Sunday, June 29, 2008

to jet's caretaker in melbourne

dear atticus,

the dog is subdued and the house is quiet. jet has finally left for melbourne this afternoon.
things seem a bit strange now. his things are still lying around the house and they are in a mess...but deep down i realise that the person is no longer here.

not that he is going to a far far away place...after all he is only 7 1/2 hours away and with air asia launching their flight to melbourne soon, i might get to see him sooner.
but it was still hard to choke back on those tears. gosh...i din think that i would be so affected...seeing him changed into his travel clothes, reminding him to bring his stuff and he finally saying goodbye to ah gong and ah ma.

i guess spending so much time with him at home at weekends for these few years had brought us closer. there was always someone to laugh with at silly antics, silly movies and sillly jokes we encountered which we shared with each other. we also fought over portions of junk food and drinks and wine. now that he is no longer here, eating junk will not be as won't be fun at all.

so atticus,
the responsibility to look after jet is over to you now. remember what you told me? you are going to bring him to the jogging track, to the football pitch...and i bet you will be doing lots more things with him.
you are so lucky to have so many cousins with you over there now. you guys can have sleepover weekends and bully each other. hahahaha...but remember to update me about things happening down under ok? you can always e-mail me with your progress. i heard you are coming back in september right? well, i look forward to seeing you again. until then...take care and send my love to everyone...EVERYONE!!!!


bye bye jet...i wonder if beanie realises that it is his last glimpse of jet. WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


when will i see you again.....

(my eyes are red and i am sniffing away. but i bet at the airport mom's eyes will be redder than mine. no one sees me up here...phew!)

beanie with uncle kam

yee lin and jet say uncle looks like homer simpson ;P

the more they look at him, the more they see the similarities. jet had been catching episodes of the simpsons online, so i guess when the 'person' walks in, the idea sorts of hits him.

uncle has been pampering beanie a lot too. beanie only looks for him. and beanie has been coming into the house a lot! uncle kam will just let him in and plays with him with his treats. he bought a packet of meaty liver for him. that's what beanie is offered in the video.

he knows how to get on the stairs now. we know why he is there...yeelin's bowl of soup.
and this picture?? eer....u have to decide for yourself what u think beanie is up to. he only seems to be interested in doing this to yeelin. i guess yeelin brought with her the smell of her dog in germany (max) thus the attraction. well, in 2 days time it is bye bye to yeelin as well. so beanie, all your play mates are gone now. uncle kam is leaving tomorrow, and then it is yeelin next. the house will be so quiet the next weekend i come home. lonely... i am so lonely...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

complaints before bedtime

i am going to go into complain mode now. ate till too full and can't go to bed now. yeah...i know...i am lucky because i get to eat...all 3 meals were complete for today. breakfast: toast and coffee. lunch: sushi king with yeelin (and u know how much she loves it because she can't get them in both of us WHACK!!!). dinner: fook mun lau restaurant...maaakaaannn....uncle kam paid although grandpa said he wanted to buy both yeelin and jet their dinner before they leave for australia.

but i guess this is one dinner everyone will remember. freak storm came all of a sudden and there was no electricity for half the time we were there. the main switch tripped. when the first dish arrived...everything was dark and we started our meal in the dark.

and as the dinner progressed, we were given some light...i think they are cubes of sugar. they had run out of candles.

hahaha...we can still eat without the lights right as proven by this photo. the handphone flash captured them at this moment. the chopsticks can still perform and the mouth will take in whatever is pushed in. only the lanterns outside had lights.

ohohoho....just wanna share my happiness that i finally got back my swarovski bangle from parkson in klcc. i sent it for repair when one of the crystals dropped out. that is the advantage of buying from a reputable brand i guess. they provide good after sales service. yes, swarovski replaced that missing crystal for me free of charge. actually this was the second time i went for the collection. the first time i went, they replaced it with a wrong colour crystal (how could they do this!!!) and i told them they would have to take it back again. even the counter salesgirl agreed with me. and now i am a satisfied customer. so if you want to get something from can do so and it is better if you have ppl living in germany to help you get them now. yes, the online sale! buy those stuff they have onsale and the prices are definitely cheaper. if you wanna buy those normal priced items, go to their united states website. the currency exchange rate favours the low dollars. i have set my eye on one of the if anyone wanna buy, then only i will buy since you need to get 75 euro to get free shipping.

