i be more expressive verbally?? that is not just me eh? putting them down in words would not be a problem. if anything were to happen to me next time, i do not want to lose my ability to express myself using written words. that would be so torturing.
anyway, this also reminded me...i have also received messages in a bottle before...about 7 years ago from 4S4. i still have them intact. ooh, that was so sweet of them. hey, people out something like this for your loved ones lah. girls especially will fall for this man. old trick but still so workable.
ohohoh, before i forget to blurt this out...why must the female protagonist always be weak and meek to receive love in movies? i think this is a reflection of real life right? tell me if i am wrong. they must always be soft, gentle, and with at least shoulder length hair. i am totally out of the league. :'( there goes that handsome guy dream. anyway, it is a dream... so yeah, i can still dream just make sure two feet are planted on the ground at the same time as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


what is vmy? visit malaysia year x.
and now they have extended it to vmy2008. sooner or later they are going to make it vmy every year. i am just waiting for that time to come.
because of the success of vmy 07, they want to prolong the promotion to attract more tourists to our country.
well, vmy 07 has brought a lot of festivities into the country. no doubt about it...angkasawan, grand national day celeb, fireworks competition, and now they have live and loud kl all in the name of the country's 50th celebration.

but isn't it the job of tourism malaysia to always promote our country and make it more exciting for tourists year in and year out? isn't it in their responsibility??

why must everything be held in conjunction with...

why can't we have activities, conventions, concerts, campaigns, etc the whole year round regardless of VMY or not?
have i participated in any of them? far none. but going to go for one soon...yes thanks to our country's birthday again.
malaysia independence tennis: clash of the times (federer vs sampras). i hope i am not going to jinx this outing again by posting it before it comes. look at what happen with the peas.
you must be wondering why all the fuss now...i guess it is a way to destress. have to let something out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


this is new for me. i am stealing wi-fi connection! hahaa....i dunno whose it is from.
i have just switched on the notebook because i want to check a cd, then the pop-up message came saying that i am connected but the signal strength is low. but it is better than nothing lah.
last time i managed to detect one too but it was locked. u need a password.
it is my lucky day i guess.
but i also dunno what to do now. am chatting with 2 ppl on msn messenger.
finished checking my mail. got a comment on friendster.
oh, it has been a tiring day. had a 3 hours long meeting and the duty to do comes crashing down without time for us to breathe.
ok...better stop now. time to sleep.

let's sing along

"Big Girls Don't Cry"

Da Da Da Da
The smell of your skin lingers on me now
You're probably on your flight back to your home town
I need some shelter of my own protection baby
To be with myself and center, clarity
Peace, Serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It's personal, myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
It's time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry

The path that I'm walking
I must go alone
I must take the baby steps 'til I'm full grown, full grown
Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they?
And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay


Like the little school mate in the school yard
We'll play jacks and uno cards
I'll be your best friend and you'll be my Valentine
Yes you can hold my hand if you want to
'Cause I want to hold yours too
We'll be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds
But it's time for me to go home
It's getting late, dark outside
I need to be with myself and center, clarity
Peace, Serenity


La Da Da Da Da Da

no black peas

bye bye fergie, bye bye will, bye bye the rest of black eyed peas members.
i have sold my ticket and i will not be there. boo hoo hoo! why!? and auntie chen is not going as well due to some unforeseen circumstances. only uncle yee will be going with some young chicks (??).
a 3-day meeting just cropped up for this weekend and i will not have transport to go up to the highlands too.
so let's learn a lesson from this. never count the chicks before they hatch. all the exciting thoughts now mean nothing.
the above pic is taken in bangkok. i wonder if fergie can bare her abs and her legs this way. u know the dress have to cover up from neck to your knee. mr yee, please show some photos ok. i really hope you will enjoy yourself. go party!!!
gosh, i so want to hear fergie sing 'big girls don't cry'. i wonder if anyone will secretly record that. ha ha ha. no matter how tight the security is, some clips are bound to show up in you tube.

and i also wonder whether there will be any congestion going to gohtong jaya these few days. uncle lim (lim goh tong) has passed away yesterday morning and his funeral will be in gohtong jaya on monday. so there will be those who want to pay their last respect. he is indeed a remarkable man. a colleague asked me if his building of the casino was actually a good thing. but to gamble or not actually depends on yourself. his empire has created a lot of job opportunities for many and i think it is something we should be thankful for. may your soul rest in peace.

