Sunday, May 31, 2009

flea morning

how do you start a sunday morning?
well, today i started mine by catching dog fleas on beanie's body. worth recording this because it is my first time catching flea for him.
the fleas were just voracious. mom and i caught more than ten. we took turns holding him while touching and stroking him for a bump on the skin which signified the presence of fleas. and fleas i have noticed, stick together in 2 or 3. eewww. we even found a very big one...the biggest of all, twice the size of a normal flea...i called it the 'mothership'.
mom gave him a bath later in the afternoon, and she caught more. however, the most troubling thing with the flea is those that managed to get into his left ear. poor thing....those fleas bit his inner ear that you can see traces of dried blood inside. and of course beanie refused to be touched there.
let's hope the bath has reduced his itchiness and the flea from finding a home on his body. mom suspects he gets the fleas from playing with a small dog he met in one of his walks. so no more doggy touch for him.

reading is charming?

did anyone read the star today?? many ppl wrote in in response to an article about men who read look more charming which was written last sunday.
and there was also another letter which told women to read too to appear more charming.
i say what nonsense to all these just to encourage the reading habit in malaysians.
the writer to the original article was intrigued and spurred when she saw a man reading in an lrt.

so does that mean we will see more malaysians reading on public transports now so that they get some extra glances from the opposite sex? what a way to get noticed and how fake. imagine you holding a book in hand, while your eyes are concentrating hard on the words on the page, your mind and eyes will consciously wander too if someone is paying attention to you. who knows when you lift your head and your eyes catch hold of someone looking at you, then you give that person a smile and voila, a new friendship begins. okok....i know i am sarcastic.

just because i dun read at public places doesn't mean that i dun like reading. frankly, i prefer people watching at public places. it is so much more interesting. the clothes that they wear, their gestures, the bags that they carry, etc. i believe it will make me more aware of the surrounding and learn a thing or two about humans.

there is always a place for books. not that i am discouraging reading at public places. my opinions are entirely my own. so read wherever you want and make sure you know what are on the pages and not use it to be fake.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

holiday reading

gosh, i woke up at 11.30 a.m. today. yeah! rejoice! hahaha...what a way to start the 2-week break. i think i only slept at midnight and since i had nothing in the morning, couldn't be bothered to set any alarm. i woke up because of a phone call. if the call did not come, i wonder what time i would wake up.
so any special plan? none this time. i got an offer to go to bali for one accomodation because someone pulled out last minute. i only had to pay for the flight ticket. what a good opportunity eh? luckily i have been there so i dun feel bad rejecting this offer. furthermore, the financial situation is not really that sound now, so another trip overseas is definitely a no-no. another reason is i have promised a group of 17-year-old to follow them to their melaka/kl/genting highlands trip. 2 adults have already pulled out from this trip, so that left only 2 including me to handle 36 of them. it was 37 but another one pulled out because he couldn't get mom's permission. stupid fellow, he was one of the organising committe members and he only told me yesterday he was not going. what an idiot. i hope this trip will not be affected by all these initial mishaps.

anyway, i have got books to read too if i can stay away from playing bejewelled blitz on facebook. gosh, it is too addictive. i dun think i wanna start with all the books above first, wanna read rupert of hentzau first. they are going to ask me every week they come if i have read the book. so i better get it done with first.
oh, and this page is a parkson summer fashion advertisement which came together with female's june edition. the point i wanna highlight here is....parkson is really running out of clothes to sell or what???? look at the girl on the left wearing the heart motif sleeveless shirt from sass and bide and evisu jeans. for goodness sake, the shirt and jeans have been in the store since it started. when was pavilion launched?? that pair of jeans is the one i have...i bought it last year at half the price they printed. the last time i checked, they had no more of this pair of jeans. so do they have new stock of the same range??? anybody care to check??

to kampar for printer

on thursday, went to kampar, the nearest tesco is there instead of going to the one in ipoh. i am sure i am going to stray to jusco if i go to the one in ipoh and spend more money. anyway, went to ipoh last week, so no point going there again.
we decided to have dinner in kampar. went to the first place we saw as soon as turned in. this is a new place, so we decided to give it a try. and after this first time trial, we more second time. the food was not good at all....not fresh.

