Friday, October 31, 2008

i love zach mills ;)

OMG, i just love this kid sooo much. his name is zach mills and i have actually seen him in mr magorium wonder's emporium with natalie portman. his expressions are really adorable. that smile that he gives, it speaks a thousand words.

recently, i watched him in kit kitredge and of course, he is as cute as ever. this kid is going to be huge one day. he is also in changeling starring angelina jolie.

just watch the commercial, how can u not love him?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fun with photos

this is passed on from yoonming's blog. like him, i am slightly bored from doing any serious thing at the moment because of the stuffy why not have some fun.
so which one has the best effect with the photo? i think it is the last one....but i like those andy warhol-ish effects.
u know, anya hindmarch has 'be a bag' where you can submit your own photo to be imprinted on the bag? well, if i have the money, i would have submitted this 'magnified' photo of mine and have it made into the shopper bag they have. hehehe....not bad eh. save hard enuf and my dream might come true next year.
in the meantime, go to this link to have fun with your photos and dun forget to put it on your blog for us to see.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

he was sleeping peacefully before dad came with his daily feed of fruit. and it was apple today. from the video, no doubt beanie was enjoying himself crunching the apple.
he had been sleeping in the shade a lot because of the heat and he had been naughty too. digging up a big hole in the garden. mom scolded him and threatened him with the cane but he knew and refused to go to mom when she asked him to go and see for himself the hole he dug. he usually follwed her around. and when she finally got to him, he kept on extending his 2 front paws as a sign of sorry (that was his 'hand' gesture). so cute.

42 days without grey's

oh gosh....i am going to miss grey's anatomy season 5 soo much when i go to germany. right now, it is episode that means by the time i leave, i will be reaching episode 8? is in the air for christina?? that hunky military guy is coming back? i knew he would after the first episode. it is time someone comes and sweep christina off her feet.

on another thing...the exchange rate is dropping for euro and aussie dollar. damn...exchanged aussie dollar too high. now it is only down to 2.21 for tt rate. how low can it go?? euro too today...the tt rate is 4.516, better act fast. too bad there is no extra cash now for a little shopping.'s charm in sterling silver is very attractive and they have online shop for australia. good time to take advantage of the low exchange rate now. no point looking at usa websites. ooh...pounds are dropping too. but prices in australian website is more attractive.

nope, i won't be going to england this trip...passport does not have that many valid months left. europe will be the hunt. but ppl are free to visit me in germany. just drop me a line. so anyone who has holidays and cash can join me in this hols. it is better than me travelling alone. it will be fun right? any taker?

Monday, October 27, 2008

bang deepavali bang

what a dry and hot weekend it has been...and it is a dry and hot monday too. not a drop of moisture in the air.
so what the metereological department had predicted earlier about a wet deepavali was unfounded then.
and was it really a deepavali celebration? i was asking myself whether it was more of a chinese new year on the eve yesterday. the firecrackers and fireworks were lighting the skies before midnight and has continued till this morning and now as i am writing this. so whatever ban we have on the fireworks and firecrackers fail on these 2 days and it just shows that where there is a will, there is definitely a way to bring these illegal things in.

it does not feel like a deepavali as there is no open house to visit. well, not that i am not invited. a colleague invited me to her house, but since i will be alone, i have to decline. and our usual visit to dear sugumaran's house is not possible without him around. oh this reminds me to drop him a wish in the e-world after this.

i am counting down to the launching of comme des garcons special collection for H &M. germany has online store, so am hoping to get something there. too bad they dun have online store for uk. the prices in uk are definitely cheaper. u can go and see the full collection with the prices at all the stores now...just choose the country you want. the guy's collection is also cool. oh, i simply love those deconstructed items. now the more i am hoping for that thing, there more i won't get it....that always happens to me. i love the pleated skirt, i love the long sleeve shirt with polka dots on the body, i love the trench coat, i love the weekend bag. so if i can't get any of the items, i am going to save the hole in the pocket. hahaha. let us just see then.

tag: breast cancer awareness

shared by : miss mathew
rule: nominate 7 others to put the logo on their blog.....
hehehe....i am not going to nominate anyone. anyone who sees this and who cares about those around you, please take the logo and put it in your blog.
remember, early detection saves be aware of the changes in your body and take actions.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

oohh CDG

oooh oooh ooh...i have found the trench coat i want....but this is quite an impossible but it will find its way into ebay i am sure.
this is not any H & M coat, this is comme des garcons for H&M and yes, it is WAAAY bigger than katemoss for topshop.
nice coat huh?
you can have a look at the collection here, for both man and woman. too bad there is no H&M here. i have always liked it when i was in england but it was a bit unaffordable then. you bet i will be in the queue if we have it here. is going to be launched officially in selected stores on 13 nov. too bad i am not in germay yet...if i were there, i will even take a train and wait at the store ah. hahaha...
i wonder if comme des garcons is big in germany. it surely is popular in hk.
katie holmes has been wearing a lot of CDG lately. well sponsored i am sure. she was seen in the embroided heart sweater from the play range and most recently, in the above mentioned collection not released in stores. jealousnya.

