Monday, January 28, 2013

a day's outing in shah alam

it was public holiday yesterday in conjunction with thaipusam celebration and it was a sunday.
today, it is an extended holiday to make up for the public holiday which fell on sunday. so i took the opportunity to go for a little adventure dragging along my brothers and a few kids who are raring to go for some adventures of their own as well on sunday. sunday was chosen because the 'adventure' that we wanted to go to was only available at weekends and i needed time to recover on monday. hehehe....old dy ah.

the adventure that i had chosen was skytrex adventure at taman pertanian bukit cahaya seri alam in shah alam.
10 of us went for this trip and all 10 survived. hahaha....well, it was called extreme challenge and of course this old body of mine was challenged to the extreme lah. but don't worry, i was not the only one. my brother told me his legs were shaking at a few of the challenges as well. muahahaha.

we gathered at the park at 12 noon as our booking was at 1pm. there was so much shade in the park that you don't have to worry about getting a tan.

so we had to buy entrance ticket to the park at rm3 each, then registered ourselves at skytrex's counter near the ticket booth and filled in forms.
everyone who worked at skytrex was really friendly and helpful. kudos to the amiable services.

after completing all the forms, we were taken to skytrex bus which brought us to skytrex adventure's designated ground in the park.

the entrance to skytrex adventure park.

there are three sorts of packages you can choose from.....we chose stage 3- extreme challenges. since we had come so far, and we doubted we would ever go again, we hit the toughest trail without much consideration. hahaha.....well, not really true lah. i had to ask my cousin who had been whether i could manage that extreme challenge or not first before i went ahead with the booking. after all, i was the oldest in the group and naturally the weakest. i didn't want to be the one who blocked the traffic in the midst of the challenges.

below: lockerrs to rent to keep our belongings.
getting ready with the harnesses at the prep deck.

gloves are highly recommended. got this at rm3 a pair there.

the harness all tightened.

one group photo before we started.

after receiving a briefing from  the instructor, we had to climb the ladder to the first platform. everyone had doubts when seeing the high platform and all the steps in the ladder. but once the agile teenagers in our group made the ascend, there was no turning back. you did not want to embarass yourself or be labelled a chicken right?

flying-fox, a favourite among all since you did not have to do anything to pass the obstacle. wakakaka.....just attached the carabiner and the pulley, then dropped yourself and off you go. wiiiiiiiiii...........

this is the first challenge for those who signed for big thrill challenge. our ladder was higher than this.

there were a few flying-fox obstacles in our course, i think this was the highest.

see those hanging pipes? well, you have to walk on them and cross the obstacle. this was where traffic congestion happened. a group in front of ours was slow, so we were stuck here for a while.

below: the pulleys and carabiners.
this was a breeze. just walk on the net and climb up.

the monkey bar. thank god for the harness attached to the safety wire which supported half our weight. i passed! ;)

here are the pipes which gave my brother the shaking legs. the horizontal pipes were more difficult to cross as they swung from front to back and it was hard to move forward to the next step.

walking on the tight rope. it was fun but i couldn't wait for the walk to end. was grumbling how long the rope was when i was only half-way through it.

this was a breeze compared to those swinging pipes.

another balancing act.

below: my brother doing the tight rope.
can you see the white rope right in front? well, this is the tarzan trail. you swing from rope to rope to reach the step formed by the round pipes. i chickened out from doing the swinging and walked sideway while holding the safety wire ;) scary leh. the distance from rope to rope was quite wide.

we finished all the challenges in about 2 hours. everyone was drenched in sweat but all in the name of fun. everyone had a good time but no one said they would go back again to do them.  hhahaha.....i would highly recommend skytrex adventure to those love to have fun and to test their agility. go with your friends and encourage and push each other to complete each challenge. it is definitely worth it.

a weird structure in the park.

the last route to take, this time, it went down. once you reach the base, the route was completed. phew.

we left the park when we completed our challenges as rain was approaching. we headed to my brother's place in kota kemuning for a shower. phew. luckily we did not have to depend on the toilet in the park. there were barely any facilities to take a shower at the park. so inadequate.

it rained cats and dogs as soon as left the park and we were glad that we were dry in the cars.
after the shower, all ten of us took except one, it was off to dinner. everyone was already famished and complaining of growling stomachs.