and this set of hello kitty pajama comes from yeelin who got it from h&m in germany. very sexy...hahahaha. the size is s...ngam ngam fit fit. not sure when i will wear it yet...not so soon...likes the idea of knowing that i have new clothes in the wardrobe.
din get any today in kl...phew! zara sale sucks this time. had no time to go to mng's. with uncle kam following, we only get the necessities. hahaha...we din dare to go browsing for 'unnecessary' things. yeelin said she will do her shopping next time she is back without her dad. swatch ring with the missing pearl bead? no after sales service from swatch. sucks!! moral of the story, either dun buy from them or you better be extra careful when u have them on. WAAAAAAA!!!!!!

p/s: do you realise that if you do not complain about stuff, there will actually be nothing to voice out? your thoughts will be empty and there will be no blog to fill. hahaha...but i guess that is what makes ppl peaceful, calm, tranquil and serene. oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

Friday, June 27, 2008

self torture

uncle kam said, 'when yeelin come back, let her eat as much as she wants and get her revenge.'

but, when i come home on friday, i was the one who attacked and devoured a container of durian. i guess they had had their share before i got back. i think it is only the beginning of the season and dad got someone to get these from cameron highlands. 3 durians- rm80. expensive hor? but it is from a good species lah...kucing something.
they opened the durians there and let you check, then transferred them into a container for you and sealed it in a plastic bag. how efficient.

but now i am suffering. waaa.....soooo full and uncomfortable...but of course you dun think about that while you were eating right. the durian was really good but the heat also got to the body very fast. took two glasses of glass jelly drink and 3 green herbal pills. can feel a bit sore at the throat already and the lips are swelling. wonder how i will sleep tonight.

going to meet yeelin and uncle in kl tomorrow. they are already there. klcc is our destination and zara is on sale! bad news for my wallet! swarovski online store for germany is also having its sale. damn,...euro is really high have to think 5 times before buying anything.

i feel so tired. wednesday at work was torturing and someone smsed me asking to solve her crossword puzzle...that took the whole day. then thursday a meeting in ipoh in the afternoon. it was pouring cats and dogs on the way back with the storm joining in the symphony. and i still haven't recovered from the fatigue yet. better finish that bottle of water now and head to bed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

damn that rodent

i wanna be a terminator now!!! damn rat, you messed with the wrong person.
i am on a quest to get the office to buy a rat cage to trap that greedy and glutton rat.
my packets of biscuits with green tea are all gone...gone from my table after only being there for one day! they were all in another plastic i guess it made it easy for the rat to just drag the whole plastic bag away and find all complete for tea.
it is a choosy rat. it won't gnaw on any documents but just food and food containers. those plastic containers are also not left alone. it must have damn strong teeth.
then my colleagues all also started rummaging through their drawers because someone found food packet that was not his in his drawer before. and voila, one of my male colleagues found a packet of my julie's cheese biscuits in his drawer.
now work stress is further increased with the appearance of this unwanted visitor. can we put rat attack in the occupational hazard list as well??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

back to short one

i am simply not good at waiting for my hair to grow long. yup, another trip to the hairstylist (this sounds more glamourous than the old fashion 'barber') was inevitable and bye bye to my not-so-long hair.

it is back to a hairstyle which needs an attitude to carry (ahem). a bit punkish once you once you make them stand. (ok, i can hear the question now: when is she ever going to look feminine?)

but when your hair started having a life of its own, going wherever way it wanted to go without any indication, you know it is time for you to go and find the scissors. now, i can style my hair whichever way i want and the hair clay is utilised again.

