Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ok....video update on the 2 little chicks. you can see some feathers growing on their wings dy but their eyes are still close.
i had to clip the video shorter due to the size and it gave me the opportunity to try my iMovie on the mac. quite an easy software to use. convenient.

Monday, February 27, 2012

cobra and illness came visiting

a cobra was found in the drain at the back yesterday and i got the chance to turn national geographic style videowoman for a few seconds before fear overcame me ;)
the small cobra was fierce and its stance showed that it was ready to attack.

finally dad was the one who killed it.

watch the video and listen to the commotion behind me.

last weekend was also the weekend i fell sick. yes, i am no iron lady or superwoman. all energy was drained from me. first was the sleepless nights in klang. then it was back to work in the class and outside on the field. in other words, no rest at all. so the immune system crashed and everything attacked at once- running nose, teary eyes, throat inflammation, and slight fever.
managed to take a rest on friday night as i forced myself to cancel one class, took some medicine and turned better on saturday morning....only to go back to work on saturday for the replacement class. haha....crazy or what.

now, i still have stubborn phlegm left in the trachea and nose. when it is hanging there on the throat, gosh, it feels so damn itchy. a reminder to self from this episode, take a rest and don't over exert yourself. you ain't no superwoman. you are only human.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

goodbye klang, hello watch

home sweet home after a horrifying time in klang. never have i been so exhausted from a meeting trip. yesterday, i spent my night in subang and slept like a log for 6 hours. the night session only ended around 10.20p.m. and i drove like a speedracer to subang to catch my sleep.

having a roommate who snored like a jumbo jet is akin to roommate from hell. i did not get any sleep at all and out of sort the whole day.

this morning, leaving from subang was a nightmare too. imagine everyone in subang housing areas leaving for work. gosh, that is the kind of thing those living in subang has to endure. now i know. i reached the hotel back in klang 10 mins before the morning session started. everything ended 3 hours later at 11a.m. and off i shot back to tm with a headache following me all the way. was so relieved to leave klang.

however, before turning into the plus highway, there was a little detour. kekekeke....shopping in bukit raja mall.

was there on the first day and fell in love straight away with this baby:

then went on facebook to see if anyone could get me more discount...but no one could so i ended up with 20% discount offered by the shop only.

i first saw this watch on the wrist of sammi in the seiko advertisement. haha....i noticed the watch not her ok. she had the one in pink in the advert. i prefer this one with multi-coloured stones and green dial. i don't have a black watch....haha...so this justified my purchase lah. kakaka....my most expensive watch. there is no point spending much more on watches from tag heur, longiness, etc since watches to me are accessories which i can match with whatever i am wearing. but if i strike lottery, i won't mind getting a longiness kekeke...

this model is selling quite fast in shops and some have even sold out. bukit raja mall still has 3- the one in pink, in purple and limited edition one in gold which is slightly more expensive for those who are interested.

back home, managed to catch a nap although the head still feels heavy now and the nose is still running. running nose is unavoidable when i lack sleep. that is my symptom.

let me share one cute little video before i go.

2 newly borned chicks in our garden. just rock the nest and their heads will bob with their mouths opened wide eager for food. so cute. will check their progress again this weekend when i am home.

Monday, February 20, 2012

klang oh klang

klang is not a town ppl will usually go to for no reason right?

i mean who wants to go to a dirty and crowded place? the road condition is horrible too- potholes everywhere. and the hotel? aiyoh....so old and the airconditioner is only working after the maintenance workers came twice. there is no hairdryer in the room too. this is one of those hotels where if the government do not help send in some occupants, it will be a white elephant and rot.

the registration period today was from 2.30 to 6.30pm and i arrived at 3.30pm. the roommate had arrived by then and she was fanning herself due to the heat in the room.

went to jusco bukit raja to wait for my brother to pick me up for bak kut teh meal....aaahh...i waited so long! man! just browsed at the limited stores there and had the opportunity to check-out a watch i want. saw it in a magazine first and gosh, it looked better on my wrist. hahaha....looking for ways to get more discounts now!!! anyone has any friend in a watch shop???

this is our bak kut teh meal- the soup and dry version and some vege. it was too much for us and we did not finish the meat in the soup version. i like the dry one better as it has more stronger flavour albeit a slightly salty.

