Sunday, September 21, 2014

what a wonderful weekend- posh dinner, yummy breakfast, rubber charms!

i seldom prepare for monday blues....but tonight, i simply have to because i just had too much fun over the weekend. i need another day of break....

first fun outing was to my good childhood friend's wedding reception at a converted warehouse. it was such a classy event with many beautiful ladies dressed to the ninth. i wasn't dressed to the ninth but i did make an effort to be presentable on that cold night in my long sleeved black and white shift dress, black heels and my classy fishtail side braids. all the other ladies had their hair done and i was the only one who had braid. was trying to hide my unruly curls actually. hahaha
it was raining when we arrived and we were actually late....but the event had not started yet. there was a free flow of alcoholic drinks and one could really get drunk easily. but everyone was in their best manners and i did not see anyone who lost control over the free drinks on offer.
how beautiful is it inside the warehouse? on normal days, it functions as a photo studio with a cafe at the side. but that night, it was transformed into a glitzy venue fit for a wedding.

dining was buffet style so one could have as much helping as one could take....i only had one. i was too full to even finish the one helping i took. but i tell you, the food was superb!!!!
one whole block of cheese melted on the spot served with potato, silver onion and the other, i dunno its name or it was too foreign for me to remember. i can't even remember the name of the cheese although it was on the card on the table. this is too posh for me!!! but i tell you, the cheese was to-die-for. i can just have the cheese on its own. my first time tasting silver onion too and it was really great!

this was what i got piled on my plate after one round at the buffet spread. i had some of everything. vege, roast lamb (the best!!!), roast beef, grilled chicken (good), baked salmon and chicken lasagne. sorry i wasted my food and left the pieces of cheese and two pieces of beef. i just couldn't take them anymore.
after all, i still had to consider dessert...
this was the dessert corner but i only had a macaroon in the end and a shot of panna cotta. they were nothing to shout about. the wedding cake tasted better than these in the photo. the butter cake was good. the night ended before midnight.....but unfortunately for me, the night did not seem to end and only dragged on till the morning because i could hardly catch any wink. how could i fall asleep when there was someone else snoring in the same room? uwaaa!!! i just couldn't drift to slumberland. maybe i did managed some here and there....but i definitely wouldn't call them sleep.

and the morning started before 9a.m. as we had made plan to go for breakfast picnic at kiara park with two juniors of our friends. so off we went......
luckily i did not look like a zombie....
it was good to be outdoor and the weather was not too hot. perfect for a day out in the park.

but it was the second round of food that i enjoyed more. and waffle! i have never been a big fan of waffle, but frisky goat in taman tun converted me into one. i simply love their waffles!! i don't think i will order any other thing in this cafe. the coffee is good too but i won't say the same about the cakes. this is definitely a place i am going again when i am at the area....and they are open until 10p.m.!! their food menu is extensive too. yeah!!!!

with so much lack of was a wonder that i still had the focus to complete and rainbow loom project for a friend.
guess which one? it was the trolley bag i completed on sunday afternoon after i got back from kl. it is 3d mind you and it was the first time i had to stitch two sides together to complete the thick bulk. really salute those creative people who come up with these ideas. i still have two more projects to complete for this friend but i am not complaining because i do enjoy making them and seeing the result at the end of all those loopings.

well, i better get my sleep now.....fingers crossed that i can get it. i haven't yawned once till now. sob sob! okok think positive! good night!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

my best friend's wedding

it was a gala time when one of my best buddies got married yesterday to his princess. he, being such a fussy man has finally found his partner, and it was indeed a joyous celebration for all ex primary and secondary schoolmates to come out for the night.

although there were not many of us (about 18 including spouses if i am not wrong), we created the loudest noise and we even joined the two tables together so that we could have easier access to chat with each other. was the first time such thing had been done i think and the assistant manager came to check on us and showed her frowns clearly on her face but we reassured her it was all right. kekekeke.

food was good but i think it was secondary in the end. it was all friends getting together with uncontinuous flow of conversations and reminiscents that made the night a memorable one.

the night only ended at 1a.m. at the wine shop downstairs which also included a shot of tequila for everyone...paid by the groom from his ang pow money hahaha. it was my first time having tequila shot and i was horrible at it. haha...i couldn't finish that drink in a shot and i actually choked. had to add two more sips to finish that shot in the end.

bedtime only came after two and i was woken up at five plus by lightnings and thunders which triggered alarms to break the silence. oh gosh....

breakfast was at ten plus and it was quite a hearty one at artisan's roast in taman tun dr ismail. my first time there.
my first cup of cappuchino was not hot enough. the breakfast menu was a bit small and not that attractive. i hated the mashed egg on my kelly's special which was cold. i was expecting a hot breakfast mind you.
the second cup was so much better. i was glad they make strong coffee here.

