Sunday, March 30, 2008

ah seng and friends

remember the fat but adorable contest ah seng took part in??? they shot a session where the transformed the contestants and they invited their friends along.

ah jet and his friends went so my bro also got some airtime lah.

ah seng's transformation was so so lah...he is already cute just as he is...but that guy, he really dares to perform lah.

the results of the contest? no official announcement yet, but he is the winner! he got like 50% of the votes. will be going to hk soon and getting that tv as well. AAAHHH!!!! BRING ME TO HK WIT YOU!!! i wanna go tvb city!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

park 2: seaworld

time to head back to gold coast now. it was a mild trip to the seaworld after the previous one to movie world. everything was quite laid back and it was basically basking in the sun while enjoying the aquatic lives.

we had some friendly visitors on the balcony in the morning. wei gave them some bread crumbs.

relived my childhood in this sesame street kid sing and dance show. everyone came with their kids and we were the only 4 adults there with no small kid.
another water flume ride....which we did not take again.

these are the other two rides. the corkscrew roller coaster was closed for maintenance so only the pirate ship then. yes, my heard dropped with every down swing and the sky was only my focus to secure that heartbeat.
touch pool. can see but do not touch. the one in san diego even let you pic up those sea urchins. hahaha....slimy and soft.
skyway and a view of the sesame street beacg from above. a very windy ride.
well-fed sharks.

sealion, penguin and pelican.

everyone's favourite show without a doubt. imagine at dolphin cove. and of course my favourite animal! too bad, no getting close to the dolphin unless you are the three selected kids. it was a wonderful show with great background music. fyi, dolphin's skin feel like thick rubber sheets. felt them again in san diego. must go if you have the chance. the seaworld there even has a whale!
cololurful fishes in aquarium. it was cute to hear children screaming, 'look mom, it is dory/nemo!'

Saturday, March 22, 2008

productive saturday??

what is a productive afternoon on a saturday???

is completing a game productive??

ok so i have nothing better to do and the temptation to finish all the levels got me taken away...yes, i finished playing one game, finished all the levels and without losing any life (5 extra lives were given) in the process. i even continued to another game after i finished the first one. gulp! i really do have too much extra time. i think i had spent more than 4 hours to finish burger rush and then another hour in big kahuna reef.
multi-tasking at the same time lah. eat meal also in front of the pc. left hand held the spoon and bowl, right hand on the click click clicking away.

not a fan of those strategy games, so this kind of mild puzzle game is my favourite. after all, i am a master geologist in bejewelled. burger rush and big kahuna reef problem, i can surely handle them. anyone has anymore of these sorts of games??? not so soon neck needs a rest now and my right hand and fingers there are kinda numb already. the eyes also need to rest.

beanie the glutton

jet has managed to train the puppy well. when he sees food, he will sit on his hind legs obediently without a sound and wait for food to drop. in this video, mom has the biscuits in her hand. see how he just plops down and wait for food. very very 'wai sik'. and he knows when dinner time is near. he will bark at mom everytime he sees her.

i think beanie comes to our house for a reason. he has brought nothing but joy to everyone. with jet leaving the house soon, beanie is the new companion for the ladies.

he is still scared of stranger and going out. when we open the front gate, he will not bother making another step but actually going the opposite way. after dinner is over, mom will bring him out to the playground for his nature's call and as soon as he is done, he will leave mom in the playground and head straight home. such a homely guy. shut him outside the gate and he will keep barking till you let him in. he just refuses to leave the house. there goes my plan to burn those fat bringing the dog running. he hates his leash and will bite it whenever we clip it on.

boom bang

two days ago...

Shit shit shit shit.
There are times when accident will just happen and it is you who blatantly commit the fault without realizing what you are doing.
This happens to me.
Yup…my car…my first accident in this car.
I was reversing the car from my parking space in the field when I just keep on pressing the accelerator and banged onto the back of a hilux. What a fool. I checked the rear view mirror. Yes I did. But the hilux happened to be seen only on the left side rear mirror. My fault. Why did I have to go so far back? I just din know. By the time I realized what I was doing, there was already a loud bump. I really got a shock.
Quickly changed gear and got down from the car. The hilux, no problem. My bumper…u can see for yourself. I was just relieved that the other car was not hurt in anyway.

