Saturday, July 31, 2010

dreary and long day

it is not a good idea to relax with a movie like inception.
it is a mind boggling one and i almost fell into my own dream in the midst of the movie too. no offence to the cast, but i feel the movie is quite dreary. i think the two youngest cast stood out more in the movie. well, watch the movie if you have a lot of time, 150 minutes.

the few hours in ipoh was still an escape from the pressure of work.
i only survived on an apple and a cup of coffee this morning till 2p.m. it was my first time. i did not believe i could do it but i did. it was not by choice too. there was just too much to do this morning.

arranging exam hall, giving briefing, handling discipline case, writing record book, and collecting all photo orders and money.....all these in the span of 5 hours. i was really drained.....but still decided to go to ipoh.

did some shoppng and caught inception. that was short break from work.

why am i still awake now? i have just finished gathering all photos for the slide show tomorrow for prize-giving day.

time to sign off now. till sunday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

from black to white

a review of what is to come into my hand this sunday. i am getting this sony ericsson and it is the white cover one. nice or not???? quite stylish i think but i will definitely have to handle it with extra care. i feel all sentimental now when i look at my black k800 phone. i will have to say goodbye to it soon. sob sob sob! it has served me really well these 3 or 4 years and produce good photos for me to put on the blog. the heart will feel heavy on sunday no doubt when i have to hand it over. let's keep the fingers crossed that the new phone will quickly take over the place of the old one and serve me well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

on a sunday.......

after all the words i typed in the previous post about a man for myself, let's go to photos for this one.
anyway, can't help but to thank c2 for her comments. tq makes my search easier now kan? muahahaha....

first photo- yummmy kiwi icecream from walls on a hot hot sunday afternoon. it is just like eating frozen kiwi. it comes in strawberry too but it is sweeter. mom and i like kiwi more. rm1.50. oh, and on the computer screen, i was playing songs by greenday sung at their broadway version of american idiot musicals. they rock!

second photo- a collection of combs given to grandma by her friend who went to china years ago. so my dear siblings, cousins and aunt, do you want these combs? there are 5 here. all the combs are made of bones. no kidding. good stuff. i think i want to have one since everyone gets a shock when i tell them i don't have a comb. so better keep one for emergency. will only take the combs out of the box when all combs have found their owners ok.

third photo- my poor little finger. the fungal (i think) infection is back. want to press all the 'water' out. they are not really itchy but if i dun press them, the bubble will get bigger and there will be more. will continue applying the cream (clobet cream) i got for my birthday. i thought the infection had healed last week, but it came again this week. mom told me to wash with salt water.

last photo- time for a new phone. i am sick of 'hello hello hello and hello' whenever i get a call. it is not people's fault, it is my phone. when i call ppl, i cannot get any dial tone, when ppl pick up my call, i only hear silence. when ppl call me, i pick up the phone, i also hear silence. sigh. it happens occasionally, not all the time.
so the two choices: nokia's c5 (released last month) or sony ericsson's vivaz pro (released in may). both the phones have almost the functions and they are both around rm1100. the white one in the photo is nokia c6 but vivaz pro also comes in white.
here is a link that compares these two phones:
i have never used a nokia before. have asked 2 persons, both said vivaz pro. but the guy at the shop said nokia. dilemma. help me!
no iphone or blackberry, because i don't want to sign up a data plan. i don't think i need it. i only use rm30 value plan on maxis.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

a suitable man for me

conversation with a group of 14-year-old last week-

ok, this week's journal, write about your favourite food.
aaawwww....noooo....they groaned.
then, what about you all choosing a man for me......reaction??
all eyes lightened and twinkled.....and these are what they handed in today.

I want to introduce a suitable man for her. He is a pilot. I think you would like a handsome man. Secondly, you also like to travel, the man can go around the world with you. Thirdly, his knowledge is abundant. Then, he can bring you to taste the food all over the world. Lastly, I think you will like him very much.

escape is single now. She wishes to have a boyfriend. The type of boyfriend for escape is not so handsome because he is not easy to find. (hahaha...true kan??) His English is good and he has some money to give escape to visit other countries. He must take care of her and be good to her (aawwwww). Lastly, I wish escape will quickly find her boyfriend.

The kind of boyfriend suitable for escape is a rich man because escape always goes shopping. Besides, he also needs to know the English language because escape is not so good at Chinese language and does not write in Chinese. Lastly, the man must be smart.

