Sunday, April 18, 2010

to be fit and eat at the same time

have i decided to become a health freak and embrace a totally new and fit diet??
well, taking care of one's health is the right thing to do and it is also one's responsibility although i am doing it quite reluctantly with the set of drink mixes above.

aunt recommended me to take them. burnt around rm500 in the pocket i tell you. her friend from slim river brought it over yesterday. grandmother has started to take the drinks weeks before. according to aunt, grandma feels more energised and alert now. well, grandma needs her energy now because grandpa has not been feeling well with stomach discomforts almost everyday. he went to the doctor again yesterday. and he specifically requested for wei to take him there. well, everybody in the family knows grandpa loves wei the most. what is it with most grandfather and their first grandson?

anyway, back to my fitline health drink. i have not started taking them yet. i am supposed to take them in the morning and evening but once i open them, i have to keep them refrigerated. that is the reason why i am not opening them yet. i will bring them back to bidor, then only i will start. gosh, that means no more coffee in the morning? i am wondering if i can still start my morning with my cup of coffee, then i bring a tumbler of the health drink i mixed to work?? they taste like very diluted juice, aunt let me try before. i guess my vertigo scare prompts her to make me try these products. if it is good, there is no harm. well, so far i heard from those old folks (grandpa's friend included) and they said they feel better. haha....i am old too. and guess what grandpa says? he blames the drink for the stomach discomfort. that is my grandpa. as obstinate as a mule and won't put the blame on his own insufficient diet.

now from healthy, let's move to some bad but yummy thing.
i opened this can of love letter yesterday....and now, the tin is only half full. it is very addictive and i like to peel it layer by layer using my tongue. i have it while reading newspaper, have it while watching tv and have it in front of the pc. no wonder it dwindles so fast. but i also have wei to share it with. i think i am going to be sick of love letter biscuits for a while after i finish this tin.

here are some snapshots of beanie taken today. well, actually carmen has been so besotted with beanie that she talks about him everyday after her last visit. she reminded me to take his photos because she wants to put them on her table. gosh....if she is really that crazy for beanie, how can she work seeing all his mugs spread on her table? she would be dreaming of the time when she was stroking him in tm.

as if he knew i was taking his photo. he just acted cool only when the camera phone was pointed so near at his face. i wonder if carmen knows how super duper CUTE beanie was when he was still a puppy? hmmh...will send her those photos as well. i am a proud beanie owner.

now to something which i hope to be related to me but is not. waaaa!! the by-election in hulu selangor. the election fever is really everywhere. there are flags of pkr everywhere in ulu bernam and on the way into my housing area ah. i have received flyers about anwar's sodomy case. there are talks being held almost daily everywhere in hulu selangor. yesterday there was one behind the police station. i heard 1000 extra police officers are stationed in hulu selangor now. i hear police escort sirens almost daily these 2 days i have been back and also helicopters. kuala kubu baru should be the happening place now. even the sleepy kalumpang is getting its fair share of fame with politicians visits. lucky ppl....donations and upgrading work are thrown in as well.
i have to kick my brother's ass to make him come back next week to do his duty to vote! he said he did not want to come back wor when i asked him yesterday. that idiot. told mom what he said and mom also scolded him. let's hope he change his mind.

tomorrow is sultan perak's birthday...... yippee!! holiday!!! i am going to midvalley to watch ice kacang puppy love, a new local movie. heard it is a touching one. hmmh.....don't want to put too high expectation yet. the main reason why i am going is to see ah seng in his auntie role. i have a feeling that the movie is romanticizing life in a sleepy hollow and making it very sentimental in the process.

let us just see.

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Leanne Hong said...

ice kacang puppy love is nice and local movie~^^