Saturday, July 18, 2015

lunch at nobu kl

it's been a while since i have blogged about's been ages since i have blogged about anything at all. blame facebook for that. all photos i want to share can be shared there.
anyway, just to keep some of my brain cells still working, let me do this post.

it was the first day of raya and i had the time to go gallivanting in klcc for a day. klcc was bustling and filled with local and foreigners (particularly foreign workers). my purpose of going down was to get some shopping down and since my stomach had to be filled for lunch, i took the opportunity to book myself at nobu restaurant with a friend. the restaurant serves lunch from monday to friday starting at 12 to 2.

we reached the restaurant few minutes after 2 and were one of the first to arrive. well, i think it was a quiet day for them. they were only 6 tables occupied that afternoon when we were there. the restaurant was huge, occupying the whole floor and all gave you a great view of the kl city.

we were seated right by the window looking at these two towers. i could not ask for a better seat.

this is the bar area.

the setting on the table .....just for lunch- disposable chopsticks! urrgghh!!!! i can't accept that for a fine dining restaurant! can you?? it gives me an impression that they are not really taking themselves seriously for lunch. a friend who had been there for dinner said that they did not do that for dinner.

the service staff was really friendly and welcoming. so top marks for the service.
as for the goes.

ordered spicy miso 'chips' which came with tuna and salmon. my friend said they weren't spicy at all but the miso flavour was strong and the pieces of fish were really good.

both of us ordered the lunch set which came with complimentary green tea. his was the sushi and sashimi set while mine was the crispy skin chicken set.
both of us agreed that the salad dressing had too much pepper in it. we love the freshness of the pickled vegetables.
since the name of my set was crispy skin chicken, i expected the skin to crackle when i bit into it. unfortunately, it did not happen. it was just slightly crispy on certain pieces with more fat. the accompanying sauces were good though. we both loved the teppanyaki sauce. really went well with the chicken. the tempura broccoli was yummy but unfortunately my tempura prawn was overdone. 

for dessert, we ordered harumaki- banana spring roll with dulce de leche,  passion fruit sauce and goma icecream and suntory whisky cappucino; a concoction which was really divine with lots of different texture since it incorporated creme brulee, cocoa crumble, milk icecream and whisky foam on top. i can have a few cups of this.
the banana spring roll came with a small piece of jackfruit but where is the dulce de leche? i did not taste any of it in the roll. the goma ice-cream was so smooth and creamy on the palate. i have never been a fan of sesame ice-cream, but i will make an exception for this one.

all in all, it wasn't a bad lunch. there were a few hits and misses here and there. i think their lunch has been a bit inconsistent. google reviews on tripadvisor and you will read a lot of bad ones on their lunch while people gush over their dinner there.  they should take their lunch seriously and serve food that is up to par with the prices they are charging or to the name of its chain. and oh, a reminder to those who need to drink some sky juice on a hot day. a bottle of fiji water will set you back rm35.

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