I still can’t figure out how I could be so blind. What was this force which made me step on the pedal?
Heart still beating fast when I thought of that. Hopefully the night’s sleep will kill this worry.

rm 20 exchanged hands and my bumper is back to its place. phew! still no witness came out. waa...can't believe that no one saw me!!! shhhh!!!

ah seng.. chubby but cute him!

i finally find this on you tube. haha..obviously it was posted by he, himself lah. see how he can make a mickey of himself on stage and how myolie wu hang yi was enjoying his performance as well.

you can still vote till 28 of this month. type WLT1 and send to 33888

each sms costs rm0.50 not expensive lah!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

superman escape. our favourite.

the metropolis subway propels you vertically upwards at 100km per hour in just 2 seconds. the wind blowing into the face was awesome. but the effect did not run off that fast. you still feel 'blown away' and have slightly wobbly knees when you get down the ride. those kids there are really daredevils. those not tall enough also wanted to go in but of course there were rejected.

batwing...soar all the way

one of the new attractions in the theme park. it is a rapid 4.5G vertical launch up a 60m tower followed by a drop. no stopping at the top. one girl was so so so cute. she followed the countdown for the launch...5-4-3-2-1 and then her face contorted for the speedy launch. it was like she was counting down to change that facial expression. everyone had a good time laughing at her and when we thought of her expression, we still laughed.

batman fight simulation...kiddie stuff

the dashing zorro who acted as batman as well. flight mobile looked really sturdy. pity the guy in the rubber suit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

movie world...first theme park

it was time for those theme park visits now. yee got discount labels from buying coca-cola so we managed to save quite a bit. the normal price for a ticket is A$66. if you get them at the discount kiosks strewn at surfers, they are A$64. but with our coke label, we bought 2 tickets and got A$30 off. so one ticket was only A$51!!! yahoo!!! saving!!

. malaysian flag was one of the flags flying here. i guess malaysian tourists made up one of the bigger batches. the rest were china, singapore, korea, indonesia, usa and of course australia.
bat wing ride at the back. 60m high. my first time on this sort of ride. killer...but i survived!
this is the most exciting ride. it will zoom right up to the peak...very fast. they were talking about 4.5g force and what not. imagine F1 race. and that joker in superman mask and jacket, gladly posed for us.
all characters during the main street parade. not that many actually. maybe because it was a weekday so not all came out. zorro was missing.
first from left..acme fireworks ride. our warm up ride hahaha to get that feeling again. the second was scooby doo spooky house. man, this was exciting. it was all dark inside and they had backwards drop...the first time we experienced it. everyone was screaming lah. looked tame from the outside, but wait till you get inside.

lethal weapon ride. not bad as well. you would be swinging left and ride and banging your ears against the headrest. very fast as well...and of course it ended fast too.
police academy stunt show. quite a funny one.
scooby doo and gang.
shrek shop.
welcome to the dungeon. on a mission to save princess fiona in shrek 4D show. just wait to be tortured. some small kids cried. no further explanation needed.
the dashing zorro. i think it is the same man playing batman character too.
our lunch. bought three and shared among 4 of us. thai green curry, butter chicken and cancun chilli.
nice mural...quite real.
the only ride we din go on. nooo...not scared lah. din wanna get wet!!! all came out soaked!

crazy woman....see the one in red?? my sis. she went on it alone for the third time.
hahahaha....i got a scolding for this. wet n wild world was walking distance from movieworld. so i wanted to go there to snap photos before we went back. and by the time we got there, it was almost 6pm. the last bus to surfers had left and we managed to catch one at 6.11pm to rail station. and from there bus back to surfers. met a nice kiwi girl working at the park waiting for the same bus as ours. thank god for gold coast public transport and their zone system. we din have to add any extra charge for this extra long ride. ;)

dinner....chicken kurma...chef? me. ingredients? potatoes, onions, chicken and....kurma paste from a bottle. hahaha....real easy. but it is a bit sourish...not like our kurma. i feel hungry now looking at it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

beanie drinking milk

he just can't wait for his meal times. and gosh, he really eats like a horse. do not disturb him...he will not even notice you in front of him with his face stuffed into the bowl. same goes for dinner time.


