Tuesday, August 31, 2010

less than 60% but i am still malaysian

so did you have a happy merdeka today??? i mean....a rest on this day which is declared a public holiday.

i want to be patriotic and write a piece to commemorate this special day, unfortunately i just dun have the inspiration to do so with all the deadlines surrounding my head.
but that does not mean that i am not patriotic or feel less malaysian ok.

there are grudges when i read the newspaper today....well actually i have been complaining about the issue inside my head since i read that news. do you know that not all locally produced movies are eligible for tax rebate if the script has less than 60% malay language??? this issue was brought up because the movie icekacang puppy love by ah niu could not get the tax exemption.

what is a malaysian movie?? is it not enough that it is written, produced and directed and starred by all malaysians and filmed in malaysia?? why must language be an issue??? why?

ok....enough. i am sure they will find a way to settle this problem. i want to see more quality malaysian films regardless of the language!!!

i feel like a pro looking at this photo. a proper studio with mirrors! so i was marking and marking and in the middle i managed to squeeze in a dance practice today. i am getting the hang of all the moves and the steps and i am not forgetting them. but they said i am not shaking enough and not 'vain' enough. ouch! they even said i was borned a man before this. double ouch! i will try my best no matter what and have a good time.

gosh, i have to start preparing for shanghai already!!! i haven't done any research on the places to visit. damn!!! i don't want to be a tourist with no destination! i wanna make good use of my 10 days there!!!!

calm down calm down. time is running short!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

eyes ok

i am back....

well, actually i have started using my eyes actively since yesterday although i was supposed to get plenty of rest. the advice was to sleep after coming home but those who know me would know that i cannot sleep in the afternoon. i tried...but i was only closing my eyes for 2 hours without getting any sleep. then i got up and read the newspaper and did some marking. still got to finish my work ah!!!!

i got free lunch yesterday too after the surgery. haha....thanks to chinching. we had nice hakka food at ying ker lou. dad and aunt love the lunch too.

well, the surgery was actually scarier than the first time. this time around, i could see everything clearly. i had to tell my self to calm down and take a deep breath.....that whatever the doctor was doing was for my own good. so i better listen to every word he instructed and do as told. luckily his voice was very soothing and i think he is quite meticulous too.

the last time, everything was blurry and fuzzy. this time, i could see the equipment used too. the retracing of the old flap with a needle poking into the eye (yup.... but there was no pain of course since they have number my eyes with eye drops first), and the lifting the cornea. the droning of the machine was shorter hence i did not have to hold my breathe for long.

today went down to kl again for 1 day check. the report was good....well, the progress was how it was supposed to be. the next check-up is on 2 sept....yippee...can skip work for a day hahahaa....

these three eye drops are my companion now. vigamox and maxidex every 4 hour and the artificial tears every hour.....or depending on the dryness of my eyes.

oh, i am wearing my sunglasses as i am typing this.
and these shields are what i have to wear when i go to sleep. this is to prevent my hands from scratching my eyes. good protection.....but not that comfortable. one week with them.

and ooohh...this is not related to eye stuff.......
i just feel 'rich' when i get them. read properly- i just 'feel'.......and i am not rich.

anya hindmarch's invitation to view their fall-winter collection and a 15% discount card on their new arrival. the purple bag in the photo is nice kan? drooling.

gosh, the euro is super low now, only rm4 for every euro. i wanna travel there! spain, italy, france. too bad the flight tickets are too expensive.

