Thursday, October 29, 2009

the king is alive

which king are we talking about here?????
it is michael jackson- the king of pop.....and he really deserves the title. no contention.

the initial plan was to go watch the time traveller's wife....but while in the queue, i noticed that they were actually selling tickets to mj's this is it!!! and i thought they were all sold out in malaysia. i must have mixed up with the newspaper report i read....were the tickets sold out in the states???

i bought the 4p.m. tickets and my hall was not full at all. it was soo cold, luckily i brought my jacket along. next to me was a middle-aged woman, you can say that there were ppl of all ages there. there was a child coughing behind onto my hair and kept rubbing the headrest. it got me really irritated. luckily the seat next to mine was empty and i jumped there.

my verdict for the docu-concert? 9 out of 10. it was good. too bad we were all there on the seats. at some songs, you actually felt like jumping and dancing there. i could imagine one whole hall of mj fans who booked the place for their private screening and enjoying the time of their life with their idol. that would be ideal. i couldn't help tapping and singing along too. i saw my friend there already swaying to the music and beat and actually singing the songs out. kenny ortega was awesome to have produced that concert. it would be the best concert ever performed....if it was ever performed live. in the meantime, it is the best ever concert on the silver screen. and i felt it was tooooo short. not enuf!!

you could really see what a talented performer mj was. he knew what he wanted in the concert, he knew every bit of his song, he was no 'diva', he worked with everyone, he gave opportunity to the crew to shine, etc.

the only minor mistake was....well i guess they din have time to do the end credit, they only printed michael jackson's name as the person who wrote the song 'this is it'. if you have been following entertainment news, you would have known that paul anka collaborated with him in this song and they have rectified the mistake in giving all credits to mj.

so if you like music, go watch this movie. try to go during office hours, i am sure you will be able to get tickets.

moving on....well, i din buy anything for myself in midvalley. hehee...i am not surprised. i din go down with the intention to shop you see. so there was no urge at all. in fact, it was my friend who shopped. she bought a pair of shoes and a watch. well, the things i bought were krispy kreme original glazed doughnuts (half dozen), gion bread and xxl crispy fried chicken for grandpa. all carbs huh??? they better help me finish some....haha...imagine forcing doughnut to grandma and mom. dad is also health-conscious and i dun think he is a doughnut fan. i will be stuffed.

talking about stuffed, well we were stuffed for dinner. as planned...we went to tony roma's at the gardens. the meal came up to around rm130 and these were what we had:

complimentary bread, seafood chowder, ribs sampler (in four flavors: Original, Carolina Honeys™, Blue Ridge Smokies™ and Tony Roma’s Red Hots™) and
Tony’s Sampler (A trio of appetizers - Red Hot Buffalo Wings, Spinach Dip and signature Onion Loaf matched with Bleu cheese dressing, salsa, sour cream and house BBQ dipping sauce. )

i felt the food was quite expensive. the ribs were rm60 and the starter was rm39 if i was not wrong. imagine paying rm40 for potato skin, onions and few pieces of chicken. overpriced. the meat on the ribs also was not much. i think the ones we had at chilli's with atticus was better. the ones i had today was a bit dry....overdone. hair is almost dry now. tomorrow is an early one. have to go to work conscience does not permit me to go and get an mc. any employer interested to hire such worker??

alarm is set at 5.45a.m. yawn.............zzzz...snort snort

somebody at the meeting asked, "Do we capitalise the letter 'i' in the sentence?"
the 'i' meant here is I love you's i. i only kept quiet and really felt like rolling my eyes...but control.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

productive few days in tm

well, tomorrow is the last day of the meeting and i have worked hard for three days. no, i won't slack tomorrow. i am the fastest at the moment....and will finish the required work by tomorrow. no problem. in fact, i only have a little bit more to finish tonight.

tomorrow's meeting is going to be a shorter one. we might even get to leave at 2p.m. well, a friend has a craving for tony roma's ribs and so we are going to mid valley for our dinner. she told me it will be her first time there. i was shocked! hehe... i only went there 2 weeks ago kan???