dog and owner

what can a dog owner do on a rainy evening???
walk the dog of course!!! hahahaa.a....
mom said, would others think that she was crazy walking the dog at that time of the day in that kind of condition?
hmmh....maybe we need a bigger umbrella eh?
but if you dun walk him, he is going to bark the house down. dog is a creature of habit. he desperately needs his walk after his meal time daily...for nature's call. once he has released what he wants to release, then he is all right.

and what is a dog to do on a cold night?? he just sits there and gaze into space. haha...soooo subdued and cute. this is taken from the stairs on my way up. he is very quiet tonight.

where has all the saliva gone to?

how to waste an hour on a rainy afternoon?
sleep won't come and it is too early to catch a movie on the
one headed to the dentist for the not-so-routine is waaay overdue already. an d i was so sure there would be at least one better get it done before i suffer in germany.

and the music played on the radio (mix) really sucked big time. as if they knew i was there on the dentist chair as well. as soon as i plonked down, it was jazon mraz....then...when all the drilling was ongoing, all fast beat songs ah. my heartbeat was already going fast enuf anticipating all the pain that would come as soon as the metal hit the nerve, the music helped increased the beat to another level. i knew i was catching my breath when the dentist turned to change the tools.
there was no excruciating pain or whatever, but i am sure you all know how scary it was on the dentist chair. and my mouth was soooo dry. halfway through it, i thought i had lost part of my tongue. i felt like wagging my tongue out like beanie (the dog) and attack and lick non-stop an imaginary bowl of water in front of me. it was really that bad.

and when my ordeal was over almost one hour later (2 fillings ;( ) it was jim morrison playing on the radio. how apt to soothe the heartbeat.

and oh, my dry dry mouth was not made up at all, the dentist later asked me if i chew gum. i said no, then asked him why. he said my salivatary flow is indeed low. so i am advised to chew gum to stimulate saliva production. sob sob. one reason for tooth decay is dry mouth. so all of you out there...drink more water ah!
and i found a long list of tips here, it is soo long to be posted, so just click and read. useful if you want to take care of your dental health.
well, i better stock up some gums and sugar free sourish candy.

p/s: the damage done at the dentist: rm125 for 2 fillings. ouch. 60+65. last time used to be 45 only.

Monday, October 20, 2008

back from the past

reached tm at noon today and will be here for the next three days... yeah! some lazy time at home.

so took a nap in the afternoon...which i seldom do but now since i have nothing to do, what the heck. managed to get about 30 mins and then just woke up. did not know what else to do and had no plan to stay in front of the computer, i started clearing and cleaning some stuff...and man, what a pile i found. all memories from the past came flooding in...and i said i was not a sentimental person? hmmhh...but these are the only things i more. so let's go through this journey.

i have a special photo album of all my overseas pen-friend. i am only keeping in touch with 3 now, one from hk, one from australia and another from germany. another from the states occasionally drops an e-mail. those were the days. waiting for mr postman to drop me my letters. i had pen-friend from almost all corners of the world ah. the states, japan, sweden, denmark, south africa, australia, india, taiwan, latin america, germany, england, canada, morrocco, hong kong, and i can't remember anymore. met a few in england, states, australia, germany and hk. i have even ex-changed food with the one from japan. i sent him mooncake and in return, he sent me dorayaki. no more mails. how sad. love for celebrities. hhaa...this autograph brooke shields photo with my name was sent by my pen-pal in the states who used to work as a limo driver in LA. i met him when i went to LA. yup, my name is on the photo. then crazy me with all these big posters of lee hom and sammi. and crazy siblings who were willing to hold the posters and let me pose with them to finish the roll of film. yes, i remember that is why we took this photo. leehom's photos were sent by my taiwanese pen-pal whom i have lost touch with. now no more leehom, only sammi. phew! if i was a leehom fan, i would be soo busy since he makes so many stops in malaysia. hahaha...
my collections: autograph books, postcards and birthday cards from the first one i received, all my diaries and boarding pass to melbourne with jet!!! the koala bear autograph is empty...hmm...maybe i should just pass it around to be signed since i do sign quite fair few autographs every year. pay back time ;)

and i just can't throw away those birthday cards i have accumulated over the years. they are so rare nowadays. birthday cards come in so many variations and are from thoughtful ppl who care, so how can i throw them? and i love postcards ppl sent me when they were overseas. maybe i should do the same now eh...i am sure others will be happy to get a postcard every now and then.