they have staff in red polo shirt and black trousers and they are all quite dumb. they dunno how to speak to customers, you can only see them standing around like mannequins. even when they delivered your order, they would just place them there without telling you what it was. all this kind of service should not be overlooked by employers!
two friends ordered chicken chop, another ordered claypot porridge and i had prawn mee. the soup was all right but the prawns not good. all of us had similar complaint....their ingredients all had been pre-cooked. so when they got the order from the kitchen, they only reheat stuff and put it on the bowl or plate. the fries were too dry and salty. i ordered fried chicken wings too and they were too dry. my prawns were already pre-cooked so it was soggy and soft. the soup was too oily right? the honey lemon drink was too honeyish...not sour at all. one slice of lemon is not enuf lah and the lemon was not exactly juicy. so no more second time.

after dinner, it was off to tesco. the main reason was to get the printer/photocopier/scanner....3 in 1 machine from hp. got it for rm169. normal retail price was rm219. so that was quite a steal. and the promo ends mid of june i think. they still have many when i went. my friend has this and she said it is a good bargain.

i have yet to open it from the box and install it. haha....have to clean up the side table next to the computer station first. no rush.
i also got 2 packets of kacang putih outside tesco. one is for aunt who likes this stuff. they are really fresh. so if you happen to go to tesco kampar, do stop by the kacang putih stall opposite the newstand. no photo to show you here. too excited trying what the seller had to offer.


i am addicted to bejewelled blitz on facebook.
it is so addictive because my scores are posted for everyone to know and right now i have got 228,000. that is the highest since i have started playing. i wonder if i can go to 300,000? many gems do i have to break and how fast do i have to break them?
sometimes it depends on luck.
kiasu right?

who is she?

who is she? i dunno who he is and i am not close to the beautiful bride in the photo. what a shame on my part....we are somehow related. she is my cousin from mom's side. mom eldest brother's daughter actually. how old is she ah?? i think she is around 25?

mom and dad went to her wedding banquet last sunday. i was invited but since it was a sunday, i had to decline. it would be a good chance to catch up on those relatives whom i seldom meet and i dun really know of. we are not really close to mom's side.

mom told me that she was even prettier on that a superstar. her wedding photo package ain't cheap either. well, she aint't ugly right. big eyes and a sweet smile. so wishing her happily ever after here since i did not get to say that in person and i doubt she will read about this.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i jogged alone

i did it. i finally did it.
i went jogging alone yesterday for the first time. yes, alone. all those previous jogs i take were with friends, never alone. but yesterday when my housemate who said that she was not feeling well could not go, i still decided to go alone.
i was soo fired up to go jogging this week (the only one time this week) that i went ahead although there was thunder rolling in the sky not far away when i set out of the house.

it was kind of exhilarating. at the beginning, it was more of anxiety that i felt.
i was thinking- could i finish the normal distance (about 4km) since the hiatus? would i be alone running on this quiet track? would i be 'disturbed' by passers-by on motorbikes and cars?
luckily i saw a few familiar faces and i found that i could manage the distance. however, it was sad to note that i was the only female.

was it dangerous? i don't know. i tried not to think about it. i didn't even stop at the normal gathering place. i just hit the road as soon as i saw the road stretching in front of me.

i'll make sure to start earlier next time. this won't be my only time jogging alone. i have to get used to it. but the next jog alone won't come so soon. 2 weeks break in tm. maybe can go jogging with dad at the estate.

tortoise has died

one of jet's tortoises has died yesterday. mom told me when they called yesterday.
so there is still another one left at home. will the one left there feel lonely? there is no one to fight for space with it anymore.
i wonder what mom did with the dead tortoise. buried or just thrown into the bin?
so you guys in aussie better call back to find out.

and oh, the wifi function in my laptop has also died. could be hardware malfunction. now waiting for the company responsible to come and pick it up to change whatever needs changing. so in the meantime, no more photos to post because i am definitely not using pendrive with the computers at work. too many viruses. but will be home for 2 weeks for the short there will be some photos no doubt.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

on and off

the notebook is still down even after recovery...well, not the notebook actually. the wifi icon is still missing and i still cannot go online with it. a colleague has brought it home yesterday with him to see if he can find any driver he has to reinstall the thingy. sigh....