The type of man suitable for escape is a clever boy. He must also be handsome and rich. If the boy is rich, he can go to other countries with escape because escape likes to go to other countries to play.

To be escape's man, he must be handsome, tall and rich. If he is rich, escape can go to shopping centre to buy something when she is free. Besides, he must be as brave as a lion so he can protect escape as well. Furthermore, he likes to give surprise to escape and always takes care of her. Lastly, he must be kind, honest and friendly. (i love this man)

escape is thirty three years old. She is temporarily single (is there such an expression??...i can use this now). A man that is suitable for escape is, as she said, she loves shopping, the man should be rich. Maybe escape can turn a billionaire to a millionaire (notice the depleting amount) because of shopping. Besides, escape’s suitable man should be smart, tall and willing to sacrifice time to accompany her.

A suitable man for escape must be handome. The man must be handsome because escape is a beautiful woman (ahem). Besides, the man must be a rich man. escape likes shopping so the man must give escape money to shop because shopping is her hobby. Shopping can help her release stress. Furthermore, the man must be kind. The man must always help escape when she faces problem and other people. The man must always take care of escape and not make her sad.

ok finished laughing??? notice some repetitions in the choice of man for me....haha....must be rich and handsome. and isn't it obvious that i like shopping? i really love it that much??
maybe that is what they see.......i also love quiet activities like reading and doing nothing also ok.

now from me....what do i need in a man??

hmhh....can we really list down the criteria and find a man that fits the desciption? frankly, my mind is blank after i typed the above question. i don't think we can really list it down. every human is different and unique in their own ways, nobody is perfect, i am not perfect too. and i am still keeping my fingers crossed that i will find my day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

not too busy for a book

blog oh blog, sorry for leaving you lonely for so long.
this week has just been a very very busy one (what is new anyway).

and at night, when everyone has left, i also don't want to switch on the computer. i am hooked to a book. i can't wait to snuggle into bed every night to flip open the book and immerse myself in the story. has anyone read the girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg larsson??? you should go and get it.

image from

it is originally written in swedish and has been made into a movie last year. i still haven't watched the movie but i will, after i finish the last page either tonight or tomorrow.

i think the author (who has passed away) has also written two more books using the same characters- the girl who played with fire and the girl who kicked the hornet's nest. i have all three books. my brother bought the last one and i bought the first 2. i think he is also hooked by the books.

it has been a while since i have been so engrossed by a book. the book is the only thing in my head every night and i go to sleep later instead of my usual 11p.m. slumber routine too. i delayed it by half an hour.

there will be a dinner to attend tonight, organised by the board of directors. makan only. after that, straight to bed to join lisbeth and mikael. haha.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a quick lesson in cooking

ok you decide if i can cook.

i was really really hungry half an hour ago that i left my cafe world halfway on facebook and got down to searching the fridge for ingredients to make my ginger prawn egg fried rice. i was yearning for some ginger to get rid of the gas in the stomach because of too much durians and suddenly a plate of fried rice appeared in the head. my hands were shaking due to the hunger and i practically finished cooking the plate of fried rice in 10 mins time. no kidding

well, 10 mins is possible when you have all the prawns already peeled and frozen in the freezer as seen below.
next, ginger of course.
finally, a bowl of leftover rice from yesterday. 2 eggs were cracked and mixed and i have also added a teaspoon of salt here. just whipped them all up. too much egg eh?? well, it ain't much if you are an egg lover
the result???

well, you have this:

can you smell it? grandma came to the kitchen when she smelt it and i gave her a bowl. my personal verdict? it was a bit wet- too much egg hence i could not whip up a plate of fragrant ginger prawn egg fried rice. but it was still good bitting into those ginger and prawn pieces. i think i did ok since everything was done in a matter of minutes.

conclusion? i won't starve at home hehehehe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

more pressies

parcels from overseas this week.

the first one is from dear quincy in taiwan who helped me to get sammi's latest mandarin album. i heard this version is already sold out even in malaysia, so thank god i got mine.
but i was quite surprised to see its size. i was expecting something bigger and thicker.
haven't played the cd yet. can't find the time but i have heard a few good songs and i expect the same for the rest of the album. sammi's effort this time is bearing fruit. i guess when you are doing something from the heart, it will be appreaciated. oh, the songs are her version of gospel music fyi.
another parcel came from yunli in england. she always makes sure i get something for my birthday and i try my best to send her something too. but sometimes it is hard to get her things which she will find useful. so this time, i sent her a book by amir muhammad and luckily he is one of her favourite writers. phew! haha....of course i know she loves malaysian authors before hand.

