Sunday, August 31, 2008

beanie's show time

do not mess with his stuff. bone of a wild boar included.

wei's will be car

finally... a car for my brother. the same as mine. silver...but second hand.
a colleague told me about this car and i actually know the owner too. so dad came down to view the car on saturday and everything went well.
so hopefully the owner is not going to change his mind and transaction will go smooth on tuesday when dad goes and pick up the car.
wei just refuses to get a local car and he would rather pay the same price for a second hand japanese made car. and for my service- i got baskin robbins rum and raisin and choc of the world quarter pints from wei. after all it is merdeka weekend, so with 31% discount, it was not much lah.
and something funny about wei too. grandma is so concerned about his ballooning weight that she asked me if he was sick or what. then granma interrogated wei about his daily diet and stuff. should hear her voice tone when she asked. really really worried. so wei, better watch what you eat.

a square peg in a round hole?

i hate it when ppl make fun of what i do for a living.
no, my friends will never do that to me. these are new friends of friends whom i meet and are introduced to.
they will gimme a surprised look and then ask, 'why are you doing this? get out and do something else.'
that is when i start to fume inside me.
then they start to tease me, calling me names and changing their tone of voice when speaking to me.
i was made to feel like i am just a lump of worthless earth found on the ground which no one wanted to pick up. why the snide remarks?
does doing what i am doing make me less funky and up to par with you all out there? saying that i am a bad influence for colouring my hair. for attending concerts. blah blah blah
or these ppl think that my place of work is not where i am supposed to be? that i will be better off doing something else and i will definitely make it big out there?
so does that mean only losers do what i am doing?

i do ask them aren't i a normal person who enjoys things that any other person out there can do?
these sort of ppl must not have met many of my sort. how unfortunate for them. well, at least i know i am more broad-minded, and more tolerant of differences in humans and accept them. will never want to put ppl in a mould...although ppl have said that my job is to mould humans. i disagree with that. i dun want to produce robots. i only want ppl to find their own moulds and find their own ways. i would like to think that i am helping them to see things from a different views and along the journey they will enjoy the ups and downs and finally enjoy it when they reach their destinations. after all, i the quirky one can fit in where i am, so what is impossible?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

more avril

photo time now....just what i can do with my camera phone. luckily there is the big screen.

this is when it is over.

meet and greet session only for the lucky ones. of course i was not one of them lah...i would have bragged about it in the video post right. meet her, go in a group of 10. take group photo only. no autograph, no kissing, no hugging. no bag allowed. i heard she is really petite.
before the show started. this is the standing zone. those red spots in front of the stage was the vip zone. the stadium seats were all almost full i think. but standing area only half filled.

my head is still buzzing with her songs. blame for this as well. they had callers calling in all day to tell about their experience of the concert and all had been good ones. they also played her songs quite a lot.
did she sing keep holding on? i dun think so. what a shame.

well, my battery is really at its lowest bar now. i want to collapse already. only 4 hours of sleep. so please do not wake me up for the national day countdown. i will sleep my way through it and wake up hoping for a better malaysia for all. ;) happy national day!

sk8ter boi...finale

yup...the end. after coming out with a red hoodie, singing sk8ter was good bye. and that was no encore either. as soon as she left the stage, the band members started taking down their instruments and putting them in their cases.

ppl also started to stream out...scared of jam. sigh...

so all in all, 4 changes of shirts, 2 backdrops (one skull and one star)...not that many songs and banters...

oh, i have got an avril badge and 5 extra posters to giveaway. anyone??

and thank rain. it was drizzling at first and we were given ponchos. by nine, it had stopped. really lucky lah.

so thanks to the good samaritan for remembering me when there is this extra ticket.

when you're gone

oh, i went to stadium merdeka on the monorail from times square. my goodness!!!

everyone was sweating trying to squeeze into whatever space available in one of the 2 coaches. you just feel so frustrated seeing the train came and left after a few commuters managed to squeeze in. i waited till the 3rd one came ah. and a caucasian man was grumbling because he had waited quite long...he was there before me and we got into the same coach. he used to live in kl but now resides in bangkok. and this sort of thing never happen in bangkok despite the peak hours. he also commented on the gov rising the price of fuel but doing nothing to improve the public transport system. what is new.

the extra allocation in budget 2009 is not going to do much i fear. we will need a complate overhaul of the whole mentality and system. i shudder when i think of the experience travelling that way to and fro work everyday. my system shuts down....

my happy ending

this one is captured from the screen. so a bigger avril. haha.


avril's talents were undeniable though. her voice was just like what you hear on the records. she played the guitar, piano and drums. no dancing, only prancing here and marching on stage. there were 4 female dancers.

and most of those who came were youngsters dressed just like those skater boys. so typical. canvas sneakers included. avril wore a pair of silver ones. and sexy avril? huh....i dun see that at all. i heard pas youth were outside the stadium. avril was the whole time in her skinny black jeans and tee shirt. she only changed her tees...and she wore a singlet inside her tee because she kept tugging the inside tee out.