and the weather has been slightly erratic here. is it still a hot in your area?? it has cooled down a bit here and yesterday, we had strong wind in the late morning and i even started sneezing because of the chill. imagine that. in the evening, it even rained drops....yeah, literally drops. here and there ...and this spoilt the plan to go jogging. why couldn't it rain heavier so i dun have to keep looking out the window to check if it was really raining or not. i hope i can do it today....the only time i will jog this week will be today. tomorrow am planning to go to kampar for dinner and to tesco to ge that printer. wonder what is nice in kampar. feel like having dim sum...but for dinner???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cleansing must take place

i have to reformat the notebook. softwares are slowly missing without any trace or any explanation. why?? first to go was the wifi icon. next was lan icon. both related to network connections. how to recover? the manufacturer did not give an operating system disc. they only give 2 recovery discs.
so now i have to find an external hard disc to back up my stuff before i 'cleanse' the whole system and keep my fingers crossed that the notebook will be up and running again after that.

this headache sort of distorts my excitement after watching the movie cape no. 7.
it is last year's award winning movie from taiwan...i think it is last year's. i love the movie. hwo can i not love it? interesting story line...simple yet it manages to juxtapose all the eclectic characters you find in the plot within plot story. and of course i love the handsome main character. hahaha....that is the main attraction. oh, he sang too in the movie...yes, his own voice. fans of taiwan idols should know who he is...van fan.
love story, singing, lovely views of the seas and beaches, funny characters, good subtitles (it is in japanese and local taiwanese dialect) it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

watch sell out

wanna support malaysian?? go and watch 'sell out'. it is being shown in cinema now...the languages used in the film are english and cantonese, not mandarin as advertised.

when was the last time i go to the cinema? end of last year i think. decided to watch sell out since the review was good. and was it good? well, they have some very funny parts but they also have some dreary and slow parts. but all in all, it is a good movie. i enjoyed myself with 6 other ppl in the cinema. yeah, there were only 8 of us that night in that cinema. those funny parts really made me laughed out loud. syiok to be doing that. and peter davis, the main actor is a sight for sore eyes. hannah lo is not so pretty after all, i think. the other characters are also memorable and those breaking-out-into-songs parts are quite catchy. go and watch it before it ends its run.

pink period

oh, i hate myself soo much. i hate the shopping mode in me and i feel so ashamed thinking about posting tis week's purchase. i really have to stop shopping. it is not helping in increasing the already depleting bank balance albeit an increase in credit card points collection.
so these few months' resolution: stop shopping. i wanna knock myself in the head hard if i do that.

so hopefully with this bunch of pink shirts, it will be the last shopping post for a few months. is it just a coincidence that i got all pink tops or i am facing a pink period?? from left, that esprit blouse is available in black and i chose purple. the fading pink blouse is only available in pink (i saw that in hk already but there was no sale at that time). also from esprit. as for that nike tee, it is boy's m size. they have dark blue, tangerine and pink. i chose this pink. also on sale. i told you i dun buy retail price before right? rm39.

and this book, rupert of hentzau by anthony hope hawkins, is priceless. it is a present actually....a surprise i got yesterday. how sweet of them. they used rm21 to print and bind the book. but to me, the value of the book is more than that. i dun think this book is available in the market and i have told them how the book is available online. so i guess they felt guilty for not wishing me a word last saturday and decided to do this. hehehe....i am soo touched. still is when i look at the book. so i guess it is my reading project for the coming break and they will hear another story when i am done.

for everyone's information, this book is a sequel to the prisoner of zenda which is studied at school by form 3 students in selected states.