sun: come!

rain, rain go away. get the wind to come and blow you all the way to australia!

he he, it has been raining for few days and the sun is only out for a few hours a day. it is quite cooling but it is not good news for the washings waiting to dry.
i had to wait 3 days before my bath towel was compeletely dry.
yesterday the sudden rain also gave me a scare. i was halfway out to the jogging track when suddenly it poured. but as sudden as it came, that was how fast it left as well. in less than 15 seconds, they were all gone. and i continued my jog. it felt good! i was in good spirit and i had a spring in every step. ok...that was hyperbole but i did feel light.

and the australia part, well, because of drought in australia, it hampers their wheat production and now there is shortage of flour everywhere. yes, we are affected as well. my staple breakfast a.k.a bread and pastry will increase in prices as in all wheat products (noodles, vermicelli, cakes).
the daily increment in oil prices is not something to look forward to as well. just wait and see how much our fuel price is increased when 1 january 08 comes. burden.
what is wrong with the USB hub of the notebook? it can't read the mobile phone's link. i wanna upload photos taken with my mobile, but i can't! this is so frustrating. i wonder if i have deleted anything i am not supposed to delete.
any solution? reinstall driver?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

asia tour 2007 ;)

show mi, hk coliseum

show mi, arena of stars, genting highlands

show mi, singapore indoor stadium

i just love all these combo photos. memories for keepsake. my stitching is not bad eh? the end of all chase. what a year and what a big burning hole in the pocket.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

new age compliment: you look thin! did you go on a diet or what?
agree? will this help put a smile on your face?
no more...waaa... you put on weight ah...hou sek hou zhu (good food, good life).
that will make me go scrambling for that diet plan. hehehe.
can't blame me for that. look at all the people they put in the media. models are all thin and lean and one has to look beautiful to go on tv. proof? check out the new season of the amazing race asia edition season 2. man! it brings the 'beautiful people on tv' to a new height. the contestants are all either model or tv personalities. and you thought reality shows are using real people. shoot! how real can it get.
ok back to the topic of being thin. it feels good to be thin ya, to fit into those asian cut clothes. some designers are only making their tee shirts in small size. by doing this, they are choosing their wearers instead of the other way round. having enough money is not enough nowadays, you need to have the right body too.
after all that has been said, i still like european cut lah. they are more comfortable for someone with a big hip like me. hip hip hooray!

Friday, October 19, 2007

now everyone can fly gold coast

yeah, air asia of course. and now with air asia x, there are more destinations to choose from.
and i have just snatched my first holiday trip next year for march!
i am going to gold coast, australia. i have been planning to stop travelling asia after that last trip to cambodia. i am just getting sick of listening to foreign languages and i feel like going to an english speaking country! need to feel that familiarity for a change.
i was planning for perth, you know, it is the nearest english speaking city and should be the cheapest to go to.
luckily air asia x is promoting their new destination and one way ticket is only rm350. without hesitation i smsed people i know who could fit my travel schedule lah. none replied wor!!! except dear brother who was deciding between cambodia in december and this trip. finally he chose my trip and this will be our first trip together! ok, someone said going with brother was no fun, but hey, at least it is better than going alone lah. my housemate smsed me too late (after i had booked) so i told her to look for her own travel mate lah if she wanted to go. sorry mate. you need to be fast here.
after adding everything, my return tickets cost me rm1590. there are so many hidden charges ah. i chose a night flight for my going journey, so instead of 350, i have to pay 418. then the airport taxes. insurance is 29. meals on board- 20 for each way (vegetarian, kids, asian, or western). haha..i was thinking of choosing kids meal. but in the end we chose asian and western lah. ok, then 20 (one way) to choose a standard seat in the plane. no standing zone here. haha. those with more legroom seat, you pay 100. i think am the first one to choose my seats in that flight. super kiasu syndrome. it is a 2-4-2 seating arrangement. i chose the 2 seats on the left. then lastly, another 20 (one way) to check in luggage. that 20 is only for 1-15kg. 16kg and above you have to pay 100 already.
so it all ends up at 1590. it is the cheapest one can get to gold coast. now just hope there is no such thing as cancellation of flight.
we hope sis in australia can get some leave and meet us there too. it is going to be a siblings trip. now we have to save for our expenses and find our lodging and plan our itenary there. anyone know of any cheap place to stay?? any free couch to offer? i read there is this progamme where ppl offer their couches for free for short stay. haha...i can consider this.
a part-time job in november and december is in the card now. but where do i start looking? tell me yeah, if you know any vacancies. hehe.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

my pc

mourning for the demise of a few pairs of shoes. hehehe, am i nuts?

