Sunday, April 27, 2014

retail therapy to break the monotone of work.

oh gosh....can someone please sprinkle some magic and make my aching tooth disappear?? why didn't my dentist want to pull it out? well, i guess if my dentist is someone who pulls someone's tooth out as soon as it is in pain, he won't be my dentist for long right?

learnt a new word from him- endodontist....the person i have to go for my consultation now. a specialist in dentistry field. in layman's term, he is a root canal specialist i think. so i called the number my dentist gave, and they could only fit me in this wednesday at 4pm!!! gosh, there are so many people with tooth problem eh. sob sob sob. that means i will have to live with the pain in my tooth for few more days and my pain started on friday!! i am staying sane now with the help of pain killers. my dentist didn't want to do my tooth because he said it was a complicated problem from the x-ray which i took like 5 months ago....hence he wrote a referral to this specialist in jalan ipoh, kl. if my tooth can be salvaged, i will be thankful. i guess the worst case scenario is to have that tooth pulled out and then....wait for tooth implant. seriously, i am not going to let there be a gap there ok. it is money i have to spend. uwaaa!!! money!!! hahaha.

my april's salary is almost gone now....with the shopping trip i made yesterday to isetan for their anniversary sale, is it a surprise?? i need a break from work. it had been nonstop for the past 2 weeks and it is getting exhauting. hence some retail therapy and this coming week, i will be working officially for one day only. i am on leave tomorrow, going to do my passport and change the ownership of my car at the transport office in kuala kubu baru. thursday is going to be a public holiday- labour's day. friday i only stay at the office. wednesday am going for a conference. hehehe...please let me rest.

so what did i get at isetan? shoes!!! but first let's see the photos i took at harrod's restaurant. posh and fancy. but it won't be a place one can afford every week.

i went there at one plus. there were not many customers there. some people came to enquire about their scones which would be served at tea time which starts at 3. so i guess that is the more popular thing to do here?  high-tea? maybe i should try that one day.

bread rolls before main course. the service was good and the bread rolls....gosh...yummy!!!

the mocktails my friend and i ordered. slurp!

i had seafood aglio-olio. it was so-so but those scallops! yummy. sadly, i couldn't really savour this dish because of my toothache. i was only chewing on one side of the mouth and before i could chew them into really small pieces, i already had to swallow my food. any food that accidentally got to the right side of the mouth would see me wincing in pain and tears forming in my eyes. yes, it was that painful. i had been really careful these few days at meal time. i have to make sure i eat my food because i have to take those painkillers. if i don't have proper meal, those painkillers will cause gastrointestinal problems to me. sob sob. i try to minimise the intake of painkillers to once a day. gosh...please no throbbing pain that will wake me in the middle of the night. i took my painkillers after lunch today...the effect would have all worn out by now. pray!!!

anyway, i had no pain while shopping of course. hahaha....i got to isetan at 10.30 before the crowd started building up and managed to get the things in my shopping list.

facial stuff done.

a charger for the phone to be used in the car. hehee.....preparing for the arrival of the new car....but i just heard from the agent that i could only get it fastest by the end of may. such a looooonnng wait!!!!

shiseido's redemption.

4 pairs of shoes!!!! crazy right? but they are the right height and the right feet. all ready for me to head to work and won't cause unnecessary pain to my achin knees. i did not even think twice once i found my feet and the right heels. that will be the end of my shoe shopping for this year i guess.

headed home early after that as my friend had another appointment. it was a good trip overall because i got my shoes!!! hahah.

well, i also have some stuff brought from overseas.....i have my postwoman and postman.

the ribbon and box. all the way from london.

keychain for my new set of car-keys ;) hahaa.....excuse eh? for the new car.
my cousin who went for a working trip in london helped me get it.

new blue bag for work. this is still in the united states. will come back in may if i remember correctly. it was 30% discount on nordstrom so i had to get it sent to the states. luckily an ex-kid offered me his service to help me shop kind of him.

rubber band bracelet craze is still alive. made this bunch for sale. i do enjoy myself making them but having deadline was quite stressful. all my kids have got them and i think the craze will die soon...but the kit is still not available in malaysia. my aunt just called all the way from germany telling me that hk celebrity, sandra ng was wearing one on her trip to shanghai as it was made by her 8-year-old daughter. these bracelets do make nice gifts...will make them to give away to people i care about.

 i gave one recently to a boy who transferred to a school in kl. held a farewell party for him in my house with all his close friends and what an emotional one it was. my first time organizing a farewell party and all my helpers really did a good job and the party was filled with so much laughter and tears. we had people in charge of the decoration, food, drinks, junk food, music and even games! luckily my house was not left in a wreck and they stayed back to clean up and gave my floor a good mopping. phew!
i made him bird of paradise bracelet and he wore it with him to his new school. hope he will find his flight and soar for the sky in the new place.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

indulge and get fat

i am getting fatter....;( uwaaaa!!! how not to be when there is less physical activities to do and more eating activities to join in.

food at the office is abundant. whenever there is any meeting, food is provided for the participants. and we the officers, although not involved in the meeting, can just go to the cafe and dig in together with the participants. be it lunch or tea. i have controlled myself till now and i will continue to do it. no second breakfast at work since i always eat mine as soon as i wake up. no tea break for me too. will only go to the cafe to get my free lunch. hehehe.

the cupcake top is already forming around the tummy and i have to breathe in to make sure the bulge does not portrude and cause unnecesary sight. haha. plan must kick in starting next week.

in the meantime, indulge first....well, which was what i did on friday and saturday for lunch.

friday: ipoh old town favourite area in ipoh now.
went down during the long lunch break to run an errand but had lunch here first.
this is the name of the cafe.