plus, the scorching weather nowadays does not permit one to have long hair or hair to grow till shoulder length because the heat is simply unbearable. no more hair sticking to the neck by mid-morning and suffocation. aaaahhhh....

are we experiencing a heat wave or what? what about those experiencing summer now? is the summer hotter this year? those experiencing winter- is the winter milder??

happy anniversary

you must be wondering what anniversary there is to celebrate at this time of the year eh?

well, today is 18 june 2008 and i am now officially starting my 8th year in this profession i have put myself into. gosh, can you believe it? eight freaking years with teens in a small town called bidor. a town whom everyone tends to pass on the way to bidor and only stops unless they want to get some guavas, chicken biscuits or duck-brothed noodles.

so is there any champagne in flute for me? i deserve a toast right??

my evaluation? well, i think i have done a good job although i sometimes will show my frustrations with the systems and the administration. and i have learned to 'close one eye' on certain ppl. there is no point feeling frustrated over ppl who dun wanna be helped. it is better to make 10% of improvements than to make the whole bunch suffer with the 5% buffoons.

so here's to another year.
(i am already thinking of the end of the year now and wondering what i can do in that long break? any part-time job offer to contribute to my holiday fund?)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

beanie's lost teeth

a new lesson learnt this week: dog does lose its teeth like human.

and last week we thought he had been very naughty biting on hard stones.
we dunno how many beanie has lost but jet managed to get two. i read that some dogs swallowed their baby teeth. his new teeth are already in their places and there is no empty gaps. thanks to his healthy diet. he has shiny strong white teeth and clear brown eyes (ok i am bias).

the week in passing

it was full gear this week after 2 lazy weeks at home and what was the outcome??

the week just flew in a twinkle of an eye. i am exhausted now. come to think of it, whatever i read in the newspapers did not even sink in. it felt like i was just reading the words, watching them passed by, from one page to another, then that's it. the mind was too numb to decipher the content. how i wish whatever food we take in can be flushed so easily.

next week will be as numbing plus the trip to kuching in the weekend. yup, flying all the way there for my ex-college roommate's wedding (siawwee). that is how great i am. hahahaah...bought the airasia ticket at rm184 return.

talking about wedding, this is one website all planning to get married can
i just got a mailer from that website because another friend (sing thian) who is getting married at the end of the year (november 8 to be exact) sent me that page. you can upload your photos with your spouse, details of your courtship, and stuff. it is one way to save on wedding invitation card and save the world at the same time eh? but, in my friend's case, there will still be the wedding card to remind you when their special day comes.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

random questions

why is there this talk about car road tax rebate??
why can't they just restructure the whole road tax scheme?? does it look good to give the motorists a rebate? that they are actually receiving money???

come out with a new price structure lah...and problem solved.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

dog post for the week

back to work soon. bye bye holidays. so here are some postings of the dog. he is ever efficient at this instruction- hand. every obedient dog can do this i heard. calm him and he will listen to you and his paw will come to you.

this pose, you dun have to teach him. trying my best to get away from him. he just sat there patiently not moving at all waiting for you to throw him some food.
cute huh??? to sleep or not to sleep?

a missing tooth! ....err...two actually. jet found another missing one at the back but can't see from this photo. from gnawing too many hard things like stones! glutton dog!

new kid on the block

special request from yen in america. so another pic of the baby. hmm...i think i have posted more photos of the baby than the mom. haha...the mommy is having her rest after the operation.
he is going to be racer when he grows the name's is rayce. rayce low. a very rare name but can be found on the baby name list.

popiah meal predicted..popiah aka spring roll for lunch. our fillings?

stir fried turnip, chinese sausage, beansprout, omelette, lettuce, crushed peanut, shredded chicken, long bean, cucumber, shrimp and sweet bean sauce. grandma forgot tauhu this time.

below are my two popiah rolls.

this is the normal one lah...with sweet bean sauce....and i put lots of egg. yum yum.