Friday, August 27, 2010

orange light please

in a few hours time, i will be on a table and looking at orange lights and listening to the drooning of the laser machine again.

would it be the same loud droning sound i heard 4 years ago?? well, i know i will be looking at different coloured light this time around. last time it was choosing between green and red.

well, let orange be the colour of the day then. even my nike jumper is also orange in colour. i need the jumper because the surgery room is going to be very very cold....brrr......

but it is going to be a shorter procedure this time around. no cutting of the flap, just relifting the original flap and doctor said i have to be obedient and listen to his advice while he cleans the flap before putting it down again after the surgery. ok doc....i think i am calm enough. yunli said i am brave to go through the procedure again.....well, i am only thinking of the comfort and convenience of not wearing glasses.

i want clear vision again and non glaring sights. so it is the nasa ilasik for me.

thanks for those who are keeping their fingers crossed for me.

i have to act glamorous for the coming week because will have to wear sunglasses outdoor. haha...imagine walking down the corridors at work in my aviator. woohoo.....
but oh....the pain of explaining to everyone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

after listening to this song for more than 2 weeks, i am only seeing the mv for the first time today. what took me so loooong??? i guess it was my own reluctance to accept the terms that i have to learn the dance steps. oh, how are these bones going to move to the music?? feels like a giant among those small sweet young petite girls. you are going to see a stump move soon......watch this space......

Monday, August 23, 2010


gosh, i am so short fused today!!! i can still feel my blood boiling but i dun think i can relate it to any particular reason! why!!!

could it be the toothache i start having since 8a.m.? i can feel the pull of the nerve and it is making me have a piercing headache too. why the sudden sensitive attack?

then some kids asked me if i could cancel the class this afternoon. and the reason?? i think it is totally absurd. "my mom tells me not to get out of the house because it is july 14th in the chinese calendar today, so we have to cancel the class." fyi, today is the day the hell's gate is open in the chinese calendar. why the hell are they still out this morning if they can't out at all????!!!!! i brushed them aside crassly and told them to go to hell. man! what the hell was wrong with me???

blame it on the toothache?

can i also blame it on the short circuit my iron experienced yesterday night??

as i plugged the iron on, it suddenly burst and popped and sparkled flew from the plug. my hand was not hurt in anyway but the whole house turned dark. luckily it was only the plug which made the circuit board tripped.

see the broken wire and the dark smudge on the plug made by the little explosion? the danger of exposed wires. got to go and change the plug today.

i need to calm all the fraying nerves in my body before another outburst comes. but i don't think i can. all the nerves are kicking and raring to attack now....i can feel it. please don't let me loose control.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

beautiful things

all my swarovskis are here from germany. woohoo!!! and they are all gorgeous!!!!


my birthday present from aunt. a fishy crystal ring. the chain holding the fish plate is quite flimsy and it is not that easy to put on the ring.
see the chain there? quite difficult to push it up the finger.

woooooo!!! humongous right???? as big as a rock!!!! definitely an attention grabber. i wanted to faint when i saw the size. did not expect it to be this HUGE. damn worth the rm3++ i paid i guess. the hues of blue are gorgeous.
i feel like a maharani wearing that. muahahaha.....hmm....is the ring only for special occassion or it can suit casual ones too?

the only necklace this time. the teardrop like design is very pretti. it will definitely stand out with a dark blouse.

the rest....below are not mine.
helping someone to buy for his girlfriend. it was smaller than i expected.

aha....the brooch for a colleague who is retiring. really regal and apt for her. have to make her promised to wear this in her son's wedding end of the year. haha.....can imagine her wearing it with a black dress.

last but not least, cousin yeelin's. the crystal looks more obvious on the website...but i think she likes the tiger stripes details and not the crystals. am i right??

and in a generous fit, i have bought 3 tickets for frances yip (her most famous song is shanghai bund) show in kl on 29 oct for dad, mom and aunt. bought the cheapest ticket priced at rm123. i think it is going to be a great show accompanied by the orchestra. not sure if i would have to drive them there. dad has a new gps, he better makes good use of that that night.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

eyes oh eyes

my eyes are going to undergo a second surgery 4 years after the first. yup, i have decided to do nasa custom-lasik on both eyes after going for a check-up today. there will be no cutting this time around. just lifting the flap which is still there and then doing the correction.

according to the result of the eye-check, i not only cannot see clearly (125 on one eye, and 144 on the other eye), i also see glares and halos and the light does focus on one spot when it enters my eyes. hence, i am doing the second surgery to correct all these and i have to pay around rm3000 (oh my monthly pay!!!).