oh, remember the ipl (intense pulse light) treatment i did at bellaskin?? the verdict- good. after 2 weeks, i dun see any new hair growing from the glands where i pulled out those dead underarm hair. hey, one session is enuf. i won't say i am hairless at my underarm, but i am almost hairless. ;P so those ppl who want to get rid of their underarm hair but do not want to sign up for the whole package, pssssttt.....i think i saw their first trial for rm150 poster. go for that one, and you can see result already. enough lah. but make sure you have grown your hair for at least 2 weeks. that is like the full circle of hair growth.

gonna take my rest now.zzzzzzzzzz

Monday, October 26, 2009

wake up girl!!!

ok...i f****d up this morning. be exact one hour ago.
i have never been late for any meetings...yes...ever because i make it a point to be there early. i do not like others to wait for me and vice-versa.
but today...i think i am getting more complacement and i reached the meeting place 10 mins later than the time stated. be one of the last to arrive when everyone else was already in sucked!
there i was thinking that others would be later than me and i would still make it.
boy, i was wrong.

and i feel soo guilty. as if i have let my chief down. i have tarnished the good reputation i have built. ook...might be making a mountain out of a molehill but i told myself i am going to make it up in the next few days. i will not be late and i will be the best team member in every way i can. call me kiasu if you want, but i am determined.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

father and son team

my youngest brother, jet told me to watch this on youtube and what a touching one it is.

real life story of a father with his celebral palsy son. the father's courage, determination and strength is really something to be saluted. so i guess the rest of us should not whine nor complain when we encounter any pain in our exercise since the hoyt team endures much more than us.

google the hoyt team and you will reach their website.

*finished watching with tears in the eyes.

good week ahead

yippee....4 more days in tm...can someone teach me how to get an mc or an excuse not to go to work on friday? am attending a meeting from mon to thurs here, so i only have to go back to work on friday....for like 5 hours?? some ppl just find it so easy to get an mc....i will go in with guilt.

squint your eyes to see the slooooowwww connection on my maxis broadband in tm. anyway, it is 12.14kpbs for the download speed. gosh, how to surf??

the dog on a lazy day. well, he is in this pose most of the time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

complaints on a saturday ;P

ok..have i sung my praises for maxis broadband too soon??
i tried to go online just now using broadband because the fixed line on tmstreamyx was not moving...and i found that the broadband was equally slow. how sad.
i got better connectivity in was at more than 72.++ kpbs and here only 53.++. well, if you see the actual is only less than 30kpbs loaded here. sob sob

i heard from a friend that in kl it is equally bad. so most probably because there are more broadband users in tm and less in bidor. wanna complain already lah. you can see maxis doing extensive promotion for their broadband services everywhere (newspaper and facebooik). so with the government's support now to increase the number of users on broadband, let's see better improvement in the speed as well. don't those ppl know that you have to give customers value for money?? they always wanna shortchange us by giving the most minimum. how can we not be frustrated???

and oh, something that i missed in the budget proposal yesterday. gov suggest to impose rm50 service charge on the primary credit card that you have and rm25 on the subsequent card. the excuse given is to curb the rampant overspending. my question is- who is going to collect the service charge- the government or the issuing bank? whose fault is it that the card holder over spend? i totally disagree with this step. i hope the bank will be 'smart' enuf to waive them lah. i have 2 cards and both also from the same bank. every year since last year, i have been calling to get my annual fee waived, and it was successful. can't the bank waive them automatically since i am such loyal customer and an active user? there is no feedback on any banks yet about this issue, so let's wait and see.

can you imagine the inconvenience of having no credit card???
no direct debit, no internet shopping, no e-banking, no booking of flight tickets, no booking of hotel rooms, and the list goes on.

Friday, October 23, 2009

of miserly sum and pride

this is the first time i have ever paid attention to budget announcement and actually listened to the whole presentation- half on the radio, and half on tv. well, i started leaving bidor at 4.10p.m. and reached tm at 5 plus, hence the half-half way.

it was not as long as i ended at around 6.10p.m. so only 2 hours. the first 20 minutes was more like a summary of last year's expenditure i think.

usually i was only concerned about the bonus that i would get...and this year is no exception too, but i am also interested to know the other things in store for us. so i guess i am growing a bit budget conscious?? good eh...