Friday, May 22, 2009

yet another haircut

ok let's talk about hair again...haha.....if you are sick of my hair topic dun read.

i thought i was going for a trim yesterday. instead, i got another full cut. my hairdresser just does not like me in longer hair. so it is short hair again....think lee sin je's style. it is a bit raw around the fringe. so no more hair in the eye. need some getting used to. i feel so 'bald'.

my housemate said it is fresh and another colleague said nice. they asked me how much i spent and where i went to get this cut. so i guess this new hair cut is not that bad. my heart was aching actually seeing the long fringe falling off onto my lap yesterday. i din expect so much would be cut off. well. it will grow...and i can save on my shampoo.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

of dreams and work

my blood is boiling. well it has been boiling since yesterday at work but when i left the office, it cooled down and it has started to boil again now.
i really hate one of the staff in my department. he does not know anything but he acts like he knows everything. and i have to correct the stuff he did in order to make our work more consistent, yet he is doubting my correction. he does not clarify with me but clarifies with someone else who has not even looked at the paper. i am still waiting for him to get back to me. i want to start marking but there is no guideline to follow. he is the one who set the paper and he is the one who is supposed to come up with the guideline. but i ended up doing for him!!!!
nincompoop. waaa..i finally get to use this word in written form instead of bottling it up inside me all the time.

now to lighter stuff. dream bag of the moment. a balenciaga giant covered work in maldives. the skin is lamb fyi. i am just so taken by its blue. a light coloured bag...and the size is just good enuf.

but as i said, it is a it will remain illusions for a long long time. the bag never goes on sale, it is not available in malaysia, and its price is more than my one month's salary.

another coveted item is cartier's trinity ring in 3 different types of gold, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. the ring has intrigue me for a long long time..well, since i first set my eyes on its existence actually. the other day went to cartier's boutique in klcc with aunt. she has to service her watch and to change the leather strap of that watch. so manage to get another glimpse at the ring again. i wonder how much it is. must muster the courage to ask for the price and who knows...try it on??? pss....tell you a secret....if ever i am to get married (yes....i still want to ..haha) that would be my choice of wedding band. but since the idea of a marriage is really a long long way yet to be seen at the moment, maybe i should set up a 'ring fund' and get the ring myself.

aaahh....illusions are good for the soul. but when you get that thing, i wonder if you will be as enthusiastic as you feel compared to when you are dreaming about it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a so-called runner's thought

i feel motivated to run after reading murakami's what i talk about when i talk about running. i mean, he is a middle aged fulltime novelist who is determined to run a full marathon every year and he does train hard for it.

his accounts of trainings for his marathons will ring a bell for every runner out there, i think. the pain felt, the off day, the day when you know you can just run and not feel tired, what you think when you run, etc. i do want to run, but damn, my circunstances just do not allow me to run as much as i want.

the short sprint on monday has awakened some leg muscles long forgotten. although i do jog occassionally, the muscles used are different from those used in the sprint. the jolting of all these muscles are not a good sign because the plantar (sole of the feet) feel more pain and strain than usual. so no sprint for me. just light jog to finish the whole distance. that is my aim. can't put too high hope of improving time kinda shit....although i wish to.

part-time antbuster

I have become an ant-buster. There are just so many ants scattered from different holes lately. Gosh, those gaps in the tiles are really a menace. Can someone suggest another better way to combat them?
My way? I find the hole where they come from and I drown them with washing liquid. I read this somewhere and I have used this way ever since. It does work. But for how long I am not sure.

But I guess the best way is to always avoid the source that gets them out of the holes. They even go after my toothpaste. Our toothpaste is really that sweet huh? I am using darlie’s green tea…maybe this one is sweeter than the rest. I should also make it a point to get the garbage out from the house daily. But there is the risk of dogs looking for food in the bin outside and scattering the rubbish and I will have to clean up the mess after that.
This sets me to complaint mode already. I am the one who always have to take out the rubbish. My housemate just does not know how to do it. And I am the one who always put out the tiffin carriers outside the house for the caterer to pick up. She just does not take the initiative to do it. Uurrgghhh… frustrated.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it is that exam season again. i can rest for a while....well, no extra activities in the afternoon, so i am going to be a mice potato again.

this was taken when i was chasing moonlight resonance. the packet of chips is not finished yet...but by tomorrow, it will be. have greys anatomy season finale waiting for me this afternoon. can't wait for this munching time.

atticus' gifts. a cute sanrio hello kitty calculator and a kitty lantern. he told me to hang the lantern even if it is not midautumn yet. haha. i did not listen to him of course. will only take that out when mid autumn comes. as for the calculator, it is really handy because i really do not have one. so finally he gets me a kitty stuff i can use.

the day that was yesterday...