also, the doctor again notices swelling of the optic nerves upon close inspection of both eyes. both eyes also have swollen optic nerves but i think one eye is more obvious than the other. he mentioned something about symptoms to papilledema which is something related to intracranial pressure (pressure inside the skull). then he proceeded to ask if i had headaches.....i told him no. yes, i don't have headaches. but he told me i should go for mri again if i have headache. WAAAAA!!!

i wonder if mri is really the thing i need. after all, i have done it last month and it showed no growth or any abnormalities. ok...not trying to become my own doctor here, but just to discuss a bit. intracranial pressure is also related to the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). and to check the pressure of csf, one has to undergo a procedure called lumbar puncture. i heard of this procedure from the neurologist i saw in subang. he said if i cannot read fine prints in the newspaper and is see dark spots when i look at faces, then i would need to do that. well, i can still read the newspaper fine and i dun see dark spots on faces, so i guess i dun need a lumbar at the moment.

shall i go and seek another opthalmologist's opinion? hmhh...isn't the doctor i am seeing one?

i am doing my surgery on 27. the doctor would do more checks on the eyes i guess and i can ask him to check the optic nerves in my visit again. ask him to write a letter for lumbar? it is not going to be a painless procedure for sure.

keeping my fingers crossed.

beanie the bully

well, mom, aunt and dad are in genting highlands to watch astro's singing competition, so it is my job to feed the dog and bring him for his walk.

i waited till he had finished all his peeing and pooing, then i dragged him home. upon going into the house, he refused to budge from the front gate. i pulled and pulled, he would not move. so i just put him by the gate.

not sure if i manage to capture it clearly on the video, but watch him as he stopped me from pulling him into the house using his front leg. and once i put the loop back onto the gate, he would remove his leg.....but he would again stop me from having a smooth handling of the chain when i tried to pull him back. so cheeky!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

something sweet to deal with all those world disasters

it is so depressing to read those world updates on the star online. almost all of them deal with accidents or natural disasters.

let us escape to something sweet for a while.

the piece of cake is a new creation from secret recipe, it looks mouth-watering but unfortunately, it does not taste that well. it is their new marshmallow strawberry cheese cake. something is missing. the piece of marshmallow is too big and i don't really get the cheese taste. when you bite into the cake, the marshmallo, strawberry and cheese just do not seem to blend well.

can we melt marshmallow and blend it into cream or cake??

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

branded vs brandless mooncakes

which one is your choice???

me? as you can see in the photo- it has no brand, it does not come with any fancy packaging and for all your know, it might go stale in a few more days if i don't finish them.

yup, it is always those bought-from-market mooncakes for me. this year, mom got them for rm2.20 each, an increase of 20cents compared to last year's price.

i do not like to eat freshly baked ones, you have to wait till all the oil has settled and the filling and the skin to get oily...then only when you bite into the piece of mooncake, the filling does not break.

i also do not go for egg yolk. red bean paste and green bean paste filling are my favourites. heck, i don't even like lotus paste. do i have cheap taste (in mooncake) or what?? i don't think you can get green bean paste from those branded ones.

yes, those branded ones come with nice boxes and they can last few years.....eeekk.....how much preservative did they put in those things?? and what are you going to do with the boxes? it will most probably end up in the recycle bins.

do the expensive ones taste better? i know their red bean ones suck. what about those non-traditional mooncake flavours mushrooming nowadays? chocolate cheese, greentea, dragon fruit, cappucino, etc. well, why not go for a real chocolate cheese cake instead??

well, i am for the campaign of buying cheap mooncakes. you save the cash in your wallet, but the cravings in the stomach can still be fulfilled ;P

* this is not related to mooncake. just got an e-mail from aunt ginny, they are coming back from australia on 11 sept. yippee!!! i might have someone to fetch me back from the airport when i land in klia on 13. muahahahahaha!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

food to lure you

can i lure you to my house with food?? well, my tummy is full. these are sunday's dishes:

a bowl of curry noodles from town eaten at 2p.m. my craving this week.

