Sunday, January 31, 2010

from penang with rashes

i am back from penang....i brought home a bulging stomach, two tired legs, and a neckful of heat rashes.
the bulging stomach is not from too much good food, instead it was just from too much of everything plain and dull
two tired legs- from walking georgetown on friday and going to the national park in teluk bahang on day two.
a neckful of rashes- my sweat too salty or is my skin too thin and sensitive? anyway, the heat plus the sweat= rashes.

ok....a little intro on the trip.
days- friday to sunday
venue- penang island
participants- aunt, cousin, brothers, sister and yours truly
transport- 2 vios

we started at 6a.m. and the first destination was ipoh for dimsum.
did we go to the famous foh san for dim sum? that is the majestic building on the top. the answer is no. we went to mingcourt opposite fohsan instead. no one recommends foh san. my colleague recommended mingcourt so i headed her advice because she will really walk all those streets to go and look for good food.

all together we had 33 'trays' and paid less than rm90. that was a real heavy breakfast for everyone.

then we headed straight to tanjong bungah where our hotel is- flamingo. the rooms are very spacious and everything looked brand new. we got 3 adjoining rooms and everyone breezed in and out freely from one room to the other.

the pool was tempting but we did not have a dip at all. our days were kinda packed with activities. the sea was quite disgusting though. water was so murky in the morning.

after checking in and refreshing ourselves, we headed to georgetown. we passed jalan utama where all the highlights for the thaipusam festival would be held. the place was already crowded with refreshment stalls on both sides of the roads and devotees on the way to the temple. will post photos of thaipusam later.

it was so difficult to look for parking in georgetown. in the end we parked in komtar. the day was so freaking hot and bright. luckily i had an umbrellad packed in my bag. oh so handy.
lunch lunch lunch....that was the thing on everyone's mind.

and we landed at lebuh keng kwee where the famous cendol stall is. we had lunch of char keow teow, laksa and lobak.
mr phua chu kang and rosie also had their cendol here.

then from one end of penang road, we walked all the way to the other end to look for cheong fatt tse mansion. my idea because i had never been there.
we reached there few mins before 3 and just in time to join their guided tour...but of course with a price. rm12 per person. it was a really informative and enlightening tour. mr cheong was a really filthy rich businessman with a brain.

this piece of art is made from cut pieces from bowls. 3d no less. take that gaudi.

ok...that is all ....have to go back now before dad decides to kick me off the chair.
to be continued......

generous gifts from hk

my penfriend from hk came recently (monday till friday) but i was not able to meet her. instead, aunt, dad, yeelin and yee went to meet regent at klcc and they brought her home to tm for one night. she had bookings at tune hotel. she brought so many things for us....i wonder if she had any space in her luggage for her own things.
well, although i did not play the role of the host this time around, i still managed to give her some souvenirs. she went shopping in tesco and i paid for her things. she chose them herself and of course she loves them. lol
here are the things she got us.

a doraemon file for atticus, two bottles of cologne from the brand twin girls, a face mask, 4 cups, 3 pedometers and 10 stuffed toys.

highlight pens, desk accessories, keychains, coasters, pens and reading light.
calendars, postcards and notebooks.
she went to penang alone by airasia too and we were so worried...worried if she could wake up to catch her morning flights. well, she called me on friday night saying she had reached hk safely. phew! everyone was very relieved. even uncle kam called all the way from germany to ask about her safety.

*chinching, do you find anything you like from the above? she mentioned bringing something for you to my cousin, but we din know which.

pre cny reunion dinner

it is drizzling slightly outside but i should go back soon to bidor. the usual going back at 6p.m. is delayed today because of an early chinese new year reunion dinner. go figure how much earlier it is.
there were 14 of us- grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunts(2), mom, dad, brothers(2), sister, cousins(3) and i. it was grandma's suggestion to have it early this year because everyone is still around. come next week, cousins (2) and brother will be going back to australia and new zealand for the new term.
we had so much on the table, 11 dishes including soup. i think grandparents are the happiest tonight.
grandma also ordered special takeaways from restaurant- deep fried trotters, sweet and sour pork and fried mau tan noodles. aunt chwi ling made fried mini porkchop and chicken curry. dad brought home mutton curry. yee cooked prawns and mom boiled cucumber soup, steamed white chicken, fried long beans and steamed fish. having a little of everything is already enough to fill the tummy.
now yeelin is looking for tea to help digestion. haha...
well, i better hit the road soon. i wonder if the real reunion dinner on new year's eve is going to be as merry.

