Friday, February 20, 2015

songpan - dujiangyan (26/11/2015)

as unpredictable as the weather- it is one thing you cannot predict especially when travelling in winter. and this was what happened on this day. i can't remember the place that we were supposed to go, but it was another mountain. there was sleet on the road and the attraction had been closed for all vehicles- meaning, there was no entry to the mountain at all.
hence, we made a detour instead and decided to spend the night at dujiangyan- a city famous for its breakthrough irrigation system.
but before reaching dujiangyan, we stopped for a breather at songpan. man, it was a super long journey from jiuzhaigou to dujiangyan. this day, it was solely dedicated to the journey on the road.

this is songpan.
i don't know whether the statues here of historical or fictional figures......just not interested and can't read chinese.

i was more interested in the few kids here frolicking with the trfic police on duty.

this is yak meat which is a popular delicacy in the area.

another statue in the town.

one last photo before i left songpan. isn't she adorable?

we reached dujiangyan city when it was dark. it was dinner with a little time to explore whatever shops which weren't closed yet.
this is part of the irrigation system that runs through the city.

the main gate of the city.

that was all for this day. yawn!!

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