Saturday, February 07, 2015

zang mi tibetan cultural show (25/11/2015)

we had to pay extra to watch this show but it was not bad at all. it fact, it was very lively yet touching at times. the dances centred around the journey of an old lady with her goat, making her lone journey to tibet for her pilgrimage. many of the performers were roped in from their villages and trained for the dances, thus giving them job opportunities. i think they had to perform twice every night as there were two performances every night. buses were leaving as ours was making its way to the parking lot in front of the performance hall.

can you see the white goat standing next to the 'old lady'? it was really really tame and obedient.

all the colours, the strong beat and the energy kept everyone awake although we were so so tired from the walk in the park. and the hall was quite chilly as well. i had to put on my gloves and hood during the entire performance to keep myself warm. brrrr.....
it was a relief to finally reach the warm comfort of the hotel room. zzzzzz......

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