the star's editor was wong with his family i witness for himself what kind of influence avril can bring to the youth of malaysia? and kee hua chee (a journalist (??) who writes about the rich and famous lifestyle mostly), in his typical flamboyant attire. he looks thinner in person though. but not the same could be said of avril. she looks fleshier than in her videos.


the opening song

recorded using my mobile phone. din bring camera because on the ticket it says no camera allowed. damn...and later i saw so many ppl used camera! so the pics you are going to see later are going to be quite blurry. what do you expect with no zoom and only 3 megapixel.

have to take the photos on the screen. was on the left side of the stage. VIP seat. but not high at all....everyone was sitting. and the concert was short!!! the opening act came at 9.05p.m....the guy sang one song and left. phew! then the band members came and prepared their musical instruments. i guess the avril singing started at 9.15p.m. and guess what time it ended? the concert ended at 10.30p.m. this is the shortest concert i have ever attended! what a rip off. i felt shortchanged...and i dun even have to pay for my ticket! imagine those who paid rm338 for the most expensive ones.

Friday, August 29, 2008

let's rock was just soooo goodd to hear from ying ying at about 11a.m.
3 missed calls and 1 sms. i just had a feeling and actually i had been praying hard and waiting for this moment. hahahahha....
and in an hour's time, i am off to kl for tonight's concert. yeah! avril!
pink is the theme so it is all going to be a girly affair. i am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be good....please please please...let it be good.
guess where i will be sitting??
have to put in those 2 cds i have in the car on the way to kl to familiarise with the songs again. jet and i love her and jet cursed at me when i told him i was going. tough luck.
ok..need to rest now and preserve energy for tonight.
tomorrow i will be a sleepy head at work...yes,i still have attend some in-house training and thus have to go back to bidor tomorrow morning.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

of warp and weft

if only everything can be strengthen as easily as a piece of thread holding on to parts of cloths...


i am just a piece of long white cotton thread. from the box, i am taken out and uncoiled. deft fingers put me through a small hole of a needle and hence begin my important task.

a hand turns the pulley of the machine and i begin to unfurl my full potential. stitch by stitch, the sharp end of the needle brings my body through every warp and weft for the red white strips.
the hands never stop moving and the foot keep on pedalling, moving with the rhythm.

red. white. red. white. red. white. until all the reds and whites are neatly lined against each other.

next comes blue. a piece of rectangular blue accompanies the 7 reds and 7 whites. my body is still strong, meticulously going into each gap pushed by the needle. blue finally finds its place and stands proudly next to the stripes.

then come the yellow crescent and star shaped pieces. cut with sharp eyes, the edges are smoth and proportionate at all the right places. the hand lifts the crescent and put in on the blue. following its curves, i go through the yellow and blue, holding them together with my strong knots. the star needs a lot more patience to complete.

and when it is done, the hand caresses all the lines and stitches with pride.

my duty is thus complete. i am glad i can bind the pieces together to come out as one. a thin strip of cotton like me will do my best to hold on to what these colours stand for and do justice to them.

happy merdeka!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

boring shoes

i have been wearing my trainers to work for 3 days and i am already bored.
no more matching shoes with clothes or no more thinking what kind of mood suits which kind of shoes. dull life is.
i might cheat next week. like on days i dun have to walk a lot, maybe i can change to my mary jane or my timberland? hehehe....gimme some space.

did brisk walking yesterday for about 20 mins with the insoles. can be a bit uncomfy with the thing portruding under the sole, but have to do it for the sake of maintaining body weight. female and vanity.

my aim is one hour brisk walk ah. hope to find the time for that. 20 mins can sweat already, so hopefully the 1 hour walk will equal 20 mins running.

*damn...the sky is cloudy and gloomy again. i can smell the rain. dun let the rain fall plleeaasseee....

Monday, August 25, 2008

what the crap? did you all catch the closing ceremony on tv? and if you did, which channel?
none will be worse than what we who watched rtm2 had to go through.
all of a sudden, there were so many adverts after every few minutes. since when did pizza hut and petronas become sponsors? i heard those who watched in singapore had no adverts at all although it was not satellite tv ah.
really crap rtm2. sudahlah they started 30 mins late again, and the 2 commentators...put them in front of me and i will shoot them down. so irritating, drowning the noises from the stadium and all. could not feel any awe, spectacle, excitement or ambience from beijing at all this time around.
and what is wrong with the camera this time? i felt that it did not capture the essence of the shows. it missed all the singers singing and we din see the big picture. luckily it got the human tower performance. it was creative and awesome.
i thought london did quite well in the segment they got. the music and dances were very londonish. but flying david beckham all the way across the globe just to kick the football...hmmhh...they have no other better footballers ah?
another little observation: london mayor. he was too enthusiastic about the whole affair me think. taking the steps 2 at a time while going on stage and chatting non-stop while leaving the field. the others; beijing's mayor, ioc chief and the chinese olympic chief walked in and out with grace. they took it all in their strides and were poised. hahaha....i dun have anything against mr boris ok.