am planning another dinner somewhere but i might go out with my college mates if we can arrange for a meeting. keeping my fingers crossed.
this is the view from the hotel room- klang river and klang mosque. it does not look bad from my window but try going down to the streets. dust and rubbish and dirt everywhere.

ok time to call it a night. my roommate is already snoring away. i hope i can get some sleep amidst her loud snore. sob sob...this ain't no break with no proper sleep.

p/s: there is also no wifi in the room ;( thank god for my broadband

Sunday, February 19, 2012

green getaway

i had a short getaway amidst the hectic schedule of work and i like it. some at work thought it was unnecessary that i went since i had no post related to ping pong at work. but i did not care...i was looking forward to a day in taiping as i missed the lush green trees and the serene lakes....and to escape from my routine. oh, i did not ask to be sent to taiping, i was selected to go....and of course i did not reject being appointed haha....the big boss gave no objection.

i did not even have to unpack the toiletries after coming back from taiping, everything will go back into the bag as i go to klang for 3 days 2 nights tomorrow. but this trip to klang, is not one i want to go to. haiz...i will complain and sigh and think of all the classes and work and athletics training i have left behind. i hope something good will turn out from this trip. a movie or two will be most welcomed and a great meal of klang bak kut teh please. ;)

now let me share all the greens in taiping with you all. it is a place i do not mind retiring in and moving to...life is going to be great amidst the rain and rain trees.

flemington hotel, one of the newest hotels in taiping and right in front of the lake gardens. i paid rm138 for my superior room which comes with breakfast for 2. can't get the money back and i had my breakfast alone.

the bathroom.

my room facing the housing area. you have to pay extra rm20 if you want the lake view. i see no point in wasting that money since i could go down and walk around the lake for free....and that was what i did. i took one whole round of the lake, past taiping zoo, the junction to bukit larut (maxwell hill) and had a good sweat.

the calm view of the lake....smooth like a mirror.

proof that i was there.

one of the lakes

the magnificent rain trees.

i left taiping on saturday evening since everyone i brought there had lost their games.

the standard shown was really impressive and i love seeing how the younger kids stayed calm and fought till the very last point. kudos to them and their perseverance. something worth learning from.

reached home only around 9pm yesterday and was so exhausted but i could not rest early. had to prepare photos of grandma's funeral for brother to bring back to australia the next day.
everything was finally arranged and put into albums by 11.30p.m. it was made easier with american idol shown on tv at the same time. so those in aussie, please get the photos from jet. he also has the soft copies.

i need to get my sleep now. hope this coming klang trip will rejuvenate and prepare me for all the work still piled up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love every day

it is the V day today....the day when most ppl choose to do something romantic for their loved ones and spend a lot of money to get flowers.

hmmh....writing as a single person without a partner will not get me far in this post.

malaysian newspapers have been very extensive in this year's coverage of V day since there were some oppositions to this celebration which is deemed immoral by some parties. what jokers.
sin can be committed anytime and anywhere. why choose today when you know everyone is most alert?

i wonder how much money one would spend on this day to make the other half happy. a bouquet of flowers which is normally priced at rm90 can cost at least rm150 now. all restaurants would be full as well but you don't get to order ala carte. everything is pre-set.

hmmhh... i think it is bad if you only choose to show your love one day in a year. be generous and share whatever love you have. express it. your partner likes flowers? then buy the flowers whenever you pass by a florist and make him/her happy. sometimes, it is the small gesture that counts.

i want to be loved every day instead of that one day ;) greedy. but i also have to remind myself to show love every day in order to get some in return.

well, the clock will not stop ticking and today will be gone before you know it. i will be out later....definitely not in any crowded restaurant in this small town....without flowers too but i will be happy hanging around with people who care for me and whom i care about celebrating a successful pass in exam after toiling and failing twice.

i leave you with one of my favourite whitney houston's song.....we will miss her great voice. and i am sure i will be watching the bodyguard again if they are to air it on tv this weekend.