noooo....i just love my shoes too much and i feel sad to let them go. in fact, these few pairs have been staying idle for too long on the shoe rack just because i feel too sentimental to let them go. there are 5 pairs of shoes here ah. and my favourite is that pair of black mary jane from patrick cox. i got that when i was in england in 2000 at harrods during their summer sale at 50% discount. it is well-worth the price i pay ok albeit a bit steep. i had worn that pair of shoes for 5 years before the inner sole turned too ugly to be shod in. it is my fav pair of shoes, and still is in my heart. i still cannot find a pair of mary jane like this. it is from their wannabe collection and they no longer produce this design. i still have a pair of ankle boots from pc too and from the same type of leather. but too bad the malaysian weather is not suitable for boots. i can only take it out from time to time and look look.
the rest of the shoes, confirm cannot wear liao because they are all strappy high heel sandals. where am i going to put that heel cushion if i wear them? sob sob! no sexy heels for me.
i wanna get another pair of pc if i can, but definitely not in malaysia. they dun have the brand here. so those in england, help me watch out yeah. it is an english brand after all.
p/s: another story here. threw 3 kittens out of the house too. they were resting on my shoe rack oh so comfortably. luckily i had someone to help me get them into the dustpan, and then send them all the way to the palm oil estate nearby. ok... i hope they do not find their way back to my house.
new motto in life: LIVE TO EXPERIENCE.
it used to be: live for the day. hehehe. no more short-term living. i want to look forward to each day and experience it. no regret to whatever which comes my way. be it good or bad, it is meant to be experienced and make you into a more complete person.
borrow from jerry mcguire line: the experience completes me.

dare to experience. but still no free-fall ride at theme park please. that is way too scary.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

you can, we can

hari angkawasan (astronaut day) on 10 october??
yea or nae?
it is a day worth remembering but officially declaring it?
we have hari pahlawan (warrior day) to commemorate the sacrifices made by our unsung heroes in our fight to independence.
and more and more 'days' have been coming up.
world environment day. friendship day. blog action day.
what are we going to celebrate on hari angkasawan? every year on that day, remembering that our angkasawan took off to the orbit? and gaze with teary eyes how memorable and honourable it is for such a small country to achieve such a big feat??
are we going to buy a that space rocket that he blasted off in to put in the museum? yeah, we have that same model car that tunku rode into the stadium in 57 specially seeked and brought in with a big lump sum of money. but is it necessary?? man, it is not even 'that car'. why all the money dumped in?
can't our money be put to better use? can't we look ahead every year during our national day celebration instead of looking back and counting the struggles we had had? why can't we have some action plans to map out development for the country spread out during that time? shouldn't we plan for the future and stop reminiscing the past?
why am i touchy all of a sudden?
maybe because i am sick of being reminded of the past every national day non-stop and now they want to start another day so we are again reminded of that particular day every year from next year onwards.

Monday, October 15, 2007

the bob cut are 2 photos to check out my new hair cut. one is from the left and the other from the right. i love the left angle one. different angles, different things. cool cut. and yup, that is the colour....but not as red lah. i think i have brightened it up a bit. hehe.
took these after i got back from the cut. so the hair was nicely blown and in place. very funky.

i know what i did last weekend

while you were here having your ketupat and rendang and listening to all hari raya songs, i was somewhere looking at bengawan solo and having fast food while awaiting that concert to start.
haha. show mi singapore 2007 at the indoor stadium. that was where i was.
all the way to singapore. i have said i will never get enuf of sammi cheng right???
the fan craze started on friday the day sammi touched down from hong kong. fans were already waiting outside, many of them plus camera crew from mediacorp. you can see the recording on you tube.

anyway, i got the 'best' position. i got to talk to her and got her to sign autograph with my name. she recognised it and was surprised. yeah!!! she knows me! hahaha....

both of us were wearing tee shirt with skull. ahem...great stylists think alike. i wonder where hers was from. will check later. i also showed her the miniature doll i had on the necklace. i asked if she remembered. she said of course lah, it had appeared in all newspapers. haha....i gave her the big version in earlier concerts. so that was a good start to greeting her at the airport.

