Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Sometimes you do wonder what is the point of doing so much or being so capable of doing the tasks given to you when in the end, you are just going to be alone and what you are paid is a pittance compared to the amount of hard work you have put in.

I have a friend who was not your brightest student in secondary school  not was she ever good at any sports. But looking at her life now, I think she has got so much a better deal. The winning factor?? Get a good husband who can provide for all your needs and the better if is if he is rich too. She is right now having a holiday with her kids since they don't follow the public school holiday calendar. They go to international school. So yeah. They are having their summer holidays now. She can travel anywhere she wants to anytime she wants. How envious I am of her.

But of course I think I am just being bias and singling out one such case. Why am I feeling this way? Do I have the urge to get married?? Well, who doesn't want a blissful life with a good companion. But I do known that it won't come easy. Good things won't come so easily and I have never been the lucky one who hits the jackpot anyway. I won't go to the extend of registering with an online match-making website so that I can get dates. My colleague is one who has found success in such service and I am happy for her. But that also means that I have one less companion next time come holidays.

It must be seeing all those happy couple posts that is making me feel this way now. And I also have a couple living with me here in my rented house. Hence there is no way for me to escape from seeing everyone in two. Add some pressure from work and you get me in this state now. The thought of quitting job has come up again in my head. Oh gosh.  The job is suffocating at the moment. If one is to do everything that is asked to the exact, there will be no time in the afternoon at all. And with the facilities we are given and the kind of non-existing reward in the system, motivation is not easy to come by for sure. That is why i am feeling kinda downhearted I guess.

Even the coming two-week break is not going to offer much of a break with the exam papers to set, photos to edit, the charity drive to promote, etc. I wish to just don't care. But knowing me, it will be impossible. I need to get away... Maybe go crazy in a shopping spree. But oh, I don't have that much spare cash to spare.

Short term solution - go to sleep now and hope that I will get a sound one and wake up with a really fresh mind to face whatever shit is coming the next day. Better not mess with me tomorrow.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

which is cuter? the minipigs or minions?

the baby is cute right???
but guess what, the first thing that i noticed this time around wasn't the baby. it was the thing he was holding in his hand. look carefully. if you have been checking the cyber world and your facebook, you would know what it is.

just a week ago, the baby's mom (my sister) had no idea what a minion was. and today, she went to mcdonalds to buy a happy meal and paid for a minion. @_@

obviously she had not watched the animation despicable me 2 and hence had no idea what it was. well, i have not watched the movie too but i do have an idea what a minion is seeing the hundreds if not thousand that have cropped up on my fb wall.

i had watched despicable me 1 and find it just s0-s0 and had no intention of catching the second one when it was released. now, i am curious. my brother said it was funny.....well, i will have to wait till the dvd is out. still......i am not that curious to run to the nearest cinema to watch though. well, they have decided to give the minions their own movie which will be released next year.  maybe next year?

the craze has totally caught all those movie-goers. even my sister and cousin have become one.

this is another minion that my other sister has got in her collection. well, i am sure australians are not as crazy as malaysians who queued at the wee hours of the morning for mcdonalds to open or just after dinner for those 24-hour outlets to start selling that week's design. but my cousin had also reported that the figurines were sold out in some outlets in aussie. i guess there are still collectors over there......hmmhh......i wonder if they are all asians?

as for me, i am patiently awaiting mcdonalds' hello kitty promotion which will come in november. it is similar to the one which finished in singapore...so if that is the case, i won't need to stuff any junk meal into my body then. hahahah.

now to something else that is so hilarious to read:
the book i am currently reading now. it is such a funny story about the writer dealing with two minipigs in the household on top of the one dog and one cat they already had. i thought i was just going to read it because it was one of the unread books in the house, but i found myself looking forward to bedtime every night when i would have the time to read one or two chapters. and everytime i read it, i would never fail to laugh aloud at his writings. however, it is not going to turn me into a minipig lover anytime soon. gosh, no way. they are really a hassle to serve. hahaha....

now excuse me while i go pick up another chapter or two and have some laugh time.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baaaaaallli uwaaaaaaa

I can't believe the blunder that I have made over the booking of flight ticket.
Over the past few days, I have booked tickets for four people and all are to Melbourne. The tickets were from airasia and mas over different periods of time.
And today when it was turn to book mine and my sister's to Bali, I faltered and got confused by all the numbers and sort.
I thought the price of flight to Bali on mas had increased in the space of one day. I did not realise that it was the price quoted for two persons instead of one. So I quickly went back to airasia, and saw similar price to what I checked the previous day, and I booked our flights to Bali in November on airasia. The truth is, prices quoted in airasia and mas are actually similar!! Damn!!! I feel like banging my head so badly now. No free drinks and snacks on flight. No comfy seat. Uwaaaaaaa!!
Well I am trying very hard to console myself now.
I still have hotels to book for five nights there. No more mistake please.

I better make sure I am well rested and not stressed when I do the next booking.