Pointy heels coming out for special occasion. Worn on feet for 2 hours. Thank goodness no pain due to the short duration. Got a lot of stares because of the shoes…worth it. And oh, I finally realize how narrow the shoes are. So jia en, I dun think I can pass this pair to you. You won’t be able to fit.
The best thing I have got on Monday morning. A container of white fungus dessert early in the morning (by 7.15a.m.) on the desk at work with a heart warming message. It is the most special one…. Exerting all the goodness in the dessert and how I have to take good care of myself. Aahh….the joy of being taken care of. So I should do the same to others too because it feels good. Thank you Karen.
Oh, mini cornettos from vevon and zhi fung. Yummy. Just had one. I had so much dessert today. Tried 4 types of cakes…naa…I din get any cake. Other people’s. had moist choc cake, apple cinnamon, coffee and the normal sponge cake. The choc cake was really good. Home made if I am not wrong. I walloped 4 pieces…cut to very small ones of course. They even sent the bowl over with the broken pieces in the end for me to finish them up. Haha….
So how could I not force myself to finish running the track today? But I felt good after running. The body felt lighter.

And some of the dwindling population of small gifts one can still get nowadays. Well, be grateful that one can still get them. Besides a smattering of smses from some exes (only 10 if my calculation serves me correct), it has been a tiring and mundane one. Had games…someone fainted. My group got no 2. it was even more tiring than a normal working day. The back and shoulders are still as stiff as ever. Planning to go for a back massage I heard from a colleague available in town. It is not pampering. It is correction of problem.

shopping in macau

all the stuff we bought and lugged from macau streets in the afternoon till at night when we got back to the hotel. that pair of heels is yee's. she just cannot get proper working shoes in australia...she says lah. that embroidered blouse is mine. i love those hippie...
and my first bottle of edt...well first bottle bought with my own money that is. from galeria dfs at four seasons hotel shopping arcade. limited only to dfs. i used to be crazy for one by givenchy too which i did not buy. and when the time i had money to buy it, it has been discontinued. it was fleur d'interdit. and the one i bought this time is jardin. they are almost similar. that is why i bought this.

musical fountain

the musical fountain show outside wynn hotel. more spectacular than ours in klcc hehehe. catch a glimpse of all the lights at this stretch of macau.

dragon emerging from rotunda at wynn hotel

almond pastry making

this is how fresh those almond biscuits are in macau. made on the spot and put into packets right away.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

member pre-sale...way to save the economy

ok time for the shopaholic in me to fly out and expose the 'deeds' i have done to boost the economy. spending is helping right???
the presale at isetan yesterday was really a sale. you can see real sale and with prices marked down even lower for members, it was a haven for bargain hunters. and ooh, do they come in droves. there were loong queues at fitting rooms and the cash registers were ringing nonstop.
only card members were allowed but you were allowed to bring your family members. phew....we had 3 cards and 4 of us (aunt, mom, quin and i).

we only left the house at 3pm. my mood was initially spoilt when aunt told me she had switched off the main power of the home pc without the proper shutting down procedure. that really sent my heart down to the dump. i quickly switched on the pc and was directed to the auto repair page and had to wait a few minutes before it went back to normal mode. all was normal again but when i switched off, the cpu refused to shut itself. there was a long twitting the end i just switched off the main thing and told myself i would check again later that night. phew...the sound did not come again. it was soo hard trying not to blow my top. who should i be angry with? that would seem so rude. in the end i just kept quiet. hate myself for that.

well, all that is over now, back to isetan. had a hard time looking for a parking space. as soon as we entered, i checked the rear view mirror and saw some one pulling the 'full' sign to stop cars from coming into the parking bay. by then i already knew it was going to be crowded. parkson grand was sooo quiet.

i managed to get all the stuff i wrote on my shopping list and some birthday presents. sharing is caring so what better way than to make others happy with small gifts.