here kitty kitty...wiggle wiggle

i have said before that i am not gonna put something tacky in my car despite my love for all things hello kitty for the car. i contradicting myself here?

i think you can see a lot of those moving cartoon characters powered by solar panels in most cars nowadays. i got one where hello kitty is on a swing for my birthday last year and i refused to put it in my car.

imagine my surprise when i got home on thursday, and i saw one hello kitty (a bigger one) staring at me on the desk. i cannot refuse from not putting this in my car. i will be such a bad ass if i do that....BECAUSE.........................

the hello kitty you see come from non-other than my one and only father! awww.......or arrghhhh!!!!??

dad got one for my sis (a monkey) and my cousin (crayon shin chan) in genting highlands. he knows my love for hello kitty, and when he saw the pink kitty, he got it for me too. where can you find such a dad?? i am touched. so i am definitely going to put this hello kitty on board and boast that it is given by my dad! i am sooo proud of it and i am so glad that i am his daughter.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

aye to swimming

much has been said about the tragic incidents that happened to students while they were doing water activities or crossing the bridge.
fingers have pointed at different directions and accusations have flown right and left too.
the weather, constructor, teachers, schools, educational department, etc.
whatever has happened cannot be turned back, so no more ifs.
a lot of issues on following safety precautions have been raised in the newspapers....but to me, those are only rules and guides on paper.

personally, the most practical thing to do is to expose malaysians to take up swimming lessons and learn to swim. what is more practical than having this ability?? my uncle complains every year when he comes back that there is not even a public swimming pool in such a big district. it's true isn't it? how many public swimming pools are there in malaysia?? how many malaysians actually know how to swim? it is such a healthy activity but not everyone has the chance to take it up. it is such an exclusive and privileged sport here. what a shame.
so can we have a campaign to get every malaysian to learn swimming and for every district to have at least a public pool?? i will be the first to sign up.

Monday, January 25, 2010

a video i recorded at zouk. can you listen to this music for 2 hours nonstop?

of wedding and shopping, local and abroad.

what a weekend it has been...but it was definitely a fun one. exhaustion came second to all the fun i had. heck, i won't even call it exhaustion, it was nothing but fun fun fun.
although the weekend started with going to work early in the morning, it lasted till is extended because i got an mc for throat inflammation. i better rest my are the proofs...lozenge, painkiller and antibiotics. i ain't taking the anti-biotic...i will just practise caution and lower my voice. haha..the second part might be difficult because tomorrow have to go down to the field for sports practice. a loud voice is definitely necessary.

well, that is yet to now let's have a recap of my weekend.

the house was quite a mess when i got home with bags everywhere. my sis, her hk friend, my aunt and my cousin's. there are bags in the store room, there are bags under the stairs, there are bags outside the rooms, there are bags inside the bedroom.
my sis, her friend and i made our way to kl only at 4 plus. the dinner was slated to start at 7p.m. we had a room booked at the hotel (federal). with some traffic congestion, we managed to check-in at 6p.m. and started getting ready.
we could not find our way to the banquet hall because we had no invitation card to refer to, luckily we met one of their friends in the lift.
this was the wedding of 2 kids i see growing up with my sister. gosh, i feel old amongst her friends. i needed my sis to jog my memories of who her friends are because most of them have changed...most of the guys put on weight. haha.
there were only 23 tables for guests and some of the tables were not even full. my table only sat 7 and shirley had actually forgot to invite my brother although she had put down his name on the guest list. dinner started at 8.30. well, kl time.