those boarding passes? i have never kept them...i found them in jet's wallet. so he is the one who can't forget his first trip to australia. hehehehe.

some of the gifts i keep and not give away to anyone. my teddy bear collection. they are tooo cute! someone gave me the hard rock shot glass i think. then the harry potter cards collection from eating chocolates. all from australia.
my first watch which i bought with my hard-earned money from my first job at 16. worked at the saw mill during the hols and earned a few hundred bucks. the work was dusty but it was an experienced. this swatch musical has stopped working for ages, but just wanna keep it in the drawer.
err...i have told some ppl that i dun keep ticket stubs, but i guess i was wrong about myself! i found a big envelope of ticket stubs from all the events i went to. both local and overseas.

i even have tickets from REX and CATHAY cinema in tm. they are historical artefacts now. hahaha... a lot of the stubs are from concerts. some less common ones are from commonwealth games, football match (arsenal was here) and special screenings of movies (pleasantville and life is beautiful).

these are from overseas. i have lord of the dance from las vegas, disneyland, seaworld, marlowe theater (canterbury), the lion king musical, phantom of the opera, swanlake, wimbledon, stamp exhibition (london), london eye and tribute to ian dury...whoever he was...fidelia and i were there only for robbie williams. hahaha...

sooo organizers out there who are printing tickets for your print some nice ones lah. those like cinema movie stubs, who wanna keep and the ink fades. cheapskate.

yawn! bed time. the rain is making sleep so much easier...but making that training for the 6km my case 6km jog so difficult. 6km on nov 2. wish me luck. the longest distance in my joke.

treat me like a king

look at how he shuns his food in a bowl...and he only eats them when he is hand-fed. how spoilt!

and his daily breakfast now? bread...i guess he is just yearning for the kind of food we eat.

oh, yesterday grandma saw him barking at the ground. and on a closer look, he was actually barking at a worm. how cute. he wanted to touch it, but was too scared, then when grandma picked it up and threw it to the grass, beanie followed...but of course he soon lost sight of the worm and stopped barking.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

passport and validity

ok..this just crops anyone knows any information please just share....

i will be in germany from nov 20 to dec 31, 2008. and my worry is my passport now. it expires on 2 june 2009. i think i can still enter the country since i still have more than 6 months validity on the passport on the arrival date.
but what if we intend to travel elsewhere from germany? different country will have different requirements right?
i think england also needs 6 months on the passport. holland needs 3 only. turkey: 3 months. italy: 3 months. i google all these...
so do i need to go and renew my passport just to be safe? man, that is rm300 ah and i heard they are going to lower the price by the end of the year. hou em dai ah.

* knock knock...u think you are going away from germany?* errr.....

took my breath away.

just came back from my short shopping trip in klcc....and oooh...guess who i saw at kinokuniya???

deep breath....our Crown Prince...Perak's Crown Prince lah...Raja Nazrin Shah.
ooh....he is sooo dashing, tall, handsome.....and he was all alone...browsing along the shelves. can't remember what shelf already....i just was blur for a few seconds there.
he is so so so fair and he was wearing a pink shirt. so that softens the effect right?

so am i stupid for not taking a photo with him? naa...never crossed my mind to do that ah. a few i told called me stupid. hmmmhhh... will you ask for photo??

Saturday, October 18, 2008

my nose!

ok...i have been blowing my nose nonstop now for almost a whole day. and this thing is like almost a cycle every weekend i am home. and i link it to the above flask.
this is a product of fusion excel which uncle got for grandma called quantum flask. this flask is supposed to 'energize' dead water into 'living water'. just click on the link to see the photo they have of the crystalized water.
so if it is supposed to do me good, like what they claim here, why do i suffer so much? it has been this way for a month now. i just wanna wait and see whether the pattern will stop. well, it did not. does it make my body cooler hence the running nose? i am quite a 'tofu' who react very fast to changes of the surrounding e.g. the weather. the sneezing will come the next day after i take the water for one day. then on the day after that, i am ok. so does that mean my body needs time to adjust to the 'cooling' effect? i see any changes? i dunno...i only take the water in the weekend when i am home. ask grandma, she takes it everyday.