the yummy bread from a japanese bakery in holland village.

i have to thank my singaporean friends for being so hospitable to chinching and me. they drove us around and even offered lodging for us. there was a bunch of them. rachel, minzhi, sihan, rae, wendy, guoching, jennifer and minzhi's sis. oh, thank you chinching's friend lynn and kamwei for coming out for lunch too. in the excitement of going, i even forgot to pack my pyjamas! so had to buy there.

the concert in singapore was only so-so. how sad, i went all the way there and this was my review. i had good front seats but the atmosphere was just not right. i feel singaporeans are not as crazy as malaysians. haha...they stood up all right but there was no dancing and screaming. my friend said, like kayu. plus, sammi was not feeling well. she had sorethroat in the morning and had 2 doses of medicine before the concert (she explained near the end). no wonder i did not feel 'her' on the stage. the presence was just not there. however she came back (better late than never) when she came on stage in her last costume change (the white suit). the concert rundown was similar to genting's concert but it was shorter. everything seemed rush (i think she was rushing to end the show so she could rest). there was supposed to be an encore, but she cut it. the stage costumes was only soso. those new additions were just too plain for a concert i think. sigh. like something she did just because she had to. in a way it was lah, singapore show mi was an addition to the original world tour line-up. see i am still a rational fan who can come up with critical comments not like others who are like so blinded.

the stage which was similar to all other world tour venues.

a new attire but i thought jeans was too casual for a concert.

original concert costume, still retained.
black ensemble which i think was really ugly. like just a piece of sheath over her flat body. it made her look flatter.
her sporty attire for the power dance medley. the mic was not working that well and kept falling off.
new white suit with super hill platform heels. very nicely cut but not suitable for a concert costume right??
mc yan from the group lmf flew in just to rap one song. another guest star was stephanie sun. although sammi was not feeling well, her voice drowned stephanie's totally when they had their duet. i know how unpowerful steph's voice is. hehe.
ok, what am i going to write for this one? i am sosooooo jealous!! that girl there is my friend who went with me to all sammi's concerts. yeah, my mi travelling partner!!! and she got picked to go on stage because she was 'plump' enough to make sammi look thin. boo hoo hoo!!!! that means i will never get my chance to go on stage. she hugged sammi thrice when she was on stage! she must la!!! and took photo of herself and mi with her handphone!! green green.

i am going to end this post with a poem i saw on the train on my way back home yesterday. it summed up how i felt for not being picked on stage. and it would nicely sum up the end of the whole sammi world tour experience for me this year. so melancholy.

Funeral Blues

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He is Dead.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

W.H. Auden

styled by eff

i am back!!! but still finding my bearing. so this weekend trip post is going to take a while. meanwhile something from last week.

the place where i went to have my haircut. it is at the renovated basement of the house. the hair stylist (it is just so old fashion to call barber now) used to work in kl. he set one of ntv7 datin's hair every morning before she went to work. chaufeurred around to her place every morning for this side income.
he called himself 'eff' but it is supposed to be pronounced as 'if'. don't ask me how that 'f' sounds can turn into 'if'. many people do that nowadays especially the chinese. adding a christian name and then and there. no way for me man!

anyway, he talked me into a dye as well. haha...of course the funky me wanted it lah! i told myself, i needed that colour for the haircut. it is going to 'highlight' the new haircut too...part asymmetrical, part irregular bob. ala victoria beckham. ahem! besides full body dye, he also threw in a highlight for the front portion of the hair free of charge.

that haircut cost me rm15, and dye rm60. bye bye rm75 but it was worth it. everyone said it was nice.

some did not even recognise me! funny quip was this:

if last time you could not find a bf, now with this haircut, guarantee you can find one within one week.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

selamat hari raya


roads were not congested. highway was clear. so have a joyful raya.
some gals choose not to check their tyre pressure when i was doing mine. they could not be bothered to wait for me to finish pumping air into 2 more tyres. so impatient.
sorry i dunno what else to say. it is already pass 1a.m. and i am dead tired.
this wish comes from across the causeway. yes, i am in singapore now for the weekend. just for the weekend and it has been an exciting one today.
i got what i want! yeah.
will not let too much out of the bag. will update more when i get back and when i have some pictures to show.