now just waiting for mom to get the dvd of the closing ceremony or...any website of videos of the closing? do send.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

bye bye olympics

someone pleasseeee adopt me for the night?
i will be good and just stay glued to the tv from 8.30p.m. till midnight....please please please.

yes it is the closing ceremony of the beijing olympics 2008 and it is promised to be another spectacular show. so keep my fingers crossed again that all the nice parts will be at the end of it and not the beginning. i wonder when the official closing will start? 8 again like the opening??

well, beggar cannot be chooser.

time to head back to the office on monday after err...i also dunno what word to use to describe my one week. not exactly frolicking. a mixture of all. meeting friend from the states, shopping, getting together with cousin, midnight camp and marking papers. a potpourri of events. just like my life. just mix 'em all and u get the right blend. hahah...

oohh...soo more olympics news to check everyday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

bored to sleep...still couldn't sleep

this is the picture that greeted me when i reached bidor yesterday nite. yup, this was where i spent my sleepless night yesterday. what a view huh? spooky??
anyway, spent my night on the hard floor and hardly getting any sleep at all. only hit the sack at 2 plus (observed how they carried out their meeting and stuff- boring) and woke up at 6.30a.m. a few winks were better than none.

at 8a.m. hit home to tm and slept 2 solid hours on my own bed till 11a.m. aaah...bliss. was so worried that i wouldn't be able to sleep because i am not the type who fall asleep outside the bed time.

anyway, the main session that night was this one: self-expression. the emcee did quite a good job and boy, i din know he was capable of emceeing at all. hehe...good work there. the ambience was suitable with candles and soft music and all...but too bad, the group was rather childish to be able to express themselves well. and of course, some of the questions posted were quite ambitious. like do you think you see any changes in you in this 3-day-camp? gosh...u think rome is built in a day?? so there were awkward silent moments. i could fall asleep there but of course, i hung on. have to give face right.

i just could not connect with the whole thing lah in a nutshell. i felt like a vase, like a wandering spirit in red, fleeting from one corner to another. what purpose do i serve there? no one briefed me about what was happening. i was only given a booklet. no one told me where to settle down. some din even know i was in the board!!! i must be real low profile.

luckily there were a few boys who 'took me in'. yeah, i must be real boyish. dunno why, i seem to have better communication with them than the girls. and the midnight post-mortem meeting? pity them. they were already half asleep and still had to bear with it all. i also could not stand it. call it different wavelength or mentality. some of the things i thought could just be decided in a more direct approach and they had to beat around every bush to find the worms. sick. anyway, none of my business. when you dun say a word, u get out of trouble. just act ignorant.

and here's to jet. i finally got your shirt...the one on the left. dun even know how much i have to pay en yet. she hasn't converted into rm. no point for guessing whose on the right.
i rock the shirt! hahahaha!!! and hmm....which country is green and yellow? ;)
and these 2 pieces of insoles...rm499. calf leather. made for those with heel inflammation. that is my condition. can't find the spur already. these 2 pieces of insoles will be inserted mostly into sports shoes since the original insoles can be taken out of the shoes. the others shoes like pump and heels, no way can u take out the insoles. and guess what, i can't run for 1 month. am supposed to walk in them. i asked twice just to make sure when i was at schein store, and both times also NO. dang!

i also got a letter to the boss telling her that i am supposed to wear these insoles for 3 months, therefore, i should be excused from wearing any formal shoes. waaa....good news or bad news?

see the portruding bump in the middle of the insole? it is supposed to correct my flat toe bones position and thus spreading all the weights and pressure to the right places. it felt weird having bumps under your sole, but i do feel some difference after wearing them for a few hours yesterday. let me just keep my fingers crossed for the moment and see how i deal with the oppression of not being able to wear my others shoes on the rack. i am going to try and check whether the other shoes' insoles can be taken out or not. dun think i am going in trainers to work everyday. i will look so weird. will try to stick to my timberland and flats. no pointy toes too. ;(

Friday, August 22, 2008

boo! shooooooo..........

oh no!! i have to miss 4 x 100m finals!!! i have missed all the sprint finals on tv...well, i am not alone i guess since rtm1 is not showing it live at night. damn the official olympics channel yet again!!

and another reason for tonight is...i will be spending a night in sleeping bag...on cement floor back in bidor. i have to chaperon a camp in the workplace! boo! it being the seventh month in the chinese calendar makes it scarier. and i have heard stories of a few hotspots where sightings have been observed. x-file all of a sudden. i have been warned too where not to put my sleeping bag. already have goosebumps before i go. so please please please...dun let me bump into any unwanted stuff and let me get my sleep tonight.