9 dishes served. the food was all right, not bad but not good either. all edible. my sis' guy friends all were downing the red wine like juice. i also had to down 1 glass....i escaped when they came 2 more rounds.
the dinner ended at around 11 plus but we lingered till almost midnight. as the night was still 'young' and it was a huge reunion gathering for my sis and her friends, the celebration continued at zouk (a disco in jalan ampang). we only arrived at zouk at 1a.m. and there were more than 30 of us. it was my first time there. we paid rm50 per head but the bride and groom had topped up another rm500 before everyone got the clearance to enter. i'm not sure what is the normal cover charge price. we only got 5 bottles of drinks. i saw on the bottle coupon that one bottle only entitles 4 persons per i guess the guys must have negotiated their way in.
we went into trance music room. not the kind of music i can stand for a long time. the loud beat, the flashing lights and the smoke were killers.
i did not dance...well, i guess it is because i don't dance. plus the feet on heels were already a no-no for me, so i did not want to aggravate the weak sole (had a cramp while sleeping at the sole area after that).
drinks flow was very slow at our tables. most of the gals did not drink and they only stayed on the dance floor. we had 2 full bottles left. i think they are going again next week.
we called it a night when the place closed at 3a.m. no roti canai or teh tarik, everyone was really beat. so back to the hotel we went to get our rest.

we woke up at 10a.m. after having a really good rest. 3 of us slept like logs and we did not feel the fatigue when we woke up. phew!

after breakfast at one of the cafes in lowyat, we headed for klcc. shopping time. yee's friend enjoyed eating all the local dishes here. she had been eating nonstop since her arrival. later they are going to genting highlands and then tomorrow, she is flying to hk. so it is au revoir to katy after this from me.

aunt, yeelin and jiaen joined us at klcc only at two. by that time, katy, yee and i already had bags of goods in our hands. it was a day to work out those biceps and triceps at the mall. we were there till 8pm.
all our loot...clothes, books, face creams, 7 pairs of shoes, lingerie, and bag. katy had an enjoyable time because all the goods were cheaper than in aussie and hk. she got tonnes of kiehl's products and as many samples from the generous sale assistant. she also got a pair of heels for herself, another pair for her bf (lacoste) and a coat.
yee got 2 pairs of heels, clothes, necklace, belt, and cream.
aunt got her facial cream and many cook books for her friend. yeelin got a pair of boots, watch, and facial cream.
en got a pair of running shoes from asics. gosh....there were so many mizunos and asics on sale. next time must wait for isetan sale to get running shoes!!!
i got books and a pair of shoes.
my two books from kino. dunno when i will read them. been hoarding books. i also bought love, eat and pray last week from popular and yee brought a book back from aussie for me to read.
flat pumps for is very comfortable but i will only wear them on the day my feet are not aching.
yeelin's boots which everyone loves!! 50% off. all our goods bought are on sale, except clothes from iora and facial stuff. but for facial and cosmetics, you will get rm10 cash voucher for every rm100 spent. so with the cash vouchers, yeelin got her watch for free. my isetan card also collected many many points on that day...hehehee...
katy in front of the twin towers. her lousy iphone had a bad day.

reached tm at 9 p.m. what a day of partying and shopping. no wonder i lost my voice and was croaking. the shouting to talk in zouk was the cause. one does not have to shout at the mall. haha....but today also provided a good rest. muahahaaa....i'm only working 3 days this week..hhhahaha....friday is another day off....going to penang. woohooo!!!!

ok...below is another loot which came back with aunt from germany and america. they are the 'investments' which made me cannot buy anymore bag this year. aunt said not only for this year...but for few year. sob sob sob....impossible.

first up, my be a bag from anya hindmarch. ordered from england, sent to germany...i got 10% discount for this too. i really never buy retail price. can you see me on the bag?? i used that bag yesterday and it was a talking point among the few sales assistants i talked to. haha...i even saw some whispering to their friends behind their bags. i felt pai seh to turn back. love all the leather inside and the silver handles. i love silver.
with love from america. 30% discount from bv boutique. i wanted the one in metallic gold but they only had this in the boutique. it was the last piece in the store. the sales assistant told yeelin that if no one was buying the purse on that day, she herself would buy it. love love love bv.
i want this!!!- excaimed yee when she saw it. yeelin has the big messenger of the same colour and range. this little sling is perfect for all the angpaus coming soon on cny. also the last one in the store.
last but not least, a burberry. only the handle and top are leather but the bag is very practical. love the checks and the colour. this was also the last one in the shop.another last piece in store, my toywatch. it is so light that it really fits the name toywatch. i got 15% discount for this because aunt's friend had the mall's card. so do i have popular choices or what??
swarovski bought online during sale...50% online. the ring was bought by aunt when she went shopping. it reminded her of the red pendant, so she bought it for me. you can find similar rings like mine in perlini silver now.
my souvenir from america from aunt. i love the colour. she told me she got it for 30USD. cheap huh? another shirt for the new year.