thank you to my kind host minzhi for putting me in for the weekend. yahoo!!! i save on lodging fee. phew! i have already spent a lot for this trip. no i am not rich, i have just lost some marbles i guess.
will try to find them back.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

long long time ago...

this is really treasure. i can't even recall how long ago this was taken.
would cousins and brother give some comments? can three of you remember??

those of you who have seen them, are they cute or are they sooooooo cuuute?? this is a bit blurry, sorry, camera phone quality.

guess what, i still have the blue tee shirt. it is from benetton's kidswear collection 012 and i am wearing the tee now. haha! eh proves that i am still trim enough to wear a kid's shirt ah. and not snug one ah...loose loose. that shirt must be old!

it is so nice to be young without all worries and having everything provided for you. so do not spoil the childhood of any child you know. let them bring with them their happiest memories into the rest of their journey in life.

oh connie

gosh, i was supposed to be blogging about some other stuff but my brother just came in with this connie francis platinum collection cd and chucked it into the notebook's cdplayer.

and i have been sitting here looking at the screen, scrolling from site to site (whatever i can think of) while being serenaded by her mesmerising voice. i think i am in song 15 now. imagine! i have sat here not doing anything for 15 songs! since when am i a fan? hehe....but i know her through my aunt (her fav singer) and no, this is not my aunt's cd. it is dad's!!! yes you heard me right. my dad bought this and my brother found it among his piles of 60s chinese singers cds.
my aunt will want this so badly. this cd will make such a good present for her fans. it comes with a complete booklet with all the lyrics of her songs. yea! can sing along.
come to think of it again, this will make such a perfect gift. hey, time to prepare for christmas. anyone wants this? i have vowed to myself to be less selfish. it is not that expensive and i do not mind buying this as a gift. just tell me ya.
ohohohoho...she is singing tennesse waltz now. so romantic! i will stop typing and close my eyes and listen to her.

how batman gets robin

i just cannot help myself from posting this. from a not-so-good in english language boy. but his creativity is not compromised. read on and tell me what you think.

I live in a metropolis. My name is X. I am 16 years old. In this city, there is crime.
Mother and I live in a small house. My father is dead. Few years ago, he died in an accident. After my father’s death, my mother works from morning till night. No one takes care of me. I meet friends who do crime.

The first time, I try to steal people’s wallet and very expensive things like jewels, gold, watch and others. I am so scared when I steal people’s money but it is so happy and cool. Now, I steal, smoke, run from school and fight with other people.

When my mother knows I smoke and do not go to school, my mother is very angry. She tries to punch me. She tells me it is not good for me but I do not listen. Mother slaps me hard. My mother cries when she says, ‘If you continue doing crime, police will catch you and send you to jail.’ I tell her, ‘I don’t care,’ and leave the house.

After that, my friends and I join a gangster group called ‘Anti-imax’. I am so happy when I join the gangsters. In a few days, I can beat old people and take their money. But, my friend betrays us. The gangster boss gives me a gun and calls me to kill him. I am scared because I do not want to kill people. I regret when I draw the gun. The boss is very angry and calls the others gangster members to kill me. Suddenly, a shadow comes. When we see the shadow, he is Batman. The boss is scared and calls his members to kill Batman but they fail. Police come and catch the gangsters. I ask Batman why he does not catch me. He says, ‘You can be a good guy.’

Then, I go home and say sorry to my mother. Now, I am a good student in the morning. At night, I am Batman’s partner Robin. He made a difference in my life.

hair loss

how much hair did i lose??

ting ting in the morning

The first sound I heard when I woke up yesterday was ‘ting ting’. It was a piece of metal falling off me when I got off bed. I switched on the light and checked, but I found nothing. Then I went into the bathroom and again, ‘ting ting’. This time I saw the heart-shaped white gold pendant falling onto the tile. It was my birthday present from some colleagues.
Then I realized the first sound was made by the broken clasp of the pendant. Oh no, how was I going to find such a tiny thing on the floor. I got on all four and searched all corners yet to no avail. So I told myself, ‘leave it. You will soon find it when you least expect.’
How true this is. In the evening, when I got on the bed to do some reading, I lifted my right foot just to have a look ( I did not know what made me do this) and voila, the broken clasp was on my sole! Man, I did not even feel that I had stepped on it.
Haha, life is just so unpredictable and that is what makes it so wonderful. Just make sure the surprises are good ones and not one that is going to make the soul jump out of the body.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