now what did she get me??
paperchase has got to be one of my favourite stores in england. anything from this store and you have got me as soon as i see the label. my favourite stationery store!!! go click on the link and expore what they have. i am sure you will fall in love with the store too.

oh, she got me a passport holder. so now my passport has a jacket and not naked anymore hahaha. very useful indeed. clever choice!

i tried flying-fox for the first time today. the flight was a very short one and there was not an ounce of excitement at all. i was only worried if i held my hands correctly and my position. wished it could be longer. i think it was only about 10m plus. haiz.

my brother is going on a more adventurous journey this tuesday. he is going to conquer mount kinabalu in sabah again. yup, it is his second time. they are going to try the mesilau trail this time if i am not wrong. it is a much steeper and longer one. urrghh...i can imagine all the muscles crying for help already. he has started buying batteries for the torch light and headlights. so hope nothing goes wrong in his trip.

in the meantime, both of us are going to enjoy the durians dad bought today. my stomach is already bloating. the appetite seems to have grown because of too much eating during the birthday week. i need to make it small again but i feel hungry all the time. sob sob sob.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

fear....then relief

5 cent 5 cent 5 cent 5 cent 5 cent 5 cent

that is how much they are going to raise the price of petrol per litre tomorrow. so i will need to pay rm1.85/l for ron95. no more subsidy for ron97.
price of sugar will be increased as well by 25 cent per kilo to rm1.75/kg. well, i still think that is cheap for sugar...something which you do not really need in your diet.

a colleague called me earlier to ask me if i knew about this and told me to go and fill up my petrol tank. well, i refused to go and join the queue. i would only be able to save a little bit once, why bother with the hassle. i can still afford that extra 5 cent per litre lah.

and another reason i did not want to get out of the house was because i had only discovered from one big anxiety that almost made me cry!!!! i could really feel all colours draining from my face for those 2 hours.

it began when i was searching for those photos i used two weeks to capture at work. photos of all uniform units, clubs and societies and sports teams. i failed to detect them on the hard disc. i know i had grouped them all in one folder and had divided them into their units including morning and afternoon session. i searched and searched and reconnected the hard disc again and again.....yet i could not find the folder!! then i looked at my desktop, also could not find.

stopped looking when i had to go for dinner to celebrate my housemate's birthday. i really had no mood already then. what would i do if all the files were missing because of some virus attack?? i had black pepper chicken chop and i ordered a tiramisu cake for her from tg malim. i was eating like a zombie and i was the fastest to finish my food because my actions were just like a robot's. i could not feel the food going down my stomach too. all that i was thinking was the folder. oh folder!!!!

we spent almost two hours at the restaurant and when i got back, i reattached the hard disc to the computer again to start my search. then out of nowhere, my eyes landed on co-cu units folder on the desktop. i did not remember seeing it there earlier! i was expecting the worst (empty folder) when i clicked the folder. but luckily (a big heave of relief), it was the folder i had been locating. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! i was soo soo soo soo relieved!

quickly i made a backup file and i could feel the colours slowly coming back to me.

gosh, i think i am really stressed from work. but there are still sooo many things to do. i guess i have to take it one step at a time and try to delegate my work now. but ah, i usually feel better if i do the stuff because i will know where everything is at. dilemma.

got to start organising some photos now before they go missing again. night.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


happi happi happi....
i love my present!! i was rather surprised actually to get it from mien yin. did not expect her to give me one. she did tell me she was going to get me sweet of her.

i love the wristlet so much, it is the only one i have anyway. i think it is so versatile but i will have to take care not to smudge the canvas. it is not too formal for me and there are so many compartments inside. love it!

i have also been invited to attend this hillsong concert in ipoh on 11 august by the same girl. the concert will showcase christian worship songs. well, i am no christian but i still agreed to go, just to have a look, and if i am driven there. i will definitely not drive there alone at night.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more purchase and tick tick tick tick more one more one more.....this will be the laaaaaaassstt one.