oh, and there was this bonus of shopping yesterday. i met daniel lee (now known as danelle) in isetan itself. we know he is an isetan member. we were going down the escalator. i was in front. he was wrapping up a conversation on his phone. i just whacked out my phone and asked him if he would mind having his photo snapped with me. well, he is a really friendly and nice chap. i told him how i voted for him during his malaysian idol days and he thanked me. i futher asked him about his progress in taiwan and he said that all was going well and the album should be out soon. haha...i dun want to regret this photo op and have my brother later scold me for not having the proof. so i guess now i have the bragging right. and is he short? yes, he is shorter than me. i did bend my knees slightly.

din realise we are so colour compatible. this photo. he din put up any air. in fact, we took the photo twice since the first one was really blurry. quin took it for us.

we had not started shopping when we met daniel, so the real 'work' only started later and gosh....our hands could break. bought facial stuff, clothes, jewellery, watch, bag, bread, supermarket stuff, toiletry, and books. no shoes this time....almost got a pair of clarks pump but the last pair was really in bad condition.

that purple cabin size trolley bag really came in handy. the bag was full inside. 70% off for member from united colors of benetton.

these are the bags inside the trolley bag.

the stuff we got from isetan supermarket. all junk food?? all MINE!!!!
as for facial stuff, as usual, u get rm10 cash voucher for every rm100 you spend. so we got a fair bit of vouchers which i had finished using as well. aunt also got her stuff and i helped yee too....not all are mine ah. i also got something for mom. oh, which reminds me....better calculate the bill with my siblings later. hahaha...

yee's watch. i hope she likes it. i cannot find a longer face one....there is one similar to mine, but i dun think she wants one sooo similar.

jewellery from fossil. 60% discount for members. worth it lah.

yeah...i have finally found a peace charm. where am i going to hang it? maybe on my thomas sabo's leather bracelet.

two cotton dresses.

my bag of books. notice that all have the 20% discount stickers. i din realise that until i was taking off all the stickers just now. the most expensive is paulo coelho's. just can't resist it. retail at rm69.90. why are books so damn expensive???? i think the total bill came up to around rm202.

and this is cute beanie, looking at me unpacking. he loves observing us.
we reached home at around 11.30 pm. oh what a night. but alex's sms cheered me up.
i started messaging all good teachers i know after midnight wishing them a happy teacher's day. i even got a few replies. gosh, those teachers really do stay up late. if only they get a day of rest from teaching to celebrate the day. i think it is the best present ever.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

macau day 2- part 2

yea, i am finally finishing this. i just have to finish off what i have started.

so after yee and i spent the morning in the venetian and had our lunch there, we set off to taipa is just about 10 mins from the venetian to the back of the village if you know the way. we took a cab there but we walked back to venetian to catch our shuttle bus to the airport after that.

so this is basically what you will see in taipa. just a stretch of street from the old part of the village to the new. and there is a mcdonalds here too. the old part of the village is where the charm is. just walk down the stretch between the two blocks and you will find shops selling food on both sides.

one of the old shops here at the old part of the village where most tourists gather. this shop is quite popular on a hot day and yee had tau fu fa while i had bird nest jelly. just enter the street between the two blocks and you will find lots of food stuff to buy here.
the famous pork chop bun in taipa. scrumptious. we got this for free actually. i told yee to ask a group of ladies sitting not far from us where they got the bun from. yee got back to me and we were going to start towards that direction when one of the ladies came to us and offered us the extra one that they had bought. they couldn't finish all so they gave us theirs. so kind of them. i think from their mandarin accent, she might be a singaporean. the above left is the stall where you can buy the pork chop bun. the pork chop is well-marinated before being fried. yee thought this bun would be in the form of a pau. we bought one pork chop bun from one of the cafes in taipa so we could compare, and of course this well-known one beat the other. the common one was not well-marinated and a bit plain.

this is also something we bought to try. serradula, the texture is ice-cream like and i chose the original flavour. however, it is very milky so yee has to finish it up.

a portuguese tart that yee bought. not nice....the only regret this trip is not having the famous portuguese tart here!!! i saw ppl bringing boxes of the tart up to the plane on the way home to kl. waaa......i can still remember the yellow box.

