Sunday, April 29, 2012

yellow fever

it is definitely a yellow day yesterday, literally and figuratively.

first of all, yellow seemed to be the modus operandi for me and for thousands of those who joined the what was supposed to be a silent protest in the city centre.

i need to clarify that i am apolitical. i did not choose yellow because of the planned protest. i am more keen to prune myself and to project my taste for clothings and my mood. colour blocking is still quite strong in me and colours definitely have a strong presence in my wardrobe.
and so yesterday i was all decked in yellow from my bag to my shoes and my nails. the rest of the outfit was in black and grey- black shorts and black watch and a plain grey tee. yellow was the chosen colour because of that pair of reebok shoes. i just wanted to be funky and stand out. yah, i know, i seek attention. well, that is what one has to do in the sea of young faces. ;)

that yellow nail? well, that bottle of nail polish was the only one i had at home and the colour matches the shoes and bag to a T don't you think?

the bag, oh how i love my BV. it is the lightest bag one can get and the lamb skin is just so soft. and it also goes with the shoes. and voila,  you have that 3 yellow 'items' on me.

well, things turned out fine for me but unfortunately the protest in kl did not. i felt nausea watching some of the videos of the violent events that marred the good intention protest.

i am not against peaceful protest. sit and shout all you want but please, no harmful acts. it makes me ponder whether we malaysians are mature enough to protest in a rational and calm state. the pen is mightier than the sword in this case. my heart goes to those who are innocently injured but definitely not to those who created chaos and joined the protest just for the sake of protesting and not understanding the cause.

ok....and the yellow streak continued in the house last night when we got news that my sis was in the midst of contractions in australia and was already admitted to the hospital. i guess this yellow here represented the 'huat' (luck).

we were on facetime live from the hospital near midnight and my sis was taking in laughing gas to ease the pain. unfortunately, she was not laughing despite all the gulps of air she took in. why didn't it have that effect despite the name?? will we be laughing like hyena if we take in the gas??? i would really like to know.

so we were live for  almost one hour or more than that till her doctor came in to check on her and said no-no to being broadcast while she was on duty. hence, it was goodbye past midnight our time and 2 plus her time and i went to bed.

and this morning when i woke up, i am officially an aunt, my mom becomes a grandma and my grandfather becomes a great-grandfather.

poor sis was in pain for more than 12 hours. that boy is really a stubborn one. but he sure is a bundle of joy. he looks so handsome right? hahaha....he is pretty.

i guess they are in a celebratory mode over there and once visiting hours start, the relatives will be coming in. can't wait to see more photos from them. it will be baby this and baby that for this week. cried when she first saw the baby on facebook as soon as i switched on the computer in the morning.

hope my sis can recover well and everyone will be hale and hearty over there. your work has just begun.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

marvelling at snow-capped mountain and oh-so-blue water in da li

gosh, blogger has changed some of the layouts in its pages and i was all messed up as well. so the photo arrangements are all jumbled up too. usually, the first photo loaded will appear last. but now in its new look, the first photo loaded will appear first following in that order too.

so now all my photos are in reverse sequence. meaning, the places that i visited last appear first. anyway, it is the view that matters in this post.

venue- jade dragon snow capped mountain in dali.

this was the day i wore the thickest but the view was the most wonderful in the whole trip.
the air was crisp and there were even snowflakes in the air when we arrived at the foot of the mountain. it definitely did not feel like spring.

this is the river that runs down to the valley from the mountain. its water is really torquise in colour and i heard it is due to the mineral in the river....or is it because it is glacier water?

we actually went to visit the mountain first before coming down to view the river. we were driven around in electric carts provided by the park. no personal vehicle was allowed in to control the environment here and to preserve the place. but the crowd was still so huge and there were lots of pushing and shoving while queueing to get onto the cars.

this was just a little part of one of the queues we had to be in to visit the three hotspots along the river. our group skipped one because it was lunch already.
this small waterfall is man-made.

how serene eh?

a yak or mountain cow....i am not sure which. you can pay to get a ride on the cow and go to the middle of the river to have your photo taken. haha...i had seen it done on amazing race.

a close-up of the snowy peaks.

more snow....this was where we waited before taking the cable car to reach 3200m above sea level.

nope, of course we did not reach the peak. this was where we landed after a walk from the cable car station and everyone started snapping and posing.

dreams and hopes anyone?? pay to get a piece of wood and write down your wishes and dreams and hang it up. may all your dreams come true.
the cable car station.

i so enjoyed myself here in the natural surrounding. we did a short walk from the cable car station all the way to the photo spot of the mountain. i was glad we did the walk instead of taking another electric car. we passed through a wood and marvelled at our surroundings and i could not help ooing and aaaaing at god's creations. 

this is a must visit!