back to talking about the sprint events...what do you all think of usain bolt? he really runs like a lightning bolt huh? and those comments on him being rude to his competitors i.e. not shaking their hands after finishing the run, well, who have time to make a u-turn and shake hand when one has just broken the world records? do u think he did it intentionally? i dun think so. after all, the way to go is forward. and what would he say to the others when he shook their hands? good run? duh! or just wait to be congratulated? well, haven't heard anything like what lindan said about himself from usain yet, hope he is still grounded and will aim to break more records. my new star on the track. hehehehe.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

happy birthday en en

surprise!!! yup, the birthday girl did get a surprise. she was so disciplined not to open the fridge the whole day in tm and only discovered the cake when i was about to light the candle....or was she faking it? heheheh.....

anyway, it was a few days early but there is no harm giving a surprise. oh, i love doing all these surprises and seeing those happy faces. how come no one ever do that for me? hmm....shows they are not as gregarious and thoughtful as i am.

oh before i forget, happy birthday ernny. may you find the job you are hoping to get...whatever it is and be happy!

few days ago...

been too lazy to do anything on the computer because cousin was here and i had my papers to mark, hence procrastination kicked in. i haven't finished my marking yet. but by hook or by crook will finish them by sunday. i know i can do it.

so what have i been up to??
you guys still remember lee chong wei's match with lin dan? sucks! and i sat there the whole time in front of the tv sulking at his performances. if you can call that a performance at all. nerves! as if lin dan had no pressure at all. and the next day, lin dan was like so cocky on the newspaper calling himself outstanding. well, he could afford all the superlatives lah since he had the gold medal on his neck. but he wasn't cocky in the match, so i was all right with it. it was stuppid to lose because of nerves. well, a silver is better than nothing. congrats anyway albeit not whole-heartedly. hahaha.

so there we were, jia en, ah wei and tai yee at anthaneum at the peak watching the match. tai yee bought some yong tau foo and we had fried noodles with them. we also got a cheesecake from isetan klcc before that. it was nice catching up with tai yee and boy, we had a hearty dinner.

view from the peak.

tai yee...still happy as a bunny and her complexion is sooo good ah. poor thing, she followed en and i the whole day walking at the pavilion on monday. she took some antibiotic and she was falling asleep at every opportunity there was. but she just din want to leave. she had to pick up popo from kl that evening too. so we stayed in pavilion till 5. wrong move to leave at that time. jam habis! then en and i continued to the gardens. she hasn't been there before.

cute huh??? in one of my favourite shirts. oh, my hair style. everyone says it is short. sigh, what to do...i want to get rid of the long fringe. and it is dyed reddish purple. nice...have received compliments on the not blowing my own trumpet. anyway, i din even choose the colour, the hair stylist did everything. so thanks to him.

the lounge where tai yee slept a while. here i was waiting for parkson to do my elite club card (ahem) and staring at kaka there in the poster. what a big hole i burnt in the pocket that day. i swear i am not going to buy another bag this year! guilty pang is setting in ....think....use for a lifetime!...

our dinner at sushi zanmai at the floor. jia en said there would be long queues at one u everytime, so we were lucky only to have waited a few minutes. food was ok.

yup, two of us here in this little cubicle. kinda cute.

on tuesday, went to the curve to customise insoles for my sports shoes. have to correct the pain there in the heels and soles. really hate it. the shop: schein orthopaedic on the ground floor. apparently they are famous. and the price is not cheap too ah. my feet were scanned and u can see the left and right foot there. right foot is the normal one with all the pressures on the right places. left foot is more yellowish on the scanner because the foot is getting flatter. the pressure when we stand should only be on the heel, the bone on the first and the last toes only. so now the insoles i am getting is supposed to correct the flat position of all the bones behind my toes and make them curve up again. rm499 for them and consultation plus follow-ups. am getting them on friday. so another trip. drew the shape of my feet and it will be customised. bringing my sports shoes for the fitting too. can't put the insoles for all shoes because they are not as hollow as sports shoes. they will even take out the orginal insoles from the sports shoes first. i can say bye to that already.

then it was to klcc where i met guy from the states and his fiancee, suetyan. yen called him the big teddy bear. no further explanation needed. hehee.. he brought me my comme des carcons shirts ordered and sent to yen's house. he was supposed to help me get the coach tote too, if only i managed to order that. and guess what, he found the bag in taiwan airport, and it is cheaper there! only less than rm900. no duty added i guess. nope, he din get for me. he just showed me the photo. dang! if he did get it, then i wouldn't have bought the mulberry. then it is more saving! use now. have even paid my credit card bill.

first time trying mooncake from starbucks. this one is tiramisu. a bit sweet and the coffee smell is really s trong. dunno what is the piece of yellowish thing there. there is another one yet to try. cheesy berry. will put that up one i try. quite expensive you. 2 for rm28. the most expensive mooncake i have ever bought lah. i got them for tai yee too. i still love my cheap red bean and green bean mooncake from the market. they do perfectly for me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


yes, we have the fastest man on earth in the 100m sprint and he revealed himself in the olympics finals. woohoo! although i missed the live broadcast, i managed to see the repeats twice. it was just as exhilarating. i think i can see usain bolt run that race hundreds of times and yet not get bored of the footage. keep my fingers crossed that there is no drug involved here yeah.