oh, and we have another product in their list too...the quantum pendant. grandpa is wearing that. the scalar energy is supposed to reenergised all your cells and enhance the body's biofield. so what is scalar energy? i am not that sure, but this link has the explanation if you can understand the terms used ;)
many famous or well-known personalities are wearing this pendant. i have seen on newspaper rpk's wife wearing one, on tv: amazing race asia 2 natalie (thailand) is wearing one too and fusion excel have published names of sports ppl wearing them on the website.
i think grandpa looks more energetic ...he can walk quite fast (mom call that stumbling forward...depends how you see it) and does not look lethargic. but sometimes he forgets to put it back on after taking his bath.
however, there is just a little catch...what if you stop wearing it....what will happen to your 'reenergised cells'?
well, fusion excel canada posted an answer here on a reply to their youtube file:

FE Quantum Pendants are made from 70 over minerals that radiate Scalar Energy
(Out of 200 over known Volcanic minerals from). Cells are energized naturally as
Earth is nature. Thus ATM producing peak amount of energy the body needs to do
its necessary repair and regenerating work. YES, you are right, artificial way
to energizing the cells will cause the cells to be lazy, such as drugs by
doctors and RedBull :)

so do you know anyone wearing one of those pendants? youtube has quite a number of demo videos of its power. believe it or not?

i only keep my fingers crossed now that my flu will stop after a good night sleep and i won't be sneezing all the way in klcc tomorrow. yup, will be going there to get some stuff since they still have the rm10 voucher promo for every rm100 spent at cosmetic department. has to get aunt's stuff... and might as well get mine. hehe....hope i won't splurge.

Friday, October 17, 2008

i can see blue island...what a life! mamma mia!

oooh...i have enjoyed myself watching the movie mamma mia! it was such an enjoyable experience and the songs are buzzing in my head now.
i am not a big abba fan, but i do know their songs due to the constant airplay.
man, those old geezers really stood out in the movie. this movie is more about them i think. of course you dun expect first class vocals from them but they did quite a credible job except for pierce brosnan. i think he has the weakest among all.

and ooh...the view of the island...brought tears to my eyes. it is sooo beautiful...beyond description. the island of skiathos. i wanna go holiday in greece!!! wish hard enough and be greedy....i want a wedding just like the one they have there!!! hahahaha!!! it is so carefree and everyone just throws caution to the wind. enjoy! live! celebrate! i am just a simple carefree spirit who can't be suppresed nor confined.

i am going to watch it again tomorrow with mom. she wants to watch it. live in the dream for another day.

but i still won't fork out those money to buy ticket to watch the musical that will be staged here at the end of the year. they can't bring that island here. haha... and i always have a feeling that they shortchange us when they bring their musicals here. had bad experience years ago watching on in putra stadium. sooo not impressed. but if there is any free ticket of course you will find me there. oopps....just remember..i won't be here. well, hope it will be good and do enjoy yourself if you are going. if you are not, just watch the movie again and again. and transport yourself to the blue island.

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream

I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream

Thursday, October 16, 2008

petrol and saving

overheard a colleague complaining:
next time, i dun wanna fill petrol tank on a tuesday! i would choose thursday.
the government never stand by its words. said want to revise the prices of petrol end of the month, chaik...cannot believe one.

;) she filled full tank on tuesday, and wednesday read the newspaper, petrol price is down 15 cents.
i have filled mine full on sunday...and it was really almost empty already, and i have no foresights as to what the government next move is. someone just have to remind me not to spend unnecessarily on my spending and i will still be fine.
well, at least i dun look at shoes it is saving as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

germany, here i come

after checking on numerous websites, and calling 3 different ppl with agents to help me compare the prices, i have finally settled on MAS online booking. what i get online is cheaper than those quoted by travel agents. confirm. so for ppl who need to find flight tickets, u just need to be more resourceful online and u will get cheaper tickets. weekend is more expensive. and no harm trying all airlines. and also be flexible with dates.
although Emirates are cheaper by RM20, i dun want to wait for a few hours in dubai for the connecting flight. after all rm20 is not much. so below are the details of my flight:

Kuala Lumpur International Airport To: Frankfurt/Main International
Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH6 Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Depart: Thu, 20 Nov, 23:59 Arrive: Fri, 21 Nov, 06:05
Number of stops: 0 Class: Economy

Frankfurt/Main International To: Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH5 Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Depart: Wed, 31 Dec, 12:00 Arrive: Thu, 01 Jan, 06:40
Number of stops: 0 Class: Economy

Net price: MYR 2650.00
Total Taxes and Surcharges: MYR 1782.00
Total Flight Price: MYR 4432.00
Total paid: MYR 4432.00

the surcharges and taxes are more expesive than the flight ticket hor. i manage get the super saver price, hence it is less than rm4500. now there is a big hole in the bank account. ouch.
seats for both flights have been booked too. it is a 2-5-2 seater, and i get the aisle seat on the right side of the plane. hopefully i will get 2 seats for myself lah....or let the flight be not full, then all 5 seats to sleep!

the next thing to check out is the Euro exchange rate. will it go any lower?? it is about RM4.8 now. sob! sob!

