Friday, February 20, 2015

dujiangyan (27/11/2014)

it was early rise as usual after another night at another hotel. sounds tiring eh? well, we are used to it. this after all a china trip.
after breakfast, we got into the bus and up we go....up a hill to a temple where we would make our way down to the river.

this is the breathtaking view of part of the dujiangyan irrigation system from the pagoda of the temple. i think it is where the river was divided into two  and then four to diverge the flow of the water to control floods and enhance the irrigation of the plains.

and so we walked down the steps all the way down to the side of the river. ooohhhh my knees.
this is the temple near the bottom.

err....i think these are words of mao ze dong if my memory serves me right.

yup....more steps. see how everyone was moving sideway.
finally, the exit or the entrance, depending on where you come from.

we stepped through the wooden gate and a spectacular view greeted us- yellow leaves of ginkgo biloba trees lining the path. everyone was mesmerized by the view and had forgotten why we were down there in the first place (for the river). the cameras started snapping non-stop and everyone had to be gathered by the tour guide to move to the proper direction.

this bridge here was the proper direction.

so beautiful.

this part is like a dam gate i think.

this is another part of the irrigation system where the river had been divided into a smaller and narrower path.

after that brief lesson on some history of the irrigation system- oh it was built in 250B.C., it was time to another destination for lunch- huang long xi town...another ancient town. hmmh...i wonder if there is any town in china which is not ancient. lol.

sorry, no story to tell here. i did not really listen to the guide when she told us about the town. was just too tired.

but this shop here i is one strand noodle shop.

see the cook on the right? he was releasing one long strand of noodle into the boiling pot. one long strand will fill one bowl of noodle later. i did not buy any to try. no appetite to eat and not really curious about its taste.

flower garland headpieces for sale anyone?? its very popular here and they were not really expensive.

ok the day had not ended....will continue in the next post.

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