Friday, February 29, 2008

i hate him!

mou tin lei ah!!! this must be a conspiracy!!!
this pic is nicked from yoonming's blog.
remember when i wrote about that rm54,000 proposal?? gosh, this grinning guy above is really having the last laugh.
apparently his dad owns all the billboards along the did he really pay that rm40,000 for that board or...should we have reworded it as 'an advertisement space that costs rm40,000 for advertisers (family not included)' instead.
soon we will have special tv show shooting the making of their wedding...and love diamond will get all the publicity also lah...since it is made possible with the ring from love diamond.
will more people attempt this sort of proposal? anyone already planning one?? we will wait and see...while the rest of us sneer at them as well...a case of sour grapes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

polar bears vs politicians

what do you look for before you cast your vote??
the newspapers have been filled to the brim with news of the coming election that reading them has been a breeze. i skip them.

promises are printed and accusations made. past and present histories are published for all to see. politicians making their rounds to get to know the people in their constituents. what bull shit. these people hibernate most of the time and now they come out. even polar bears have shorter hibernation period.
do you know or have you seen your area's representative? the so-called voice who will listen to your grouses and try to solve them?

the promises that have been outlined do not titillate me at all. all i want are transparency in the government and the implementation of real meritocracy. but who am i to say anything? i have the right to vote but i will not be able to practise it this time around. i will definitely not miss this chance if not for the trip to gold coast. but for those of you who are voting, i am sure you know who you want to vote for. remember, every vote counts. do not say, 'cheh, this party will definitely win even without my vote or regardless of who turn up.'
this is do make a change!

for now, i just have to bear with the sightings of flags and banners everywhere. isn't this a form of vandalism? so much resources and money are wasted. do get rid of them properly. i hope i don't see them when i come back from holidays.
hmmm....i am escaping this election.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

ming yang's peace

are you blown away by this poster?? i am...and i only get to see the photo!!!

this is a proud moment for a malaysian...this poster wins the grand prize of lions club's peace poster annual contest.

the winner will get to fly to new york to accept the prize and a plaque. wow! you can see the past years winners work in the link above. these kids are really talented!

travelmate blah blah blah

what do you look for in a travel mate??? can you go travelling with friends you do not like and pretend everything is ok all through the journey??

i just don't understand how some colleagues can do that. office politics is not something uncommon and like in any other offices, there also exists this sort of stuff in mine.
there will be colleagues who we do not like because they can talk so much and like to show that they are way better than others. and there are those who think they are saints and should be worshipped on a pedestal by the rest. so how can you go travelling with these sort of people??

yet, people who have complained about these colleagues whom i am also not that fond of are still going travelling with them end of the year... and with their family in a group of 8 somemore. am i being too stubborn not to budge from my view or my stand or are they being hypocrites?

am i jealous?? am i a snob?? i just can't stand this two-face treatment. i am not one who can contain my feelings well and it will definitely show if i am to act. i also feel disgusted with myself for doing that.

so, no, i am not travelling with a bunch of colleagues at the end of the year. you just can't get away from work going in a big group with your colleagues. i need real ESCAPE in the holidays from work. going with one or maximum 2 colleagues is ok, but not more than that.

i need travelmate. i would have one, but she is in england now!!! waaaa!!!!
no holidays...then save stuff. hahaha.

Friday, February 22, 2008

vote him!

remember him??? AH SENG if you have forgotten. and i am doing some campaigning for him. forget about voting for the blue or white or green flag.
pick up the phone and sms him for the most adorable chubby boy around!!!
noooo...i am not kidding. he participated in this contest organised by astro and now he is selected by myolie wu herself as one of the 3 finalist. he had to go through the preliminary round in 1 utama last saturday which aunts and zhong attended. he presented a dance and too video! aaaa!!! i caught it on astro today in AEC. he was really cute. the other 2 finalists are ladies...and trust me...not as adorable as ah seng.
the voting has not started yet...but just take this down first...
type: WLT1
and send it to 33888 starting 7 march. gosh, that is the day i will be flying to gold coast. but i will definitely send a few smses before i board that flight!
he will be going to the studio to do more taping and maybe some appearances in some shows. haha...a mini celebrity. they might even invite a few of his friends so jet might get to tag along. i also want!!!
so remember to vote him yeah. i am going to remind u all again when the date is near. haha

oink oink

this here is the aforementioned piggy sent to my car yesterday. no one has claimed it yet and it is now hanging on one of the nails on the wall.

cute or not?? but without knowing who gave it, it is kinda scary.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


oh gosh, it has been the word 'go' since work resumed on monday and i have been really tired and exhausted the whole week. i just can't wait for the weekend to start.
it is really unbearable to wait for the night to come when i can't wait to put my head on the pillow and get my rest. the neck is especially strained and it feels like the muscles there are working over time to support it. it is only mid-morning now and the strain has already come. how can i last for 2 more days?

