Tuesday, August 02, 2011

mille crepe

i have just had the most sinfully rich piece of crepe ever! and it is not only one piece, but 20 layers of crepes layered with fresh cream, peanut butter and blueberry sauce.
i am definitely not having anything else for dinner. i am so full!!!
this is the first time i have tasted this kind of creative crepe. you should go to the website: http://www.humblebeginnings.com.my/and look at all the photos they have.
however, you might notice that the photos can be slightly deceiving. the blueberry peanut butter does not really have globs of blueberry on top. i am disappointed. there is more peanut butter than blueberry and i love blueberry more than peanut butter ;(

it will be quite difficult to order this mille crepe if you are not in kl or jb as they only have pick-up point to deliver the cake. but this is a must try!!!


quin_quin said...

i want it... still available?

Pastor Perry said...

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Anonymous said...

They also deliver in KL but at RM15/location. Not too bad considering the traffic and toll!

Definitely worth every cent!