Friday, February 10, 2012

something to 'beat' about

sorry sorry sorry for not writing the whole week....or more than that.

it has been really exhausting at work and i really have no time to sit down to pour out thoughts and feelings.

it is only the 2nd month of work and the workload is all pilling up. it is time to register the kids for their exams, time to select athletes for the district competition. i have been chosen to bring the district ping pong team to state competition in taiping next weekend and act as one of the coaches. haha...ahem. i can play a little so this week's centralised training with the kids will give me the chance to brush up my skills. but first, i have to go borrow a bat.
then there is the usual teaching and marking and paying all attention to make sure the kids learn and pay their attention to me. it is like an acting job on a stage where you want the audience pay 100% attention to you. hence, it is really tiring when the 'show' is over and you just want to rest and take a deep breath before the next 'show' starts.

hence, even if i have something to share here, i can hardly find the time to sit down to write it down. i am long-winded and going short short with no details ain't no fun ;)

ok anyway, let's go to something happy now.

hmmh....can i say that i have got my valentine's present for 2012 early???
a cool pair of earphones from lady gaga heartbeats by dr dre. my cousin got it for me as a gift although initially i wanted to buy it since i want to have one for my macbook air.

she got it from catch of the day website and it was at a discounted price- aussie 60. cheap.

these are the eartips they give for the earpiece as different ear size will require different tip to get that snug fit. i use the smallest one. once it fits comfortably into my ears, that's when the music really soars. i can really hear the difference. so imagine having those good big headphones where they can cancel all outside noise. with my baby, i don't really have to turn up the volume. being at the lower range is already enough and it does block outside noise as well. definitely a no-no when jogging or when walking around....unless i only wear one piece.
my new ear accesory ;)

it is really gorgeous and comes in a nice case. love it!!!

here is a review of the earphone i found on youtube. i agree with what the reviewer said.
and you know what? the first song i listen to on the earphone happened to be lady gaga's paparazzi. haha...i couldn't believe it. i just pressed the play button on my itunes on macbook and that was the song that was on my shuffled list at that time. you call that destiny or what. i am destined for the earphone! lol


malaysia airlines have tickets fare now and i found reasonably priced tickets (rm2800 return) to amsterdam for may/june holidays. unfortunately, i couldn't find a travel companion. how sad!!!! so frustrating!!!

however, i think i am almost making my mind up to go to yunnan, china this march for 8 days. dali, li jiang and kunming. i am tagging along with someone's group since they are short of one person.
i am looking forward to seeing breathtaking views at this part of china.

the ancient town of li jiang.

the stone forest of kunming. wow.

hope my holiday plans will go smoother with this first trip. i might have to tag along other's trips, but i don't really mind. so am i going to be a 'tagger'??

Saturday, February 04, 2012

sore butt this extended weekend

i am feeling very very full now. can't sit straight in the chair because the stomach is just so round. how many days will it take to get rid of all that i have eaten just now??
went to easy cafe with brother, cousin and brother-in-law's brother. we had aloha salad, mixed cheese seafood platter, mixed grill (lamb, beef, chicken), mushroom spaghetti, oreo sundae and banana split. everything was not bad at all except the beef which is quite tough. the seafood is fresh and i love the fish.

oh, see the piece of cake with ladybirds on it? it was a piece of birthday cake shared by a birthday girl at the next table. her brother brought it over to us. how generous.

they have a new menu now at easy cafe and the prices are revised as well- going higher of course. but the portion is quite big so the prices are reasonable. however, i think the next time i go there, i will just go with the salad and not be too greedy. it is better to have more greens- good for health and good for the pocket ;)

it had been a very busy week at work too. we celebrated an early chap goh meh (the 15th day of chinese new year) with much festivities. there was lion dance, calligraphy writing competition, quizzes, dances and singings. hence, all my photographers were busy at work capturing those special moments.
all cameras were taken out in order to get the best shots and i also had to be on duty. after looking through all the photos, they were not that bad. a job well done ;)

it is going to be a long rest this extended weekend for me to rest! and yes, i do need to rest my aching legs and butt and arms after cycling about 15km with my brother this evening. we cycled for about 2hours! gosh, i have not cycled that long in ages. i was complaining after half the journey just to irritate my brother. hahaha...there was no one to listen except him. we went all the way to sg empat and then to proton city.

monday is replacement holiday for the birthday of prophet muhammad while tuesday is thaipusam day. i have an open house invitation in kl on monday and will stay there till tuesday. so i better rest well tomorrow. i dunno what the ladies are up to...but i want to watch war horse!!

to all the 3 main races in malaysia, happy chap goh mei, happy maulidur rasul and happy thaipusam. to the rest- happy holidays!