No wonder the Internet connection was so bad just now. That must have been a sign not to book my tickets then. Unfortunately I ignored it and plugged in the broadband instead. Big mistake.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


just the other day, i had to use my fingers to count my own age. yup, i really don't know how old i am even though the birthday has just passed. haahaha
who will remind oneself of his/her age everyday? age is just a number right?? and i don't really feel my age too.....gosh, i wonder if it is good or bad.

the birthday celebration this year ended on the actual day itself, a sunday. of course there were more belated wishes coming at work on monday, but that was all.

this cake was bought from batang kali, from a popular bakery there. i had my siblings live on skype singing for me as well. hahaha......the kids were really great.

then later in the evening, was driven to ipoh for indian meal and a movie. woohoooo.....
i love the food here!! i think this is the poshest indian restaurant in ipoh and it really is a great place to dine in. of course, the food here is great as well.

here are photos of what we have....i really can't remember the names of the dishes.
complimentary papadom with mint sauce.....great sauce.

soup with cheese....but the milky smell was too strong for me.

fried cauliflower.

naan......we also ordered another plain one.

briyani rice with mutton.

fish curry. slurp. went so well with the rice.

sizzling tandoori chicken. really good.

it was indeed a satisfying meal and the next time i have craving for indian food, i will know where to go. the bill came up to rm110 for 4 persons, so it was reasonable.

the movie for that night: blind detective staring andy lau and sammi cheng.
it has been ages since i last went to a cinema to watch an hk film. and watching this movie reminded me why i stopped choosing them. haha...ok.. i am bad. not all hk movies are mediocre.
well, this movie was ok i guess. there were funny moments but there were also many illogical scenes. andy lau as usual was good....thank god for him....or else the movie would have tanked. sammi was ok....but i thought the role she was playing was more suited for a younger actress. like what a friend said, 'acting cute at her age is not cute at all'. it was totally unbearable to be frank. she still needs to improve to be consistent in her role. i still don't think she can stay in character and embrace the role.
well, just my own personal opinion.

oh, on monday, i got 2 more kitties. hahahah....
am going to hand the right one in the car.....and keep the left one......well, just keep it. what am i going to do with all the kitties i have?? @_@ lol

so all in all, it was a good birthday although i did not do anything special like going to another exotic island. all the kind wishes were really sweet and touching.....especially this one:

awwww......hahah.....i also had some personal messages and chats.....they really made my day......especially one that told me to never stop inspiring.

gosh, the pressure is there to excel in what one can do.
i will try.....

and not only in the formal situation, but also outside......the field is one example.
i think athletics is my passion, to see the kids improving from being just an ordinary one to a winner.
heck, i have managed to train a few out of obscurity to winners in the annual sports day. so that means something right?
these three medals are not for me.....they are for my safekeeping in exchange for gold ones next year. well, the same kid wanted to give me all his medals received last year as a token of appreciation as it was the first time he snagged medals in the sports day, but i rejected. since they were his first, they should be in his keeping. well i hope it will spur them to greater heights and improve their overall development.

one ex-kid thanked me for reminding him that winning is not everything. and i think some young ones now have also learnt this. one joined a running competition instead of a basketball competition just this week because he said that the gold would be his in basketball for sure, but in running, he could still find room for improvement. that really made my day. although he only managed a silver in running, he did not show any regret. (for the record, the basketball team got a gold)

well, i must be doing something right hahah....
time to hit the bed to get my rest and to continue doing something right for the kids.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

7777 then and today

the week started with a dream of winning the jackpot.... dashed......
as if i ever bought......

but seeing the 4 numbers there was really a surprise. haiz.....cannot regret at all. should have bought them hor since it is my birthday month after all. and imagine, just buy once, and the numbers already come out in the first draw of the month. uwaaaaaa!!!!
i wonder if history will repeat twice.....try again next year???

and i got my first birthday gift.....
love love.....lots of studs on a clutch. well, i can use it as a sling bag since there is a long strap attached, but it is nicer as a clutch. hmmm.....i can even use it as a small document bag and use it for work. wait till i need another compartment to keep loose things for work.

and the official birthday celebration started today. yippeee!!! hahahaah......everyone is excited to get old when there is some sort of celebration right???

the kids celebrated after the day's event finished. boy, were we famished.
this cake was cut and all finished in one serving. there were also biscuits and drinks with ice cubes even. everyone looked so exhausted but they still stayed back to have this small party. how very sweet.

and this is the pressie i got. two hello kitties......well, i will definitely stick them in the car since there is an adhesive hanger behind the dolls. haha.....why chuck them into the drawer and never let them see the light of day.

cake no. 2- woohooo....tiramisu bought from josephine, a restaurant in ipoh.
this is one of the yummiest tiramisus i have ever had, and well, this is not my first time having it. the same kid had given me a try of this before and i had loved it, so i guess she knew what to get me.
and gosh, this is not a cheap cake to get. i feel so bad that she has to spend so much to get this cake....well, her family is well-off, so i guess she can afford it. anyway, i have something for her too.....so i don't have to feel bad.
i am going to have the cake for breakfast, dinner, tea and lunch hahahhaa.....even dad said the cake was nice. i guess it is the first time he had eaten real tiramisu and he agreed with me that the cake was not sweet.

and today's big event.....not my birthday.....but the annual sports day

the weather was really great and the sun was out while the sky was blue. things went smoothly although it still did not end as early as i expected.
events had been cut yet, the delay was caused by gathering of the athletes to start their events.

boy, am i glad that it is over. this sports day had brought out some negative vibes in me that i hated so much. the competition was not as healthy, and there was envy, hate, anger, fury, disappointment and sadness. gosh, i guess i felt that way because i have invested so much of my effort in training some kids and they just left me in the lurch.....heck, some just did not think i exist anymore and suddenly their sports house teacher was everything. or maybe i just thought i was so important to them and that i had to be 'consulted'? was the problem me?

i really felt disheartened. i had even thought of giving up training and even athletics at one point last week. it had been a topsy-turvy week emotion wise. please let me find the strenght to forgive and to get rid of my anger for the kid. help me not have any expectation for sacrificing my time and effort in training. but gosh.....when i saw the kids thanking someone else and not me, the person who coached them, it felt like a dagger being stabbed into the heart. it was really a wtf feeling. a kick in the gut. a wake-up call? it will take some time before i can face the kid again.

i only hope that i will keep calm, and be rational. after all, i am already one year older today and feeling negative is not going to help me stay pretty and young........as what many of my well-wishers told me to do.

happy birthday to me.