the way he ran to the finish line, one would think that he was a super sapien. it was done so effortlessly without breaking a sweat. he was slower than the others off the starting block, but later he was unstoppable. his strides were so long. i just love how his long legs strode and the way his arms swung. i am sure the time could be shaved off more if he had continued that proper swinging and striding in the last few meters. saving it for next time? his height is an advantage too. 1.95cm? wow! just look at how his knees go higher than the rest of the sprinters in the field. amazing!

and tonight, all malaysians will keep their fingers crossed for the first gold medal in badminton and in the olympics too. can lee chong wei do it? i am sure everyone is supporting him...including yours truly. will be watching it in the antaenium at bukit antarabangsa. was supposed to go for dinner in klcc with tai yee, en and wei. but because of this match, we changed the plan to have dinner in front of the tele instead. so lee chong wei, you better not disappoint us!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

while you are in front of the tele watching the men's 100m finals at 2230, i will be waiting in front of the computer for the results.
sigh...where is the so-called olympics channel when you can't catch the most crucial events?
damn the local provider. i am sure astro has suddenly see an increase in their subscibers or the mamak stalls have more patrons these 2 weeks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

of ants and lands

an ant colony which had been living comfortably in their place for quite some time heard of the coming of a colony of migrant ants.
they had a meeting and decided not to welcome the newcomers as there were the worries that whatever special things they had enjoyed so far would be taken away and they would enjoy less of what they had.

the new migrants decided to survive regardless of the inhospitality received. they started building from scratch their own new colony around the existing old one. 'let the local ants enjoy what they already have and we strive to build a new world for ourselves.'

the locals continued protecting the colony that they had ferociously while the newcomers broke their backs digging and burrowing. in the end, the newcomers realised that the world was much bigger than the oyster which the locals had been protecting. hence they did their explorations and expansions.

many years later, the locals were still with their 'special colony' they had protected all this while but the new migrants were rewarded with new findings. but most important of all, the new migrants had learnt from hardship and become self-independent, self-sufficient; equipped with experience to succeed in the vast piece of land not seen by the locals.

so who cares if you were willing to accept newbies or not, if you can survive, you will.

*inspired by real events in the local scenes. ;) of art

some mooncakes to whet your appetite. can see, but cannot put in the mouth.
am thinking of buying mooncakes from starbucks coffee to try. tiramisu, etc. will see how the plan goes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

pay bills

have anyone got their latest electric and did you notice the sharp increase? how are we going to cope with this increase?
petrol increase. water increase. electric increase. maybe have to find a well and stock some candles at home already.
okok...i am exaggerating here, but hey, i am sure you feel this way right?
both my bills have almost doubled. imagine those households with a few active children staying in it and the activities are going full swing everyday?

i almost coughed blood when i saw the bills....hahaha...kidding...not blood here. it is actually hair dye on my pillow case. yup i have gone for the hair cut and the hair is waxed and nice in its new colour now.

somemore i dress for the at work. in man style's trousers with a tucked in shirt and high but a bit manly hor? haha....someone actually said i look like a guy. hmmmh...

feel a bit lethargic...dunno why. hopefully the one week break will get rid of it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Why? Why? Why? Why must china put themselves in this situation? Cheating everyone who watched the Olympics opening ceremony on 080808. in case you haven’t heard, the ‘footsteps’ fireworks at the beginning ‘may’ have used pre-recorded footage and aired for television broadcast at that time. Another hoax is the pretty girl who sang solo was actually miming the lyrics because the 7-year-old girl who was the original singer was not pretty enough. How would the original singer felt, being told you are not pretty enough to be shown on tv. She is only 7. is she going to live with the thought that she is not pretty enough and therefore has no chance of being known. How will it affect her self-esteem?

China is really so intent on keeping a ‘good face’ in the eyes of the world. It is in the Chinese culture maybe, face-saving. Appearance must be good. Well, it gives a good first impression no doubt, but things are always deeper than the surface right?
Anyway, I was impressed that day when I saw how meticulous they were in choosing everyone of the same height and the weight with the same hairstyle for the group performances at the opening. Those welcoming girls all in white and short skirts when the contingents came in, those martial arts performers, the drum players…all so cloned. Well, they have the liberty of choosing only those suitable because there are so many Chinese citizens out there. Who can blame them? But not giving credit where it is due, gets on me.


2.30p.m. yesterday

AAARRRHHHHHH!!!! I am screaming I am screaming I am screaming. Out loud and out from the heart!!! AAARRHHHH!!!!

Again?!!! Shit! Happened at work place again! And the same spot at the back of the car, again! It is a colleague’s mpv this time around.

The reverse censored sounded just for a few seconds…when I put on the brake, it had already happened.