Friday, April 20, 2012

jewel of li jiang

i feel like writing a poetry verse just to describe the beauty and wonder i felt when visiting this ancient city- li jiang ancient city.
looking back at the photos still made me awed and speechless.
architecture and planning are things to marvel at here and the area is huge.

if only all the vendors and occupants of this area speak and dress in the olden ways, it would make the experience more authentic.

i had a good walk in this place....till my legs and feet could not take it anymore. we had 6 hours to wander and wander till you drop if you feel like it. shopping was not my thing, so wandering in the maze was the agenda of the day and seeing as much as i could. i walked from one end to the other end....proof? well, i saw the north and south gates.

unesco heritage recognition.

a still moving water wheel.

some eateries here along the canal

the main entrance. loved the colours of the plants on the wall. it was a bright and warm day. all jackets were packed and i was just off in a hoodie.

one of the many backpacker motels. it must be fun staying here in the quiant place with its courtyard and small rooms.

pulled ginger candy. oh so chewy and elastic and hot no doubt. oh, the candy is hard yeah when done. this the south gate? my chinese fails me.

a loom. weaved scarf is quite unique but i did not get one. don't like the rough threads.

tourists and locals sitting at the square in the city

an old construction....well, what is not old here

the main square

an uphill walk to a pagoda for a bird's eye view of the city.

and this is the view you get. beautiful eh?

entrance to the pagoda

wangu pavilion. we paid 15 renminbi for entrace. the place was really serene and quiet and it was a good place to escape from the hustle bustle down there in the city. since we had so much time to kill, this place provided a place to relax as well.
ok, this place is obviously not old.

jade dragon mountain again, visible from the hill.

trees which are more than 500 years old.

hi-hi ;)

another view of the roofs. just couldn't stop snapping

this is what i meant. ordered a beer, get a nice book, and while the time away.

one more of the roofs. you can see the patio you can sit at to enjoy the view of the city.

if my chinese does not fail me, the sign said lion hill. there is also another one in hk with similar namesake.

aaah.....i have fallen in love with li jiang and it is the ancient city i love.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

an unproductive thursday

i think i have just spent a wasteful day at klcc. it is perak's sultan birthday today since there is the public holiday.

the main reason to go to klcc- to go to maxis centre to return the broadband modem since i changed plan before the contract ended. if i did not return the modem, they would continue billing me. so by hook or by crook, i still have to go there within 3 months of the change of plan. hence, this day is chosen.

anyway, i also was a delivery person today. delivered 3 jackets and a pair of boots to my cousin who is going to new zealand next week. how isn't it fun to share clothes?? last time, i borrowed her winter coat to germany, now it is my turn to repay her deed.

so after i returned the modem to maxis, it was just browsing till lunch time. oh i wasn't alone. an ex-student followed from tm too. she had to find something formal to wear.

lucn was at ben's. my favourite restaurant in klcc. it was full! luckily we just made it in the nick of time before it because really really full.

lousy dessert. this did not feel right at all. longan and mango trifle. will stay safe and order their cakes next time.

wild mushroom spaghettini

soft shell crab spaghettini. the soft shell crab is good. this dish is really flavourful and it is cooked with cili padi and curry leaves.

breaded button mushroom. we packed this away as we could only manage a few. and i had them for dinner dipped into mutton curry. haha....yummy.

after lunch, went jalan-jalan again....and when tea time came....makan again.

black forest mix. it was so-so lah. the ice-cream was not sweet but not tasty either.

saw many dashing male models in timberland fashion show. all gweilos. no wonder everyone was enthralled.

was not planning to buy anything. but since i was helping someone to look for clothes, i had to do a lot of browsing. and i found this tee shirt here. it has been ages since i got any tee from esprit. guess how much this is?
i only paid rm24. dirt cheap. the original price was rm79.90. parkson has many nice dresses too from all the english brands they carry. if there were sales, i would be so broke today. worth checking out all those dresses. next time.

ok, time to read the papers. have to wake up early tomorrow. good night.