and finally, tata macau. and the first meal i had when we reached lctt was mcdonalds. haha...i have turned into a food junkie. the whole trip revolved around a lot of food...and i am happy with it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dried up

i hate the hot and crappy weather. it is really unbearable. it is so stuffy that you feel things are slowing down. and i feel dizzy. gosh, this is not good. a sign of dehydration??
and the rashes on the neck are coming out. i feel like taking out the layer of skin and putting on another thicker layer because this layer i have now is so itchy.

locking myself in the air-conditioned room seems so tempting, but is that the only answer? drinking too much ice water is not good for the body. i drink and drink and drink....till i lose appetite to eat.

i better be all ready for the shopaholic trip this friday to isetan anniversary sale. shopping can make you forget your troubles but if your body is not up to it, it might be a torture instead.

and i have finally finished watching moonlight resonance. phew! i hate myself for being an addict. and boy am i glad that it is finally over. well, at least i learn a moral value from the series that is not to lie. one lie will lead to another bigger lie and then all hell will break loose. at least it is not a futile waste of time. this lesson will surely be imbedded in me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

macau- day 2

phew...finally i can do this post. just let me finish this before the bell rings. we decided to drop our

macau- day 2, part 1

phew...finally i can do this post. just let me finish this before the bell rings. we decided to drop our luggage at the airport. we checked out of the hotel and then took the cab to the airport situated in taipa island. from the airport, we took the shuttle bus prepared by venetian hotel which is situated in taipa too.

this is the blue bus you can see everywhere ferrying passengers from the airport and harbour.
four seasons hotel.
the venetian.
the interior of the venetian. it is shopping everywhere.
had lunch at the food court in the venetian. yee had wan tan noodles while i had the dough fritter wrapped in cheong fun and mango pancake. so-so lah.
ok...time to end this...there is another part coming....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mouse potato

i have been a mouse potato this week. yup....watching tvb series on the notebook that is. and the series i am talking about? moonlight resonance. i have 6 more episodes to go. it is quite addictive especially when you have all the 40 episodes just a click of a mouse away.
couldn't even be bothered to upload blog or to reply e-mail. been slouching in the chair watching away this weekend at home too. i have finished one episode of grey's anatomy and gossip girl and later one more episode of ugly betty to go. will leave the rest of the episodes of moonlight for bidor....i think i will be able to finish them in these few days.

it is really bad for the eyes...really drying them up...but what the heck, it will be a long time before i am going to be another addict to another tvb series.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

macau, day 1- part 3

okok.. only have 10 more minutes before i have to leave home for teluk intan...let me just post this first...

so we visited most of the big hotels on the main island on the same night. we din even bother bathing before going out. just put the things in the room, wash our faces then out again.

the lights here are really better than those in hk...

the lisboa at night.

ok, so what is a visit to the casino without a little gambling?? we only donated our money to the slot machines...and sure no win. lose $ less than rm50. enuf. the slot machines here do not drop coins when you want to stop playing. instead they print out this cash ticket. how convenient. then you just bring the ticket to cash out at the cashier. hehe....of course we din cash ours lah. bring home as souvenir. yee actually won a little and then she lose again...just a little. we tried 3 different machines at 3 different casinos.

the grand lisboa. the changing light facades are multiple.

the sands...did you read in the paper that the american company is planning to sell it to a chinese one? the casino in sands is the most impressive. with very very high ceiling which goes a few level up. too bad, business is not as brisk. and most casinos here have stage for performances...singing and dancing. very entertaining indeed. when i was in sands, the band was performing queens' song.

macau's fisherman wharf. a group of restaurants and shops along a street in an enclosed area opposite the sands. there is a casino here as well, i have forgotten the name.

are they really responsible? you can get the brochure from the casino. oh, of course they have it in chinese as well.

mgm grand....oh we have to walk sooo far to go there...

near the lobby area. very beautiful, the projector does the work really well here.

this if i still remember correctly is inside whynn? or is it mgm? this area is caller rotunda. the globe like golden feature will open to reveal a dragon. the show is every 30-minute alternating with prosperity tree show which comes out from the ceiling. the photo on the top right is the ceiling.

inside grand lisboa. notice the familiar bronze head of the horse.
ok..time's up. will update the last day's event when i am free in teluk intan. wi-fiing in mcd??
have a good week