this one is just one crazy idea. trying to make use of the chocolate sauce aunt ginny gave last tried making a dessert popiah. replaced the sauce with choc one instead. the result?? err....the ori one tastes better. hahaah...

i can try popiah with banana and choc sauce hor? next time maybe.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

return of the bastard swordsman ;P

check out the name of the movie...return of the bastard swordsman.

haha...dun they have a more appropriate one like illegitimate?? i only use bastard to swear in i guess now it is accepted in our public prints? after years and years of being fed with diluted and sensored stuff, i have grown 'mild' as well. (yeah right!)

learn all my 'words' from jackie collins. it was a guilty pleasure reading her books back then. still in my teens i think. she still writes all the 'nasty, filty and disgusting' stuff but it has been a while since i last read one. imagine beeing seen holding book with the title 'the stud' and 'the bitch'. that will make some eyes roll. however, those hollywood tales and the mafia stories of 'lucky santangelo' are interesting. well, she ain't a bestseller for nothing. yes, u can find her in malaysian bookstore but i am not sure about those book titles (stud and bitch). they might have changed it for the market here.

duan wu festival

the chinese are celebrating duan wu festival tomorrow. and of course the preparation for the compulsary glutinous rice dumpling (zong zi) has started way earlier. i think 2 days earlier grandma had started soaking those bamboo leaves to wrap the dumpling. then it was soaking the ingredients for the filling.

the ingredients we use for our version are glutinous rice mixed with mung beans (stir together), marinated pork (my favourite in a dumping yum yum), chestnut, oyster, mushroom and yellow beans (???). others use salted egg yolk which i am sure to dig out and give to someone else. haha...i will dig out the oyster and give it away too in ours.

as i am writing this, the dumplings are boiled outside using slow charcoal fire. so dinner today and lunch prize for guessing correct- dumplings! hmmm...come to think of it, i think i heard grandma talking about popiah. might be lunch tomorrow since wei is back. so tomorrow's post will be popiah to wet your appetite.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

thing only you get to see in a small town

does anyone have any idea what this man is selling??? it tasted a bit fishy and chewy. well, we dunno either even though we had pieces of whatever he was grilling in our stomach and nope...we are still walking and laughing. nothing happens to us...all hale and hearty.

he was quite a draw for those kids playing at the playground. after all, those sticks were not expensive. rm0.20 for one stick. and jet got 10 of them. he told me that this man sold his stuff too outside the school. where can you get such cheap food nowadays? even a candy now is 10 cents a piece.
this is one of the simple things which still exist in small places. the simple things in life which simpletons enjoy. why does anyone want to think of complication when feeling uncomplicated makes you light on the feet? hell, i am a dead optimist...and i believe there is a solution for every problem that exists. just depends whether you want to take the solution or not.
be happy with simple things in life. heck, even reading the morning newspaper while having my breakfast makes me happy. it is the thing i enjoy doing most in the morning. dun make me skip my breakfast! i will be all groggy. what are the simple things in life you enjoy?? seeing someone laugh and seeing them giving me all ears make me satisfied. having a little reading time at night before i go to sleep give an end to a beautiful day. getting e-mails from friends make me feel glad that i am still keeping in touch with them. and oh, seeing beanie's face while he is being caressed would just put a smile on everyone's face (ok...i am bias).
care to share with me??

rm108 a tank

so...i made a mistake with the fuel you can go and do your protest!

shit...rm2.70 a litre. you guys must have been laughing your heads off realising my mistake in the previous post. and all this while i tot it was rm2.70 and gov subsidised 0.30 so we pay rm2.40... when is the global fuel price going to decrease and i get to really pay rm2.40 a litre??

and the gov said we are paying less than our singaporeans counterpart. ppulllleeeaseee lah...why go and convert the price? after conversion they pay rm5.20 a litre...but they are not earning RM there? they are earning their freaking sing dollars!!! and that means they pay about S$2.40 a litre!!! even idiots won't go and make that conversion. they don't pay the same amount as we pay for our road tax, and our cars! they pay wwaaaayy lower than us. do the gov consider this?