one more swarovski order today. this time it is a brooch. nice or not??? i think it is so regal and elegant.
i am getting that for a colleague who will be retiring in september and she has always loved swarovski products but is unwilling to spare the cash for them although she can afford it. i think this is going to make her a very happy woman. of course i am not paying for the whole thing alone, more than 20 of us are chipping in.
thanks to my aunt who has become the delivery woman for swarovski hahaha.

on another matter, i am a good malaysian. ;P
i took part in the census exercise being carried out nationwide at the moment. someone wrote to the newspaper and said that the enumerator did not ask all 50 plus questions mentioned by the ministry.
well, i did not answer that many questions but i did see that many boxes being ticked in the booklet form.

i have worked as an opinion surveyor before and i roughly know how those forms work. some answers given will automatically lead to some automatic ticking of some answers. hence, you don't hear all 50 plus questions being asked aloud.
and it is sad to see how doors are sealed tight when the enumerator was calling outside at the gate. poor thing. luckily some neighbours who have already done the survey helped him to call out the other neighbours who thought he was a salesman.
is everyone feeling so insecure nowadays?

i think i made the enumerator's job an easy one and i did give my full co-operation. i have been in his shoes before so i hope he is going to have a good day too. thank you mr enumerator.

Friday, July 09, 2010

busiest days of the year

this post is purely for my own so that i can document memorable events in my life. so if you are going to think that i am gloating (well, can't help it too) and showing-off, you better stop reading now. i have warned you.

i have had 2 of the busiest days in the entire year. nothing beats these 2 days i think. when asked what my birthday wish for this year was, i answered, a day in a resort and the spa where i can be pampered and relax, free from any stress from work. well, that remains a wish which is not meant to be fulfilled. my birthday celebration is nothing like that and that's because i have lots and lots of kids who remember and thoughtful colleagues and friends too. i can't ask for more.

6 july 2010

i know it is not my birthday yet, but my dear housemate decided to get this for me. she asked me earlier whether i had any plan and i had a feeling she was up to something then.
bless her. she never forgot.

peach cake

let the celebration begin!!!!!

7 july 2010

midnight....toss and turn, toss and turn. woke up in the middle of the night because the face and arms were itchy. something was biting me but i did not find out what it was. washed my face, checked the handphone (24 messages) and forced myself to sleep without reading any message. i needed my rest.

woke up at 6a.m. with dark circles under the eyes. urrghh...groggy. profanities came out of the mouth and could not believe those were the first few words uttered on the day i turned one year older.

reminded myself to start the day with a smile, so all vulgar languages disappeared. read the first batch of messages that came in. a few from colleagues but mostly from the kids. everyone was trying to be the first one to wish me. how cute. would it make a difference if the message came later in the day??

the new timetable at work showed that it was the busiest day of the week. gosh, 6 periods out of 10. only 4 periods to rest.

the first one to switch on the computer at work. at a quarter past seven. checked facebook. 55 posts on walls. unbelievable. facebook brought a new record in term of birthday wishes this year. more than 200 of them! that is a lot for me.

heard 4 birthday songs, versions in mandarin, english and cantonese.

got 2 boxes of chocolate.

the above is from colleague.
this box of lindt pralines is from yeelyn. very nice packaging.

and guess what, a colleague decided to make nasi kerabu that morning in the staff room. my first time eating it and we got live demonstration of him (yes, a he) cutting vegetables so skillfully. rezeki. yummy. finger-licking-good.

the handphone had incoming messages everytime i checked. hahaha.....felt like the busiest person in the whole place that day. everywhere i went i got wishes of happy birthday and from colleagues too. muahahahaha

got 2 cakes at work. here i am with them. my lunch's appetiser.

reached home after two and found something wrapped in yellow a4 paper on the table. my housemate who got back earlier brought it in i am sure. on it was written my name. i ripped the paper off and luckily i saw some writings underneath before i tore the paper into pieces. it was from peimeng. she gave me this hand cream because i showed her a fungal infection (i think) on my little finger the other day when we went jogging. bless her. that was her gift for me. i am glad that she is doing better now. can't wait to see her graduate and become a full-fledge doctor.

in the afternoon, it poured so heavily that i was wondering how the barbecue party tonight was going to be held. yes, i had a barbecue party and i did not have to do anything. no shopping, no organising. free.

delivery- 2 cheese tarts for turning 33 from shyan zhin. they are still in the fridge. no space in the stomach for them yet. breakfast tomorrow??