Monday, October 13, 2008

any agent?

ok i need help.
does anyone has any travel agent friend?? the one we used to deal with has stopped working because of pregnancy. she had bad morning sickness. so i dunno who to call.
i wonder if the price quoted by travel agent can be cheaper than what i found online?

hmmhh...i think the emirates deal that i found ends on 15 october. how how how??
better check again after this. my hols start on 15 november (saturday) and i am looking around those dates...haha...ah wei said, crazy...wanna fly as soon as holiday starts. but when u are paying so much, of course u wanna spend more time there right? i am planning to be back only around 26 december ah. i wish i could stay till new year...hmmh...shall i? but i think fare prices are more expensive around new year dates.

on another note : pms. can we control them? what is your pms signs? i think most women tend to have bigger appetite during this time. hai mou?? i keep on feeling like snacking and gosh, when i can get my hands on the snacks, i do consume them. and i try to tell myself not to.

p/s: aunt- call me! ;) can't sms her, or else i would. this screen is my way of communicating with her at the moment.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

your edt or edp

the tv has seen more perfume adverts recently. it used to be very rare in the past right?
although there are 3 at the moment, (gucci, D&G and hugo) they are shown quite frequently. it used to be only hugo boss last time.

so we know that is where our money goes to when we buy a bottle of perfume right? i read one book once, about behind the scene stuff of the fashion industry. only a few cents worth go into a bottle of perfume. can u believe it? and the cheapest edt i find in the market (for a designer brand) costs rm150: tommy girl. and will you count tommy as a designer brand? frankly, i have never bought any perfume for myself, not even once. i almost wanted to buy one many years ago because i fell in love with the scent, but they no longer produced it when i wanted to get one. it was from givenchy. but if they do reintroduce it again, i will surely get it...and deep down inside i will be scolding myself a moron for paying that much.

back to the bottle of tommy girl, it was for a friend's birthday, so no choice, but i am sharing with 9 others. so not a deep hole in the pocket lah.

i am lucky to have my aunt in germany buying me all the perfume i have. but she only buys them when she sees cheap ones...and they do have sales for perfume there. not your usual size, but smaller ones. i am using 'beyond paradise' by estee lauder and 2 others i still have. paradise still has a long way to go. they say u can't keep edt/edp for long, but if you make the bottle lay flat, just like how you would with a bottle of wine, it will last longer because it prevents oxidation. that is what makes a perfume lose its colour and smell. i am not fussy with my choice of edt or edp, as long as it is not too strong then i am fine with any.

so what about your edt or edp choices? and what makes you buy them? or are you like me?

ok, to another thing. germany...shall i go or what? flight ticket is still on the steep side despite the fall in the price of fuel. the airlines all have raised their fuel surchage according to the market price, so will they restructure their system now that the prices have fallen?
i have got a few airlines that offer me about rm4500 for 3 months ticket, namely MAS, 4568 (surprise! surprise!), emirates, 4413 and lufthansa, 4447. expensive hor?? i haven't called travel agent yet. these are all online prices. will see what travel agent has to say once i get the number.

Friday, October 10, 2008

i am ready for a winter vacation

wowo...the market is dropping and all the currencies are too. aussie dollar is soooo low. i checked euro and pound sterling too...dropped. too bad not against usd. hmmh...what was i thinking? what is the effect now? to me? i dun think i will be that affected. only, i will be busier scouring for online shopping sites accepting euro, aussie dollar and pound. crazy shopaholic. but i am still more prone to american brands... so it might only be slightly cheaper. and it is so easy to access those US retail outlets websites...there are just so many of them. however, whether they will accept our credit card or not is another obstacle.

enuf of that. now to my ipoh trip in midweek. schedule for the meeting was it was sitting in the cold cold room of the ballroom paying attention. went to ipoh for lunch. then the meeting started at 2.30p.m. with dinner break and then till 10.30p.m. bed time. on wednesday, it ended at noon. so only went to kinta city to shop shop. (yes, all hands full) did not catch mama sad. the person i car-pooled with had watched it. so i dun feel good leaving her in the mall while i was in the cinema.