i did my homework and had already planned the day's itenerary, so with the help of waze (a gps like application on the phone) we successfully made our way to the chosen eatery-  seng huat bak kut teh in klang.
we would be circling klang town aimlessly if not for waze. thank you so much!

i googled for the best bak kut teh and this restaurant came up.

mouth watering bak kut teh. they only have the wet version here. the soup was really good. and those big pieces of meat!!!! i was praised for selecting a worthy place for dinner. hahaha

having the bak kut teh rice klang style, with dark soy sauce.
the restaurant was crowded when we were there and it seemed to be a popular eating haunt for bak kut teh lovers. my brother ate 4 big plates of the rice.

after all stomachs were satisfied, it was off to the last destination of the day- i-city in shah alam to see the city of lights. i had never been there before yesterday, so yesterday provided a splended opportunity to make that visit. the rain had stopped by then and the night was quite windy there.

ice-age prehistoric animals greeting visitors.

my favourite light scene there, a giraffe and baobab tree. i imagined these two under millions of stars under the night african skies.

there were some chinse new year lightings too.

hmmm...snowmen, seemed kind of odd in our malaysian climate no?

field of sunflowers which was visible as you drove to the entrance of the digital city.

a popular photo shooting spots for visitors.

there were many theme park games in the city but gosh, they were expensive. be prepared to spend your money like water if you bring a few kids with you.

archery centre.

we did not play any of the game, did not enter snow world nor go to the water park, instead, we settled for trick art museum. rm5 per person.

there were a lot of 3D paintings and if the camera angle was right, you would get some realitic and interesting shots. do enjoy these fews i have posted.

and that was the end of our outing in shah alam. everything went as planned and everyone had fun. it was a fruitful day indeed. can't wait for such a day again. but right now, my aching body is yearning for a well-deserved rest. going to enjoy my downloaded series tonight.
have a good week.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

makan of all sorts

been feeling under the weather these few days, and i was not the only one.
i think the cold bug is flying around and has attacked a number of kids and adults. when i went to throw my piece of used tissue paper into the waste paper bin in the class, i saw there were already a number of wet ones in it.
then there was a colleague i saw who was all hale and hearty in the morning. but when i saw her again at noon, she was holding that piece of tissue and sniffing her nose complete with watery eyes.

i don't think there is a short cut to this cure. am not interested to go for western medicine. so initially, i thought a glass of specially brewed herbal tea would do the trick, but i was wrong. it did not work this time around and made me really tired.
so the next day, i decided to make a visit to the traditional chinese medicine shop myself, and after a little interrogation and looking at my face, he recommended these:

i got six bottles of these to finish. two at one time. since i went there in the evening, i was to finish two that evening, 2 more before i sleep and 2 more in the morning when i woke up. luckily it was not as bitter as the colour. it was all right.  this medicine is usually prescribed to ladies who have just given birth, to get rid of the 'wind' in the body. so he prescribed that to me so the bad heat will be released as well and it won't make me like a zombie unlike the herbal tea.

well, it worked. i am almost better now except for the hoarse voice.

came home today as it is a public holiday and mom asked if i was going to rest at home on friday too. i said ,'no'. it was troublesome getting a medical certificate and i had to pay if i were to go to the clinic too. ;) haha...yeah, cheapskate. i am almost well now anyway, i don't want to fake any sickness at the clinic.

so it is off to work tomororw.

the appetite is coming back as well and there are so many of my favourite cookies at home!!! nom nom nom!!!
pineapple tart, given by an aunt.

the best shortbread i have ever tasted!! homemade on 18 january as written on the tag. again, given by an ex-student. heavenly!

aunt's homemade curry puff.

fried crab stick. somebody gave aunt. it was not that good.

last but not least.....braids. ok not to eat but to admire kakakaka.
pleated them at work when i got there early and voila, this weird formation was hair of the day.
i have got requests from girls asking me to teach them how to braid. lol so tomorrow, we are going to stay back after class and they will get a short lesson in hair braiding.
today also i tested facetime on my iphone. was about to take a nap in the afternoon when i heard excited chatters from downstairs and i knew it was my nephew talking with his grandaunt and grandma. since i couldn't fall asleep, i decided to cut into their conversation and make that facetime call hahahahaha.
so cute eh???

ok got to go to sleep now.