the kids started coming at 7p.m. and luckily the rain had turned into a drizzle. the barbecue was on. we had the pits under the porch. the kids shoo-ed me away from the kitchen. i did not have to start the fire, i only wandered aimlessly and finally decided to sit down to read the day's paper.

what kind of food did we have???
steamed man tou, cheese, ham, pork chop (the best!!!), chicken wings, hotdogs, meatballs, crab sticks, bread and orange squash. everything was laid on a platter for me fully cooked. i only had to tell them what i wanted..................wait, i did not even have to tell them, everything was brought to me. hahahahaha. i felt like the queen.

they got me 2 cakes. while waiting for the boys to start the fire successfully, we had this chocolate one to fill the already hungry stomaches.
the girls took to playing cup stack-up. one cup for everyone who came.
no time to entertain me. hehe....
aaahh....glorious food

the second cake that night- strawberry. they paid extra rm1.50 just to get that sugar hello kitty.

small present from foosing.
this is the position of the present now- on my work bag. nice place right??? the badge and another grey toy were put there by yours truly to make the bag fun.

ok...continue bbq story......
hence, one hand was picking the food and putting them into my mouth, the other was holding the handphone and texting thank you messages to those who wished me.

the party ended at around 10.30p.m. and they helped me clean up. i would have chopped them if they did not hahaha. but i did the mopping after everyone had left. it was easier with no one in the way. the whole house smelt of smoke but i could no nothing about it.

more messages and i got few phone calls before the day officially ended.but i only called it a night at around 2a.m. after replying every post i got on my facebook. have to show my gratitude and some manners to ppl who think of wishing you right??????? this can of heineken kept me company while i was typing. i downed this big can with the hope that my body won't get heaty from eating those grilled food.

8 july 2010

merentas desa!! or cross-country in english. the day was soooooooo hot and bright and humid!!!! at 4p.m.!!!!
my duty was in the photography department and actually i had nothing to do. all the duties had been assigned to the kids and my hands were free. so what else to do??? run lah with the under 18.
lungs were almost exploding after running for 20 mins. told myself i could not stop but when it reached 30 minutes, i was already searching for shades where i could stop running and only walk. damn, where had all the shades gone to i asked???!!!!

i finished my run in 38 mins 24 seconds and emerged 11 in the category. another double. my brother wished me a good 33-77. still have a long way to catch the first runner, 29 mins plus. i die.

the whole body felt loosened up after the run and it was such joy doing all the stretching exercises and being able to bend and pulled all the muscles and limbs.

but, i could feel all the bones knocking against each other when i did a short netball practice. had a game tomorrow. everything felt so stiff but it was good fun getting the ball into the hoop. so let's hope the good form continues.

7p.m., colleague came to pick me up. destination?? tanjung tualang for seafood dinner with 6 other colleagues. we celebrated 2 birthdays, mine and another colleague whose birthday falls on 11 july.
it took about one hour to reach there from bidor.
food was superb!!!

the night ended at 11p.m. had a very sound sleep thanks to the wine we had. yippee!!! sleep, finally!

9 july 2010

still a few belated wishes coming in through the handphone.

one more cake from the kids in the afternoon. this time cheesecake.
very filling ah!!!! their surprise was not a surprise because i could read their body language that something was being planned in the morning right under my nose. hahaha....
6.30p.m. i was told not to leave my seat and wait for carmen to come. nothing else was mentioned but deep down i knew the girls would plan something for me. i mean, how could they not? haha..okok, but if they did not, i would have many books to mark.

i'm not going to go into the details here about how carmen and yeelyn tried to cheat me out of my house and to leave my keys in the mailbox. then the other girls- quin, yiwei, karen and peirou came to set up all things for a steamboat party. i don't know how but my intuition told me i would have a steamboat today. or maybe they knew what i was thinking too? naaah....they can't read my mind.

another night of glorious food!!! i think i have put on a lot of weight these 3 days alone!! help!!!!
does birthday = eating?
blueberry yoghurt cheese from peirou and brothers. i think both the two brothers tumpang only and peirou did the whole thing kan?? haha......i got all your messages and wishes though.

another birthday cake- black forest. thank goodness the girls could gorge down the cake in minutes. i only had some. really could not take it.

well, it is time to hit the bed if i want to be alert to shoot the netball into its hoop. the district level family day wor. where is mine- i mean my family?? bring your children along, everyone is cordially invited. hmhhh.....
i will take to my heels as soon as my game ends tomorrow. home sweet home.

