Monday, February 26, 2007

my best friend's wedding

aaahh......the first wedding of the year is over. what a weekend it was and what a memorable one!!! am so glad everything went smoothly without a hitch. wishing the bride and groom many happy days together...don't forget the terms and conditions you have adhered to Paul...hahaha...i hope you have read every word clearly and understood all.
also, i think those guys have one of the easiest paths to get the bride in the 'waiting room'. all my effort and time spent were wasted!!! you are welcome ya. only needed to shout your heart out that you came to pick the bride, answer some simple questions (yet some were still wrong and i still let you fast gave away the 'lai se'...or was there another one..hhmmmm...), have some slices of lemon (which is good for cleansing lah) and then sign the marriage contract. AAWWWWW!!!!!
what happen to all those whipped cream, wax, singing, etc???? anyway...a big toast to the couple!! what a handsome couple ya?? everyone who has seen the photos say so...cheers to both of you....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

chinese new year wishes

i know this is a bit fault
i received an e-mail instruction from a dear friend, k. sugumaran who is in england at the moment. he wants me to wish all friends a happy chinese new year.
so to all friends of k. sugu...happy chinese new year.
anyone who wants to write to him, ask me for his e-mail add lah. he is a busy man doing his masters now...and in his mail, he has only slept for 2 days in the last 5. life is hard eh. man, you have to take care!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007


date: 20 february 2007
venue: garden seafood restaurant


the happy bride and groom; kien and hua

Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy chinese new year


it is such a quiet day. nothing like the past years where the house was crowded with siblings, cousins and friends. i guess time is changing as everyone moves away from home. most are overseas and the noise and festivities are more reduced now. no mood or spirit at all!!
gosh, this week might be a dread instead now. i hope tomorrow will be a more active one. getting red packets is no longer the priority; only the kids will feel excited. and everyone who is giving the red packets keep pestering you to be the one to give next year... not fun at all having to think of an answer.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day

woohoo!!! a box of ferrero rocher first thing in the morning!! 7++!! what a better way to start the morning. nice of the boy. everyone else promised this and that one week before this day, and yet no actions!
haha..who says singles cannot celebrate valentine's??
wishing everyone else a happy and sweet day. pour those loving feelings out and dun keep 'em all for yourself!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

storm came. after the one week of dry spell, finally it came in torrents! the gale was so strong that it blew down trees, water came into the house and my car got a wash....but not a good wash, as soon as the water dried, it was all covered with dust. even bro's bedroom did not escape the torment. the wind blew in dust and sand particles through the gaps above the windows. i got an immediate itch when i slept on the bed. had to wake up to dust them away before sleep could resume. some rain is welcomed, but no more gale and storm please.
the dry weather is really torturing. the sun is so bright and cruel, it sucks every drop of moisture on the surface. headache even visited once it got unbearably hot. when will this end? it hampers all the sports activities i have in mind in the evening.

mom's pride and joy. they are really in full bloom now. i love the purple one on the right, it is so unique. could it be the hot and dry weather now that is forcing the out from hiding?? in time for the new year too (i hope). one knows what will happen one week later.

the time is past 5pm.,
yes, i know it is almost time,
for the tiffin carrier to drop by
with the day's dinner.

hip! hip! hooray!
no more worries,
stomach is filled
aaah...first is the bowl of soup,
next comes a lil' bit of rice
plus the 3 dishes
yum yum...satisfied

*oh, it is such a convenience to have this service now. the food is not bad as well and i have so much more time on my hands.

Friday, February 09, 2007

trip to beijing has been shelved for the time being. might go in june if the cost permits. going in march is impossible because of the expensive air fare despite the so-called air fair.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

been really busy recently. sorry there is nothing much to fill in as well. when i thought of something to write about, the computer was occupied. well, just my luck i guess.
the travelling plan has hit a snag. beijing might be a dream only now. blame the wau bulan airlines! they actually retrieved the confirmed bookings i had made through a travel agent and instructed all passengers to go and book their tickets through their online travel fair. fair my foot!!! previously i managed to get my ticket for only rm16++, now the price is rm24++ for my travel period. how unfair is that? if i go in may or june, i can get quite a cheap fair, but no one will be free to bring me around then. if i choose to go via others airlines, the price is still around rm21++ or less which i think is still expensive to go to beijing ah :(. will wait and see what my housemate say. the wau bulan can fly far far away lah, i will find some others means to go.