so i must not shop this year!!!i cannot!!! wanna save money for holidays now.

the clock has struck 3 so i better pack to go back to bidor now. the sky is kinda cloudy outside. have plan to go jogging at 5...hopefully it won't be ruin by rain. have to lose some weight and prepare some spare rooms for a foodie weekend in penang. if anyone has any recommendation of must have food in penang, do leave them in the comment box ya. it will be very very appreciated.

my weekend

no time to rest.
the throat feels like sand paper.
had a rush rush saturday. zoomed to kl late in the afternoon and made it in time for wedding dinner in federal hotel.
1a.m. was at zouk. my first time there. hate trance music.
shopped till everyone's arms were bulging with muscles due to weight of all the shopping bags at klcc today...sunday ah.
not going to work tomorrow. aaah....bliss?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

this week's progress

a week is incomplete without some sort of updates on the blog.

this week has been a very busy and leisure wise. even going out for leisure activities seem like keeping an appointment. i have to make myself free for these leisure outings and clear the timetable. but in the end, of course the day is full again, occupied till bed time.

first time trying this fruit which comes by the name of 'abiu'. it is a fruit that originates in australia but is now grown in malaysia. however, it is not mass-marketed yet. it is as big as a big orange, its skin is thick and yellow in colour. you cut it and eat it like how you are going to eat an orange. inside, the flesh is like that of a persimmon although it is not as sweet. it is quite bland actually. even the seeds look like those of a persimmons albeit bigger. i think you can get this fruit at tapah rest area on the way to ipoh...but it is quite expensive. about rm9 a kilo. you will only get 3 or 4 in one kilo.

cny is no doubt in the air for the ppl living in this house. this is the first house in my row with complete lightings and decorations. it is such a vibrant and bright sight on a dark night. i am looking forward to seeing more similar lights soon especially in my row. rented house is the only one bare. it might soon be an ex-rented house. wait for more updates.

went to ipoh yesterday for a movie. heck, today is a working day so i din go home. i so much wanted to go home for shirley's wedding neighbour. it must have been so merry.

well, i am heading down to kl as soon as work is over to attend her wedding banquet in federal hotel kl. so i dun think i can call an early night today. yee is back from australia and she has a friend from hk with her. i wonder if we are going out to bbintang after dinner. what a waste not to. shirley has booked a room for us in the hotel. bless her and many congratulations to her on her big big day!

had dinner at a newly opened cafe called cafe takahashi in kinta city. been there twice....and both times also it was sooo quiet. the food is quite pricey for let us see how long the cafe can last. it is a japanese fusion cafe.

gyoza...aka dumpling

chicken chop with bbq sauce and wasabi mayonaise

scallop and prawn pizza

egg plant and seafood baked curry rice

egg and chicken cutlet spaghetti
we also ordered another grilled salmon...just a thin slice, not much. 5 of us had a hard time trying to clear everything. i guess i ordered too much. the dumpling and chicken chop can be deleted from the order list.
i supported malaysian made movie this week- tiger woohoo, a film made for the cny locally. the sales of the tickets for this movie have been very brisk, i only got my tickets because i booked them earlier. it was quite funny and quite a refreshing chinese film. the views of the sea in kelantan were wonderful. the cast was made up of characters with their own eccentricities thus giving the audience a plethora of laughter. it will only take locals to understand their jokes and the slangs they use, u get a mixture of english, bm, mandarin, cantonese and hokkien. well done.