to everyone- friends, colleagues, boys and girls, cousins, siblings and neighbours- thank you from the bottom of my heart. i am touched by all your well-wishes and foods and gifts. thank you.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

goodbye 32

i finally can relate to the phrase drinking like a fish.

i have never felt so thirsty in my life. after the cross country practice yesterday, i was reaching for drinks every half hour. no matter how much i drank, the thirst was not quenched. and i was not even bloated after drinking almost 1.5 litre of water.

i did not run with the kids. instead i was in-charge of photography and i even had a driver fetching me on the bicycle. but poor driver, the bicycle he borrowed was not pumped especially the rear tyre, so he was huffing and puffing and working out those calf muscles. my weight of 53kg was not considered light for a pillion rider on the bicycle. i am sure he won't be volunteering his service for the competition day which will be this thursday. no lower body gym session for him yesterday.

onto another thing now. this will be the last time i am posting as a 32-year-old. come tomorrow, i will add another year to my age and it is hello 33.

the kids are making me excited with promises of celebrations and presents. where are my surprises?? one is having trouble keeping the cat in the bag.

well, no matter what they plan, i am already blessed by their thoughts and wishes. the celebrations and presents are bonuses.

i am really lucky and i do feel thankful for everything i have. tonight, i will go to bed at the usual bedtime. i am not going to wait to see the first sms that comes in after 12 midnight. i think i need my rest to face the extra addition to the age. hahaaha.....

a group of colleagues have booked me on thursday night for dinner in kampar. bless them.
they are cracking their head on the present to buy me. well, i can't even think of an answer to give them. like they say, 'i already have everything, what more to give me??'
i think i am missing a man, i need my own personal laptop and i need a new handphone. hahaha..... so can someone give me these???

so goodbye 32. thank you for giving me a good year.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

ein, zwei, drei, vier....not enough ah?????

i have just gone shopping at again!!!! don't smack your palm on your forehead and cry out, "please help escape!!!". you can breathe.

it is not mine. i dunno which lucky girl will get this but i am glad i can help make her happy. i helped a friend of a friend to order actually. and this necklace is not on sale somemore. i have seen the necklace in store before. really nice. it will definitely steal the night.

putting this picture up again because it is my birthday present from aunt. see, i help someone solve the headache of buying me a birthday present again. thank you. it is the cheapest from my lot. haiz......why not the big chunky ring huh?? ;P

oh, all the things i ordered from swarovski have arrived yesterday. aunt said the big ring was really chunky. gosh, i hope i can carry the ring and not the other way round. she said the necklace was nice. can't wait to see them.

and today, i officially sat through a world cup match from the start till the end. and it was a great one!!! no regret. dad watched it with me.
i was supporting germany. i think dad was neutral. the influences to support germany of course come from cousin and aunt who reside there.
the Germans played really well. they were so organized and they dwarfed the Argentinians.
i hope i can see the germans play in the final. i have been warned about the spaniards. but i am hopeful.

Friday, July 02, 2010

memory lapse at the bank!!!

i thought i had suffered a mild case of memory loss earlier at the bank.
stopped by the bank because i wanted to deposit some cash. and when i was in front of the machine, i realised that i had forgotten my account number. i tried to recall as hard as i could, but my mind was totally BLANK. i had no inkling of an idea the last four digits nor the first few digits which represented the bank code.
instead, the numbers that came out were those of my credit card! waaahahahaaaaaa!!!!

i left the bank minutes later still clutching my unopened purse. sob sob sob.
then in the drive home, i tested my memory if i still remember some important numbers....just to check that i did not suffer from early alzheimer. i could remember my home telephone number. i could remember my old ic number. so confirm, the memory bank in the head is still functioning.

i tried and tried and tried....and finally, those 12 digits finally came out in the sequence they were supposed to be, the moment i parked my car into the porch. dang!

i think i know why i have forgotten those important 12 digits. sob sob sob! i have not been depositing anything into my account for ages, hence the memory lapse. there is only outflow from the account and no inflow. i wanna cry!!!! and the reason why the credit card numbers appear when i was in the bank is a very easy puzzle to solve. i have been doing a few transactions with credit card while shopping online this week. horror!!! i am a bad financial planner!!!!