shoes shoes shoes

how i wish all these shoes are in my shoe cabinet! i can confirm now that i have shoe fetish. it is better than bag fetish right? just because a bag is much more expensive that a nice looking pair of shoes.
i found all these great looking shoes (the trend of this season too) at
it is a subsidiary of gap group. oh, how i wish i can order them here. i am not doing any pay per post kind of thing here ok. just sharing my discovery.
i want, i want, i want! kwan has offered her address if i want to buy anything from US based website and when her sister or any of her relatives come back, she will pass my stuff to them. how kind. hahaha...i can start planning. i only look at those items on sale and i tell you, they are really a bargain. first, you cannot get some of the brands and selections here and second, they are cheap!!!
they have shoes for everyone- men, women and kids. i really drool looking at them.
p/s: notice that most of the shoes are grey or silver. favourite colour...or some might not even call it a colour.

Monday, October 08, 2007

bad bad cold

the not so typical saturday led to a horrible sunday!!!
i must have set the aircond in the car too cold plus the wet weather, i got a bad bad cold.
you must be scolding me stupid, "can't you lower the temp of the aircond?"
well, i switched it high because i knew uncle kam was hot in malaysian weather.
on saturday night, i did not sleep until 3a.m. grandma's room was so cold ah. the cold wind blew in through the window and started my sneezing and runny nose. then grandma closed the window panes and i went out to get a sweater. even dad came down to ask if i needed any vicks.
luckily the sun came out on sunday and i felt better, but the wet nose could not disappear.
now, no more running nose but something is still not right. the information transmission to the brain is affected. what i want to say turns out to be something else. and in a few instances, i almost changed the pronunciation of some words. luckily no one picked up the mistakes. man, those wrong pronunciated sounds are so vulgar i tell you. i plan to keep my mouth zipped now. the neurosystem must have been affected.
the cloudy weather is not helping either. i want to get well! this coming weekend cannot be affected my any sickness whatsoever!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

a not typical saturday

9.30a.m. rise and shine, the sun was already high in the sky. was a saturday. let me have some rest lah. it was barbecue pork steamed bun (pau) and my 3in1 nescafe for breakfast. front page news: huiyi got another new heart. (a heart transplant patient who rejected a new heart she received the day before and then there was another one ready for her to) she was really lucky. pray for her to get well.

11.00a.m. ready to leave the house now. uncle kam is back from germany so since i was free, decided to become his driver for the day. went to see my house and then i brought him to have a look at proton city. it had been about 5 years since he last came back.

12.30p.m. reached mrs tan's house in ss14. she is aunt's friend...40 years of friendship. what a coincidence that aunt elaine, carol and mary plus popo made a lunch date with mrs tan so it was like a big gathering of old friends. although we came unannounced, their hospitality and warmth were nothing short. we had mamak style mee goreng and bak kut teh for lunch. (oh, i just miss bak kut teh. yum!). i really dug into my bowl of soup! so full. and then 30 minutes later, they served us coffee complete with different assortments of kuih! how to fill the bulging tummy???
all the kuihs they bought!!! i did not eat any. so bad hor? but i really could not take anything else plus all those coconut milk made kuih are not what i like. so i just finished my cup of hot coffee.

one man and 4 ladies. er...could not get popo who was sitting on the far right into the frame.

3.00p.m. time to say goodbye. it started raining at this time and it got heavier on my way to usj9 to visit rossi's mommy (kien). drove there just to see the 2 dogs (labrador retriever). i had to think of some activities to fill uncle kam's day. he is a big dog lover! he sympathizes all those stray dogs u can find aplenty on our streets. usj9 was chosen as i wanted to pick brother up too so he could come back with us. it was a convenient spot.

uncle with the two dogs: rossi and hercules (a new addition to the house). rossi is the more golden one.
the two dog owners talking about nothing but dogs. (oh, uncle kam had a boxer and dunno what mix back home in germany.) from worms to teething problems. hehe.

5.00p.m. left for tm after picking brother up at the shell station nearby. on the way home, stopped at sg buloh rest area for some satay (hj samsuri kajang sate). it was still early (still fasting time) so the place was quite empty. but was we were finishing our food, ppl had already started coming in booking their places for breaking fast.