ok, so some of the things that directly concern me
  1. rm500 'gift' to be credited into the account in december. WAAAA!!! that is sooo little. can't even pay the insurance with that amount. this piece of information was only made available in the last 10 mins of the budget presentation. that was so cruel.
  2. a relief of rm500 in tax for broadband subscription. hehe....just became eligible
  3. increase of rm1000 for insurance and tax relief in it is rm7000 now
  4. personal relief up rm1000 to rm9000....hmmhh....i wonder if i will have to pay tax next round
  5. fuel subsidies only for malaysians and those who deserve it. i am in the group right...
  6. ok....not sure if i get this relief from 5 years once reduced to 3 years once. not that i am going to buy once computer....notebook...ermm.....???

that's all. overall, it is not such a 'surprising' budget right?? still lemah semangat when i think of the miserly rm500. a colleague said it was better than nothing, so i guess that is what i have to remind myself lor.

onto something else....

was watching snippets of china's 60th anniversary celebration on dvd which mom bought. she played it for grandma and grandpa downstairs on tv...and boy, was i proud of what china can show to the world. ok...i am not trying to sound unpatriotic, but the chinese blood in me just can't help beaming with pride. and of course grandma showers praises non-stop saying how other countries used to look down on china and look what it has become now.

i don't think any other countries can do what china did for the celebration. say what you want about the communist country, but they actually did it on such a big scale with such precision and accuracy that every performance fit into the big picture perfectly. and oooh...the pride in the chinese ppl, i could feel it vibrating from the screen. that was what touched me the most because i feel sad when i think of the real situation here. pride seems to flow from every open pore of the chinese.

does the media has anything to do with it?? think of all the negative news you see nowadays on the things happening in the country. we are showing the readers all the wrong things. all news that make it to the papers is all bad news. how much feel good news or proud achievements of malaysians get published and highlighted? on the other hand, whenever we hear news of china, it seems to be on the things they are able to achieve.

i think the media is important to instill pride in being a malaysian to all. and no- naming everything 1malaysia does not make us 1 malaysia.

*hmhh....the second part is like i am writing a paper to prove my point only

Thursday, October 22, 2009

liberated with broadband

another dent in the pocket. yup...i got myself hooked on cafe world and couldn't stand being away from the cafe for so long, hence yesterday, after attending two meetings which ended at 5p.m., i headed straight to maxis centre here and registered with them. i also got myself detached from wei's phone plan and started my own value plus rm30 plan with maxis.
i am paying rm78 for the broadband fee every month with all the rebates i get.
the line is quite stable so far and i have no problem with the speed.
so i guess i can go online anywhere now even when the line at home is bad. muahahahaha.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i am a junkie

this is the newest junkfood acquisition in my long list of junk food already at home. i just can't resist them. the staff room is indeed a good place for business. one whole bonnet of keropok all vanished in just 30 minutes. i got the above for rm5. i wonder when i will actually eat them. let us see what i have at home:
- 3 packets of keropok (the above)
- 2 packets of soy crisps from australia
- 1 jumbo pack of twisties' chipster
- 3 cans of imported pringles

i keep buying and buying and not eating. the health-conscious me kick in whenever i thought of tearing the packet. maybe if i squeeze in a fruit diet for a day or two then the guilt of downing crisps won't be that great.

oh...guess what...lunch today is kfc. muahahaha...and it will be brought to the workplace by a kind colleague. i have 2 meetings to attend in the afternoon from 1.30. hope i won't fall asleep with a heavy tummy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

another shopping saturday

saturday, destination: midvalley.

main reason for going- bellaskin permanent hair removal trial received via one of the competitions organised by the star. appointment time: 1.30p.m.

so got there early for a consultation and listening to all explanation about the technology used (ipl- intense pulse light), blahblah blah. anyway, you won't get all your hair permanently removed in just one session. the price for 8 sessions plus free conditioning treatments, etc is rm2400. so if anyone is willing to pay this much to get rid of underarm hair or other places permanently, you know where to go.

the above is the ipl treatment room. they will shave your hair first, then will apply some gel and then 'zap' the light into your skin. the dark roots of the hair will attract the lights and it will then be on its way to self-destruction. each of my underarm was zapped 7 how many roots can it kill?? the dead hair is supposed to fall out on their own in a few days i just have to wait now.

oh...if you are a deodorant user, better not use it so often yeah. the reason why you do not sweat as much after applying deodarant is because it actually blocks your sweat is not good to get blocked glands. so please choose some other way to sweat less.