this is the residential part of heritage hotel. the dining area u see at the bottom is the second floor. i was given room on the 7th floor. my room faced ipoh's turf club so we saw some horses being dragged out from their stables from our room. the first pic on the right is of the stables, and the second with is the racetrack (circled). food in the hotel was so so lah. nothing special.
this was what i had for lunch before i checked in at the hotel. yummy ah. at a place called beacon point (near tesco area). i dunno how to look for this place lah. my friend who is from ipoh drove me here. i ordered the frenzy chicken set lunch while she had the lemak laksa which is very popular here. cukup lemak i tell you. my mouth is watery now. the chicken was a bit burnt but it was good. the mashed potato too...and ooh, the mushroom soup. as for the tiny piece of cake i had for dunno. i dun like the look of it...butter cake gua. my friend also din want it. so i returned it. better not waste. the cup of coffee that came with my set was also good. the bill came up to about rm32. the co-owner cooked for miss jodie foster when she was filming anna and the king in ipoh and even the sultan seek him for his dietary advice. go to their website and flip through their story, you will see this. so not a bad choice lah.
and on wednesday...before i headed back to bidor, had this meal in kinta city. instant noodles (nissin) with vege, ham, hotdog and fried egg, plus milk and choc toast (with peanut butter). fattening ah. i shared the toast lah.

oh, one more food i have to share since we are talking about ipoh. gunung rapat's yeehup hiong piah!!! they are to die for. you usually associate hiong piah with old ppl right? i do lah...but this one...i will fight for the last piece ah. click on the link above for the pic. it is charbroiled and more expensive than other brands. but one you bite into the hiong piah, the biscuit crust will just break loosely and the caramel will flow into your mouth. even granma can't resist from having another one although she just had one a few hours earlier. she said, just seeing the packaging is enuf to tempt her. hahahaha.

ok shopping time. the car (myvi) was filled with plastic bags on the way home. it is not a big car in the first place, add a few more big plastic bags and 2 pillows, all space was filled. these are what i got:

a beanie, bracelet (sale), necklace(sale), nescafe 3-in-1, akemi pillow(sale), air freshener and a cardi. i thought the pillow was soft enuf and flat enuf for me, well, i was wrong. so i have brought it home now...planning to exchange with wei. he slept on the goose feather pillow i bought last year (which was too high then) but now it is the right level for me. i will let him sleep on the new pillow and use it when it is 'flat' enuf.

and the BIG purchases come now. nike (clearance items) again. this will prepare me for any winter vacation i plan to go. before this, winter is no-no because i dun have suitable clothes, now, bring it on! not that i have any in mind, but yeah, winter vacation is not a prob now.

the first item: pink fleece. planning to get one anyway because the jacket that i have is quite thin. so i need a thicker one for colder weather. this is really comfy. and...just when i was deciding to get this, the sales told me that this fleece could be attached onto a winter jacket that happened to be in stock clearance section too. i had tried the winter jacket earlier...from their acg range. my fleece is from that range too. how can i resist? after all, i have no more winter jacket here. the last one was given to siew.
so the winter jacket. rm350 was taken off the normal retail price.
now let us go through a step-by-step guide on how to attach the fleece to the jacket to get a warmer winter jacket ;P
ok, here is what u see once u have unzipped the jacket. all pink. haha....there is a vest attached.
so now i have taken out the vest. just unzip it from the internal zipper. there are more zips on the internal lining of the jacket for more 'secret' pockets.
then get ready to zip up the fleece onto the jacket. the right side is already zipped. u have to hook it to a button at the neck area too.

voila! the fleece is attached already and i also have another vest to wear. so it is like a three-piece thing that i buy for the price of 2.

so so so so...any winter holiday invite? who wanna go?? but not china. no intention to go to china at the moment. europe? or middle east? come lah.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

no cheap thrill

gosh...remember the anya hindmarch bags for target collection???
well, can you believe it? they are all sold out on line!!!!
and my poor friend yunli was on standby after midnight on the 8th (england time) to help me get at least one...tqtqtqtqtq
they were all sold out also by then!!!
how? why?
the only way to get them now is at the target store...but i can imagine how long the queues are going to be on the 12th october when they start the sales at the stores. will read about it in the papers i guess.
so there goes my hope for cheap thrills.
thanks to ernny's cousin for her willingness to bring it back and the use of her address. i dun think that space in her luggage will be filled with the bag now.
*on the other hand...why not filled it with the marc tee i have been eyeing....hick hick hick.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

rat scene

aiks....a rat is living right adjacent to the place where we work and no one wants to take any action.
what is with the attitude of the ppl? the rat already has a home sweet home in one of the cupboards and they can specifically point out the cupboard and the exact rack where it is on...why wait?
till it has a happy big family??