Who is wrong? There was a third party, a third car on its way into the compound. I was reversing and my eyes were on the coming car because when the car was done I could then finally reverse all. But while I was slowly reversing, the mpv driver who was on his way out too had his eyes on the third car. And he was also slowly moving forward to go out. So I was reversing from my L parking, he was going straight. And that was when the accident happened. When both our eyes were on the third car!!!

Sigh. I feel a big knot in my tummy and slightly nauseous. Why me? the damage will be assessed this weekend when I get home. A knock here and a knock there, and some spray? 100 poorer?

I am going to chop off my long fringe which sweeps to my left side now! Ghost covering my sight with the hair….translate that to Chinese. Always the left side. Could be the reason. Better let my eyes see better without the long fringe. Blame blame blame.

8.30A.M. NOW

I am subdued now but it is time to face ‘questions’ and put on a brave face to response to them. Of course ppl at the workplace are going to talk about it. Have you repaired it? How much will it cost? How did it happen? Whose fault was it? Still not in an upbeat mood and will remain sulky till the end of the day.
The hair is still here. The hairstylist was out of town yesterday. Will only do so today. Do you believe that a haircut can change the flow of energy in a person? It is all in the mind I guess but it is better than nothing.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

dad is so thoughtful. ;)
he called asking if i needed his friend to help me buy sammi concert in genting's tickets since he has a silver card and can get discount. i din even tell him about the concert. he saw the poster on display. ;)

cc woes is true that some merchants in the states do not accept credit card payment from malaysia.
i called my card centre and they told me that they have agreed to the transaction and is just waiting for the amount to be claimed by the merchants. there will be 14 days period for that. if they do not claim it, then the transaction is considered cancelled. since the merchants said they could not verify my credit card, i won't be seeing that amount deducted from my account. if it is deducted, i will be in trouble.
dealing with all these credit card matters can be annoying. the card centre calls you everytime you make an international transaction now. i have told them to change my contact number from the house's to my hp, but they still call the house everytime i do any transaction. and poor grandma (or the operator) has no idea what the person on the line is talking about.
i hope my request for the change in number is processed.
there are just soo many things to buy. hahaa...i want to buy a holiday package too!!! will i just stay home at the end of the year???

Saturday, August 09, 2008

08.08.08 our makan-makan

this is our small gathering to commemorate the opening ceremony of beijing olympics 2008. since i dun have a tv at home, i have to find a place where i can stay put for the night, hence the idea for this party.
a colleague volunteered to prepare her laksa so things started moving from there.

our food for the night....full...very full. laksa noodles bought all the way from perlis. fried meehoom, fried nuggets, chicken balls and chicken sausages. and for drinks- longan + cincau + agar-agar. there were also 5 packets of junk food ...but we only ate one. too full after the meal. everything was yummy!

a quarter of an egg is never enough right? so i took a whole egg there. slurp!

there were a few who were not in the photo...

so what do you all think of the opening ceremony? i was cursing rtm1 the whole morning today when i read the whole run down of the opening ceremony onlin. shit shit shit. we missed all the most exciting parts!! when rtm1 started broadcasting at 8.30p.m., they were showing the oarsmen. that was the part depicting zheng he's voyage. the big 'globe' emerging was spectacular. those performers on wires...they were really agile. and those martial arts performers in organized.

the march in of the contingents? wow...soooo long ah. for the first time, malaysia can march in on the top 10 list (the tenth to come in). hehehe...and what do you think of our customes? i dun like it. sooo similar to indonesia's. their songkok is even better than ours. i remember what the new zealanders wore...of course black with the fern leaf. denmark: red polo shirt and blue jeans. casual and breezy. the americans- in ralph lauren and newsboy cap. british in white casual coats. and i love their jacket and the shades of blues on them. they had silver cap on. the chinese? err...i thought they look soooo china apeks in their red coat and yellow shirt. well, they are chinese aren't they? but they were the most organised ones lah...walking in in their lines.

yaoming was impossible to miss and the cute sichuan boy. then, federer, kobe bryan and nadal. the cameras were on them all the time. where is liu xiang anyway?? too big shot to join? his event is not going to start so soon.

the lighting of the couldron? er...the wire act was impressive. but the final part where you light it, it was so so. i thought it was going to surpass what barcelona did with the burning arrow. barcelona's was really memorable. but i guess the fireworks and the cultural performances beat them all. damn it! i missed the fireworks which formed the 5 olympic rings. the drum performance. the drawing on the giant scroll. the chinese opera, the moving boxes, the raising of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem. sigh. and you can't even find all these clips on youtube! many have been blocked by a third party...that was the message that came out. who is the third party? china ah??? if anyone has any link where i can go and watch the parts i missed, please please please, send them to me.

oh, one more thing i wanted to comment on. what was liu huan wearing when he was singing with the goddess like sarah brightman? a plain black tee? they forgot to allocate budget for him to buy something nice ah?

nevertheless, the unity and the sheer hardwork and perseverance put in by the chinese are displayed to the world yesterday. they have shown the world their discipline and their commitment to make it the best olympics ever. bravo!