and so....i said goodbye to bellaskin at around 2.30p.m. not expecting to go back again....well....any more free treatments?? oh, the grand prize winner of the contest only gets 4 free not even a full one. i wonder if she would pay for the rest.

i headed to the mall then for a bit of window shopping...which ended up with a few paper bags. heck, they were all having sales!!! not in the picture below is a dress from mng. well, i still dunno if i am going to wear it for cny, so cannot put up here lah. hahaaha...

my things are all from sports brands. a pair of trackpants from adidas originals, training shorts from adidas and the shiny black winter jacket (stuffed with duck feathers) from puma. i love the jacket oh-so-much. have always wanted one jacket like this. mom asked me where i am going to wear that to. well, i can think of hong kong at the end of the year. and the best part is, the jacket is only rm103. that is a steal!!! i think i got 60% discount and it was the last piece at threepointsix.

if only i can go ala hip-hop most of the days... the trackpants to pink for you? they had it in black and dark brown too but....i am a colourful person. as much as i want to follow the black trend this season, i can't put myself in all black from head to toe. i love grey though. i finished my shopping just in time to meet the boys i drove down for a movie. we watched tsunami at hyundae in korean at 4.35p.m. and it was good. i miss foreign language film. it could be a good tear-jerker if only the editing was better. even the boys had tears in their eyes...but as the tears were about to spill, the scene would move on to something else. those who have experience tsunami would be very affected watching this movie. so if you dunno what to watch this week at the cinema, go and watch this movie....and bring along some tissue papers.

the four boys i baby sat. have to teach them how to be gentlemen. nobody offered to carry my paper bags....i had to shove them into their hands. nobody bothered to greet me good morning when they came to my house, except mankit of course. well, i only know mankit. the rest are his friends. and at the end of the night...nobody said thank you or good night to me. haiz.....i think this is the moral degradation qahina was talking about in her khutbah deepavali. hehehe...

besides clothes, i also got some foodstuff. the most expensive loaf of bread i have ever bought. gion bread. i think it originates from kyoto, japan but not made there. made in subang. it is rm18 for a long big loaf, but i only got half a loaf (the size of a normal loaf of gardenia) for rm9.80. it is very buttery and many folds in a slice. yummy. there are around 8 slices in my half that makes it more than rm1 a piece. well, eating a piece will make you full....a healthier choice than roti canai? you can find it at the bread kiosk outside carrefour....somewhere near the atm machines.

these are the foodstuff that went down my tummy that day.

lunch: had it alone at yo!sushi. sitting at the sushi bar alone is one of the best ways to eat when you are alone i guess. how sad.

dinner: crispy xxl fried chicken ala shihlin style. yummy. the piece of chicken is really large. it is broken into 2 pieces in the paper bag. i only ate a piece, wei nibbled some i brought home and grandpa finished the rest. haha...granpa loves fried chicken despite not having strong teeth to bite into a drumstick. i think he enjoyed tearing the small pieces from the bones. so next time can buy this treat for him.
and last but not least, a box of big apple donuts.

so that was my saturday.....

and on sunday....durian time. well, i think you can find durians at most malaysians house by now. just showing the big one which required the power of two men to open.

i only had a few pulps because i had to attend a wedding banquet back in bidor that night. the wedding of a 17-year-old to a 20-year-old. no prize for guessing why they have to get married so young. ok...please dun tell me that the 17-year-old is already getting married and when is my time.

i packed a container back and that was what i had for monday, both lunch and dinner.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

addicted to cafe world

you know you are addicted to one of those games in facebook when you willingly giveaway your login name and the password so that someone else could do the 'collection' for you so you won't waste whatever you have bought.

i know...because it was what i did yesterday. we had problem going online yesterday till this afternoon. and the game i am referring to is cafe world. my dishes would be ready for serving at around 10.30p.m. yesterday night and the internet connection was still not working. so i quickly smsed a colleague who is just as addicted to the game as i am (she is even way ahead of me even though she started later than me) and helped save my kitchen. hmmh....i never imagined that i would go to this extend. but would only be this one. i promise i won't care the next time if it happens again. it is only a game. i can do it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

nerves overload

is it acceptable for kids to run everywhere during a function in a hall e.g. cultural night and use the excuse that, 'oh, they are only kids. let them be.' kids chasing each other and yelling at each other running from the back to the front, from the inside to the really got on my nerves yesterday.