i got these from one of my colleagues today. she went to japan in the hols if i am not wrong. all from aji-chiban- preserved scallops and chicken wing. she let me try duck tongue yesterday but the thought of eating duck tongue made me only try a very small bite. i love the scallops.
tata for now. the bell is going to ring soon. time to head home and get ready for the dinner tonight. i wish i have time for a nap.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

letters and cards....and bills

is sending festive card archaic or on its way to extinction in this new decade??
what is wrong with buying and sending cards? i love getting things in the post.

during my school days, i would always wait for letters from pen-pals from around the world. it is always a joy to see and read about their lives.
then as i became financially independent, there were always junk mail and catalogues to look forward to. haha...yup, browsing through catalogues is fun but one needs to have strong will too at the same time.

now, there is no more catalogues and letters from penpals. all catalogues are browsed online in the name of greening the earth. penpals? well, have lost touch with most of them and those who i am still keeping in touch with, we always do it via e-mail of course.

so what is left in the post? postcards from postcrossing and bills.
however, on some special occassions, there are some cards from those special ppl who remember you. the last time i got cards was during christmas...from sfong, regent and audrey. audrey even put a few family photos in the card. that was so sweet.

my favourite time to receive cards is still on my birthday. but last year, i only got it from my insurance agent and my siblings in australia. well, i think i better send out some birthday cards to ppl too hor. first thing to do is to update the address book. i have got a few addresses from facebook after i sent out mails asking for them. the next thing to do is to get birthday cards ready in the drawer so whenever one comes, i have a card handy.
so if you want to get a card from me, you better forward your latest address to me.

i am off to get those addresses on the red envelopes now.

bumping around

after going back to my own bedroom for 2 weeks, now it is time to vacate the room again. the next temporary occupants are going to land in malaysia this week and they are flying in from germany. they are non-other than aunt and cousin yeelin.

i think all 5 of us, my siblings and i, never have a room to call our own in the house. don't get me wrong, it is not a complaint. our house is such a merry house that we have relatives from overseas coming back every year and it is already like a routine. we enjoy and love it seeing everyone coming back and bringing sounds and laughter and activities to the house. no one has ever complained of having to sleep on the mattress or shifting from this room to that. instead, we will even move and squeeze to accomodate even friends of relatives when they come.

end of the this week, i am going to see my sis from australia who is coming back to celebrate chinese new year and to attend her good friend who happens to be my neighbour's wedding. so that makes 10 of us in the house including my brother (who comes back in the weekend) in a 4-bedroom double storey house. sis is coming back with another friend from hong kong and her friend will spend the night in our house too because she is also attending the wedding.

i have chosen not to come back this friday so there will be more space in the house...but....but....the buffet dinner to be held in my neighbour's house in conjunction with the wedding is too tempting. i am salivating already thinking of the buffet spread in next door. what if i only come back for the night on friday? back in the evening, after dinner head back to bidor? why do i have to be in bidor on saturday? work lah.....really sui. then after work on saturday, i have to come back immediately because i am attending the wedding with my sis and her friend in one of the hotels in bukit bintang, kl.

the house will be in a semi-state of chaos up till chinese new year. wow. so i better finish all my task and not bring back any work for the weekend.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i like 21 guns

this is my favourite song of the moment. no sammi cheng. it is greenday. i have always loved green day since i heard their 'basketcase'.
can't see me enjoying this band? i totally love their songs, fast or slow.
i heard 21 guns just the other day on the radio but the version i heard is not greenday's but a collaboration they did with the cast from the musical american idiot. i have heard the original version since then but....i like the one with american idiot. maybe the inclusion of a female voice in the song makes it more mellow?

go ahead and hear the song...i am sure you will like it too.

greenday's 21 guns

21 guns featuring the cast from american idiot musical

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

starfruits anyone??

i am too lazy to cut and eat them slice by slice....can i juice them instead? the juice is definitely yummy.

the same goes for grapefruit. i dun cut them and eat them, i juice them too. and when i have a lot of oranges, i am also lazy to peel them and i juice them as well.

am i lazy or what?

starfruits anyone??

fatty bum bum

good news for women with big bums...haha.....i am in the group too lah.

click here to read more. hahahhaa.....

more fats in the butt is better than more fat in the tummy.....
more health benefits when the fat is stored in thighs and butt.....