beanie has a bigger appetite nowadays. his whiskers are of different colours. on his left, they are black in colour, on his right, they are white. so cute. he loves gnawing slippers!!! so no more shoes on the floor...unless they are for his demolition.
a state level badminton championship for under 12, 15 and 18 boys and girls in proton city mini sports complex. not a bad place. 6 courts. those under 12 players were just so cute...and everyone especially the boys really fought tooth and nail in all their games. poor things...they were all sooo tired. playing both semi-finals and finals all in the morning.


day 3- brisbane

went to brisbane for a day by train. it took about an hour from nerang rail station to reach brisbane central. one train was cancelled so we had to wait for another half hour. hence, we only reached brisbane at noon with hungry stomachs.

walked to queen street...i think this is where all the shops and the happenings are. food was cheaper here and we had our lunch at the food court.

no one agreed to go with me on the hop on hop off bus for sightseeing in the city. it cost A$25 and they said it was not worth it for half day. sigh. this bus would go all the way up mount coo-tha...i heard it was beautiful there. guess i would never find out.

so in the end we just walked all the way on the southbank and all the way to fortitude valley...their chinatown. it was the most pathetic chinatown i have ever seen. just so dull and small.

brisbane square..ala melbourne's federation square but a smaller version
queen street
the city

chinatown? too depressed seeing the state of chinatown, forgot to take photo. and we walked such a lloooooonnnnggggg way just for that.

i think we are such a failure at exploring brisbane. i am sure there are much more to see tell me what i should have done and what i should not have. it is already over and done with.

day 2- shopping

day 2...already shopping??? it was a sunday, so din wanna go to all the theme parks and push with the crowd. knew about this harbour town factory outlet which is in zone 13 (we stayed in zone 14) and easily accessible by bus. so off we went. things in surfers were in australia are expensive when you have to times 3 the amount on the price tag. e.g. a pair of sports brand white socks is A$7. here you get them for rm15.
luckily we still found cheap stuff at harbour town. all our shopping was done on this day, at this place.

look at all the shopping bags!!! hahahaha...first time i travel with both my sis and bro. and leng yee flew all the way from melbourne! waaa!! heheehhe.
fruit barnyard at harbour town. we got our fruits here and the ingredients for all the dinners we were to have for the few following nights at coles.
see....dinner. spaghetti.

list of things bought at harbour town...everyone.
sunglasses (2 pairs), shoes (2 pairs), watches (3), shirts(2), t-shirts(4), skirt(1), shorts(1), coat(1), trousers(1). did i miss anything???

krispy kreme...finally...aaahhhh

i got my krispy kreme glazed doughnut! special delivery from melbourne. there is none in queensland, yet. yee's treat. poor thing, she ran all the way to the international terminal and then had to go all the way back to the domestic terminal to catch her jetstar flight to coolangata airport, gold coast. fault. i called her to buy them! but it was really yummy. the

doughnuts are larger than jco and big apple's and the texture was fluffier. yum yum.

surfers paradise...real paradise?

managed to finish checking in by 11a.m. so we decided to walk all the way to the famous surfers paradise. it took us about 20 mins from our apartment. leng yee would only arrive later that night at 9pm.

there was not much to see actually but the beach was breathtaking. babes in bikini and surfer dudes? well, you get so many of them that none stood out. har har. the sand was really soft. the whole foot would sink when you stepped on it. so fine.

encountered first discrimination here. not that i did not expect this kind of treatment to asian but just not so soon. we decided to have lunch at a pizza place. so took a seat at one of the tables outside the shop. the waiter did not give us a glance at all while serving the table next to ours. only when i asked for the menu did he come. then he just left us there. he brought food to the next table and still did not want to ask us what we wanted to order. it was too much for me, so we left.
call them ignorant. it made me feel better. they just do not know how to deal with us, coloured people because they do not see many of us.

this is obviously for the throng of japanese in gold coast. there were many of them. some have taken permanent residentship and the rest were all tourists. i did not see many malaysians like us wandering around. there were many kiwis and australians (there was an ironperson competition at main beach.)
aquaduck transport. A$32 an hour!!! will bring you around and go onto the sea and waterways.

you see holiday apartments everywhere you go in gold coast. this was taken from the bus stop outside our apartment. straight ahead would be surfers.