and they also have good cheesecake....better than the tiramisu. this is a great place for coffee and cakes because they do have a wider array of cakes to choose from. will definitely go for the coffee and cake next time....but not breakfast.

i went and did some shopping in one utama and klcc in the afternoon and it was at klcc where i caught a bad cold. the weather was gloomy and wet and the airconditioner was cold. i was definitely fragile from the lack of sleep so i ended up sneezing in the last hour in the shopping mall.
as i got home, the sneezing and running nose got worst and i blew till i almost tore the nose away. bad bad.

and the night also did not end early. blame it on this book.
i helped one of the kids get this book and i had the privilege of reading it first. so i started reading before bedtime and only forced myself to stop at 1am when i couldnt stay awake any longer.

so today, it was reading 2 copies of newspapers, finishing this novel and catching up with sleep in the afternoon.voila, the running nose has disappeared now. thank god!

i am going to watch dead poet's society now. been thinking about this movie since the demise of robin williams. ok that is all now. good night.

Monday, September 08, 2014

adventures in the jungle and bracelet making

this is one of the best mooncakes around ...haha.....i love jelly!!! woo hoo!!! i haven't been eating much mooncake this year. i did not even eat any of the traditional ones...not even a bite. i had these two jelly mooncakes....and i also had snow skin- tiramisu truffle mooncake. both are given by kid and a parent. how nice right? it was my first time trying modern filling in mooncake and the tiramisu truffle that i got was a really nice one. it was not sweet at all and the chocolate and cheese blended well. yummy indeed.
well, there will be no celebration for will be a normal night.

last week had been an adventurous one. imagine going into the jungle twice!! two different jungles and i got to ride some smashing vehicles as well.

first one was this, ain't it sexy!! it is a new land rover and i felt so safe in it. i even got a test of how hard the metal in the rover was when my head made a loud bang onto the metal. ouch!!! it was a really bumpy ride but the driver was skilful and the safety belt kept me in my seat fine, so i really enjoyed the ride.

passed by an area which had been cleared in the interior.

any idea what this plant is? it is paddy actually...the hill species. in malay, it is padi huma.
you can see more of them in the photo above.

how can one go into the jungle and not cross a river??? there is no bridge for the jeep, hence it was right across the river we went.

and another river to pass....we actually crossed three rivers in this trip.

well, in the second trip, there was a change of vehicle. i was actually looking forward to another great ride in the land rover....but oh boy, it was a total nightmare this time.

i was in the mitsubishi on the right and the air-conditioner was not working and there weren't any safety belt for the passengers at the back. uwaa!!!! it was so so so stuffy.

imagine having to travel on dirt road for more about 2 hour in a jeep whose air-cond was not functioning. the dirt road on this photo is a smoother path, there were other bumpy and steep paths which i couldnt take using the phone because my body and hand would be shaking too much.

passed by an area being cleared for rubber plantation. this destination which we went to is actually very near pahang already. according to the aborigine kids, two hours of walk will bring them to pahang, somewhere around raub area. i guess i was quite near its border already. just two more hills to go to reach the neighbouring state.

this was the village.

and our final destination. boy, it was such a serene and calm place. definitely a paradise. even the temperature here was lower and when the wind blew, it was actually quite chilly. the coldest temperature recorded here was 11 degree Celcius at night. brrrrrr.......
there are plans to spend a night here next year, well, that winter jacket is definitely coming with me.

and how lucky we were.....we got durians!!!! oh, this was oh so good. the musang king of the jungle. the others were too worried about their sugar level, hence i had the biggest share of the durian. haha...burp!!! many photos of me eating durian were taken too....i guess it was a proof to show that they did treat the guests well and my eating the durian with a big smile on the face is the proof to show their boss.

aaahh....and the river.....we did not have to go across this on the jeep because there is a bridge. we stopped by here on our way back and the drivers had their picnic here. we only wet our feet and enjoyed the beautiful nature in front of us. oh, the water was as cool as cucumber.

the bumpy ride helped loosen some tight knots on my back...haha....and it was indeed a welcome.
i guess this is the last adventure for the year...and i look forward to these trips again next year.

on to another story.....the love for rainbow loom bracelet is still very much alive in me....i simply love making them!! i am so happy that i can find original bands supplier here in malaysia now. no to pirated bands...only the original ones for me due to their long lasting quality.

which is your favourite bracelet???

i have been getting a few requests to make bows too....aren't they cute???

and some requests to make new designs i have never tried before....oh boy....thank god i have patience to watch through the steps in the video.

well, i am keeping my fingers crossed for a good start to the week. it is going to be quite a busy one and then a wedding banquet of a close friend to look forward to. it will be gathering with old friends again to reminisce old time on saturday night when we get together. but before saturday comes, lets hope i have some time for a full body massage to loosen the knots in the neck.