today marks the last day of the chinese new year celebration. i think there will be prayers right?? and firecrackers?? NOOO!!! i don't want to lose my sleep! i am keeping both hands' fingers crossed!

also, this day happens to be valentine's day for the chinese. and is it a coincidence that i found a small stuffed piggy toy on the booth of my car at 7 in the morning?? which mad person would have left this toy there in the middle of the night and without leaving any name? or could it be a case of mistaken identity? i am just glad that it was not a can of red paint on the car.

i do not have the energy to ponder about this matter when i have many other more immediate things to settle.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

jalan-jalan on a hot day

joined a trip to see the famous chinese new year lights at fo guang shan dong zen temple in jenjarom yesterday. brought mom along as both of us are curious to see the real thing after seeing it on papers and news.

had a detour to putrajaya to throw away a few hours before that...and gosh, those few hours should have been prolonged by making another detour to the not-so-far alamanda mall. we had too much time in precint 1 and much much more time at the temple.

let me share some photos of putrajaya.

we went on a cruise on the lake. rm17 per person for 30 mins. just have to find some place to dump the time. it was ok lah.

yeah, the nation is celebrating everything related to space now. the rukunegara is engraved on the body of the rocket.
this should be the space auditorium still under construction now.

this pink robe is what you need to put on if you are appropriately dressed. only if you want to have a look inside the mosque. someone was told that he could not enter because he is not a muslim. there is not such thing right? i think the guard there was just prejudiced and discriminating towards a juvenile chinese.
mom posing in front of the majestic administrative building. such a cloudless day that all pictures turned out bright and clear. but that means everyone had their sunglasses on.

we headed to jenjarom after lunch in the food court at putrajaya. should have suggested going to alamanda waaaaay earlier before they planned everything. the time was not even 3 when we reached the temple on this hot day.

replica of famous places which is related to buddha. there are 4 of them. i remember one is lumbini because i heard of it during the trip to nepal. i dunno what this is.
the prayer hall. fully air-conditioned and they conducted prayers here the whole day. some people took the opportunity to sit by the sides of the hall (inside) and took forty-winks.
they had a charity vegetarian banquet planned for the night. so a group of taiwanese teens were practising for their spectacular show when we came. they were here on a goodwill mission.

the exhibition hall. they had a book fair and dunhuang art exihibition...bringing you into cave-like rooms to see the 'paintings' on cave walls in dunhuang.

this lantern and the flowers are the major attractions here besides praying and learning about buddhism lah. as i am not a devotee, it was a killer to spend more than 5 hours (!!!!) on the temple ground! trust me, i am not the only one complaining but i was just putting up a serene appearance since we are in a holy place. and they really cut your throat here by raising the prices of all things in the name of charity donation.

see the bowls on the steps? they are for your to throw coins in. each bowl is labelled with wishes, for work, for family, for health, for wealth, and of course for fate. someone threw five coins and din even touched any. i threw one (only planned to do it once) aiming at oh-my-destiny and it got in...but jumped out again. so fated lah it was not mine.

wishing tree...rm5 for one piece please. everything also money here! leech!
the banquet started at six plus. only for those with tickets lah. the opening. all balloons were released simultaneously. then the performances of the taiwanese teens started. excellent! so much energy, and so syncronised. brilliant! one after another non-stop for 30 minutes. the painful legs refused to budge from the spot.

chinese top. dunno what u call them.

one of the 12 zodiac animals lanterns.

buddhism scripture writing hall. this place is really quiet, cool and tranquil. you are not allowed to make any noise. they have a piece of scripture on the table where you just have to follow the lines and write out the words you see on the paper using an pre-filled ink brush pen. since i had sooo much time to spare, i went in and spent 30 mins writing scripture! yes, many jaws dropped when it was known that i was inside doing that. and hey, although i could not understand what i was writing, my effort was not bad rite? and you were supposed to recite some prayers before and after writing. they wrote it on another piece of paper on the table with sounds romanized. but i could not make head and tails of just simply rushed through the recitation. not sincere hor...but this was a cool refuge from the heat outside. haha.
my masterpiece.

no more pictures. will i go again? i dun think so. i think the lightings do not change much every year...and go there slightly early to avoid the jam...but not as early as what we did. 5pm is sufficient. do i come back holier? haha...funny. still not one.

kitty sharing

cousin yeelin took all these photos while shopping in H&M koblenz (germany). seeing hello kitty reminded her of me here, the adult child...or child adult??
i enjoy looking at HK's merchandise but i dun really buy them unless they are things i can really use. and yeelin has volunteered to buy something in one of the photos here which i definitely can use. prize for guessing the correct answer. i just hope it is not too expensive. it is just too adorable to ignore and not to own.