the workplace had a cultural night which was sort of an open event where the public could come in. so of course we had a very mixed crowd bringing their kids for some entertainment.

why can't kids be well-mannered and sit there watching the show? why can't parents control their kids? why aren't the teenagers more subdued and more well-mannered? i was glared at when telling 2 groups of rowdy teenagers to stop shouting outside the hall when the vip was showing a slide show. and those teens are only 13! ok, so it was not my duty yesterday to handle the discipline, but i just couldn't stand it. what a disgrace. those whose names who were suppsed to be on duty, were sitting in the hall chatting.

and oh, did i tell you about those couples caught in the dark corners?? it was like a game of hide-n-seek.

what about those who came in short short mini shorts and let the long hair all down when they were told to come in long pants.

and those outsiders who came.....came like they were the the 'tai lo' like....looking for girls!!! i overheard one telling the others that they were no beautiful girls that night.

i dun want to be in this community.....of course not all are like this. there are civilised ones as well. only those who are 'less educated' behave roughly. how many years do i still have to face them??

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

on the road to bankruptcy...2010

it is almost the end of the year already when business is slowing down. classes are cancelled and the afternoons and nights are free. not a good thing really.....then there is no incoming cash flow and it seems cash from the wallet is flowing out like water.

end of the year is the poorest time. there is soo much free time and it is that time of the year you call 'holidays'. i have three trips to look forward to.
2 i have mentioned (krabi and chiang mai, thailand) and i have just confirmed the other one to hk on christmas eve. will come back on 27 dec. i'm going for 3 nights, 24, 25 and 26. well, i can only confirm this trip today because i have just got confirmation for the concert tickets. yup, the tickets are only open for sale to the public next week, and we have already got tickets. haha......crazy fans right? oh, in case you dunno which concert i am talking about, it is LOVE MI (aka sammi cheng) in hong kong which will run from 24 to 29 dec. i bet they are going to add two more shows for new year countdown. but i won't be able to make it. dang!

so i can declare bankruptcy come 2010. and my cousin and aunt are going to Los Angeles come december...a shopping list is in the making too. do i need treatment for my shopping craze??

Saturday, October 10, 2009

shopping- successful

right so i went to kl.....and yes....i got all the things i wanted in my list. yippee! someone gave me an exclamation mark that i went to isetan with a shopping list. well, i guess age is catching up with me and i am afraid that i might forget. but another reason is of course i dun like to walk aimlessly without knowing what i drove all the way down for. that would be such a failure.

and so i reached klcc at 10 past 3. perfect. just after the lunch crowd had left isetan which i heard was like the market place during lunch especially at the women's dept.

so first thing i did was to get my cash vouchers accumulated from shopping at isetan in the first half of the year. starts.

well, just showing some of the stuff i got for myself here. can't show what i got for my colleague for her retirement here in case it leaks out. there will be no more surprise.

so mostly cosmetics this time around. worth saving the list when you can get rm10 rebate for every rm100 spent. so got 2 lipglosses from shiseido and a compact powder. i got a free eye shadow and the 2 gift packs. i waited for the girl who serves me everytime to come back for lunch. worth waiting.

then i got a sterling silver ring from follie follie....70% discount. i paid less than rm100. i like chunky ring....if you can spot the ring admidst the layers of nice packaging they give. hahaha.

then i went to redeem my birthday gift from la mer- got a moisturising cream, moisturising lotion and hydrating infusion.

checked out the sport shoes section, but nothing caught my eye. still wondering if i should get another pair of running shoes.

nothing to see at the women's dept. the clothes were quite unappealing. i got myself a dress at parkson which was oh-so-quiet. you could count the number of customers in one level. din take the photo of the dress cause i am going to save it for chinese new year. is not too early to buy. just buy and that keep. that is what i normally do.

i got myself a shoulder and back massager. i saw the advert for upapahug from osim in the papers few days before this trip. since i always have stiff shoulder from hunching the back too much (well, you can't help it when you have to hold the pen and mark in this field), so this massager will be very useful. i dun need to put up special requests for some poor kids to thump or knead the shoulder now. you can even put it on your thigh and let's see some reduction in the butt man. it goes for rm699.
oh, the girl on the left? that was queen. she followed me back to tm then to bidor this morning. she almost fell asleep in that head massager thing. i tried it on too. it was very very comforting and hypnotizing with the voice and music. ppl suffering from headache, and insomniac can consider it. okok....i dun get any comission from osim.