(*#@* still cursing for missing the first 30 minutes of the show)

Friday, August 08, 2008

i don't want to get addicted to ebay. i don't want to get addicted to ebay.

let's celebrate olympics 2008

soo..what are you doing tonight?

that is what i will be doing. the event that many around the world is waiting for- beijing 2008 olympics opening ceremony! while ppl are watching it in the stadium, we from around the world are also joining them live from our homes. but how soon will i get to join them? the opening ceremony is slated to start at 8.08p.m. but rtm1 is only showing at 8.30!! AAAWWW!!! can't the news just make way for this event for once?? what am i going to miss in the 22 minutes?

a food stall here in bidor is closing for the night too. business tonight because the owner is going to stay home to watch. how many others are doing this i wonder.

well, i hope to have a great time and great food to go with it. we are having a small get together before that. it is done in conjunction with this event anyway. the more the merrier. let's enjoy it and hope for the best.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

an unreachable tote

nice or not? nice or not? so near yet so unreachable. someone is flying in from the states and has no problem putting the bag in his luggage. the only problem is, i cannot buy the bag via the online store as it refuses to verify my credit card. a friend blames it on malaysian credit card which they have barred. i dunnod.
the friend in the states has also called the coach shops around his area regarding this bag, and damn it! they do not carry this bag in their stores. why oh why? the one in LAX also does not have it because it is only a kiosk. sigh...
my hope is dashed. nope, i am not going to buy it in malaysia at the ridiculous price they are charging. but for curiousity sake, i am going to go into the store here and see what they put on the price tag. i hope i won't faint or fume when i find out.

last beh tahan with ppl

ok...i will promise not to bad mouth ppl again on this site and save all the dissatisfaction to myself. but why??
just let me do it for one more time and then i will really not say another word about someone else.
this time it is my housemate...the new one. she takes forever in the bathroom and our water bill has rocketed since she came. i dunno what she did. that day i waited for 15 minutes for her to come out...she was taking her bath only...and this one she did not even wash her hair. i could hear water flowing and splashing the whole time she was in the bathroom. (i had to wait for her to come out to open the front door for me) imagine if she washes her hair, she is inside for a minimum 25 minutes.
and the wooden door of the bathroom is growing fungi! wait till i show the picture. how she splashes around in the bathroom god knows lah. the door is going to rot soon.
she is a cleanliness freak...that one i am sure. her room is spick and span but i won't say the same about the downstairs toilet cum bathroom which she is only using. i have never seen her wash it. how do i tell her to do so without offending her?
i try to ignore all her pecularities and live my own life in the same house...but there is bound to be a limit i can bear with. for now, i will wait till the door of the bathroom breaks down.

Monday, August 04, 2008

beh tahan 2

can't stand one colleague...a new one. i know i am not supposed to bad mouth ppl...but just ignore this lah if you dun wanna read.

this newbie is very very thin and super fair. with long flowy hair, from behind you might think you are seeing an angel but when u see in front...whoa...a ghostly figure you will get.
she is fair to the extend of white and i can't stand her perfume!!! i call it poison! i have to hold my breath everytime she passes and even when i had a severe blocked nose, i could still smell it.
she goes to the toilet not because of nature calls, it is more to touch up on her face and apply lipstick....and horror...apply more perfume! i know because i was there.

she hardly touches her food and u hardly see her eat...and she is scared of getting fat?!! she is as skinny as a bone. sooo unfit that her abdomen sinks in. eewww...

and this is the thing that irritates me most...she is very stingy. everytime we have a get together to makan, she will ask, 'need to pay?'

and this friday, we are planning to have a gathering for dinner and watch the opening ceremony of beijing olympics 08 at another colleague's house which is just a few houses away from hers. and the first thing she asked when she was invited was, 'need to pay?' come on! ppl invite you to the party and all you can ask is whether you have to fork out $$$? at least have the courtesy to ask how you can help or something like if you can chip in lah.

she has also been complaining about tasks given at work and has pissed my housemate before this when she eluded a meeting. the kids hated her too for bragging in front about how good she was and how lousy they were.

come this friday, i am going to charge her and include her in my bill when i do my shopping for foodstuff for this friday. at first i only planned to share among my jogging kaki and not count the others, now i am more determined to charge her and make her pay for the meal! HAHAHAHA!!! i am in the mood to be nasty!
i guess the nasty flu i have is almost over now. i was soooo 'half dead' during the day time today.
well, let's call it a night now.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

beh tahan ah

some of the things i can't stand after reading today's papers.

1. more civil service posts for non-malays
what? why isn't the appointment of civil servants based on meritocracy? why do we need those 'special' posts created for non-malays? as if we need this 'special service' ah??

2. the edu minister on teaching of science and maths in eng: whether or not we are going to change it is not up to me. it depends on the experts who advise me. the end he just does not have to own up to the decision made and blame everything on the so-called experts

3. political parties will stunt growth of students. students have to adhere to party's policy and would not be allowed to offer their own independent opinions on issues raised....waste of talent and not beneficial to students
so now we finally know what political parties are for. you join just so to be a follower and dun give any opinion at all.