my colleague and i hid ourselves on the right corner here.

the cafe was playing french songs and it really provided a relaxing ambience for one to chill. the cafe was fully air-conditioned too, so it provided a relief from the hot sun outside.

the food wasn't bad as well. i had smoked duck aglio-olio and my friend had lasagne. she said it was heavenly.

the lattes here are reasonably good as well. it is better than the one i had at burps and giggles. hence, i ended up with 2 cups after finishing the first one.

and the greedy me couldn't resist the tempting cakes on display. although i was full from the bowl of spaghetti, i still went ahead and got myself this piece of chocolate cheesecake. it was decadent! from the layers of chocolate, it made you think the piece of cake would be extremely sweet right? but it was not. it was not sweet at all. the baker had managed to find a great balance between the chocolate and cheese. i would definitely recommend this to chocolate lover.

after lunch, i brought my friend to explore the block and check out the juxtaposition of old things they use to furnish the place. here are some:

reminds one of the stores in the olden time.

a haircut anyone? an indian barber is available here for those who do really need one. serious.

books anyone? i am not sure if one can help oneself though. there was no one there to ask. check out the water tap.

as safe as a bank.

next we went to get some chicken curry puffs and egg tarts.

curry puffs fresh from the fryer. nom nom nom.

and the errand i wanted to run on that day: to get a shirt made at a tailor in yik foong complex.
the shirt was for work so we had no choice but to have it made. the tailor has really deft hands and his blazers and trousers on display show meticulous workmanship. i was really impressed. but there was no urge to make that pair of grey trousers....yet.....wait till the need arises.

we made it back in time at the office before the big boss made his round around the office. hehehe....what a wonderful friday afternoon.

and on saturday, dad and i went to jalan pahang to test drive toyota vios G. i was more interested in checking the interior and the comfort level of the car seats. i left all the engine checking to dad and test driving too.
it was all ivory leather in the car.

the gear shift will take some getting used to, it is not straight down.
i should be able to get my car in may. am going to email the agent all the necessary documents later so he can proceed with the loan arrangement.

what plate number should i get? the same one as my previous car or my year of birth?? getting my birth date will be impossible.....that will require too much money! i am still going to stay with selangor's plate which starts with a B. not interested to get a perak plate which starts with an A. A feels more kampung than B. haha.

lunch was at sg buloh new village. my first time.  the restaurant that we went to was jeff lee kitchen.....the red one in the picture below. it is a well-known restaurant as ppl from far and wide drive all the way here to get their meals and i heard there would be queues during public holidays.

three of us, including an uncle ordered 4 dishes. stoomach could explode.

fern salad. really good despite me not being a fern lover. must must have!!!

steamed fish. very sweet and fresh.

fried noodles with duck meat. just so so.

pig intestine porridge. it was just so-so. dad said it used to be better. there was no uuumph in it. i haven't tried the famous one in bidor.....maybe i should then i will have something to compare to.

see, how not to get fat???
must do more exerises already. well, it helps me to sleep better too.
there is already some pressure from work when the other more experienced ones are surging ahead and you are left there still learning your paddling move. must be more independent and not be deterred by those who look down on me.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

simple joys of life

it has been a learning path that i trudge on when i accepted the new job.
going to all sorts of places and travelling on roads not taken before are some of the new adventures i embark on.
meeting people from different ranks and getting first hand information before others get it are quite interesting too.
my job deals with meeting people everyday and some days, it is fun, while one or two it can be annoying.
the most annoying one i have experienced was when i was asked straight in the face in a not so polite tone about my grade in the service as if belittling me for the job i am doing. but, i still kept that polite smile on my face to be diplomatic and answered the questions asked without much fuss. let them think what they want to think of it, that means i am in the power position if they think that i am a threat. i just need to make sure that i don't accidentally step on any tail and leave a bad impression of myself. that i will constantly remind myself to do everytime i step into the office.

luckily the job provides eye-opening experiences everyday and i marvel at the things i get out of it.
i am counting my blessings every day.

here are some nice photos.....well, they bring happy moments to me.....

the road up cameron highlands....well, i did not actually drive all the way to the top, but driving on this road did test my driving skills as it had drizzled before my trip. making every turn was a focused effort and i was asking myself when i was going to reach the destination i was heading after the 10th corner.

and my destination was really close to this waterfall one will definitely pass on the way up to cameron highlands if one takes the tapah road. it still looks as beautiful. everyone who has gone up cameron via this road can remember this waterfall. it is an indication that we are halfway there.

and that afternoon, i had a plate of fried maggi noodles with lemon tea listening to the sound of water flowing from the waterfall. but that evening, my head took some time to recover from the dizziness of all the left and right turns.

find happiness in little will make life easier to go through.
love my moment finishing a packet of twisties while reading saturday paper.

jumping with joy when i saw this month's electricity bill!!! yahoo!!! subsidised by the government since it is less than rm20. i just make sure i turn off unused electrical appliances and only switch on necessary ones. and i guess now that the working hours are longer, i also spend less time in the house. hence, less electricity usage. i hope i will get free electricity again next month.

discovering new bracelet patterns.

and also discovering the most difficult one i have ever attempted.....and i vowed not to attemp another one unless someone offers me a high price for my workmanship and time spent making it.
it took me 30 minutes to complete this one here below:
you will see three sorts of patterns from different angles.
this is the side angle.

this should be the front.

and turn the bracelet to the back, you see this different arrangement of the bands.

thanks to one kid who went searching for patterns for me to make. i have a feeling that she will want me to make this for her once i have enough white bands. but that won't be that soon since i am really short of white bands.

well, tomorrow is the last working day of the week. yahoo!! am going to ipoh for lunch and run an errand. what will i have for lunch tomorrow??