Sunday, October 05, 2008

the end of one week break

this is the mini aquarium at home now. yippee...
all the fish have slowly diminished from the bigger aquarium. god knows where they went.

this mini one is fuss free and it is more spacious now at that corner. i can't wait to get rid of all the things associated with the bigger aquarium and put them all into a box.

it is back to work tomorrow and i am expecting loads and loads of work i have to complete before i leave for ipoh on tuesday noon. will be there till wednesday for a meeting. so maybe i can catch up some local ipoh food and a movie. haha....sounds more like a social outing hor? mama mia will be the movie choice.
that is why i won't be able to go online and do shopping!! anya hindmarch's bags for target will be released for order online on the 8th. i hope they will still have some for me when i get back. and i also have to owe someone for their kindness in helping me get it in the states too....if they can get it. keep my fingers crossed.
(nod nod...agree...i am a jerk for brands)

Friday, October 03, 2008

today is a good friday ;) hepi

i had finished all my markings and today i could go to kl stress free.
what a joy it was to drive on the roads in the city. reached kl before 8.30a.m. and the roads were practially traffic free. many were still on leave i bet. oh...the reason to go to kl this early (after all malls are not opened yet ;P).

i brought mom and 2 of her friends to do mamogram at tung shin hospital. actually i forced her to go and asked her to ask her friends to go along. they had not done any before this. and i got to know that the kind government is actually subsidising all women above 40 to do it. they are subsidising rm50. so you only pay rm50 (most of the time, this is the normal rate charged). so if you are 40 and above, do make use of this service given. just go to your nearest LPPKN (lembaga penduduk dan pembangunan keluarga negara). the nurses there will help you fill the form and do online booking for you (i think). they are actually encouraging more and more ppl to go...but some women are scared of pain. well, mom and her friends did not complain at all and it was not painful. so dun worry. you will get your results on the same day. we were actually the first ones to reach and got the first 3 numbers. by 9.45a.m. we were ready to leave. you can choose the hospital that you want to go to, either government or private, as long as it is in the list. do spread the words around...remember...early detection saves life.

;) no prize for guessing whose heads those were...the early birds.

MALL TIME! well, doing a service to the ladies and dad actually. haha. one of mom's friends had not been to klcc this was our first destination (initially our only destination). and i also had to go to klcc parkson grand to exchange bonus link points for a thermo pot. dad kept pestering me to get rid of the points before they deduct automatically each month. and we actually lost his bonuslink card. so i just brought dad's photocopy ic along. so the ladies were on their own while i went to parkson...unfortunately, they did not have stock here in klcc, but the kind gentleman (who did not go home for raya, poor thing) helped me check with the counter in pavilion, and bingo, they had it. so from 10a.m. to 1p.m. it was klcc, then from 1p.m. to 3p.m., pavilion. hepi hepi. took the opportunity to show them the new mall in town also lah.

and while i was on my own...of course i found something to buy....haha...with some intention also lah...if there is any sale. it is waktu berbuka for me too mah.

oh...the door keeper at the entrance of parkson pavilion greeted me in japanese...with a little bow too. jap?? i should have bowed back...but i gave him a sweet smile, said good morning and continued walking.

or could it be the spring in my step ...with my mulberry on my arm? confidence booster wor. i saw someone checking my bag too. is not the latest...heck... this bag is a few years old and they no longer produce this design too. but what the heck, it is a mulberry and i better make good use of the money i spent on it. so i am going to use it!!! bulky enuf to dump everything can get quite heavy. chinese new year i nuts? no lah....about time loh. cny will be on 26 jan ah. very near ga. err...that esprit paper bag is like super big lah...they dun have small one for me 1 skirt, 1 shorts, 1 shirt and 1 pouch bag purchase. hence i was their walking advertisement. and everything in that bag is on sale. that parkson bag? err...intimate apparrel. slimmer size also has gone down. ehehehehe...i am still standing at 55kg ah. phew! (checked that last sunday) aim, 53?

and i found my hello kitty haven in pavilion, parkson. waaa...i just stopped in my track when passed by toys section. haha...where else can u find them. their stock is more extensive than other departmental stores and i had a heavenly time browsing everything there. so in the end, i just could not resist from buying the above datebook for my 09 schedules. i do use a now jotting down events is a kitty moment. wahahahaha....
and i also got this phone strap for cousin en. en, if you are reading this, your birthday present ok. did i give you anything? hmm...but this is too adorable to you better take it. expensive too...but i ain't telling u the price. more expensive than my datebook ah. and who says a working adult cannot use this? sanrio will go bankrupt ah if only children use their things.

floating golden octopusses in pavilion wakakaka...
now this is what i have set my eyes on...and i actually went into marc boutique to try this shirt (let's get physical miss marc tee) for size. they have it in a few colours. i nicked the photo from
i just have to try it. in the states, they are selling for USD$78. in malaysia, RM399. crazy exorbitant cut-throat price! i can actually fit XS, ngam ngam fit fit and the material is reeeeaallly soft. aaahh...but i think i prefer an S. i wonder whether the price in Singapore is ok. i want i want i want!