so your sit-ups and cardio.

i love my shirt

this is my favourite shirt of all time. i have had this shirt for......guess how many years????
i got this when i was in england...from gap....when i was still in college. during college year in england, gap is one of my favourite haunts. i do not go for their full-priced items, instead, i went to the round rack where they will put discounted items and last pieces of the collection there. that is the bargain rack. but i dun think this shirt is from there though...but i am sure it was on some discount...haha....i dun buy retail price.

back home, i have never ventured into gap anymore. the pieces just aren't as good as those they have is the truth. the prices too are quite unreasonable.

so how many years have i had the shirt? it is the shirt's 10th anniversary this year. do i know how to take good care of my clothes or what? all my working clothes are hand-washed. the clerk at work said i should have quite a thick balance in my bank account since my clothes can last me so long. sigh...unfortunately, i also tend to buy bags leh. i should have enough bags for all my use now. i still have a few to come back from germany. so yes, i am going to tie my hands when it comes to bag this year.

and some kids said i looked like taiwanese student today...haha...i was wearing the shirt with pleated skirt and of course my mizuno running shoes. the only thing missing they said was a tie. well, i had my colourful long wooden necklace to take the place of the tie i said.

i love my accessories. they make me feel secure and whatever i am wearing is less boring. the attire to work will be incomplete without them.

this is a sticker i got from a boy who went to china in the holidays. the warning says : don't get any nearer or i will transform. he told me to stick it on my car....but i realise that i can't stick it on the inside, it has to be on the surface. won't my paint peel???

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

missing sadness

well, i guess i am back.
on monday, i went to work happily. i won't say that i had a spring in my step, but there was no sadness in me that day. i was quite surprised myself, but my mood was good.
as the week is only the second day of the week now, i am still doing fine.
the sadness i had previously is missing but there might still be an ounce of it left in me. i dun think i want all that sadness to go away. i wanna keep some of it.
there is no more doom and gloom at the moment and things are flowing quite smoothly. am keeping my fingers crossed.
there are the occasional parents that keep me kinda pissed. some just do not understand the meaning of the word 'no'. they said they talked about it and would buy extra tables and chairs so their children could come to my place. urrghh!!! as if i could not afford those furniture. when are their kids going to grow up?
gonna hit the bed now. it is not fun going online on a notebook. i miss my pc.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

this is an image from a postcard i got from hungary. unique eh? but i think the postcard is bought in finland. this is one of the images featured in a calendar produced by students in an art institute. to see more images, go to

turning angst into purple

well, am i still wallowing in sadness?
gladly, not as extreme anymore. although sometimes there were moments when it would all come back. like on saturday morning, when i had to drive back to work at 7a.m. for a short activity from tm. i just could not stand staying another day in the quiet house on friday, so i came back to say goodbye to attie.
on that saturday morning while on the highway to work, i felt like making an exit at all the turns i saw and make a u-turn back home. i dreaded going to the workplace that much.

kids have been giving me comments that i am fiercer and cooler this year. they taught that as i assumed a post in the disciplinary board, that would be my stance. what they did not know was that i was actually gloomy and disinterested. well, at least now i know my unsmiling look can scare kids from metres away. yup, some shot into their classes as i made a glance as though they had seen a ghost. however, there was also an sms informing me that my smiles were missed and he looked forward to seeing the happy me after he knew my state of unhappiness. how sweet was that.

the week is going to get busier starting from today so i guess i won't have much time to wallow in whatever bad mood there is. and i have got a notebook too, so there will be more time to waste online doing unnecessary things like opening my cafe world again, animal paradise, home inn and barn buddy. i have not touched them since christmas.

there is also another habit i am going to put into practice....painting my fingernails in purple. that is one way of channeling all the bad vibes onto the nail. some said that the nails looked like having been poisoned in that shade. well let me just pour all the poison in my head onto the nails then. better than keeping them all inside me. i am also curious to see how long a bottle of nail colour can last if you paint your nails every week in that same shade. we will just wait and see eh. the bottle is in the fridge now. i read that it is one way of making them last in our hot weather.