met cousin en after that and had dinner at california pizza kitchen.

grilled sausage and pepper penne and their bbq chicken pizza....oh with three glasses of hot water. just drinking plain hot water is better for the health and wallet ;)
those servers and supervisor (maybe) were not really efficient lah. our penne came a bit hard and the waitress offered to recook it for us. so what did the kitchen do was just add in more sauce and heat that pile on our plate and return it to us! then the waitress collected our three small plates still with the hard penne (which we did not dump back on the big plate when the waitress collect it for recook) and returned with three empty new plates for us. that means, we lost a lot of pennes in our order!
then we spoke to the supervisor who had dificulty speaking in english and he switched to malay about our situation. he asked us if we wanted to replace with another order but we rejected because we were full and nauseous from the amount of sauce on the plate. then he also asked us, 'what do you want us to do?' gosh....that made us dumbfounded. we were so kind...and did not ask for the order to be delisted from the bill, we just said..err...never mind and hope it won't happen again. are we stupid or kind? they should have given us a free coffee or dessert lah.

we said goodbye to jia en at around 8 and we headed to IKEA! and a big YES!!! i got my limited edition billy bookcase- the black and white one. i really love all 3 that i saw...but the house only has place for one. and oh boy, how heavy it was. both of us could not do it without the help of a cute malay dude who was with his gf on the way to the parking machine. he kindly asked us if we needed any help while both of us were standing there wondering how we were going to carry it up from the trolley. he was indeed god sent. and yes, it fitted into the car reclining from the front seat all the way to the back with still space left. so you dun have to go with an mpv to get a billy bookcase. muahaha.

now i am just waiting for the time to assemble it. but will must wait for brother to come back. i need someone to help me lug it up all the way upstairs. it is really really HEAVY. mom, queen and i had problem getting it out from the car and one end actually dropped on the drain cover outside. ouch! there was a very slight dent on the topmost part but luckily, that was all.

i also have another headache. what am i going to do with all the chinese magazines with sammi cheng covers which i have accumulated over the year....ok...i stopped many years ago dy ok. am i still going to keep them? throwing them away is akin to throwing away money. dun ask me why i buy them in the first place. that is what fans do. there are also magazines with ruby lin xin ru on the linsiew, what am i going to do with them???? i think i will just put them in a box and might throw away some.
oh boy, that will be a lot of dust wiping waiting for me before the books can go to billy.

mail time. a postcard showing a saimaa ringed seal from finland. where can i find nice postcards in malaysia??
next- hiruscar gel...err....i think female magazine submitted my name to the company and the letter said i was one of the first 50 readers to write in. female gave me a call if they could do so. nothing to lose. so now i can apply the gel on the scars amassed from my clumsiness; a cut on the finger, a cut on the calf, a cut on the thigh, etc.
credit card points redemption- a hair dryer and cordless phone. we thought the cordlessphone at home is going haywire and it is time for a new one, but it is working fine again. what the heck. well, keeping this one for rainy days.
boy-oh-boy. i am so tired now. i had been operating like a zombie today. we only reached tm at 11p.m. yesterday and slept at 12.30a.m. then i woke up at 7a.m. because i had an in-house at bidor at 8.30. came back from bidor in the afternoon and had a class. managed to catch a nap only at 5.30 for one hour. better than nothing. phew! well, time to stop typing and sit back to watch grey's anatomy season 6.
have a good weekend.

Friday, October 09, 2009

ready...get set....

ok....i am getting ready to zoom to kl. i can envision myself with the shopping list going into that specific place to look for my stuff. so i guess i might finish by dinner time....if i dun take time browsing at clothes that is.

will even go to ikea to get the billy bookcase myself. why depend on someone else? ikea is only closing at 11 today...yeah, it is going to be tiring since i woke up at 6a.m. and the day will only end at midnight, but what the heck. shopping is exhilarating. it will keep me on my sore feet.

so keeping my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly. so far so good. no feather is flustered yet. once flustered, will be horrible. i need to keep my sight on my visions. haha....yeah, i am the type who needs to envision the plans then i will feel confident that they will go as planned.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

i want billy!