it is a stupid stupid thing to say in the news conference. now i will wait for news of protests all over the country to be published tomorrow. the first was already seen in pudu, kl. next please....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

rm96 one tank

everyone is sure to be talking about this now...petrol price hike!!
i got to watch it live on tv when grandpa watched the news at lucky.
but actually before that, at about 2 plus, i already had an sms informing me that there will be a hike and it would be 50 cents per litre. so as an early precaution, i got mom to help me fill the tank at about 4p.m.

when she came home about 6p.m. the roads heading towards both the petrol stations were congested!! buses and cars fighting to fill their tanks. i think in kl it will be worse.

the newspaper will have a fuel day tomorrow (hehe...pun intended). rm0.30 is subsidised by the government now and we have to pay rm2.40 per litre. gosh...i dun want to make that many trips to the petrol station from now on. so how do i minimise my fuel usage??

- get a bicycle and cycle to work??
- have my lunch at the canteen in the work place, hence i do not need to make an extra detour for lunch
- plan my trip to kl and ipoh and only go when it is reallly necessary (no...isetan member sales do not count now)

hmmm....i can only think of these 3...prove that i dun really go out a lot (how sad).

i hope the pinch won't be that painful...but i know others who travel everyday to work in kl will feel it. gosh...half of their pay will go petrol stations already! man! the gov better start improving the road, the public transport, etc fast! all the stupid jams in the city are not helping to save fuel at all. public transport fare will have a new price as well, so how are the ppl going to cope??

oh, anyone heard anything about the electricity tariff?? bye bye air-cond if it really goes up. get a thinner and lighter prob there.

hmmh...better think of happy thoughts to escape the dreadful and bleak future we are going to face.

p/s: at 10.30p.m. now, the congestion from the petrol stations has reached the junction to my house. they still have petrol to sell ah???

my best friend is a mom!

aaaawww....he is cute right?? congratulations to pikkien and paul for being proud parents on 2nd june 2008. gosh, they have become daddy and mommy. they have really grown up now. hahaha... but listening to their funny antics while in the waiting room during labour would think twice.

i was lucky to get a progress report on that day.
it all started at 8.30a.m. am in hospital now. going to induce this notti boy out today! very boring though...hee hee
then it was about how the hubby almost fainted seeing midwife doing her job.
in the afternoon it was in the labour room...still bored but very painful now. not dilated yet...and doc said it could take 10 freaking hours!!!
then later it was putting epidural...will go crazy without the pain killer for the pain is taking sooo looong

and lastly...the next morning...after going thru 15 long hours of labour pain and trying for a normal notti boy chose C-sect at last. he was born healthy, energetic n screaming out loud on 2/6/08 at 11.45p.m.! from proud mama, kien.

everyone at home here was holding our breaths for her since i announced to everyone that she was in labour since morning. even jet asked about kien the first thing he woke up the next morning. the above post is dedicated to you pikkien...hope it is a good souvenir to remember this childbirth of yours.

i think you have really become a full-fledged woman now. previously you were still a tom-woman. hahaha....nothing completes a woman more than a childbirth. i, the observer think so lah. she the one bearing the pain will be cursing all the way. hahaha...but hey, you brought a new life into this world!!! so proud of you!!! all the best in the journey now.