the rest here are tonight's dinner, which i have taken as well.....in moderation.
steamed catfish....catfish right??? dad went fishing this morning but he did not get any. he ended up buying from someone who managed to catch one at rm18.
chicken curry....yeah, curry again....so i only had a piece of potato and chicken.
corn soup. i don't take the soup but i had the corn. juicy.

well, you know what you can have at my house. haha....any order? ;)

finally...some mvs

have found a way to upload the mp4s i record on the phone- using an mp4 converter. sigh....and i have only got a trial version that will only last me 30 days. anyway, here are a few mvs from the hillsong concert in ipoh.

they are singing the song 'hosanna' here. i wikipedia the word and in christianity it refers to the cry of salvation and also a declaration of praise. it is cool to hear everyone sing in unison. the band singers really do have great voices.

this is like a rock number they did.

and this here is the young pastor from australia leading the session. he really got everyone in stitches when he shared one of his stories......but of course there was a lesson to be learnt as well. some of the things he said really rang a bell in me- he said that there is greatness inside everyone and not everyone is made to fit in. one does not have to conform, one is made to live the extraordinary. i do agree sooo much with him here. i made use of the note function in the phone and typed there on the spot....how else do you think i can remember?

i am finally praising my phone.;P

Saturday, August 14, 2010


i am sooo soo sooo frustrated!!! what is the use of having hd video recording function on the mobile phone when u can't share the videos recorded on your blog????

i have failed twice to load video on the blog. sob sob sob. the file is about 120 mb. is that a big file?

so no hillsong performances to share with you all.

i am having quite a slow weekend and the coming few days will be quite slow too. it is a good change from last week's hectic schedule.

aunt is coming back on friday...yippee!! new accessories to put on my finger. haha...
a friend wanted to buy louisvuittion wallet online, but he only mentioned it yesterday. it is too late to order now. aunt would have boarded the flight by the time the parcel arrives.

another ex-colleague is planning to buy an lv tote and is deciding whether she is going to save for the bag or go to bangkok for a holiday. i told her to go for a holiday because the bag can always wait. good advice?

i have been fasting on bag this year...have i made any bag purchase? nope....there is the urge...but when i look at the bank account, the desire sizzles. i am more keen on getting a netbook or a new camera.....but have decided to get that netbook from sony with treatpoints. as for the camera, what will happen to my present one when i get a new one? chuck it to one side?? what a waste....hence, it is also a no go. unless they take trade in.

i better remind myself to get more renminbi for my coming shanghai trip. most transactions will be one in cash there. i can't believe that i will be flying in about 20 days. so near. and i haven't done any preparation.....like places to go and eat. hope i won't be walking aimlessly there.

finally i have finished reading the millennium trilogy by stieg larsson. phew! no more sleeping at midnight.

ok movie time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

be stress free

i have finally finished marking!!! i was very very slow this time around. i used more than one week to finish two classes. and damn it, the stress was tremendous to finish on time. not that i don't like to finish my work early, i do have my reasons.

i was busy taking photo orders and distributing them. then i had to key in coursework marks. sent them to be checked and finalised them.
i hope i can get a good night's sleep today. i have been sleeping badly for two nights.
it is raining cats and dogs outside, no doubt, the weather will assist a good sleep. stress works badly for my slumber.

my brother-in-law told me to post the massage machine i helped him buy...that is the main reason for this post.

but before going to the pictures i wanna share this:
i was in the grand ballroom of syuen hotel, ipoh yesterday for hillsong (australia) concert. they are a christian band from sydney and i think it is the first time ever they come to malaysia. i was invited by mien yin (well admission is free) last month....before i knew i could not finish marking (!!!) ;P. but she was really keen to go and there was no one to drive her there, so i agreed. i read that they are quite good, and indeed they are. since it is a christian event, there were worships, praises and prayers. but i would get to that tomorrow when i can upload the videos.