4. if A was brave enough, he should contest in other area and not in PP which is a PKR stronghold.
aiyo...he wants to contest of course he wants to win lah. a child will know this.

beanie for jet

for he requested for beanie's video

Saturday, August 02, 2008

fly me to the states


can u see the similarity there? all the items are from coach. and i am not exactly that greedy here. i only want one of those bags...but just dunno which one exactly. all of them are hobos...i want a HOBO! the white one on the top right is a tote...but it fits nicely on the shoulder.
which one do you think is the nicest? my sight is on the white tote...but of course if i do ever get it, i will choose one in tan. white is too difficult to handle. too bad it does not come in metallic. i soooo lurve metallic. i will not buy their signature bags with a lot of Cs. not going to be a walking advert for them. the oh so supple leather is another story lah.

i guess i am in the wrong place eh.
and when will i ever get the chance to drive a prius?? ah yen in the states is driving one!!! and i think hers is the one in the link above...a grey one. i heard the engine is soooo quiet that u can't even hear it. hmmhm...and i din hear it from the horse's mouth that she is driving a prius. she has been driving it for a year!!! i heard it from someone else! the price is sooo cheap over there too.
oh fly me to the states me there!!!

finding love

my goodness...i have been getting these sort of mails in my friendster mailbox. does anyone here reply to these messages? what do i do? i delete them. you might not know what is lurking in their minds. no offence to those who found love through the cyber world.
hmmhh...yes i know...i should be looking for someone too at this age...but the more desperate you are, the more fate will elude you? i can't be myself anyway when i am desperate. so can i just go with the flow?

I like your profile,hence i felt i should contact you.Anyway,I am XXX.I am currently residing in the united state, in the city of new york.

I would love to know you beyond your profile and in extension meet you sometime at close quarters in person as we allow our feelings to develop through constant communication, respect and toleance of each others location and diverse experience.

I was in a relationship in the past but i am currently single .I am laying my plans before you so that you could understand me early, I do wish you would love me the way i am. I am actually signed up with hope of starting life a new with my soulmate.

I am seriouse about this relationship i am proposing to you and i would want it go through the chatting thing.You can reach me on my email: so that we could chat and get to know each better.
have a nice day.

Friday, August 01, 2008

how long can i go?

cute or not??? it was totally irrisistable not to take this down. he was waiting to be stroked in this pose. luckily i was fast enuf.

and since it is home again this weekend, it only means one thing....DURIAN! hahahaah..... but i guess we are coming to an end in one or two weeks soon.
there were 12 durians at 8p.m., and now there are 10. wasn't me. i only had a quarter. it was dad. phew...furthermore my throat is dry like the sandpaper now. better restrain myself a bit. a big pot of herbal tea is ready and i just took two green pills. the hot and dry weather does not help in cooling the body at all. well, it is wei's show time tomorrow with the durian. i can take a rest.

no work for this weekend

friday!!!! yeah....i will go home this friday..(finally...after a few weeks of only going home on saturdays) and escape from all the buzz from work. no noisy colleagues, no boastful ones, no showy ones and work to think about. do not ever bring back anything from work if you really want to relax. make sure you do everything where it is meant to be- the office. after working for so many years...i have never brought back any home. weekend is absolutely relaxation. after all, i am quite a fast worker and keep to my i am all right. i just hate those procrastinators who keep extending the deadlines and i have to chase them for their work. i am talking about those adults here. all sorts of excuses lah- i have to cook for my husband, i have to fetch my kids, i am tired, etc. as if i have nothing to if being single is a sin!!!

yesterday someone even had the nerve to compare her workload with mine. really made me pissed. she said that, 'oh you don't understand...being in the afternoon is different.' different my foot!!! different in the sense that there is less workload and they only goyang kaki in the staff room. different in the sense that they have less ppl to manage...only about 200+. in the morning we have about 700+. and she says her workload is a lot compared to mine!! really wanna give her a slap or offer her my position instead. i walked off after telling her to stop complaining and i actually have more workload than hers. after all we are taking in the same pay every month. i should be the one complaining here.

but nope, i am not going to do that. waaa....i was praised by the admin in a meeting for doing my job diligently although i have only taken over the discipline position wor. hehehehe...a pat on the back. i guess it is just our conscience. yes the work is extra but it is just something you are appointed to you should do it.

notice or not...i have done less complaints in the blog...hahaha...
i came up with the conclusion that...if we dun have complaints...we will really have nothing to write about...quite true. life is lighter without the complaint bulk.

i am going to get to work now and think of ways on how i can get to do that online purchase for swatch jewellery i found on the US website. dang! they don't accept international credit cards. sob...i have to pay for more in malaysia for them then. ;(
browsing those online shopping sites is a favourite past time now. can see but cannot really buy. gila shopping.