Monday, June 02, 2008


another one...artists singing in sichuan tv station. again it is andy lau who wrote the lyrics but the song's beyond's. must see...the clearest version of this song is this one. there are a few versions...sung by other groups.

it is not always you see these artists sharing the same stage singing the same song. sammi, miriam, andy lau, andy hui, denise ho, leon lai and richie ren. gosh, andy lau looks thin!! got wobbly knees seeing leon him!

love this song (promise) more than the previous one posted. it is the music i guess. but still, for a good cause.

even ah niu shared the same stage as faye wong, eason chan and another china singer in an event in china. search you tube for the video if you want. that is what i have been doing today. haha...just looked for 512 promise fund raising..that was the one held in hk.

sexy singers in white singing for a good cause

East Asia artists working to sing a song for the sichuan 512 earthquake victims. i think the song is written by andy lau. putting this because sammi is in it as well. hahah....

the live version can be found here

they had a marathon fund raising event which involved artists from hk, taiwan and china in hk on 31/5 and 1/6.

i love tlc

Sunday, June 01, 2008

i relayed for life ;)

i have come back from relay for life event and i dun have puffy eyes!!! yippeee but i am exhausted. the whole relay thingy was not as tiring and tedious... well for me that is...but for jet, it is another story.

we arrived at about 5.30p.m. there was a massive jam outside the stadium as tv3 also had their carnival jom heboh there. so imagine the number of cars and the trouble of looking for parking space. luckily the parking lot opposite the hockey stadium is huge. rm2 per entry. i went straight for registration- rm10 per person and you get a white tee shirt with a purple star in the middle. they were in the midst of officiating the event already then. so above you have the health minister there officiating world tobacco day and launching the event. the crowd was very enthusiastic and you can see the official tee shirt in different colours. white- participants, yellow- cancer survivors, green- volunteers and blue- staff.

the more than 1o0 tents one could see in the middle of the field and around as well. they were necessary for this overnight event (6p.m. to 10a.m.) they were for you to take away. just register early, pay rm50 to book the tent and you can pack them with you as you leave the next day. cheap huh? most were blocked booked by corporations which took part like astro, xixili and kajang specialist hospital. suria fm was there. herworld mag- they gave away april issue of eh! mag. nestle sponsored milo.

the cancer survivors getting ready to start the first lap for relay for life at 6p.m. i think there were about 100 of them. overheard from one of the survivors who came last year- this year's crowd was thinner and they got less rousing welcome. i guess it was the publicity. i din even know about this event if not for the sms i received. oh, mr yee came at about 6 with bags of sandwiches from subway. he called himself the sandwich man...yes, sandwich was our dinner...damn expensive as well. his friend a couple came later, and lastly his boss with his family...waaayy later. by then, they had no more tee shirts.

photos of cancer survivors strung using yellow ribbons being brought around the track.

members from different embassies were there as well but the one that came with banner was the american embassy. the ambassador and his family were there the whole night and his children really did the relay aka running/ jogging/walking. let me see what i remember of other countries- japan, ecuador, the phillipines, ...haha...that's it. getting old....but there were a few more...more than 10.

the mardi gras ladies.
the ministry of health walking together with organiser. the minister of health was pushing the wheel chair in this photo and he was blocked by the US ambassador.

xixili. their tents were all decorated with heart cut-outs.

teletubby from astro ;P

luminaria ceremony at 9p.m. white paper bags decorated with drawings and messages. a candle was put in every bag and lit by the volunteers and the owners of the bags. only rm1 per bag. going through each of the bag was quite emotional.

it was really beautiful. it was the most beautiful time in the stadium i think when the lights were dimmed and you only saw the flames of the candles. too bad it did not stay long that well. personally i felt they really wasted quite a lot of electricity in putting too many spotlights on. oh, national sports council sponsored the stadium for the event.

this is one with more trimmings and decorations.

those with messages.

and i think this sums up the spirit of everyone who attended. cancer does not equate death! well, personally cancer is such a common disease nowadays that it is not something new. with the advancement of technology and in the medical field, we have more knowledge and choices. everyone faces the risk of getting cancer so we better take good care of ourselves and live each day to the fullest. there is no point regretting or feeling sorry for yourself or for your loved ones later.

the crowd started thinning by midnight. i think only 1/3 was left in the stadium including yours truly's group. only jet, wei and i stayed. i don't need to list those who left in my group. some participants really had the never-say-stop attitude.