the place was packed and most of them were youths. they extended a second night and right now, they are holding the second night in syuen hotel.

i managed to test the camera and video functions of my vivaz pro better and i love the results. the picture above was taken with the camera. awesome quality for a camera phone right???

now to osim. i did not bother to try gintell and ogawa's although the three shops were just next to each other in ipoh parade.
this here is rm599 (promo price) and it has more intensity levels and taps than upapahug first edition. it weighs 2.8kg without the box according to the salesperson.

there are 5 colours to choose from and i chose this cocoa. i hope you like it. the other colours are purple, red, green and tangerine.
i got the money banked in. thank you for the tip.

now let me go and take my bath. had a short run alone earlier.....need to detox so that i can sleep better. sleep sleep sleep. i need you!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

eat moderately ok

tell me how to shut down the appetite at home?? yesterday were fruits.
and today....dad asked me- why are you not eating the ice-cream in the fridge?
well, i din know there was ice-cream until he told me actually.

like the name on the tub, the ice-cream is quite chunky indeed with peanuts in every bite. but i dun like their marshmallow because it is not like those in ben n jerry's. i miss ben and jerry. their version of ice-cream with marshmallow has those marshmallow actually twirled together with the ice-cream. heavenly!!!

the fasting month is starting in a few months time.are you going to lose or put on weight in ramadan?? it won't affect me at all because i don't really like the pasar ramadan anyway. just eat moderately bila buka puasa time ok. it is a good month to cleanse the system.

oh, uncle just called from australia. i have relatives coming back this month and next!!! aunt will be back from germany end of this month and uncle and family are planning to come back end of september! so those in aussie, you dun have to worry lah, there will be so many ppl helping you guys to bring your things over.

by the way, who wanna order amway toothpaste?? satu kali order all easy lah.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

fruits abundant....and flowers too

it is fruit galore here at home, and all are local fruits.

this here is my lunch. mom could not wait to open the durian because she saw a crack already. i don't even have to move a finger to get all these onto the plate. i can already feel the waist line thickening. this is once a week diet. have to fast when i go back to bidor.
aah...finally....some mangosteens. but they are not a lot ;( i remember we used to buy them by sacks. i miss those days.

err...is this duku or langsat or longkong??? not my favourite. but won't mind snacking on them while watching tv. the hands will automatically do the peeling and put them into the mouth.

had time to change curtains too. finally......time to get rid of this old semi-transparent cloths
and now the windows are covered with all flowers..........like it?? i do.....after all it was me who went to the shop to choose the cloth and got them done......and using my money too. so of course i have the say. all 3 rooms upstairs are using the same curtains.

it is kinda vintage huh?
dad said they were expensive when he saw the bill (rm270). hmhh....he definitely has no taste for the aesthetic. mom says they are cheap. i think they are reasonable.

last but not least, i can't help noticing this gorgeous photo of my bro posing at mt kinabalu, sabah last month while browsing his photo folder. love the contrast in the background and of course his victorious thumbs up.

tomorrow will be another free sunday. all classes cancelled. so sleep late, do some marking and watch a movie.

Friday, August 06, 2010

my collection from klcc

i am so so so so so so tired!!! but i don't want to sleep first. want to finish blogging first, dun think i can find the time to do so tomorrow....err...later. it is already saturday now.
gosh, my plan to klcc sounded so perfect right in the previous post? however, i am only human and there are only certain things i can control.

the rush to get myself ready for kl went smoothly and so was the journey on the highway.

however, once i reached jalan tun razak and nearing the tunnel to go into klcc, that was when the nightmare started! horrible traffic jam!!! the culprit?? PC FAIR at kl convention centre.

waaa..........hahahaha!!! i was stuck in my car for almost 30 mins before i finally found a parking spot at an outdoor carpark next to mandarin oriental hotel. the carpark in klcc was full, including those two outside ones as well.

it was a techie and geek attack!!!! so many ppl lingered outside convention and fountain area.