and i hate reading the newspaper nowadays. there is just too much sadness. what have become of my country? they refused to call those who cause harm to another religion terrorist and did not give answer when asked if isa would be used against them. i am just so angry and disappointed seeing all the cover-ups and denials. it would be stupid to let one word break the integrity in us. and if the word be made exclusive, can i not sing my state song then?

goodbye attie

atticus and family had left few days ago (friday) and my house is all quiet again. hehe...
there is no need to wait for my turn to use the computer. no need to negotiate when to use it and i dun have to suffer surprise attacks from left, right and back when he will jump on me.
i think even the dog is having calmer days now. but beanie was quite sad when they left on friday night.
he was looking at all the bags being brought into the car, he was not excited or anything. instead, he just sprawled on the floor with his head flat and eyes moving with all the actions. he was so confused after the car left. dad and mom went to the airport. it was as if he was wondering whether they would be back from the look on his face. after i let him off the leash, he went straight under my car and continue his suffering there. i called him countless times from the house but he refused to budge from his place. usually he would come when we call but not that night. that was his way of wallowing in sadness i guess.
well, luckily he was back to normal the next day. he ate his breakfast and i guess he cheered up as jet and wei were around.

i went out for sate with attie, uncle, aunt and jet before they left. that was their last meal on friday. they love their local food soooo much!!
uncle ordered a plate of mee goreng too expecting the sate to be slow. behind, the drink refrigerator is atticus' favourite in the shop. it stores a wide variety of can and packet drinks for him to choose.
this boy had 20 sticks of sate. we ordered 60 and a quarter went to him. but the best sate this trip was the one in genting hotel's coffee terrace.
well, i will see him again this year no doubt....the latest will be after christmas. he is starting his secondary education in a private boyschool in a few weeks' time. good luck and happy making new friends there.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

missing happiness

dear blog,
it has been such an unhappy week for me that i myself still cannot really figure out what actually happens.

i mean this has never ever happened to me before. i believe myself to be a very positive and happy person but what i am experiencing this week is all so new and i hate it so much.
i feel so lost and unhappy, i hate to use the word depressed...but hey, a depressed person will not call herself depressed right? but frankly, i think i am depressed.

am i depressed because i am not seeing a direction in my life? am i depressed because i am too free? am i depressed because everything is disorganised at the workplace and i did not know where to start??

this whole week, i have been going to bed at 10p.m. without fail. i was without the computer for the past 4 days, and i have just managed to borrow a notebook today from a colleague who has already bought her own asus.

i feel so unhappy at work. i feel the work is no longer rewarding and i am not getting anything from it. i am sure i am still contributing but i feel empty inside.

i dun think anyone at work noticed my sadness because work is still work. i will still perform in front of the kids, voice out my opinion in meetings, complete tasks when i am asked to, etc.
luckily there are still some little tokens to cheer me up. they may be small, but they make me really warm inside.

a souvenir from a colleague who went to korea during the holidays. what am i going to use this for?chocolates from kid who went to new york. lucky her.

this is my favourite....hello kitty wireless mouse from japan, also from another kid. isn't it beautiful? i was so touched when i saw this. i am still reluctant to take the mouse out from its box.

it is almost 10.30p.m. now so i guess the computer is keeping me awake and occupied.

extra activities at home have not started yet but i will make sure i start them next week. i can't stand not doing anything. it is one of the reasons that make me so lifeless i think. so am i a workaholic or what? or just an active person?

i am telling myself to look at the brighter side and set my targets and go for them.

  1. make more money
  2. save all the money
  3. keep myself busy
  4. must exercise
  5. must be relaxed and enjoy myself at the same time
  6. must finish work fast
  7. keep things organised
  8. dun clutter tasks and make self all messed up

ookok....i think enuf already.

i also had some comfort food or maybe i was just torturing myself since i wasn't really hungry but just wanna 'hurt' myself. jet told me to buy them but i have already finished half a box at one go. this is my first time eating so much of shat ke ma at one go. usually it is only a quarter because they cut that one box into 4 pieces.

time to sleep now. will make myself busy. i already have books to mark and a meeting to chair next week.
i am very tired now. the brain cannot function anymore so no more rambling. hope there are better days to come and i will be happy.