bravo to those who ran/walked/jogged non-stop. bravo to those who stayed till the next morning be it lingering around in the stadium or in the tents. bravo to those who stayed up the whole night and gave support to the games they had on the mini stage. bravo to the kids who never complained of fatigue or boredom. bravo to those who donated.

oh, i have to put this in as well. there was a part where local celebrities took part. those i know are sazzy fallak, jac victor, harith iskandar, aishah sinclair, aflin shauki, etc led by yasmin yusuf. they showed up, in their respective gears, they held the glow swords, they walked one lap, they left. maybe i was harsh but hey, at least you can stay and go a few more laps or be geared in the tee shirt (when u register for rm10) to show some support.

anita sarawak performed. jac victor too and this is the first time i heard her live. her voice was good! she is really a great malaysian singer. there were dances, elvis impersonator (i din catch his name), kids choir, relay races, suria fm showcase, pajama party, relay 'boy' contest (cross dressers), yoga and endurance race (2 hours). entertainment was aplenty. but it was not that crowd engaging...which i think is the letdown of this momentous event. you were just drifting in the stadium the whole time. there was no sense of togetherness...that we were all there for one good cause. well, like chailih said it would be difficult since there were so many participants from different groups, but for me, it was not something which could not be done. everyone was enthusiastic to begin with, so getting them to do group stuff would not be an impossible task.

no tent..not a problem. i got my stuff too- 2 sleeping bags (borrowed) and yoga mats. so this was where we spent the wee morning from about 2-6a.m. things had quietened down by this time so you could really catch your nap then. luckily no soreback. it was quite hard mind you...and no pillow.

jet slept the least. he was sticky all over having run about 50 laps the whole night. that crazy man. he really ran! wei ran too but i dunno how many. i only ran a handful and brisked walk the rest. i did 30 laps. nothing to shout about. both heels felt the strained. hated that sore! that was the only frustration.

the biggest group which survived till the next morning. they were all dressed up again for their group laps by 7a.m. a few of them were in traditional customes and they all had head decorations. their spirits were still high.

my 'alertness' was booosted when starbucks gave their free coffee. yes! free starbucks coffee. so refreshing and they pumped up the music at 7a.m. but... we chose to leave at 7.30a.m. feel so ashamed to reveal this here. after surviving the whole night and we chose to leave when there were only a few hours left to reach the last lap. well, jet just could not stand it anymore and he needed his bath. pity him lah soaked in his sweat and all 'marinated' already.

so off to breakfast at sri petaling and then to wei's place at bukit kinrara 5. aaaaahhh.... but the morning had not ended yet.

i went to see the pregnant pikkien as i have not seen her ballooned tummy since she was 3 months pregnant. gosh, it was bigger than a basketball. but she was healthy...good to know...and the baby is due these few everyone, keep your fingers crossed for a healthy baby boy. yes, it is a boy.

lunch at pavilion, kl. yeah, i still have time to go shopping...but only for yeelin lah. went to try the offerings at the loaf. the pastry was yummyand the uhu!hu! cheesecake...but expect to pay double the price lah. luckily jet was not in hunger mood, or my wallet will be thinner. oh, they have lunch promo now. buy any two types of bread during lunch house (12-2) and you will get a cup of coffee free. their second anniversary promo.

yeelin...your watch...finally. it was a blessing in disguise that i did not get this watch on friday! cheating parkson! said they gave additional 10% discount to bonuslink members on that was only 10+10 on friday. today i went, this watch was going at 30% discounts!!! i am so disappointed. how am i supposed to trust the bonuslink member sale gimmick again???

my pick-up at pavilion ;P 50% discount...our malaysian price.

nice bangle huh? no lah...i din get that...stupid to get it here. it is US$68 at and guess how much they are selling here? rm350! so do not ever buy retail if you wanna buy these branded stuff in malaysia!!!

no more kl until yeelin is back. phew! been 'pampering' myself too much already with these trips. time to save again. good night...i have to replace the sleep i missed.