i actually planned to go and check the pc fair since i needed a hard disc, antivirus, and windows 7. but i cancelled the plan when i was stuck in the jam. instead, i called cheeboon who was already inside the fair to help me check the prices of things i need.

ok....i also checked the price of macbook pro i 7, 15 inch for cousin. the price in malaysia is rm7199. so expensive!!! it is the latest so that is the price. so is it cheaper in australia??

i did not get an antivirus, am thinking of buying it online. fuss free. as for windows 7, well, cheeboon offered me his original professonal 64bit one...muahahaha.....free.

so i only ended getting one thing from the fair....er...okok it was cheeboon who got it for me.....a hard disc. buffalo 320g at rm189. cheap or not??
the red is so nice hor??? we met outside dome and i chatted with him for almost an hour there. that was when linsiew called from australia asking me to shop for her.

i met up with chailih for dinner at one vietnamese restaurant. that was another hour for dinner. had a bowl of beef ball noodle. something soupy and not too rich. i could not take in anymore rich food since the heavy breakfast and lunch.

ok.....to something else first ah....since the photo is here.
this is the phone strap for the new phone....an ex-colleague sent it to me. i think she thought of me when she saw the hello kitty.

ok back to the food topic.
my breakfast and lunch all here:
a colleague sitting opposite me was quite baffled to see so much food appearing on my table this morning. well, i was too. food attack!!!
lo mai kai from carmen.

big pau from wenhao.

manukah honey from carmen

cut dragon fruit i brought myself

pie made by karen. ok....i still have this in the container. it will be my breakfast in a few hours time. i really could not take in so much in half a day.

all the photos here are taken with my new vivaz pro. nice hor?? the quality is so much sharper compared to the old phone. well, i guess i found another plus point now.

i am trying to be more environmentally friendly and i got myself a reusable shopping bag last week when i went to ipoh. i like it because it is foldable. very convenient and saves a lot of space in the bag.
tada.....this is the size and shape after folding...or before the expansion. rm15.90. a little investment for the environment......i hope. and i brought this to klcc today and used it.
okoko....now to my shopping. the bag above cannot contain all my things lah. hahahaa......too small lah. i really followed the shopping list ah. no window shopping at all. all in all, i only used 90 mins to shop everything in the list.

this clutch...for pn kok who will be retiring in september. maybe she can use it for her son's wedding end of this year.
pn kok specially requested for a red bag. she loves the red bag i used last year but i could not get her the same one since they no longer have it. so i got this instead. i hope she likes it.
now to shopping orders from australia.

siew called me as i was chatting with cheeboon. man, the phone line was so bad at that time. i wonder whether it was my phone or the service provider. after much 'hah hah hah' i finally understood her request to look for belts. so these are two i found. you said your budget was rm100, but these two are rm140......i pay the extra. gift for you. that is what sister is sometimes for. hahahaha
the braided belt is really nice, its colour is lighter than what you see. i am thinking whether i should give you my silver belt from esprit. let me consider first.
opps.....termasuk my own thing. just one for me.
my brother-in-law asked me to get this:
these are for yeelin. i got them all right?? correct mou??? oh, the aquasource non-stop is soon's as well.
this is yeelin's. it is called exfoliating massage gel ah.......and not what we called- heat scrub hahahaa
i got this free from sk-ll, exchanged using the points i have accumulated last year.
i have finished using all the vouchers collected today loh. got rm110 cash vouchers from the cosmetics dept.

last but not least, another gingko pillow for myself. this one is for tm. 50% discount. so only rm40....for a good night's sleep.

ok....there is actually something which i did not get for soon. osim upapahug IV. the osim store in klcc is no longer there and i went to best denki where they have osim products as well. unfortunately, they only had the old one and the new stock will only come tomorrow. i will try to find it from another outlet lah.....and i hope the promo price still applies at that time. this new one is better than mine (upapahug) bought last year. it has more variations in the drumming and also more different strength levels. so for rm599, it is quite ok and the punching and thumping is really hard one ah. no kidding.

ok finito. time to sleep.