7.00p.m. reached home and mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen. bitter gourd omelette and microwaved peking duck uncle kam bought from china. aiyo...ate again. the duck was sooooo salty. not good... so this is one thing you know not to buy from beijing next time. this prepacked one is nothing compared to what you will eat there. nothing!

11.45p.m. time to call it a night but not on my own bed. have to sleep with grandma tonight. room taken and brother's room full. i dun want to wake up early tomorrow!!! but grandma waking up early for taichi! how??!!! and the tummy is still full. burp!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

a letter to a friend

dear fil,
it is so nice of you to drop by and jog our memories back to that day when we went to watch robbie williams in london.
u think i can still run and stand like 7 years ago??
standing in front of those steel barricades, being pushed from the back by those spaghetti strap wearing ladies (sweaty!!), being sprinkled with beer and having a performer jumped from the stage to the crowd. wow! that was the concert. and robbie williams?? man, it was not even his concert. it was a tribute concert for someone who had just died and he came on stage last. last as in after 11.00p.m. if i recall correctly. he stayed on stage for about 20 minutes and all those who had come to see him (all young girls) started getting into a frenzy lah in front.
i can't even remember the hall or place or the song he sang. fil, can remember?? (she is robbie's super fan).
after that, the fun continued. we sprinted all the way to the tube station, got off and then continued sprinting all the way to the bus station to catch the last bus to canterbury! waa...i could have sworn i flew at some parts and reached the terminal when the driver was checking to see if anyone else was in the terminal. while panting i told him, "i have another friend coming at the back." gasp, gasp, gasp. luckily we made it. phew. the next day was school day, i think, so two lethargic students with bruises on the bodies (being pushed to the barricades was no fun) had to drag themselves to class.
man, those were the days.
so i wonder if the malaysian crowd will be as aggressive and the standing zone will be so crowded. i guess we will see ya.
as for fil, well you have enjoyed your hanoi trip (ya??), so i will help you enjoy black eyed peas and scream on your behalf. ;P tell me what you wanna tell them. hahah.
your ex-canterbury housemate

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

a thoughtful note for you

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got this thoughtful flash from someone. check the website, really has a few interesting ones u can send to others.

black eyed peas in genting highlands

when was the last time i attended non-chinese aka non-sammicheng concert? haha, it has been like forever. i really cannot think of one.
anyway, was so excited when i saw black eyed peas are making a stop in malaysia in yesterday's paper and straight away i made that call to pikkien. i was even happier when i knew the concert would be in arena of stars, genting highlands. the venue is not too big, thus perfect for fans.
it would be on 26 oct, a friday night. awww...that was the killer. i have to work on 27 oct early in the morning!!! i have to depend on dad then to send me up and down.
our tickets are booked (efficient pikkien with genting card) and we got early bird price for ps3. we are standing! you can see the standing zone is just behing VIP seats. so i hope it is going to be near.
but at the moment, i still cannot comprehend us- 1 apek and 2 aunties in the young hip-hop crowd. what happen if our legs cannot stand for that long?? haha. bring foldable chair?? kakakka!

p/s: news of beyonce's concert cancellation is also published in again putting malaysia in a bad light with international artists. apparently she was unwilling to compromise with the strict dresscode. fans will be sad.

case closed

ok, there is actually something about the discovery in bernam river, but it was published in chinese newspaper. they have a perak edition and that is where the news came out.
mr yee was right. it was a bomb and it was found by an upsi student who was fishing there.
so no big hullabaloo.
the end.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the hippocratic oath

much has been said this week in the newspaper about the ethics of a doctor when helping a patient in a flight.
they also mentioned the Hippocratic Oath which is believed to be written by Hippocrates. it got me curious and i googled it.
again, wikipedia enlightens me. click here for the link.
there has been some changes to the oath due to modernisation but i guess the core values are still expected of a doctor.
no abortion, no mercy killing. but nowadays you see doctors performing both on their patients. so how 'doctor' is a doctor now?

the trigger for the discussion about the oath in letters to the editor in the star is from this news report published on 30 sept.

case of the missing 'B'

no more comments about the mysterious object fished out from the river.
yeah, i heard that it was a bomb from communist period initially, then the story changed to a dead body.
a little addition later was three foreign workers were handcuffed by the police.
since the newspaper did not pick up the story, and i am not at home now, i also dunno the further details. so case closed or 'pending investigation' till someone can update us.