i want! i want! i want!
ok...i dun need three of them, i only need one of these.
ikea billy bookcase is celebrating its 30th anniversary and in malaysia, they are selling this for rm230. i like the first and second one, but not the green one. i think there is also one with manga illustrations.

can somebody help me get this?? i think they are only selling on saturday 10/10/09. plllleeeeaaassseeeeeeee!!!!!!

photo from

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

shopping friday

i am waiting for friday. it is going to be shopping day.
i wonder how many times isetan can have their anniversary sale in a year? how many anniversaries are there???

i hope it is not going to be a rush for me. work ends at 12.35. then i will go back to tm and then klcc. on saturday morning i have to make it back to bidor for another in-house. stupid! well, there will be the jamuan raya to look forward to after that. yummy...

wonder if the place will be packed by shoppers? you will need your member card to enter so you better find it first if you intend to go this friday. i wish i can get a day off to enjoy it at my own sweet time. haha... wonder if i will find any clothes? their clothes selection is not that good now. will make it a point to visit the stores outside isetan too. got mng's catalogue sent to the house and notice they have a few nice dresses. will go check them out.

oh, i am also excited because i can shop for a colleague who has opted for early retirement and i am in charge of buying presents. they have found the right person. this lady we will be sending off is very fashionable so it will be fun shopping for her. i have already made a list of things to buy. hope i won't be intoxicated in the midst of it. have to remind myself that i am not shopping for ME!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

family dinner on mid autumn

back from dinner and boy, we are all very full. couldn't even get up from the chair. the restaurant was full house too. i guess many ppl prefer to eat out during festive seasons nowadays. luckily the service was fast and the quality was not compromised....well, except for the tofu.

so from top left, we had fish, chilli prawns that go with the fried bun, second row- meatroll, deep fried trotter...yummy...atticus and my favourite, stir friend broccolli, last two dishes at the bottom- char kuey teow restaurant style (haha) and claypot tofu. the tofu was over fried.

so grandma wanted to pay, uncle wanted to pay. in the end, i paid ;P rm152. reasonable.
no one was eating mooncake and i din see any lantern on the way back. oh, can't see the full moon outside too. how sad. tradition is dying fast.

and here is greedy beanie waiting for his leftover bone from the trotter.

happy mid-autumn festival

a durian feast anyone??? i know you are supposed to enjoy mooncake with a cup of tea outside while basking in the moonlight but.....we have more than 10 durians in the house...

unfortunately, i will not have any of these durians today.....the smell is soooo tempting!! grandma said we are going out for dinner tonight at fook man restaurant. i guess it is a sending off for uncle and atticus who will be leaving on monday. so i better keep my tummy for dinner.

and i have been occupied with this game- burger rush the whole morning. atticus was supposed to be playing it and when he failed to get through the level, i had to sit in for him. i even got hand and arm massage after every level i broke.
luckily wei is back now and he is the one playing with atticus on the 2 nintendo ds atticus brought back. phew!!! i wonder if atticus is really leaving his old ds with us......

these are the offerings i saw on the altar when i came down. what are we praying for huh?

my favourite mooncake....well, more like jelly in the shape of mooncake. i got 2 from shetkuan and 2 from yeelin. how kind and thoughtful of them.
ok...time for a shower before dinner. so i guess more food later....

Thursday, October 01, 2009

ok...if you think you have time to you mind comparing this (taken from this blog) and this (taken from one of the columnist in the star, published 1/10).

what do you think???

hair and away

hello hello....i am calling from bellaskin. do you remember sending in a form to participate in our contest regarding our latest hair removal system? the form was published in the star newspaper on 9 september 2009. congratulations, you have been selected as one of the consolation prize winners and you are now entitled to a free trial of that new system.

that was me on the other line at around 1.30p.m. at first i could not get what she said and i din even hear where she was calling from. then slowly, i managed to catch the gist of the conversation. phew! it has been a long time since i have last won anything.
well, do you call this winning? i wonder how many ppl they have called to announce this consolation is just a free trial. i wonder how many sessions one has to go through to remove hair permanently. oh, i am referring to underarm hair in my case ya.

they haven't announced the names of the grand prize winners yet, so i still have a chance. keep my fingers crossed??

i have made an appointment for that free trial which would take about 40 minutes 2 weeks later. so in the meantime, no tweezing or shaving or epilating the armpit hair. sleeveless shirt for a while. hope it does not get too bushy. hahahaha....