i better stop myself.......yes, i am saying the same thing again. this is quite a jolt, so hopefully the rein can be pulled tighter this time around.

ok to nicer things now.

like the blouse? like the rings? like the nail colour??? i love them 3. just felt like donning rings in excess this morning to work. the blouse does not allow necklace or bangle to go with it, hence pile on the rings. lift the mood when i see all three rings together. made the busy schedule this morning easier to pass. someone complimented my dressing today too. so dress well to make yourself happy. the power of nice clothes and accessories ;P.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


it is thursday night again and it is supposed to be a night of relaxation.
but why do i feel more exhausted than the other nights when i have classes till 9.30p.m???

is it because i am no longer drinking fitline basics in the morning and have gone back to my coffee in the morning? apple comes together whether i am taking fitline or coffee. i cannot start the day without anything going into my stomach. i have grown up with breakfast in the morning my whole life. i don't know how some ppl can go to school or work without taking anything.

i am interested to get fitline basics but let me check out the price first; only the basics. coffee is not that good for you right? i would like to cut down on coffee, not that i drink a lot. i have a colleague who drinks 3 cups of coffee a day and she will really become groggy if she does not get her coffee. i shudder turning into her.

but i think my exhaustion comes from work. being in the photography club is another level of work. i am involved in every single event that happens at work. you will not miss my name in the committee list and i am always a loner in the category- photography.

i have been doing 2 weeks of photo shooting and i think it will continue for another 2 weeks till i have got all the photos to complete the magazine.
do i deserve a pat on my shoulder? i am working at a much faster pace than what they did last year and my shoots all finish much earlier than the estimated time. i put it all down on communication. you have to communicate and give clear instructions and pictures to everyone involved no matter how small their roles are. it is all team work and communication.

i kinda feel like i am working like a clockwork. wind me up on sunday night tightly, and i work non-stop till thursday. then when thursday comes, the string is almost all wound up. in the weekend, the machine can rest before it is pull to the maximum again on monday morning.
work while i work, play while i play.

i am representing the workplace to a family day celebration in the district and will be playing netball with 8 other colleagues. when was the last time i played this game?? secondary school and was in the school team. i have to be in the center position, so i will be doing more running than anybody else. i want to win!! but i don't even know if everyone in the team knows how to play or the rules. and what about the teams we are playing against? haiz.....just wait and see lah.

yesterday, we celebrated the early optional retirement of a colleague. it was not sad at all. why ah? there were not enough dedications to her and some of the performances were not up to par at all. blame it on lack of coaching and practice. i don't know how to sing, so i can't help you guys.

talking about singing, we the staff also dedicated a medley of oldies to the retiring colleague and yours truly actually held one of the 2 working microphones. my first time singing in front of so many ppl!! all staff came on stage to sing but there were 4 microphones. 2 were working and 2 could not even pick up any sound.

i could not hear my own voice on stage but i guess i did not sound that horrible lah since i have not heard any teasing. but what i know is- my voice was heard clearly in the hall. some wondered whether there was a battle on stage between me and another colleague who was holding the other working microphone. and i have received invitation to go to sing at the kara-oke with the kids. in fact, peirou keeps pestering me to set up a date to go now. i don't want to organise that trip. i am too exhausted to plan after work. so you guys just go ahead and do everything, then tell me when it is time to go.

so what kind of oldies did we sing?? click on the youtube clip below. i have kids asking for the link and the lyrics today.

some colleagues said i should choose another medley because not everyone knew the songs in this medley. where is my thank you ah?? the idea to do this surprise performance was made known on monday noon. i sat down in front of the computer for about 1 hour to choose. on monday evening, i sat in front of the computer comparing 3 medleys to see which medley is the least difficult to sing. then i typed out the lyrics.
then on tuesday, i made copies of the lyrics for everyone and we managed to show it to everyone in the staff meeting on tuesday noon.
on wednesday, it was the retirement ceremony and i was the one holding the mic while the others were also singing but of course their voices could not be heard. regardless of which medley i choose, there will be ppl who will not know few of the songs in the list for sure.
i don't care whatever they said. i got the sincerest gratitude from the retired colleague who thanked me in her sms for the songs. that was enough.

so click the clip and enjoy the oldies. totally evergreen. if you want the other 2 medleys, go to and type non-stop medley of oldies 1 and non-stop medley of oldies 3. remember to sing along ya. happy crooning.