and what do we see here? a thomas sabo leather bracelet. i am just looking for something similar. this is too expensive. almost rm500, but it is not fine one lah, it is quite thick and sturdy. its price in Euro is only about rm30 cheaper...thomas sabo is from germany. very nice actually. pray hard for sales. hahhaa...wearing a few of these will be rugged on the wrist.

hmmhh...what a day leh. a lot of hahhaa, wakkakaka, etc. i am going nuts. i am drained already and can't give anymore h..a... so time for bed.zzzzzzzzz

Thursday, October 02, 2008

old and new all in one

hey hey hey...i am upbeat again. after the formatting...i am still able to find everything in the old files wor. including those in the admin user profile which i was not unable to do so when i was locked out.
all the previous files are saved in a folder 'windows.old' in drive C. so all is not lost. i get my movies back, my photos and all songs there. yeah! yippee!!
but i guess now there is some organizing to do lah...with old and new ones to sort out. blur sotong. luckily i have kahlam to guide me on msn. i panicked ah today when we couldn't establish the internet connection after we formatted. that is the most important use for the computer ah.

so now i have to learn to take good care of the pc...outside and inside. siew scolded me for formatting the pc so fast after we bought it. but what to do? i computer 'bak chi'. want me to go to safe mode?? waa....i dun even know how to go into safe mode in the first place ah. waahhahahaha....i know i am not alone right?

ok hug hug to my pc for its restoration.


i am back...that means the computer has been formatted and i am starting anew.
got a scare a while back because could not get online.
so now have to start download softwares for the pc. any suggestions??
i am as blind as a bat when it comes to all these the more ideas and discussions and guidance, the better it is.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

cheap thrill thrills! anya hindmarch is having a special collection for target stores in the states. i want them!! haha...plural...not singular mind you. i wonder how long the queue is going to be this time. remember 'i am not a plastic bag' bag? that was like so yesterday already right? wonder how long these bags can last.

p/s: we are formatting the computer tomorrow. i am keeping my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly and i can start organising things on this computer again. wish us luck.


Do you believe that by buying hats and sophisticated clothes you will also acquire the good taste and sophistication of those who made them? Objects can be your allies, but they do not contain any type of wisdom. First practice devotion and discipline, and everything else will come to you later.
Warrior of Light Online, issue 182 am i devoted and disciplined enough to shop for bag? my eyes are only on bags nowadays. big bags...small ones are just not for me. and they are unreasonably priced in malaysia, so that will stop me for a while.
i wonder if they are cheaper at duty free shops or overseas shop when they have sale?

star chaser

the business of chasing a celebrity is really a roller-coaster journey. it has its ups and downs. when u see her and she acknowledges you, you feel on cloud nine. when u miss her and the others got the opportunity you missed, you are down in the rut. i am feeling in the rut at the moment.
damn it! all sorts of obscenities are coming up at the moment and the more i look at those postings and photos, the more wrecked i feel.

but it is all in the folder of a 'chaser' i guess. you have your hits and you have your misses as well.
the celebrity does not ask to be followed and no one asks you to do the job of a paparazzi. you ask for it yourself. you willingly sacrifice your sleep and your money and your time hoping to get some 'personal' time with the idol. there is a lot of competition involved i tell you. but i have met some nice people in this track. when you have people to wallow in sorrow together, it makes the pain more bearable. these people ... not some immature young headless fans mind you; they are all professionals in their own fields and they do have proper jobs and courses they take in the real world. i am so proud of meeting them. it is a common love that brings us together and i am glad that we manage to stay on the same level with no rivalry among us. these are the people you can share one table with and have coffee together while chatting, sharing experiences and laughing your heart out. not some you meet at the events and only say 'hi' and then 'bye'.

and what about family and friends' support? well, all sibling are fine with my craze. aunt, cousins and dad too! dad could even talk to me about the amount of money i spent last weekend while we were having lunch at ming ren...and he did not balk while calculating. how cool was that! remember he even asked if i wanted help in getting tickets for the show?? mom on the other hand...freaked out (!!!) when she knew i was going for both nights. she called me crazy. sob! but of course she also constantly called me to check where i was that weekend.
and friends? they knew about it and i guess they are fine with it. right? some colleagues knew...and of course i have to let my housemate know. i dun want to be AWOL from my own rented dwelling.

this is a part of my life you seldom will get to read about. so there you have it. and i hope my sorrow is all out with these words.