Thursday, October 23, 2014

eat drink and be sick... ;(

how i wish it is eat drink and be merry. but these few weeks.....the weather has been really gloomy with cloudy days followed by heavy rain and cold nights.

i have been feeling a bit under the weather both physically and emotionally as well i think.

physically, i think i am not doing enough exercise and i am losing whatever fitness i used to have. i do miss my jogging sessions!! and with year end looming around the corner, it is time for me to make the decision on the knee surgery. to do or not to do it..... most probably it is a do for this one.....there is the time management to handle now.....

and how much time will i have to stay away from the office if i go for the surgery. gosh.....pressure from work and also a kind of emptiness  in this job are also not making the days easier to pass.  there is the file to update for when the inspectorate comes for the audit....and what i have been doing all this while....errr......i am not really following the book but what the boss' says. but i can say it is what the boss tells me to do when i answer those auditors. as for the emptiness- it is the lack of warmth and sense of achievement. in the previous job, my days were usually filled with the kids' antics and we really had a jolly good time when we were together and i felt appreciated for every little thing i do. now, i feel that my presence in the life of the people i am supposed to help is more like a pain in the neck for them. that is how i think they view me. although i was praised by one of them when some big shots came, it is just one lucky streak i think. there are still a lot of unfinished loose ends everywhere.

it is almost the end of the year and everyone is looking forward to the long holidays. i have to start thinking about the plan for next year come next month!!! am i regretting the choice i made? oh is too late for that isnt it? let me just wallow in my own regret for a while......and i will get up again soon.....the sooner the better.

can food heal the moodiness? i don't think so.....i should be all jolly and springy in my steps now if so because i went to eat some really nice food recently.

this red bean bag cafe in publika has been nominated one of the best cafes in kl for this year....and i think it should be in the list. i waited 30 minutes to get my seat on deepavali for lunch. service was fast though and food was good. as for the coffee, they are ok...but i have tried better ones in those cafes in taman tun. their supreme nachos was nothing to shout about- too little cheese. but the pancake was good. our bill came up to rm225 for the 5 of us. not cheap right.

tried another new place in ipoh too. stg tea house cafe. stg stands for sabah tea garden if i am not wrong. you expect fascinating drinks with such name but i was sort of disappointed with their drinks. it was quite plain and nothing to shout about....hence no photo of even a drink. but the food was really good. yummy.....soup, main, desserts. all got our thumbs up!! the ambience of the whole place was also good....what is not to like about the place? it is a colonial mansion beautifully decorated and surrounded by green lawn.

i will go broke soon if i keep on eating at these expensive places.

hence the need to have some super healthy blended fruit smoothie at home.

i like this combination of grapes, apples and pineapple. i thought the pineapple was going to be too strong for the tummy, but i was wrong. i had it in the morning after i woke up and it did nothing bad to the tummy. it was rich in fibre from the pineapple too. gosh, i better learn how to cut pineapple for when mom leaves for aussie next month. how do i get all those eyelets out of the pineapple? and will i have the time to go fruit shopping on saturday?? errr..........headache!!
the headache for the missing diamond ear-ring has been solved though. diamond is too the cheaper way- silved. and i got this pair of wings from thomas sabo. now i can fly!! weeeeeeee!!!
instead of paying more than rm1790.....i paid rm179 for my ear-rings now. see, a change in expenditure dy. ahem ahem.

and lastly, a change in phone case now. i accidentally dunked the phone head first into a bowl of hot korean beef doenjang jjigae soup yesterday during dinner. thank god the camera was not spoilt and after much of wiping using tissue paper and then using wet cotton to clean the phone case, i have decided to say goodbye to my studded leather covered casing. if you look carefully, the top left corner is also broken already and the leather is starting to peel off from the edges too. so from an edgy cool case, i have moved to a super cute case. gosh, what a difference. hahaha....
have been having this spare case for quite a while. it is moschino all right but the price is less than what i paid for my pair of ear-rings ok. kids shouted in jubilance upon seeing the case. i just have to get used to its bigger size.

well, sayonara now. one more day at the office and it is the weekend. uwaaaa!!!! back to reality tomorrow. files!!!!